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A seed was planted on Monday after Kofi Kingston and Big E Langston lost to RybAxel in a tag team match. All of a sudden fans saw Xavier Woods, Big E Langston and Kofi Kingston all stood in the ring together. Xavier Woods stated you don’t get anywhere by doing good things and it’s their time they will take what they want within the WWE. It looks like this is the beginning of a new faction and I believe it’s a perfect scenario with all the members that are currently involved.

Xavier Woods

Ever since Xavier Woods debut in the WWE he has failed to live up to expectations. Wood’s first big feud was teaming up with R-Truth and they took on Tons of Funk at the time in many tag team and singles matches. R-Truth and Woods were the reason why Tons of Funk broke up as a tag team because all they did was lose matches.

To make matters worse Woods even took the Funkadactyls away from Brodus Clay and in addition he also took his theme song. From that point on Xavier Woods career has meant absolutely nothing, because he has tried to make his career relevant on RAW, SmackDown, NXT and Main Event. Nothing has work however he is a very educated individual he got his masters in psychology and he is working on his PhD. Woods is a very well spoken individual therefore it would make logical sense to make him the mic piece for this faction.

Big E Langston

I am mostly disappointed with Big E Langston because of his rise to fame and his excellent development in NXT to his current state. Langston was build up as a beast in NXT with his five count gimmick after his matches he would pin his opponents for a count of five. Langston made quite a name for himself when he defeated Seth Rollins and became the NXT Champion. Langston eventually lost his NXT title to the longest reigning NXT champion in history, Bo Dallas before he made his debut on the main roster.

He made his debut on RAW in 2012 he brutally attacked John Cena that established himself as a heel. Langston aligned himself with Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee as their personal bodyguard. However this partnership with Ziggler and Langston was unsuccessfully, when they lost to team Hell No in Tag Team titles match at WrestleMania 29.

This storyline had so much potential but it ended horribly with Ziggler who get a concussion from Alberto Del Rio, because of that Ziggler was out for a couple months. There was a terrible storyline that dealt with Big E Langston as Kaitlyn secret admire at that time this would lead to a mix tag team match with Ziggler and AJ against Big E Langston and Kaitlyn at Summer Slam. Moving forward Langston has only held the intercontinental champion in his young career when he defeated Curtis Axel. I thought that Big E Langston with the IC title would elevate his career but it did absolutely nothing for him. At the same time there was no competition for him so that could have contributed for being a boring champion. His current gimmick as a preacher is beyond stupid and makes Langston look irrelevant.

Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston has been underutilized in the WWE ever since his debut in 2006. One aspect that I still don’t understand Kofi Kingston has always has been billed from Ghana, and he still has Jamaican attire Jamaican fireworks colours and his music WWE should have changed this years ago. On the other hand if you look at it Kofi Kingston has been successfully within his career he won multiple intercontinental, US and Tag Team Championships with limited TV time.

It’s just really frustrating because Kingston has never been able to make the leap from a middle card to a main event wrestler. It is very unfortunate that fans only remember Kingston as a jobber now with his traditional incredible spots in his matches. The only feud that I remember of his career was his feud with Randy Orton which was phenomenal at that time. Due to the fact for the first time fans saw a darker side of Kingston which fans have not seen that before or ever again. I have been calling for a Kofi heel turn for years because as a face he was very forgettable. This new angle as a faction with Xavier Woods and Big E Langston could save Kofi Kingston career.

An honourable mention and an idea I have would be to make Mark Henry join this faction and provide them with a mentor and a leader. Henry would bring them a lot of experience over the years because he was involved in the Nation Of Domination back in the 90’s which was revolutionary at the time. I would also recommend including R-Truth in the faction because right now he is doing nothing with character. Once R-Truth turned heel and dropped that stupid little jimmy gimmick he was very talented on the mic with his promos.

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Tyson Kidd Heel Turn

Tyson Kidd has been an extremely underrated talent he has always been a workhorse I have always been a fan of his since he made his debut. Kidd has earned his way into the industry training and living with the Hart family for years he was developmental for three years. Kidd finally made his debut in 2009, Tyson Kidd Natalya and David Hart Smith formed The Hart Dynasty for only about a year.

