RAW Review 29/9/14


Courtesy of WWE

It amazing how the WWE cannot deliver anymore back to back entertaining episodes of RAW is that really hard to ask? I don’t know what’s going on with the creative team. This week RAW was another lackluster episode however I will provide my three count along with the results.

1) The Dean Ambrose show

Raw was all about Dean Ambrose he ensured to make the life of the Authority and Seth Rollins a living hell. Ambrose held Rollins MITB briefcase for the majority of the night therefore he made the Authority chase him for the majority of the night. He decided to give away all of the Authority t-shirts for free and the crowd went crazy.
In addition Ambrose had different plans and he left Rollins briefcase in the ring for him to retrieve it. It was too good to be true Ambrose had another motive in mind. Rollins opened up his briefcase there was green gunk inside which went all over Rollins face and his suit. Therefore this caused Rollins to snap for good reasons because he was embarrassed but the fans were electric during this segment which was hilarious.
2) Repacking of Luke Harper

During RAW fans saw vignettes from Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper it seems like their repacking him. Their vignettes were their typically dark theme with Bray Wyatt saying over and over again that he has helped find Luke Harper. This was necessary because the Wyatt family were becoming an afterthought and they were off of TV for numerous weeks. It will be intriguing to see what the future has in store for Luke Harper.

3) Seth Rollins got the last laugh

Seth Rollins was being humiliated all night so you knew that he would have something planned in order to get revenge back on Ambrose. Rollins made his presence known during the main event as Ambrose hit the Dirty Deeds on Orton, he was going to get the victory but Rollins interfered instead. Therefore this resulted in a victory via DQ for Ambrose and Cena over Kane and Orton. Rollins, Kane and Orton all took care of business and they connected with their finishers on Ambrose and Cena. Most importantly Rollins hit two vicious Curbstomps on his briefcase for both Ambrose and Cena. The last remaining image of RAW was the Authority and Rollins standing tall over Cena and Ambrose.

Raw Results

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz and Cesaro via the European Uppercut
Layla defeated Rosa Mendes via the layout Neck breaker
Bo Dallas defeated Mark Henry via Bo-Dog
Brie Bella defeated Cameron & Eva Marie in a handicap match via a roll up pin
Slater-Gator defeated Los Matadores via a roll up pin
Alicia Fox defeated Divas Champion AJ Lee via a distraction from Paige then Fox capitalized with a scissors kick to AJ back for the three count
U.S. Champion Sheamus defeated Damien Mizdow via the Brogue Kick

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The Wyatt Family Losing Momentum



Ever since the Wyatt family debut back in 2013 they took the whole WWE and Wrestling industry by storm for many reasons. There have been many memorable factions throughout the history of WWE and throughout wrestling but the Wyatt Family were extremely unique and they stood out from day one. The Wyatt’s became so successful because of their development on NXT, in addition to their fantastic vignettes which lead to their debut on the main roster.

They made a name for themselves on the main roster when they had a hit list and they took out numerous wrestlers on the roster. I thought that development of this faction was brilliant with Bray Wyatt being the leader and the ultimate manipulator because anything he says or does fans will pay attention. In addition Bray Wyatt took Luke Harper and Erick Rowan under his wings and allowed them to develop slowly this caused them to be separated from Bray Wyatt and this resulted in them forming as a tag team.

I thought that Harper and Rowan formed an excellent tag team but they were very underutilized as a team in my opinion. WWE should have pulled the trigger and made them the WWE Tag Team Champions, when they had an amazing series of matches which involved the Usos. I have always thought that Luke Harper was always significant better than Erick Rowan, because of the little things he does such as the noises he makes plus his incredible in ring work.

It nice to see that Harper is getting repackaged which I believe was needed but it will be very intriguing to see what will happen with Erick Rowan. According to multiple reports it’s being rumored that Luke Harper will now be a singles wrestler and split from Erick Rowan.

Bray Wyatt has evolved leaps and bounds on this mic which is no surprised because he was fantastic ever since his debut. I have always been invested in him from the beginning, because he has always had a unique feel to him. He reminds me of a mix between Mankind and The Undertaker.

The only problem I have with Bray Wyatt is that I believe he got pushed too hard too fast for good reason. Due to the fact that he was so over but in the long run that has hurt his overall value. The issue with Bray Wyatt is that the WWE needs to carefully pick his feuds because it needs to make sense it’s hard to say who his next feud will be with. However I would love to see a long program with Sting in the future which will lead up to a match at WrestleMania 31 because it would be so epic on so many levels.

