SmackDown Review 8/29/14

Courtesy of WWE

This week episode of SmackDown was enjoyable it continued to set entertaining feuds moving forward. I will provide my three count of what I thought was the most significant highlights as well as the results.

1) Sudden Turn

I like the serious turn that Goldust and Stardust have taken which started last week on RAW against the USO’s for the WWE Tag Team Titles. The USO’s barley retained their titles via a count out and the USO’s were brutally assaulted after the match. Before Stardust match against Jimmy USO Goldust took the mic and he apologized for their actions on RAW. This was a very quick match and Jimmy USO scored a victory via a roll up pin for the three count. Therefore this led to another brutally assault on the USO’s once again. This is a fresh turn for Goldust and Stardust because it makes fans take them more serious as a tag team and provides more credibility rather than just being known as a side show.

2) Love triangle

I am continuing to love this angle between AJ and Paige they are both doing a phenomenal job. This angle reminds me of Mickie James when she became a lesbian and she was infatuated with Trish Stratus back in day. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for these two very talented divas they are the faces of the Divas division.

3) New feud

Ever since Swagger lost to Rusev at SummerSlam in the flag on the pole match, he has hit rock bottom and Bo Dallas continues to cost Swagger numerous matches. I am very intrigued to see where this feud goes from here. I believe this is the perfect scenario, because they both need to be utilized properly and they both currently have no feuds.

SmackDown results

Seth Rollins defeated Rob Van Dam via a Curbstomp

Paige made Emma tap out via the PTO submission

Rusev defeated Jack Swagger via The Accolade submission

Jimmy USO defeated Stardust via a roll up pin

Sheamus defeated Damien Mizdow via White Noise

Six man tag match Roman Reigns,  Big Show and Mark Henry defeated Erick Rowan, Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt

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SmackDown Review 22/08/14

Courtesy of WWE

I thought that SmackDown was decent this week but it was nothing special. I will provide my overall thoughts in addition to my three count of what I thought were the most significant highlights as well as the results.

1) Roman Reigns and Randy Orton build up

I believe that the build up to this feud has been nothing but excellent. This week Randy Orton said that one win or one match does not define your overall career and this is far from over. Later on in the night Randy Orton took on Rob Van Dam and he would use this match to get his frustration out on RVD. Orton did just that and he got DQ but Orton got his point across with the brutal assault on RVD which ended with an RKO on a steel chair to RVD. In the main event Roman Reigns made quick work of The Miz and he got the three count via a Spear. After the match Orton went into the ring to attack Reigns but he got the last laugh on Orton when he delivered the Superman punch.

2) Mark Henry and Rusev build up

I like the fact that the WWE is making Mark Henry feud against Rusev because it has a big fight feel to it. In addition they will have a great opportunity to tell a great story between the two. However WWE has to be careful because they need to come up with a creative way not to bury Rusev and still make his character relevant.

3) Getting buried

It’s just crazy how over a tag team such as the Wyatt Family can be for almost year and never hold the WWE Tag Team titles, on the main roster and get buried so fast. Now I know that the Wyatt Family has had numerous opportunities at the WWE Tag Team titles in the past but they could not capitalize. However I thought that the Wyatt Family should have won the titles from the USO’S either at WWE MITB or Battleground PPV’s. I understand that tag teams go through their up’s and downs in the tag team division, but I hate watching the Wyatt Family every week losing it hurts their overall credibility. WWE needs to do something with the Wyatt Family before they lose steam and become irrelevant.

SmackDown results

Seth Rollins got the victory via a count out and CurbStomp

Rusev made Sin Cara tap out via the Accolade submission

Natalya picked up another win against Paige via SharpShooter

Stardust and Goldust defeated Luke Harper and Erick Rowan via a roll up pin

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Raw Review 18/8/14


Courtesy of WWE

The aftermath of SummerSlam on RAW was an incredible and it will help set the tone for the next couple of months with effective feuds I will provide my overall thoughts with my three count of what I thought the most significant highlights were along with the results as well.

1) A new champion is crowned

On RAW Brock Lesnar was presented with the new WWE Heavyweight Championship title it looked amazing in my opinion. Paul Heyman was magnificent on the mic once again hyping up, Brock Lesnar as one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history it’s hard to argue because that is a proven fact.

2) Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose stole the show

I believe that WWE was really confused because instead of the LumberJack match that took place at SummerSlam, it should have been the Falls count anywhere match that took place on RAW instead. This was a prime example that if you put them in the right match they will always showcase their skills and steal the show.

3) New character development

I like that the episode started off with Stephanie McMahon came out to brag about her victory over Brie Bella at SummerSlam. Then she brought out Nikki Bella to tell her side and why Nikki turned on her sister. She stated that when the Bella’s came into the WWE, they were supposed to be successful together instead Nikki has always lived in Brie’s shadow. This is absolutely a brilliant idea because it adds more prestige to the Divas division because it lacks competition currently.

RAW results

Mark Henry and the Big Show defeated The Wyatt Family

Natayla got a victory over Paige via a roll up

Dolph Ziggler got a win over The Miz via a countout

Cesaro defeated Jack Swagger The Neutralizer

Roman Reigns, Sheamus & Rob Van Dam defeated RybAxel and Randy Orton via a Five Star Press on Axel

Stardust and Goldust defeated The USO’s via a sunset flip pin on Jimmy by Stardust

Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose via a Curbstomp to Ambrose on cinder blocks

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SummerSlam Review

Courtesy of WWE

SummerSlam was the biggest PPV of the summer and it lived up to the hype I will provide my overall thoughts as well as the results. Rob Van Dam and Cesaro started off the SummerSlam preshow. Cesaro dominated early on but RVD was very resilient he fought back and eventually he hit the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

The opening contest was Dolph Ziggler against The Miz for the Intercontinental title. I thought this was a genius idea because the opening contest will always set the tone for the rest of the PPV. Fans know that when they have a match together they always deliver and at SummerSlam it was no different. There was a lot of back and forth action between the two. The finishing sequence had the Miz lock in the figure four but Dolph Ziggler broke out of it. Ziggler attempted to go for the Frame asser but the Miz blocked that, and hit the Skull Crushing Finale instead but it was for a near fall. The Miz tried to connect with a big boot but Ziggler ducked that and hit the Zig Zag for the three count. I was completely surprised that Ziggler won when the Miz only had the title for a month.

The Divas title match was next between Paige and AJ this wasn’t really a match it was more of a cat fight. Paige went for a move but AJ countered that into the Black Widow, Paige hit a DDT out of nowhere for the win and she was crowed the new Divas champion. Once again I was shocked because AJ only had the title for about a month but talk about the greatest birthday gift you can receive on your birthday the Divas title.

Jack Swagger went one on one with Rusev in a flag on a pole match; I must say this was a decent match. Rusev did a tremendous job selling his leg injury Swagger had Rusev in the Patriot Lock. Rusev escaped the hold by delivering a super kick, and then he applied The Accolade which made Swagger literally pass out.

Their heated rivalry continued in a Lumber jack match MR MITB Seth Rollins took on the unstable Dean Ambrose. This was a good match I expected more though; there was a lot of back and forth action between the two and both fought into the crowd. They were fighting on the stairs and eventually they made their way back into the ring. Then the finishing sequence had Dean Ambrose connected with the Curb Stomp on Rollins, but Kane broke up the pin then Goldust got in the ring and then all hell broke loose. Then Seth Rollins capitalized and he used his briefcase to hit Ambrose he survived and stole the victory.

Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho continued their feud I thought it was a compelling match and it began on the outside beating each other up. Therefore there was numerous near falls throughout the match, Jericho hit the Code breaker for another near fall. Bray Wyatt and Jericho went on the outside and continue to fight and Bray Wyatt hit Sister Abigail to Chris Jericho on the barrier. Then Wyatt brought Jericho back into the ring and hit another Sister Abigail for the three count.

The hottest diva feud in a quite a while came to a boiling point at SummerSlam I did not know what to expect due to fact of Stephanie lack of in ring experience but it was a pretty solid match. The only important part was when HHH and Nikki Bella made their way out to the ring and Brie Bella hit a drop kick that knocked out HHH. Brie and Nikki Bella trapped Stephanie McMahon then Nikki pulled away Stephanie from Brie and she knocked Brie out. Stephanie McMahon capitalized and hit the Pedigree for the win.