Unfortunately Kidd and Smith only had one Tag Team title reign when they defeated The Miz and Big Show on RAW in 2010. Their title reign only lasted a couple of months when they lost their titles to Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. Ever since that point he has failed to reclaim any titles within the WWE because of injuries that he has suffered. In addition WWE did not have any storylines that made sense for Kidd and he has not received that many titles opportunities.

Ever since his return from injuries Tyson Kidd has went back to NXT in 2013 and currently he looks to be rejuvenated, he is more focused than ever before he is having quality matches with anybody who he steps in the ring with. It’s refreshing to actually see WWE push him again, and make him a vocal point of the company once again hopefully that transfers to the main roster in the future.

Ever since Tyson Kidd lost to Adrian Neville on multiple occasions for the NXT title his career would never look better. Tyson Kidd has become obsessed with winning at any cost to eventually be crowned the new NXT champion I love this heel turn. For the first time it looks like the WWE is starting to take Tyson Kidd seriously and he is excelling as a heel whether it’s his interviews or matches.

The perfect scenario would be to turn Natalya heel as well. Then making her win the NXT Women’s Championship along with Kidd becoming the NXT Champion they would have a dominate run as a heel couple. Only time will tell what the future has in store for Tyson Kidd however currently he is doing a phenomenal job as a heel.

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Smash Wrestling Smashapoolza Review 7/20/14


Photo credit to TSN Steve

This past Sunday Smash Wrestling presented Smashapoolza which was one of the most anticipated shows of the year for many reasons. I will provide you with my overall thoughts as well as the results.

The first match of the night involved three amazing talents Brent Banks, Scotty O’Shea and Pepper Parks they are all extremely underrated in the ring. This was the perfect way to start the night off the crowd was extremely hot for O’Shea and Banks as usually. All three men were on the offensive end the whole matches, fans always tend to sleep on Parks but he always performs at a high level and somehow he always steals the show.

Pepper Parks always seeks for an opportunity to cheat whenever he can he choked out both Banks and O’Shea with his t-shirt. The finishing sequence had Parks connect with a flying Neck breaker from the top rope to Banks for the win. After the match Banks was heated and he brutally assaulted O’Shea from the behind. Banks wanted to break the keyboard over O’Shea head but he ducked then O’Shea tried to hit Banks with the keyboard but he escaped from the ring. O’Shea decided to challenge Banks to a Keyboard match at the Smash TV taping Road To Super Showdown II August 9 in Brantford will Banks accept his challenge.

The second match was a team match it was the Overdogs against TDT they have a long feud between each other in the past. It was hilarious before the match even started John Greed started to grind his hips and all the ladies, in the crowd went crazy. So apparently Greed has now turned into a sex symbol with the ladies, now even though I dislike TDT I cannot take away the fact that they are a great tag team.

TDT were very calculated and isolated Suave for the majority of the match but then Suave hot tagged John Greed and then he cleaned house. John Greed never seems to amazes me with his overall strength he was in beast mode he had both TDT members one over his head and one in his arms. Greed dropped them at the same time via a Samoan drop and Fallaway slam which was incredible to witness, Sebastian Suave had an amazing spot where he caught both members of TDT with a spring board two single leg drop kicks. The Overdogs picked a win via a Kryptonite Crunch/Frog Splash combo this could be the start of another winning streak for them after losing to the Super Smash Bros previously.

Alex Vega requested some time at Smashpalooza so therefore he had an in ring interview with one half of the Smash commentary team Scott Hunter. The beginning of the interview had Vega complaining that he was not showcased on this show or the biggest show of the year in August at Super Showdown II. Then the interview turned into a shoot Vega stated he does not know why he is not over with the fans he does anything for them. Vega got frustrated with Scott Hunter and he shoved him down he stated that everywhere else expect in Toronto he gets cheered. Then Vega went off on the Toronto fans calling them the worst fans and he even got in the faces of some fans.

I was looking forward to this women’s match Cherry Bomb took on Xandra Bale the beginning of the match started off extremely slow. They were both trying to feel each out with hand locks and submission holds, every time Bale tried to get an advantage over Bomb she couldn’t though. Cherry Bomb dominated the majority of the match in an impressive fashion and she connected with a Super kick to Bale to extend her winning streak in Smash Wrestling. After the match Cherry Bomb made her decision for CanUSA Classic this year and she declared that her allegiance is with Team USA. She reminded everyone which team won last year and she promised this year’s Team USA will be twice as good. In addition she issued an open challenge for Super Showdown II to LuFisto and Vanessa Kraven against Kimber Bomb Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee.