Therefore that being said even though it’s horrible having the Wyatt Family off TV It needed to be done. It was extremely necessary to repackage Harper because he was getting stale which is mind blowing if you think about it.

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SmackDown Review 26/9/14


Courtesy of WWE

For the first time in quite a long I enjoyed SmackDown for many reasons it had quality matches and at the same time, it developed compelling storylines moving forward. I will provide my three count of what were the most significant highlights of SmackDown as well as the results.

1) Dean Ambrose returned with a bang

Dean Ambrose made quite a presence this week along with a statement the unstable ticking time bomb loves, to continue to be a thorn in the side of Rollins and The Authority. Ambrose had a great match with The Miz to start off SmackDown he picked up the win via the Dirty Deeds. After the match Dean Ambrose was up to his old ways when Kane and Rollins came out to the ring to brutally assault Ambrose. However Ambrose had different plans and once again he stole Rollins MITB briefcase and went through the crowd.

2) Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro could be involved in a long  feud

Ziggler continued his winning ways by retaining his Intercontinental title at SummerSlam over The Miz. Ziggler sat around to see who would win the battle royal to be crowned the number one contender for the Intercontinental championship. Ziggler would defend his title against the winner of the battle royal. Cesaro was the last man standing he eliminated both Kofi and Swagger at the same time. Therefore this would set up an incredible match between the two now every time these two get in the ring fans know it will always be an entertaining match due to their excellent in ring work. This was a closely contested match as expected and Cesaro has a right to have a beef with Ziggler and the referee. There was controversy involved he got screwed when Ziggler rolled up Cesaro for the three count, but in the mean time Cesaro had his hand on the rope. Therefore the pin count so have been stopped or the match should have been restarted. I expect this to be the start of a potential long feud between the two.

3) Rusev finally got knocked out

Going into the main event I was really surprised I thought this match would be absolutely boring but it turned out to be a pretty decent match. This was probably one of the best ways that WWE has utilized the Big Show in years. Big Show completely dominated Rusev for the majority of the match. Lana sensed Rusev was in trouble she grabbed onto Big Show foot, that caused the referee to be distracted and then he attacked the Big Show with the Russian flag. Then Rusev was going to hit the Big Show with another superkick, but he countered and connected with the KO punch which knocked out Rusev. This was extremely significant because this was the first time that Rusev looked very vulnerable early on his career.

SmackDown Results

Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz via Dirty Deeds

Cesaro won the Battle Royal to become the number one contender Intercontinental championship

The Usos defeated via DQ Goldust and Stardust however they retained their WWE Tag Team titles

Layla and Summer Rae defeated Natalya and Rosa Mendes

Dolph Ziggler defeated Cesaro via a roll up pin

Big Show defeated Rusev via DQ

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NOC PPV Review 22/9/14

Courtesy of WWE

Yesterday WWE presented The Night of Champions PPV and I will provide my thoughts on it overall as well as what took place. The preshow had Christian returned to the ring with The Peep Show and a special guest Chris Jericho. To be quite honest it always great to see Christian back in a WWE ring but it was a waste of time because all they did was argued against each other and then promoted Jericho match and Orton interfered he dissed them on the TitanTron.

The NOC PPV started off with the tag team match it was Goldust and Stardust as they took the Tag Team Champions the Usos. Before every match there was a video package of all the previous champions of all the titles which I enjoyed a lot. Due to the fact it is important for people to know their history when it comes to wrestling because it’s so rich. I thought that WWE was very smart for starting off with this match because the crowd was invested the whole time. I thought that this match was fantastic as expected and both teams showcased why they are the best tag teams currently in the WWE.

It was a back and forth affair between the two teams there was a mix between in ring and outside action with a lot of double team moves by both teams. Throughout the match Goldust and Stardust used their experience as a tag team when they started to isolate Jey Uso then they worked on his injured leg and knee. I hated the finishing sequence though Jimmy went for the Uso Splash to Stardust but he countered when he got his knees up on Uso which was followed by a rollup pin fall for the three count. I am excited there are new Tag Team Champions and I expect Goldust and Stardust to have a long run as champions.

