Come this Sunday it will be one of the most anticipated PPV’s of the year and I am really looking forward to it. Not to mention it’s on my birthday and a PPV has never been on my birthday before, so it’s definitely a mark out moment for myself I will give you a preview of what will take place at the MITB PPV.

Now there has always been a staple in the MITB PPV which showcases the briefcase ladder match, the wrestler that can retrieve the briefcase will have a guarantee title shot for a year. I will provide you with a preview of all the competitors along with their chances to win the briefcase.

Kofi Kingston/ RVD

They will both only be used for their traditional high spots and as two solid mid card wrestlers, they will both try to excite the crowd throughout the match with their spots. I don’t see either man being able to retrieve the briefcase because it does not make sense for either man.

Jack Swagger

It is pointless to have him involved in this match because he doesn’t have shot and Swagger will not be able to retrieve the briefcase.

Dolph Ziggler

Now Dolph Ziggler has always been a fan favourite and he will be looking to continue his winning ways and his momentum, after a big win on Bad News Barrett last week on SmackDown. Ziggler like he always does will steal the show but unfortunately I can’t envision him grabbing the briefcase.

Dean Ambrose

After 3 weeks ago being betrayed from Seth Rollins and constantly having Rollins interfering in Ambrose matches, so Ambrose will finally be seeking revenge on Rollins. I can envision all throughout the match Ambrose will try to screw Rollins at any time to prevent him from retrieving the briefcase.

Bad News Barrett

Unfortunately it was reported by WWE that on Smackdown Bad News Barrett apparently got a shoulder injured after his match with Dean Ambrose. Therefore come this Sunday his spot could be in jeopardy which is shame because injuries do happen at any time and going into this match he was one of the favourites to win.

Seth Rollins

Three weeks ago Rollins sent shockwaves to the wrestling industry when he backstabbed The Shield, which was probably one of the biggest heel turns in history because nobody saw it coming.

I like this new direction that Rollins is going and he will go down as one of the best in the future or who knows even a WWE HOF mark my words. He is the perfect choice and most logically to win the match because of his heel turn along with a victory would be a huge payoff.

It will be Layla taking on Summer Rae with Fandango as the special guest referee. This match is impossible to predict because anything can happen but if I had to choose I would pick Summer Rae to win. However I could see it end in a no contest and Fandango just walks out on them and this feud will continue in the future.

Big E Langston will seek revenge against Rusev because Rusev has been on his path of destruction within the WWE. Lana and Rusev always boast about how Russia is a superior country compared to the USA. To be completely honest I could care less about this match Rusev will continue his winning ways and be victorious via The Accolade.

Paige will be looking to defend her divas title against her toughest competition to date since her title reign Naomi. This match will be great and exciting because these women are very talented in the ring. Naomi earned her title shot after she defeated Paige on Main Event with a DDT. Paige will figure out a way to survive and successfully retaining her Divas title, with an assist from Cameron interfering and screwing Naomi out of the title.

I am actually intrigued to witness this tag team match between Goldust and Stardust as they will take on RybAxel. It looks like ever since Goldust found his new tag team partner Stardust aka Cody Rhodes, their chemistry has been unbelievable but they will have their hands full with RybAxel.

RybAxel wanted a rematch because they felt that their first loss to Goldust and Stardust was a fluke. However came this Sunday it won’t matter because once again Goldust and Stardust will pick up the win.

A new heavyweight world champion will be crowned this Sunday at MITB. It was announced weeks ago on RAW that Daniel Bryan would be stripped of the title. I was extremely pleased with this announcement and I thought that Daniel Bryan should have been stripped when he got injured.

Now this will make more the PPV much more intriguing because it’s guaranteed that we will see a new champion. I can’t lie this has been a entertaining gimmick PPV for years because now fans hardly get to see ladder matches so it gives them something to look forward to.

If the best for business and will be very intriguing in what direction WWE goes in order to crown their new heavyweight champion, there are 8 competitors battling to be crowned the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I will provide you with a preview of all the participants and who I envision becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

John Cena

Come this Sunday Cena could potentially win his 15th Heavyweight championship which is absolutely crazy to imagine. Love or hate him he is a great worker and Cena will always make the WWE a lot of revenue when it comes to merchandise even if his wrestling abilities are suspect.

Cena has his sights on becoming the new heavyweight champion but Cena was in transition from being involved in an entertaining feud with Bray Wyatt. Now the possibilities of Cena winning the title are very high, unfortunately it makes a lot of sense because there are reports that Brock Lesnar will face the champion at SummerSlam. Therefore that being said I still can’t envision him winning the title, because even though it makes sense there are better candidates to win the title in my opinion.