One of the matches that stole the show in my opinion as I predicated was Orton against Roman Reigns. Due to the fact that they have unbelievable chemistry which is no surprise, Orton controlled the match for the beginning part then Roman Reigns fought back. The finishing sequence had Reigns block the RKO and Reigns attempted to hit the Superman punch but Orton had different plans. Orton connected with a RKO on Reigns for a near fall which made Orton snapped. Orton decided to finish off Reigns with The Punt but Reigns swept his leg and then he hit the Spear out of nowhere, for a massive win and the biggest of his career.

The main event that everybody was waiting for was Brock Lesnar he took on John Cena for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. This was really a short but very effective match about 20-25 minutes. Lesnar was in complete domination the whole match; I have to give credit to John Cena for selling the whole match effective. Lesnar delivered an impressive 16 German Suplex’s and three F5 to finally be crowned the new WWE Heavyweight Championship. I am glad to see Lesnar won the title hopefully he keeps it until WrestleMania 31.

Overall I must say this PPV was picture perfect and all the outcomes will help run deep and effective feuds for the next couple of months so therefore I would give it a 10/10.

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Smash Wrestling SuperShowdownII Review

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Smash Wrestling presented their biggest card of the year with SuperShow II it was a larger than life event it lived up to its name. In the preshow it was the Goat Brigade against the AfterParty this was a solid tag team match and once again the Goat Brigade showed why they are the future of the tag team division in Smash Wrestling. I was surprised though because the AfterParty held their own against the Goat Brigade. They were quite an intriguing tag team but the Goat Brigade was too much for the AfterParty and they were victorious once again.

To start the show James Kee the Smash Boss had a couple of opening remarks to thank the Smash fans for all their support and he along with Smash management is noticing a rapid success with the digital downloads of their shows on their website and live event attendance. Kee wanted to thank all the fans for their support and continue to come out and support their product and continue to build on something special that is going on currently at Smash Wrestling.

In the opening contest it was Scotty O’Shea vs. John Greed vs. Pepper Parks vs. Gregory Iron vs. Alex Vega. Alex Vega drew excellent heat on himself coming out to Kevin Steen’s theme song because he is the most hated man aka the John Cena of Smash Wrestling. Where do I began this was an absolutely insane match, I have never seen this amount of crazy spots in wrestling before which is saying something because I have watched a lot of wrestling throughout my life.

Props to all the participants in the match doing all those crazy spots a funny spot was Vega attempted to do a suicide drive to the outside but every time he tried he got prevented by Iron, O’Shea and Greed.

O’Shea was phenomenal he delivered a Moonsault to the outside on Greed, Parks and Iron. Greed gave Iron a flog splash. O’Shea was the star of the match he gave multiple Hurricanrana’s to multiple wrestlers at the same time in addition to a crazy finish. O’Shea connected with an X-Factor on Vega by jumping off Greed and Iron shoulders and he picked up the win. After the match Vega officially snapped and brutally assaulted Scott Hunter one half of the Smash announcer team, and Vega smashed a computer in addition to slapping James Kee the Smash Boss. Due to his actions James Kee officially announced that Alex Vega is fired.

The second match was Kimber Bombs against LuFisto and Vanessa Kraven it was a showcase and a preview, of what’s to come at the next Smash PPV CANUSA Classic Sept 21. LuFisto and Vanessa Kraven completely dominated the match and at one point Lufisto and Cherry Bomb grabbed each other breasts which was HLA moment. The Kimber Bombs were very impressive and overcome all odds and got the three count via a Code Breaker and German suplex pin combination on Lufisto. After the match Kimber Bombs relived that Awesome Kong is team USA captain everybody went absolutely nuts including myself.

This was followed by a match that was 18 months in the making it was the Cyborg Tyson Dux against Johnny The Whole Shebang Gargano. This match was a wrestling clinic as expected you could tell that they both respected each other but at the same time they beat the hell out of each other. Whatever you get to witness these two very talented underrated wrestlers you can anticipate it will be a phenomenal and it was there was a lot of great wrestling psychology used in the match it was a slow paced but it was very tactical and still very entertaining. Gargano took Dux to the limit but Dux find a way to came out on top via a roll up pin. With this victory this should give Tyson Dux a future title shot at a future live event, he deserves it because Dux has scored impressive victories over his opponents over the last couple months.