The following match that took place was Cesaro as he took on Sheamus for the US title I had high hopes going into this match and it was what I expected. Now any time these to enter the ring you know it’s going to be a physical encounter. Both men delivered hard blows, punches and kicks. There was a sequence where both countered each other moves and they both got near falls. At this point of the match the fans were really invested, Cesaro worked on Sheamus in the corner and out of nowhere Sheamus connect with the Brogue Kick to retain his title. I was disappointed that Cesaro did not win, and become the new US champion because I don’t know where the WWE will go from here with Cesaro.

A match that I looked forward to was The Miz against Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental title however they were not the main focus. Instead there was more of a focus on the stunt doubles R-Ziggler and Damien Mizdow and this stupid country group the Florida Georgia Line. Regardless of the circumstances Ziggler always delivers stealer performances in his matches and Sunday was no different.

Ziggler delivered his traditional elbow spots and he had multiple spots where he focused on The Miz money maker and he gave him a superkick followed by a Fameasser for a near fall. It was a close contest as expected but when Ziggler lost his focus The Miz capitalized and rolled up Dolph Ziggler for the three count. The Miz became the new Intercontinental champion I was very surprised that Ziggler lost the title so quickly.

Then Seth Rollins came out and he bashed Roman Reigns and said you could be on top of the world one minute and not the next minute. He said that an emergency surgery is no excuse for not showing up. Then Rollins gave Roman Reigns up to the count of 10 to come out him or Rollins would win by forfeit and after the count of 10 Rollins won via forfeit. Due to the fact that Rollins did not want to disappoint the fans therefore he issued an open challenge to anybody. Dean Ambrose accepted the challenge he arrived and he came out of a taxi and the crowd popped hard. These two were beating the hell out of each other all over the area then security came out to break up the two.

The battle of country supremacy was next it was the World Strongest Man Mark Henry against Rusev before going into this match, I was really intrigued due to the excellent build up. After Mark Henry came out Lilian Garcia sang the national anthem which made Mark Henry cry at first I thought it was soft of him to cry but it made sense because it added more significant to the match. This wasn’t really much of a match it was a battle between the two and in my opinion it didn’t live up to the hype. Now I knew that Rusev would be victorious but I was shocked that Henry tapped out to the Accolade but I don’t know where they go from here.

Then it was Randy Orton against Chris Jericho this was an instant classic just as I predicted it stole the show. There was back and forth action between the two but for the majority of the match Orton controlled Jericho. There was a couple of spots I enjoyed Randy Orton went for an RKO but Jericho countered with a lionsault for a near fall. Randy Orton went for his typically DDT spot to Jericho then Orton was getting ready to connect with an RKO but Jericho countered with a Codebreaker instead for a near fall. Jericho decided to go to the top rope but he should have known better and he got an RKO in mid air for his troubles. Orton picked up the win and I always mark out when I see an RKO in mid air.

Then the triple threat match for the Divas title took place where Paige defended her title against AJ and Nikki Bella. Shout out to the Diva Division I have to give credit where it’s due the Divas division has come a long way for being the match before the main event. The match itself was good but I only like one spot throughout the match. That was when AJ went to give Paige a Suplex from the top rope but Nikki had different plans though and went under AJ and gave her Powerbomb which caused Paige to go flying. I understand why Nikki was in the match but she was useless because it was technically a one on one match. AJ become the new Divas champion when she locked in the Black Widow once again. I was very surprised that Paige dropped the title this fast; it looks like the Divas title will be going back and forth between AJ and Paige.

Now the match that everybody was waiting for it was the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight title between Lesnar and John Cena. Before the match WWE showed stats from their previous encounter I thought that was brilliant because it showed the domination of Brock Lesnar and it added more significant to the match. This time this match was much closer than their first match Brock Lesnar gave Cena three German Suplex this time he tried to connect with a F5 but he was unsuccessful. Cena managed to give Lesnar four AA which was surprising.

Even though this match was fast at the same time it was slow due to submission holds such as when Lesnar applied the Kimura hold numerous times and Cena with STF hold. The finishing sequence had Cena hit the AA for the fourth time than Seth Rollins came in and hit Cena with his briefcase for the DQ Cena won via DQ. Then Rollins nailed Lesnar with the Curbstomp and Lesnar sold that amazing. However Cena had different plans and fought Rollins but the bell never rang and therefore he never cashed in his MITB briefcase. Then Cena came back into the ring and Lesnar gave Cena a F5 Lesnar still retains his title via the DQ.