Another intriguing tag team match that I knew was going to be entertaining and it delivered on so many levels; it was the Super Smash Bros against the Goat Brigade. The crowd was hot the whole match and this was the Goat Brigade coming out party. I love Player Uno’s eye pokes spots and when his gives his opponents leg to the ref and then he connected with a Neck breaker to Kirk Warmack. Stu Dos ran from to one corner to another and he did a flip over the top rope onto Shane Sabre. Kirk Warmack absolutely showcased why he is a power horse with a in the air European uppercut to Stu Dos. In addition I like the Goat Brigade double team move an F5 into a DDT at the same time it looks amazing. The finishing sequence had the Goat Brigade they had a two on one advantage it back fired instead, Sabre knocked out Warmack with a big boot which sent him on the outside. Then the Super Smash Bros connected with Fatality on Shane Sabre for the win. After the match I thought it was the match of the night so far but there were three matches left on the card.

The most anticipated match of the night that everybody was looking forward to was Kevin Steen against Tyson Dux this was an instinct classic. There was a lot of build up to this match because this was Kevin Steen’s last match on the indies because Kevin Steen officially signed a WWE contract recently Kevin Steen will be headed to Florida for training and development within NXT. Tyson Dux took Kevin Steen to the limit but it wasn’t enough Steen hit the Package Piledrvier for the three count. There were streamers that filled the ring for good reasons because fans were showing their respect for Kevin Steen.

After the match Dux raised Steen hand in victory but Steen refused that and he got on the mic and stated that Tyson Dux is one of the best wrestlers in the world. He also showed respect to all the fans of Smash Wrestling and said this was a special place for the indies. The best part was when Kevin Steen finally got Tyson Dux to do a dance from back in the day, Kevin Steen and Jimmy Korderas joined in it was hilarious and a mark out moment.

It was a pleasure and an honour to witness his last match in the indies and I hope him nothing but the best for him in the WWE, Steen is a very underrated talent that has made a name for himself and truly deserves nothing but the best.

Shout out to Smash Wrestling once again they continue to push the envelope and always give fans a match they haven’t seen before. It was Takaaki Watanabe against “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels he made his Smash debut. This was my first time watching Christopher Daniels live I was very impressed with his ability in the ring and Daniel’s still looked to be incredible shape for his age.
Every time I get to witness Takaaki Watanabe in the ring I always appreciate his style because he is always entertaining and very unique. This match involved a lot of fan interaction and excellent psychology the crowd were hot for both Daniels and Watanabe. Watanabe wrestling IQ is really high in the ring and he pulled a page out of Eddie Guerrero’s book with his gimmick to cheat.

Watanabe threw a chair into the ring and then he waited for the referee to remove the chair from the ring and then he capitalized and hit Daniels with another chair. The finishing sequence had Watanabe hit his traditional trademark low blow that was followed by a top rope clothesline to steal a victory over Christopher Daniels.

It was main event time between two fan favourites in Chris Hero and Josh Alexander the winner of the match, would be named the new number one contender to face Matt Cross for the Smash title at Super Showdown II. The win was obviously important for Alexander because he wants to be crowned Smash Champion in the future. In addition Alexander had extra motivation to defeat Hero because he always looked up to him when he got in the wrestling industry.

The fans were so invested and hot for both wrestlers as expected I was on the edge of my seat the whole match. This was an all out war both Hero and Alexander beat the living hell out of each other. I have never seen the amount of punches, elbows and boots to the face that I saw in this match ever before. At one point of the match the ref was knocked out therefore you knew that Sebastian Suave wouldn’t be far away. Suave got involved as expected but he got a stiff elbow to his face by Hero for his troubles that knocked him out. The finishing sequence had Hero deliver multiple punches elbows and boots but Alexander still managed to kick out.