Brent Banks against Jay Lethal was supposed be his opponent but unfortunately due to travel issues Lethal could not make it. Banks would have a more than capable opponent in Rich Swann. I have to admit this was my first time witnessing Rich Swann live. I can say that nobody is as over as Rich Swann in Smash Wrestling that speaks volumes because there is so much amazing talent that represents Smash Wrestling.

I have been with Smash since May of 2013 and I never heard the Smash fans explode like that in the E-Zone ever before. When you put together Brent Banks and Rich Swann in the ring you will see two rising stars with sky of the limit potential they both will leave you on the edge of your seat the entire match. As always I was entertained by Brent Banks he put on an impressive show by holding his own against Rich Swann but Swann was very resilient and fought back. Throughout the match it was filled with impressive spots and at one point of the match Banks became extremely frustrated with trying to put Swann away then Banks resorted by grabbing a steel chair to use.

All of a sudden Scotty O’Shea decided to get involved in Brent Banks business once again. I thought that their beef was over and both Swann and Banks were pulling out all the stops to get the pin fall but both men only got near falls, Rich Swann hit the Frog Splash on Banks for the three count.

Then there was intermission that was followed by Josh Alexander against Sebastian Suave they had the tough task of following a hot crowd after that Banks and Swann match. Alexander seemed to have the match won after like 10 seconds when he delivered a stiff elbow to Suave for a near fall but John Greed made the save and he pulled out the referee.

For the majority of the match in the beginning both Suave and Alexander fought on the outside which was expected, they were beating the living hell out of each other. Both have amazing chemistry with each other as you can expect for almost close to a year they were teaming together as the original Overdogs.

I believe Sebastian Suave doesn’t get enough credit for his in ring ability because he is very underrated, and I can say that I have never seen a bad match of his since I started to follow Smash Wrestling back in May 2013. There was another ref pump when Suave Irish whipped Alexander in the corner where the ref stood and he was knocked out then John Greed made his presence known once again.

However Alexander had different plans and he delivered a stiff elbow followed by a big boot that knocked Greed out to the floor. Once Greed gained consciousness Suave capitalized and hit the Kryptonite Crunch followed by a Frog Splash by John Greed for a near fall. Then the finishing sequence had Alexander connected with the inverted tombstone pile driver and that was a near fall. Then Alexander put Suave Leg around his head and made Suave tap out. After the match it seemed like Alexander squashed his beef with Suave and Greed which is good to see all three go their separate ways now.

Once again Smash Wrestling pushed the envelope and delivered one of the best tag team matches, which you will witness on the Indy circuit the battle of two of the best tag teams currently in wrestling. The Super Smash Bros who are the best tag team in Ontario against arguably against the best tag team in the world The Young Bucks they represent NJPW. I was just marking out the whole time because the atmosphere was just so electric.

This match was filled with crazy spots which included flips, spears, DDT’s and super kicks every time I get to witness a Young buck’s match I am always speechless. I wonder to myself how the WWE has never signed them because there are phenomenal talents. The finishing sequence had the Super Smash Bros hit the fatality on Matt but he kicked out and then The Young Bucks had Player Uno arms trapped in between the ropes and the Bucks capitalized and delivered numerous Super Kicks to Player Uno. Then The Young Bucks hit Stu Dos with The More For Your Buck and then Spike Tombstone Piledriver for the three count.

Now the match that everybody was looking forward to it was Chris Hero trying to defeat Matt Cross, and his undefeated streak of 21-0 in Smash Wrestling and become the new Smash champion.Shout out to the production team and whoever was responsible for creating Matt Cross entrance video because it was the Undertaker’s theme music with all of Crosses victims on tombstones which was a mark out moment. The match itself was unbelievable it had people on the edge of their seats the entire match the crowd was split 50/50 between Cross and Hero.

Chris hero gave everything he had against Matt Cross with numerous elbows, boots and stiff fists to his head, Hero was Cross toughest opponent to date. However Cross had the fight of a champion and it took Cross to deliver two shooting star press in order to survive and remain undefeated at Smash Wrestling he is now 22-0.