Overall I thought that the NOC PPV was amazing only for one match but it did an excellent job build feuds for next month Hell In A Cell PPV, I would give this PPV an 8/10 because it had some surprises and title changes as expected.

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Night Of Champions PPV Preview


This Sunday is one of the biggest PPV’s that will be taking place Night of Champions but the WWE did a horrible job at promoting the PPV. I am disappointed with the WWE and the lack of effective promoting of this PPV because it is very rare for wrestling fans to witness most of the matches to be contested for all the major WWE titles so therefore it makes this a very prestigious PPV.

I will provide you with my overall thoughts in addition to my predications for the matches. The night will start off in the preshow with the return of the Peep Show hosted by Christian and his special guest Chris Jericho. It always great to see Christian back in a WWE ring, Chris Jericho will probably be hyping up his match with Randy Orton later on and promoting the WWE Network.

Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Cesaro will take on Sheamus for the US title now Cesaro became the number one contender for the title randomly when he defeated RVD on RAW. It was a weird situation because before then Cesaro was on a long losing streak. Now I can’t even lie even though I have never been a fan of Sheamus he has been great as a champion I just wish he would defend his US title more. This match will be very close I wouldn’t mind seeing Cesaro become the new US Champion and get his career restarted once again.

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

This will be a very entertaining match between two incredible workers in the ring The Miz will challenge The Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler. This feud dates back to SummerSlam when Ziggler won the Intercontinental title from The Miz, leading up to this match there were multiple tag team matches on RAW and SmackDown. They involved R-Truth who became R-Ziggler and Dolph Ziggler got the last laugh over The Miz and Damien Mizdow because they picked up numerous victories. I expect Ziggler to continue his winning momentum, and steal the show as he always does and retain his Intercontinental title.

Triple Threat match

AJ vs. Nikki Bella vs. Paige

This will be a very compelling triple threat match for the Diva title between friends who have turned into enemies AJ Paige and Nikki Bella. Paige and AJ have a long history with each other it reached another level when Paige pulled off a massive upset victory over AJ to become the new Divas Champion at SummerSlam. Nikki Bella got included in this scenario when she back stabbed her sister Brie and assisted Stephanie McMahon to victory at SummerSlam because of this she was rewarded with a Divas title shot.

There are multiple scenarios that could happen one of them is Brie Bella gets involved and assists her sister to victory in order to show her that she still loves her. Another scenario that I could see how to happen is that she screws Nikki and this helps build their feud for the future. I will not be surprised if Nikki becomes the new Divas Champion but on the other hand I believe it’s too soon however I still envision Paige retaining her title.

There was supposed to be a match with Roman Reigns against Seth Rollins but unfortunately Reigns had to be rushed for an emergency incarcerated hernia surgery. Therefore I don’t know who Reigns replacement is going to be but since it’s so last-minute I believe Dean Ambrose will make his return.

Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

The feud started when Randy Orton was a guest on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel on RAW and then Jericho decided to disrespect Randy Orton. Jericho stated that Orton was given numerous opportunities to become successful and everything was handed to him.

This caused Orton to snap and he brutally assaulted Jericho a few weeks after. In the medical room after his steel cage match against Bray Wyatt on RAW, that’s where in the match Jericho received a knee injury. This match could steal the show because they’re both fantastic wrestlers and they have excellent chemistry with each other. There is no reason for Randy Orton to win the match instead Jericho will win. This will cause Orton to snap and he will brutally assault Jericho and wrestling fans will see the return of the punt kick which will sideline Jericho for a couple of months.

Rusev vs. Mark Henry

I am really looking forward to Mark Henry against Rusev because WWE has really booked this storyline brilliantly. This will not be a match it will be a battle between two giants fighting for country supremacy. Mark Henry got involved with Rusev once he defeated Jack Swagger and he kept on bashing the USA.

Therefore Henry couldn’t take it anymore and he stood up to Rusev once and for all. However Rusev has all the momentum going for him because he is coming off a victory to Jack Swagger at SummerSlam in a flag on a pole match. In addition since Rusev’s debut he is undefeated he has not been pinned or submitted so Mark Henry will have to overcome the impossible. I envision Rusev to continue his winning ways and defeat Mark Henry via a disqualification.

WWE Tag Team titles

Goldust and Stardust vs. The Usos

I haven’t been this invested in a tag team feud since the Usos and the Wyatt’s Goldust and Stardust against The Usos which will be one hell of a match. Ever since Stardust and Goldust became the number one contenders for the Tag Team titles they have become different individuals with more aggression.