Finally Hero applied the Stretch Plum submission and Alexander had no choice but to tap out. Therefore Chris Hero became the new number one contender for the Smash title, which sets up an unbelievable match against Matt Cross at Super Showdown II for the title. After the match Hero took the mic and showed Alexander a lot of his respect for taking him to the limit and thanked the Smash fans. The fans gave Alexander a well deserved standing ovation for delivering the match of the night and a possible MOTY candidate.

The celebration was shorted lived because Alexander was brutally assaulted by Suave and Greed. Suave took the mic and he said he was tired of hearing Josh Alexander killing it at every promotion he went to Suave accepted Alexander challenge to match at Super Showdown II. Come Super Showdown II Suave stated he will stop being compared to Marty Jannetty, because everybody will forget about Josh Alexander.

My overall thoughts are that every month Smash Wrestling continues to kill it with all their cards. I thought it was impossible to top Rival Schools which was arguably their best show to date last month. I can’t wait for Super Showdown II their biggest event of the year in August. Smashapoolza was better than WWE Battleground it was an unbelievable card from top to bottom.

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Battleground PPV Preview


With the success of the MITB PPV last month I cannot wait for this Sunday WWE Battleground PPV, because the whole card has unbelievable matches that will surely entertain all the fans.

Naomi and Cameron will have a preshow match this should be interesting because, it’s the first match that they will have against each other since the breakup of the Funkadactyls. Cameron has become extremely jealous of Naomi TV time and success throughout her short career on the main roster so far. However Naomi will showcase why she is the better diva of the two she should make quick work of Cameron.

Dean Ambrose against Seth Rollins this will be a very intriguing encounter don’t get it confused this will not be a match it will be an all out war. This will be the first time that Dean Ambrose will get the opportunity, to get his hands on Rollins after he back stabbed the Shield and joined the Authority. I expect this to be very physical for good reasons, Dean Ambrose will snap he will take Rollins to the limit and he will have his hand raised in victory. However I can also envision this match could end in a no contest and this will only be the start of a long program between these two.

Chris Jericho will take on the leader of the Wyatt’s family Bray Wyatt this will be an intense match. When Jericho made his surprise return to RAW a couple of weeks ago he interrupted the Miz. The crowd went absolutely crazy for his return and all of a sudden Jericho knocked the Miz out with the Code breaker.

All of sudden Jericho got a surprise visit from Bray Wyatt to be honest I thought this feud would be epic with their promo work but it has been very lackluster. I anticipate Jericho to be victorious and overcome all the odds but the Wyatt’s will become involved during the match.

Finally the fans have a reason to be invested in a Rusev match he made a name for himself on NXT for months. Then Rusev made his official debut on the main roster during the Royal Rumble match. Rusev has dominated jobbers for months and was lacking competition, therefore on a RAW Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter had a confrontation with him. Due to the fact they were tired of hearing the USA getting constantly disrespected by Lana and Rusev and a feud was born.

I believe this was the perfect scenario for Jack Swagger to save his career. Every week Swagger and Colter would do run’s in with Rusev to send a message to him for instance on one RAW he applied the Patriot Lock on Rusev.

Shout out to both Zeb Colter and Lana for doing a phenomenal job on the mic with their debates on RAW and SmackDown. Swagger has never been this over even when he was the World Heavyweight Champion back in the day. I expect Swagger to put an end to Rusev undefeated streak and this feud will continue with a flag on the pole match at SummerSlam.

Next we have a competitive match which Paige will try to gain revenge and regain her Divas title. AJ shocked us all with her return back to the WWE on RAW a couple of weeks ago when she interrupted Paige on the mic. She gave Paige a taste of her own medicine, when she got a title shot on the fly and then AJ capitalized and shocked Paige to be crowned the new Divas Champion.

Then the pair was placed in tag team and singles matches involving each other leading up to their match this Sunday. I anticipate this to be an incredible match due to the fact they’re both amazing talents in the ring. I envision AJ retaining her title but Paige will finally turn heel after teasing it for weeks when she tagged with AJ.

The tag team two out of three falls match for the WWE Tag Team Titles could steal the show as the USO’S, will have their hands full trying to defend their titles against tough competition in the Wyatt’s. The Wyatt’s came up short last month at the MITB PPV but they will be seeking revenge for that loss against the USO’S.