Roman Reigns

Ever since 2012 when the Shield debut they made a significant impact as one of the greatest factions of all time which is unbelievable accomplishment. Three weeks ago Seth Rollins did the unthinkable and he turned his back on the shield. Now Roman Reigns is focused on becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight champion.

Even though Roman Reigns is the future of the WWE he has evolved so quickly, which is amazing because he was so raw coming into the company compared to now. I believe that Reigns could potentially win the title but it would be way too fast and he needs a proper build up as champion.

Randy Orton

Fans often sleep on Orton because fans believe he is boring as a character which I don’t agree; Orton is seeking revenge ever since he lost his title back at WrestleMania XXX.

From that point forward Randy Orton has had his hands tied with the authority whether it was trying to get revenge on Daniel Bryan. All of a sudden HHH reformed Evolution 2.0 without Ric Flair they tried to put an end to The Shield but they were not successfully.

Now that he is focused on one thing only believe or not he is my pick to win the match because he is flying under the radar, and if he were to win the title it would set up an excellent feud with Seth Rollins down the line if Rollins won the briefcase. Then HHH would have to choose either Orton or Rollins and HHH would choose Rollins instead this would be an excellent way to turn Orton face and have him face Rollins in the future.


Cesaro has made himself a household name in the WWE he is quite a unique wrestler that fans have not seen in years because of his skill sets in the ring. At one point in his brief WWE career he had the longest reign as a US Champion before Dean Ambrose’s streak.

When he aligned himself with Zeb Colter along with Jack Swagger to form The Real Americans at the time, it seemed to be a good idea because I enjoyed the faction and them as a tag team. Therefore that being said he was stuck and he wasn’t going anywhere for close to a year.

Eventually down the line there was tension with Cesaro and Swagger which would lead to their break up as a faction. Cesaro fortunes took a turn for the best when he won the first inaugural Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMaina XXX. The day after on RAW he aligned himself with Paul Heyman and everything for Cesaro looked like it was on the rise for him.

Now I wouldn’t mind seeing him win the title but I don’t believe he is there yet he needs a little more overall seasoning as a wrestler.

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has literally turned the wrestling industry upside down along with The Wyatt Family which is not a bad thing in my opinion. The Wyatt Family is a unique and refreshing faction that fans have never seen before in wrestling and they have become fan favourites for multiple reasons.

Ever since Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt family debuted back in 2012, they have been extremely dominated and made examples out of most of the WWE roster. Moving forward this Sunday I am tore because I could see Bray Wyatt win the title, I have a feeling it would be special. However his rise to fame has been so quick because he has already had big programs with Daniel Bryan and John Cena so I don’t know where WWE would go from here with him as a champion.


I have never been a fan of his however ever since he came back from his injury Sheamus has significantly improved in the ring in my opinion. He is currently the US champion and he has done an incredible job bringing back prestige to the US title. Sheamus is not currently in any serious storylines he is a main stay in a mid card position. I don’t feel that Sheamus will walk out as champion but he will give a valiant effort.


I found it very intriguing that Kane was added so last minute to this ladder match. I don’t know what his exact role will but he might be an enforcer for the authority I don’t envision him winning the title.

Alberto Del Rio

To be honest I don’t know why ADR is involved in this match because his contract expires soon but he is a very underrated worker. He doesn’t have any chance to win.



SmackDown Review 6/27/14


This week’s episode of SmackDown was surprising entertaining and I thought it wouldn’t surpass RAW from this week. It almost did just that also take into consideration it was the last show before the highly anticipated Money In The Bank PPV this Sunday.

Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and HHH started off the show they both talk about the MITB PPV. Bad News Barnett against Dean Ambrose was the opening match it was incredible, I love this new psycho character within Ambrose he defeated BNB with the Dirty Deeds. It seems like everybody is beating BNB all of sudden which makes him look so weak. After the match Jack Swagger brutally assaulted BNB causing him to have a shoulder injury.

Then Paige had a match with Cameron which wasn’t really a match because Paige made quick work of her and got the three count via the Paige Turner. Even though it was a story match it told a good story because Naomi was commentary and JBL and Cole were hyping up the fact that there could be tensions between Naomi and Cameron.

Sheamus took on Bray Wyatt it was an amazing match I was surprised that Bray Wyatt got booed when he came out. It finished in DQ as the Wyatt’s got involved to attack Sheamus and prevented Bray Wyatt from tapping out to the Irish Clover Leaf. Then all hell broke loose when the USO’s decided to get involved and send a message to the Wyatt Family for this Sunday’s PPV.