After the match Matt Cross the reigning and defending Smash Wrestling champion had a couple of words for the fans and thanked them for coming out. He said everybody in the back busted their ass Cross doesn’t do wrestling for a pay check he does it because he has a passion for it and he will always do it for as long as he can. In addition Cross stated that the fans should continue to support Smash Wrestling because everybody is helping to build something special.

Overall I would say that this is the best show to date from top to bottom on the card every match was amazing and it satisfied every fan in the E-Zone. You can tell that it was going to be a special night, due to the energy in the building and you will be hard-pressed to find this much talent in Ontario or in the US on an Indy card.

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SummerSlam PPV Preview

This Sunday will be one of the most anticipated PPV’s of the year SummerSlam with a card full of intriguing matches. I will provide my overall thoughts as well as my predictions; this PPV will deliver on all levels compared to last month Battleground PPV which was very disappointing in my opinion. In the preshow it will be Rob Van Dam against Cesaro but I don’t know why they are having a match it’s completely random. I expect this to be a good match but RVD will come out on top and Cesaro will continue his losing streak.

Dolph Ziggler will take on The Miz for the Intercontinental title I anticipate this to be an incredible match. This feud started back at last month Battleground PPV in an over the top battle royal for the Intercontinental title Ziggler thought he won but The Miz surprised everybody. The Miz pretended he was eliminated but he ended up eliminating Ziggler. A few weeks back on RAW Ziggler picked up a victory over The Miz in a non title match. Therefore this made Ziggler the number one contender for the Intercontinental title. For consecutive weeks The Miz has been a thorn in Ziggler’s side he has cost him numerous matches by distractions. Even though Ziggler deserves to have the title The Miz will find a way to retain his title.

Brie Bella will finally get her hands on Stephanie McMahon I don’t know what to expect from this match, because Stephanie’s last match was back at No Mercy in 2003. This heated rivalry started back at Payback where Brie Bella decided to quit and gave Stephanie a slap which was heard around the world. She has made Brie Bella life a living hell a couple of weeks back on RAW Stephanie got her revenge back on Brie when she slapped her on but due to her actions Stephanie got arrested for assault. Then a couple of weeks after she was arrested Brie decided to lift the charges on Stephanie in return for her job back and a match at SummerSlam.

Two weeks ago at the contract signing on RAW Stephanie left both Bella’s laid out with two pedigrees. This past week on RAW we learned that Daniel Bryan physical therapist Megan Miller has been having an affair with him. Therefore this caused Brie to snap and she slapped Megan which led to her pressing chargers on Brie and she got arrested. Even though Stephanie has not wrestled in years the McMahon family always get what they what. I have a feeling Nikki Bella will interfere and she will finally turn heel and assist Stephanie to get the victory.

The new fan favourite Jack Swagger will take on Rusev in a flag on a pole match. The feud has continued for a couple of months now Rusev picked up a win via a count out over Jack Swagger at last month Battleground PPV. Lana gave an open challenge to Jack Swagger for this match and Zeb Colter agreed to it. I envision Rusev getting the win and continuing this great feud with Swagger.

One of the best divas feuds in quite a while continues this Sunday when AJ Lee defends her Divas title against Paige. This feud started back at Battleground when AJ defended her title against Paige in their first encounter and AJ successfully retained her title. They were so called best friends but Paige’s mood slowly changed when she called AJ crazy. Paige showed her true colours when she pushed AJ off the stage after she beat Rosa Mendes on SmackDown. AJ will survive once again and retain her title in a close battle with Paige.

This will be an intriguing battle between former brothers now turned enemies this feud dates back to a couple of months ago. Every since Rollins won the MITB briefcase Dean Ambrose has always made Rollins life a living hell every time he tries to cash in his MITB briefcase. At Battleground Rollins decided to forfeit and this Lumber Jack match, came about because Ambrose had the best time in the beat the clock challenge against Rollins on RAW. This won’t be much of a match it will be a brawl it’s hard to predict this match because it can go either way but I am leaning towards Ambrose.