The USO’S have proven that they are a legit in tag team in the division for several months successfully defending their titles. I could watch these teams wrestle every RAW, SmackDown and PPV and I would never get bored because both teams are very entertaining in the ring. My verdict for this match is that the Wyatt’s will take the USO’S to the limit and they will finally become the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

I am least invested in the battle royal to crown the new Intercontinental Champion. Nobody wanted to see Bad News Barrett get injured but anything happens in wrestling and Barrett was on quite roll which was very unfortunately. Bad News Barrett will be in Tampa to present the winner with the title. I don’t like the fact that the title is up for grabs in a battle royal I would rather see a tournament instead. In addition there are too many filler wrestlers which doesn’t   make any sense there are only four legit competitors that could win the title. The four wrestlers who I feel have the best opportunity to win the title are Bo Dallas, Cesaro, Ziggler and The Miz.

Bo Dallas

One of the biggest underdogs in the match that can possibly win and its makes logically sense is Bo Dallas. I can see Bo Dallas having a plan and stealing the IC title for instance having him stay on the outside, and making everybody else do the work and then capitalizing on his opportunity. I could envision Bo Dallas having one of the longest Intercontinental title reigns.


Currently Cesaro is on a losing streak he lost to Kofi Kingston on multiple times also he lost to Big E Langston this past RAW. I believe the title would do his career wonders even though he does not need it. Having him win the title would stop his losing streak and yet prove that all Paul Heyman guys become champions.


Dolph Ziggler continues to impress week in and week out and currently he is on a winning streak ever since Daniel Bryan got injured. I could see Ziggler winning the title who knows this push could be what his career really needs after being buried for no reason for months. If Ziggler is victorious in this Battle Royal Layla and Summer Rae, could join his side ever since they both left Fandango and they both made out with Ziggler on RAW.

The Miz

Only a couple of weeks ago The Miz returned back to the WWE if he won the title it would make so much sense. Therefore with his current gimmick of being a movie star it would suite him very well and fans will never hear the end of it how good he truly is.

Only time will tell who will win the battle royal and be crowned the new Intercontinental champion but if I had to choose a winner I would pick Cesaro.

Now the main event is the match that everybody has been waiting for the fatal four way for the WWE World Heavyweight champion. John Cena does not need to be pinned to lose to his title; Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Kane will all have their eyes on the gold. This will be a very compelling match I can envision at one point Orton and Kane will work together to get an advantage and Orton will use this to try to steal a victory.

However towards the end of the match Kane will snap and turn on Orton and it will be a three on one handicap match against Orton. John Cena will connect with AA on Roman Reigns and get the three count to retain his title. Therefore having this happen can create a feud between the two in the future. I know there are reports that Brock Lesnar will return on RAW. However I can envision Lesnar to make his return at Battleground and give Cena an F5, step on his chest and raise the title with his hand in the air.

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SmackDown Review 7/18/14



This was the last SmackDown before this Sunday Battleground PPV I will give you my overall thoughts and my three count of what I thought were the most significant highlights.

1) Seth Rollins sent another message to Ambrose
Currently the Ambrose/Rollins is the best storyline on TV because their chemistry against each is unbelievable. Dean Ambrose called out Seth Rollins to have a match on SmackDown, however that could not happen because Rollins knees was not medically cleared yet. Seth Rollins told Ambrose he would face Kane in the main event instead therefore you knew that Rollins would not be that far away. Rollins made his presence known as he brutally assaulted Ambrose with his MITB briefcase. This attacked wouldn’t stop there Kane and Ambrose worked together to bring the steel steps into the ring than Kane Chokeslam Ambrose on the steps followed by a Curbstomp to Ambrose on the steps.

2) The Miz is actually relevant once again

Ever since the Miz won the WWE title back at WM 27 over John Cena nobody has cared about him overall because he was boring and he got lost in the shuffle, because there were many wrestlers that were more talented than The Miz. However I have to give credit where it’s due and his current storyline being a movie star, for the Marine 4 and doing anything in order to save his money maker aka his face is absolutely money. Once again the Miz is relevant which I thought would be impossible, I feel he strives as a heel and he is terrible as a face that’s just my opinion.

3) Tag Team match

I thought the opening contest was an excellent tag team match that showcased the four participants of the battle royal for the intercontinental championship for this Sunday. However I wish they did a mock battle royal instead with all the participates from the match just to hype it up for this Sunday. Ziggler connected with the Zig Zag on the Miz and picked up the win for himself and Sheamus over the Miz and Fandango.