There was another tag team match which was incredible Dolph Ziggler and RVD could be a very entertaining tag team in the future if they team up they faced Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro. Both teams delivered a quality match the finishing sequence had RVD trying to connect with the Five Star Frog Splash, on ADR but ADR got his knees up then locked in the Cross Arm Breaker which made RVD tap out.

Rusev took on Sin Cara in a typically squash match Rusev made Sin Cara tap out via the accolade. All the sudden after the match Big E Langston cut a very boring promo about defending USA, honestly I have lost all credibility with Langston he does nothing for me anymore.

The main event was Roman Reigns against Kane it was a decent match but it ended in a DQ because Randy Orton got involved. Then Orton and Kane teamed up and they were beating up on Roman Reigns. The last image that we saw on SmackDown was when Kane set up the ladder and he allowed Randy Orton to climb and retrieve the titles maybe foreshadowing what this Sunday has in store.

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NXT Review 6/26/14


I thought this week’s episode of NXT was decent but it had a couple debuts as well as a surprising return I will give you a rundown of what took place.The show started with another intriguing tag team match the Vaudevillians continued their winning ways and continue to impressive me with a victory over T-Perkins and Matt Sugarman. Aiden English and Simon Gotch have amazing chemistry already but they need to improve their finishing move.

The next match was Bull Dempsey against Xavier Woods Dempsey has a very unique look and he seemed to be very skilled and fast for his size. Dempey defeated Xavier with the Bulldozer it amazes me how useless Xavier Woods has become he has so much potential however I don’t know what happened to him

The third match was a women’s match it was Becky Lynch’s debut against Summer Rae. Even before her NXT debut I heard I a lot of things about Lynch but I am undecided on her I need to see more of her in the ring, Becky Lynch picked up a massive win over Summer Rae via a T-Bone Suplex.

Colin Cassady continues to pick up quick wins over jobbers in addition to gaining momentum. This week was no different Cassady made quick work of Sawyer Fulton with a big boot followed by an elbow for the three count. Enzo Amore made his surprise return I have always been very high on him because of unlimited potential.

In the main event it was RVD against Adrian Neville in a very entertaining match because they both have similar fast paced styles. Tyler Breeze was money on commentary Breeze was also scouting Adrian Neville because he is the number contender for the NXT title. It doesn’t matter how old RVD is he always puts on quality matches with anybody he gets in the ring with, Neville was victorious over RVD via the Red Cross Arrow.

SmackDown Review 6/21/14



I thought that this week’s episode was decent at best I will provide you with my three count of what the most significant highlights in the episode was in addition to the results as well.

1.) Seth Rollins continues to play mind games

For about three weeks now Seth Rollins has been a thorn in the side of Dean Ambrose that has cost him multiple matches. This week was no different when Rollins distracted Dean Ambrose in his match with Kane which lead to a victory for Kane. I expect this feud to continue to elevate and I can’t wait to witness a long program with each other.

2.) Dolph Ziggler statement win

Ever since he made his opinion known about Seth Rollins when he turned his back on The Shield Ziggler has looked very motivated and rejuvenated this week Ziggler, had another incredible match no surprise against Bad News Barrett. These two have great chemistry within the ring Zigger picked up an impressive victory over Bad News Barrett. This win for Ziggler will for sure lead to future Intercontinental championship match for him. In addition I would love to see Ziggler have a feud with Bad News Barrett because currently Ziggler is not involved in a serious feud.

3.) Main Event

The main event this week really showcased a mini preview of the MITB ladder match it was a four on three handicap match. Roman Reigns John Cena and Sheamus overcame all the odds they were victorious over Orton, Wyatt, Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio in a phenomenal match. Roman Reigns delivered a spear to ADR for the three count, I am very intrigued to witness this ladder match at the MITB PPV and to see who will become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

SmackDown results

Seth Rollins defeated Kofi Kingston via curb stomp

Adam Rose pinned Titus O’Neil twice via a roll up pin

Big E Langston hit the Big Ending on Jack Swagger for the three count

Bo Dallas connected with Bo Dog over Fandango for the win

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NXT Review 6/20/14



This week’s NXT was another stellar episode I will provide my three count of what I thought was the most significant highlights as well as the results.

1.)  Tag Team Division

One of the bright spots of NXT has always been the tag team division and this week was no different with the debut of The Vaudevillians Aiden English and Simon Gotch defeated Travis Tyler and Angelo Dawkins. They seem like a legit tag team and have good in ring chemistry for a new tag team, the Vaudevillians have a 1950’s feel to them with their black and white entrance as well as their theme music. Honestly WWE needs to bring a couple young tag teams to the main roster because it is lacking  severe competition and tag teams.