To be honest I am really looking forward to Chris Jericho against Bray Wyatt but the WWE has dropped the ball with the build up to this feud. To even up the odds and make this an even fight Chris Jericho had a series of matches with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. If Jericho won those matches both of them would not be allowed to be at ringside at SummerSlam. I must say that one on one interview on RAW between Jericho and Bray Wyatt was extremely effective.

Even though it seems like Chris Jericho has an easy win because of no interference from the Wyatt Family. Not so fast Bray Wyatt will have a plan up his sleeve and we will see a new member of the Wyatt Family and they will assist Bray Wyatt over Jericho.

Roman Reigns will take on Randy Orton this match could steal the show on the low. This feud really started when HHH told Orton as long as Reigns is in the title picture Orton will never get another title shot again. Therefore a couple of weeks ago jealously lead Orton to brutally assault on Roman Reigns from behind on RAW. That message was sent loud and clear Orton is no joke and he still has many more title reigns in his vision for years to come. Going into this match Roman Reigns has a lot of momentum this will be his biggest match of his career, but he will be ready I envision Reigns to be over clean he needs this win for his career.

Now the match that everybody has been waiting for it’s called the biggest match of the summer. It will be John Cena the 15th time WWE World Heavyweight champion colliding with Brock Lesnar the conqueror of the streak, the man who ended the Undertaker undefeated streak at WrestleMania XXX. I cannot remember a match that I was looking forward to as much as this one besides Lesnar and Taker at WrestleMania XXX. In addition I don’t ever remember a big fight feel in just four weeks with nothing but straight promo videos, shout out to WWE and the production team for a very effective build up to this match.

My verdict is strictly on logic Brock has to and needs to win point blank no excuses. Brock Lesnar was the only man to end the Undertaker WrestleMania streak and if he losses to Cena it’s pointless and hurts his overall credibility. By making Lesnar the champion it adds more prestige to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In addition Lesnar will not always be on TV and PPV’s but when he is it makes it special from a fan and business perspective.

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SmackDown Review 15/08/14


Yesterday was the last show before the biggest PPV of the summer SummerSlam. I must say I was very disappointed with this week’s SmackDown with the lack of build up on the show towards SummerSlam, I will provide my overall thoughts as well as the results.

SmackDown started off with Miz TV with the Miz’s special guest Roman Reigns it did not end well for the Miz. Reigns delivered a Superman punch to The Miz after he was bragging about how big of a superstar he is. After that Reigns cut a promo about his match on Sunday against Randy Orton.

Dean Ambrose and Cesaro was the opening constant and it was an incredible match with a lot of action between the two. Dean Ambrose hit the Dirty Deeds for the victory and Cesaro, continues his losing streak I don’t know what the WWE is currently doing with Cesaro. After the match Seth Rollins came out to cut a promo and he talked about, how superior he is compared to Ambrose and he stated that he will be victorious at SummerSlam.

Next up was Dolph Ziggler against Titus O’Neil it was a relevantly quick match Titus O’Neil dominated for the majority of the match. However Ziggler found a way to connect with the Zig Zag for the three count. I cannot wait to witness his match against The Miz for the Intercontinental title this Sunday.

Mark Henry faced Luke Harper it only lasted a couple minutes because Erick Rowan got involved therefore Henry got the win via DQ. The Director of Operations Kane came out and made it a tag team match, It was Mark Henry and Big Show against The Wyatt Family Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Once again this match did not last long; Henry and Show dominated and finished Rowan with a KO punch followed by a World Strongest Slam.

Then there was a very quick Diva match it was AJ against Eva Marie she picked up another massive win against AJ via a count out. Deja Vu Paige cost AJ another match once AJ saw Paige, she snapped and started beating up Paige AJ rammed her head into the barricade numerous times.

It’s unbelievable how fast a wrestler can be so over and be buried at the same time. That is what has happened to Bo Dallas he fell victim to another quick loss to Swagger via the Patriot Lock.

The main event was decent Roman Reigns took on The Miz Reigns scored a victory over The Miz, via a Superman punch followed by a Spear with an assist from Dolph Ziggler. Roman Reigns had to get over leading up to his biggest match of his career this Sunday at SummerSlam against Randy Orton.

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