SmackDown Results
Eva Marie against Alicia Fox ended in a no contest
Chris Jericho defeated Luke Harper
Kofi Kingston got the win over Alberto Del Rio
AJ and Paige got a submission over Summer Rae and Layla
Dean Ambrose picked up the victory over Kane by DQ

Credit to WWE for the photo

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NXT Review 7/17/14



This week’s episode of NXT was a good show I will provide my overall thoughts as well as the results. The opening contest was a tag team match that showcased Colin Cassady and the returning Enzo Amore against The Vaudevillians.It was an alright match but I expected it to be better though because of the quality of both teams. It is always great to see Amore back in the ring these two tag teams are very entertaining and they both have a bright future, because they’re all extreme versatile in the ring and on the mic.The Vaudevillians got the win via an assist from a distraction from Sylvester Lefort and Marcus Louis, they are known as The Legionnaires. The end result of this match will eventually set up a feud with The Legionnaires against Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore.

I was surprised with the second match because it was so great between Xavier Woods and CJ Parker. There was tension between these two because Parker has been jealous of Xavier Woods success on the main roster. Parker got the win via a roll up pin being honest at first I didn’t like Parker heel gimmick as an environmentalist. However it is much better than his first gimmick which was the moon child.

Sasha Banks took on Aliexa Bliss it was quick but a very effective match. In the limited matches that I have seen Bliss I am impressed with her ability in the ring. Banks is trying to build momentum and showcased that she should not be the forgotten one in the BFF’s. Sasha Banks picked a victory with an amazing finishing sequence Banks connected with a Backstabber into a Crossface and made Bliss tap out.

I could really care less about this match because of my dislike for the Adam Rose character in general. However I do like the fact that WWE continues to put him in matches instead of his stupid segments with the Rosebuds. The match itself was a good match Rose continued his winning ways Rose hit the Party Foul on Jason Jordan for the three count. Even though Jordan took a loss he has sky of the limit potential, because he has everything the looks and he is good in the ring however he needs to work on his overall mic skills.

The main event was incredible and this new feud between Kidd and Zayn has been unbelievable. Zayn tried to get his revenge back on Tyson Kidd from last week when Kidd used his wife Natalya to steal a win. This was a very action packed match Kidd took Zayn to the limit but Zayn was extremely resistant. Zayn was victorious with a creative finish; he dropped Kidd face first into the mat followed by a Koji Clutch submission which made Kidd tap out.

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Cashing In Dilemma


One of the best gimmicks in the WWE has been the creation of the MITB ladder match, giving the winner an opportunity to get a guaranteed title shot within a year. Never in the WWE after a MITB briefcase match has a winner been constantly threatened by someone, anytime the wrestler will attempt to cash it in they will interfere to prevent them from winning the title.

This is the currently dilemma that this year MITB winner Seth Rollins is faced with Dean Ambrose, continues to be a thorn in Rollins side every time he tries to cash in his briefcase. Ever since Rollins aligned himself with the Authority his career has never been better. This makes for compelling TV because every time Rollins is on the verge of cashing in his briefcase, fans will always be on the edge of their seats waiting to see if Dean Ambrose comes out or not.

Therefore having this element involved can prolong this incredible storyline between Ambrose and Rollins from months or even up to a year. I can also envision during this storyline Ambrose could possibly steal the briefcase, for an extended period of time and have Rollins continue to chase him in order to get his briefcase back.

Even though Dean Ambrose is out of the title picture currently it does not matter because he is always staying relevant. Ambrose is involved and is interfering with the Authority and Seth Rollins plans. On RAW there was some tension between the Authority Rollins, Orton and Kane it will be very intriguing to witness, what will happen in the future between these individuals. I have a feeling that jealous will eventually lead to Kane and Orton back stabling Rollins with will leave him on his alone along with HHH and Stephanie McMahon.

Hate or love it Seth Rollins continues to excel as an excellent heel and the sky is the limit for him. Rollins reminds me of a young very raw Shawn Michaels, because he is excellent in the ring and I have never been disappointed with any of his matches. Rollins is incredible on the mic as well and his looks remind me of a young CM Punk back in ROH.  

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