Leading up to this PPV for numerous weeks on RAW and SmackDown each member of their respected teams was involved in singles match. They split the wins in the matches however who knows the health of Jey Uso injured knee. My verdict I say come this Sunday there will be new Tag Team Champions it’s time for a change.

WWE Heavyweight Championship

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar

One of the most anticipated rematches in history will take place this Sunday where the new WWE Heavyweight World Champion Brock Lesnar, will defend his title against John Cena. Now the first contest wasn’t really a match because it was complete domination by Brock Lesnar who absolutely annihilated Cena with 16 German Suplexs and three F5.

Now I expect this to be an all-out war once again and I have to show respect to the best manager of all time Paul Heyman. He always finds ways to make his clients matches intriguing and at NOC PPV is no different. Every week Paul Heyman and Cena have had fantastic segments on the mic and at the same hardly using Lesnar on TV. This match will be closer than the first encounter was and John Cena will take Brock Lesnar to the limit but it won’t be enough once again Lesnar will retain his title. However we will see a different side of John Cena he will officially snapped into a monster and he tease a turn.

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SmackDown Review 19/9/14


Courtesy of WWE

I thought that SmackDown once again was a big disappointment this week being the last show leading up to the Night of Champions PPV this Sunday. I will try to provide my three count for SmackDown because it was very boring in addition to providing the results as well.

1) Ziggler stole the show

Once again I thought Dolph Ziggler stole the show along with Sheamus in a tag team match which I thought was the best match of the night. Ziggler and Sheamus picked up a huge win and momentum going into this Sunday PPV. That was amazing finishing sequence with a super kick followed by a Brogue kick to the Miz.

2) WWE should be reserving a match

Now WWE has booked Rusev very strong ever since his debut and he has not lost by pin fall or submission yet. In addition to quite a transformation from a Bulgarian to a Russian along with an excellent and a beautiful mic piece in the Ravishing Russian Lana. However I do not understand why the WWE has showcased a future big fight feel PPV match, twice on TV and on SmackDown which was Rusev against Roman Reigns. Regardless of what people’s thoughts on Rusev are WWE could have benefited massively in the future, with a Roman Reigns and Rusev match in my opinion.

3) Divas Triangle

Even though it was a typical divas match between Paige and Nikki Bella Paige made quick work of Nikki with the Paigeturner for the three count, AJ was incredible on commentary once again. After the match Paige Nikki and AJ had a segment with each other Paige and AJ had a fight over the Divas title. However Nikki made her presence known when she stole the belt from both of them and she knocked out Paige and AJ to create a statement going into this Sunday NOC PPV.

SmackDown Results

Jimmy USO defeated Stardust via a superkick

Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus defeated The Miz and Cesaro via a superick and a Brogue Kick to The Miz

Adam Rose defeated Heath Slater via the Party foul

Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan defeated Big Show and Los Matadores via Sister Abigail

Paige defeated Nikki Bella via the Paigeturner

Bo Dallas defeated Jack Swagger via a Bo-Dog

Rusev defeated Reigns via DQ

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The Absence Of Dean Ambrose Is Hurting The WWE


Over the past month the WWE has struggled with their creativity and storylines. I believe a vital factor to why they are struggling is due to the absence of Dean Ambrose. While Dean Ambrose was the US Champion I thought he was extremely boring. Due to the fact that Ambrose had one of the longest reigns as a US Champion in history which was 351 days but he hardly defended the title.

Now every member of the Shield was very entertaining but they broke out of their shell when Rollins backstabbed, Ambrose and Reigns a couple of months ago to join The Authority. The WWE stuck gold when they created a rivalry between Ambrose and Rollins.

Now I understand why Ambrose has to be sent off TV to help sell Rollins dangerous Curbstop onto cement bricks. I like the fact how Seth Rollins has sold his attack on Ambrose, with a eulogy in his name to help sell the fact that Ambrose is dead and he will never come back from Rollins brutally attack.

I will be very intriguing to witness where this feud will go from here. Currently WWE is in the transitional period having Rollins and Reigns feuding with each other. I am actually looking to this match this Sunday at the NOC PPV, I envision Ambrose returning maybe at Survivor Series or at the Royal Rumble at the latest.  Not having Ambrose also hurts because losing the excitement of having Rollins try to cash in his MITB briefcase and the chase of Ambrose trying to stop him.

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