2.) Kidd Possible feud with Sami Zayn

It seems like there will be a potential feud involving Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn because he walked out on Zayn, in the main event they were against The Acession for the NXT Tag Team titles. That being said I think it was perfectly executed because Kidd was stuck losing to Adrian Neville multiple times for the NXT title, therefore this will create a very entertaining feud in the future because both are unbelievable workers.

3.)  BFF disband

I believe that having this faction break up eventually is the best outcome that can happen because all three women wrestlers are extremely talented, and they are all stars in the making. Charlotte has an extremely high pedigree being part of the Flair family and being the daughter of Ric Flair, She is currently the NXT Women’s Champion.

Sasha Banks is very young and underrated in the ring and she just needs an opportunity to be taken more seriously. As far as Summer Rae is concerned she has been on the main roster for a couple years she debuted with Fandango but she has not made a significant impact as wrestler just yet.

WWE needs to capitalize on the success of the reality TV show Total Divas and in the second season Summer Rae has played a vital role. On the show she had multiple issues with the divas which have helped to create more matches and feuds for her eventually down the line.

NXT Results

It was Sasha Banks who took on Alexa Bliss in an opening which was a very quick match Bliss pulled a massive upset and won via a roll up pin. The next match was Mojo Rawley he made quick work of Garret Dylan with the Hyperdrive, I don’t what it is but Rawley has massive potential however he is extremely boring in my opinion.

In addition when you put him against a legit competitor Rawley would lose his credibility because nobody would think he would win. It was Kalisto against Tyler Brezze it was a decent match I was impressed with Kalisto but Tyler Brezze got the victory via the beauty shot and continues his momentum.

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SmackDown Review 6/13/14


I thought that SmackDown was very entertaining this week and it was much better than RAW once again. I will provide my three count of what the most significant highlights of the episode in my opinion as well as the results.

1) Seth Rollins stole the show

Once again Seth Rollins stole the show and he did not even have a match or even a segment on SmackDown but he still had a significant impact though. Seth Rollins caused a distraction to Dean Ambrose then Bray Wyatt capitalized and hit Sister Abigail on Ambrose for the three count.

2) Bray Wyatt advances to the MITB ladder match

Bray Wyatt qualified for the MITB ladder match with his victory over Dean Ambrose. Therefore with Wyatt being involved it will be a very intriguing dynamic, because you can expect to witness many unique spots throughout the match. It is just interesting to me where WWE will go with Bray Wyatt since his rise to success has been so quickly  Bray Wyatt has had programs with Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

3) Cesaro and Sheamus continue to shine

It does not matter when and where they have matches they always deliver and I am enjoying their feud. This feud is indirectly helping bring back creditability and prestige to the US title. I hope WWE continues to prolong this entertaining series because both man have incredible in ring chemistry. It’s very rare that you can see two brawlers on the rosters that are always literally intense and very physical just like back in the day.

SmackDown results

Roman Reigns against Bad News Barrett ended in a no contest

Eric Rowan got the victory over Jey Uso

Bo Dallas remains undefeated at 7-0 over R-Truth via BoDog

Adam Rose made quick of Fandango

Big E Langston connected with the Big Ending on Jack Swagger for the three count

Alicia Fox made easy of Aksana

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NXT Review 6/12/14

This week I thought NXT was alright but it could’ve been better however one aspect that it did do well was build on potential feuds moving forward in the future.

It was Bayley, Emma and Paige against the returning faction of the BFF’s Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Summer Rae. This match came about when Summer Rae made her return to NXT and interfered in Charlotte’s match last week but Charlotte still managed to pick up the victory against Bayley.

This week it was a decent match and  Bayley scored a massive upset victory over Charlotte with a rollup pin. After the match there seem to be some tension with the BFF’s, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Charlotte and Summer Rae feud in the future.Then we saw a segment backstage with JBL Mr NXT aka Bo Dallas he thanked him for an opportunity in NXT.

Colin Cassady continues to impress me on NXT he made quick work of Sylvester Lefort this week. Later on it was Sami Zayn that took on Mr NXT aka Bo Dallas in a quick match Zayn got the victory via running a big kick aka Helluva Kick in the corner, with this loss is Bo Dallas really still undefeated?.

In the main event it was an unbelievable match between Tyson Kidd and Adrian Neville they stole the show in my opinion. Neville retained his NXT title when he connected with the Red Arrow on Kidd. I don’t know where they go from here with Tyson Kidd but Kidd is having an incredible series of matches with Neville.

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