Randy Orton Is The MVP Of The WWE


2014 has been a very compelling year for the WWE and all the fans arguably Brock Lesnar had a very impressive year. Lesnar ended the most important streak in the wrestling industry by defeating the Undertaker undefeated streak at 21 at Wrestlemania XXX. In addition to becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight champion in impressive fashion when Lesnar absolutely destroyed Cena at SummerSlam.

Somebody that has being flying under the radar for a good portion of the year but deservers way more credit than he is receiving is The Viper Randy Orton. Randy Orton was the MITB winner and he decided to cash in his briefcase on Daniel Bryan after he retained his title against Cena at SummerSlam 2013. Orton got an assist from HHH he connected with a Pedigree on Bryan and he capitalized and became the new WWE champion at the time.

The following night on RAW HHH and Stephanie McMahon endorsed Orton as the new face of the company they would formed a faction called The Authority. Orton managed to fight off all challengers up until WrestleMania XXX where he lost his World Heavyweight title, to Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match against Batista.

Ever since that point he has been obsessed with getting another title shot, but he has yet to receive another title shot. However Orton continues to stays relevant without the belt that shows the fans his true value to the company. Orton, HHH and Batista shocked the wrestling industry when they decided to reform Evolution. Their plans didn’t go according to plan when they came short against the Shield, in two matches at Extreme Rules and Payback. There was some tension between the members of Evolution this caused Batista to quit from the company. Other feuds that Orton has been involved since that point have been very entertaining feuds with Roman Reigns and a brief one with Chris Jericho.

His current feud is with Seth Rollins the seeds were planted during the last RAW before the HelI In A Cell PPV The Authority, defeated John Cena and Dean Ambrose in a three on two handicap match. After the match Seth Rollins sent a message to Orton by connecting with a vicious Curbstomp. Orton snapped on the RAW after the HIAC PPV where he lost to Cena, and lost his opportunity to become the new number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight title. Orton got in a heated confrontation which he ended up giving an RKO to Rollins and then left the ring I expect Orton to turn face and leave the Authority.

Randy Orton has always delivered quality matches throughout his career I cannot remember one bad match. Orton excels with the little things his facial expressions and his movements. As of late Orton has been connecting with unique crazy RKO’s out of nowhere. This has caused fans to go viral with creative RKO’s out of nowhere and posted them on Vine and YouTube and he is now globally over.

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RAW Review 27/10/14

Courtesy of WWE

The aftermath of the Hell in a Cell PPV turned out to be a fantastic RAW with many surprises and quality matches all throughout the night. I will provide my three count of what I thought were the most significant highlights as well as the results.

1) Beginning of Feuds

After the HIAC PPV the seeds were planted for certain feuds there were additional segments on RAW to carry on the feuds moving forward. The opening segment was brilliant because Orton snapped at the Authority and Rollins because he was pissed that he lost to Cena at the HIAC PPV. Therefore he was not crowned the new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Orton took out his aggression on Seth Rollins with an RKO out of nowhere. Dean Ambrose was scheduled to have a match against Cesaro but that did not happen. Due to the fact that Ambrose called out Bray Wyatt and he snapped and brutally attacked Cesaro with the mic. Bray Wyatt appeared on the titan tron and he said he wanted to dismantle Ambrose; I cannot wait for their promos back and forth because they will be unbelievable.

2) Surprises

Mark Henry tried to lighten up Big Show mood after suffering a tough loss after Rusev made him tap out via the Accolade at the HIAC PPV. Henry did this by getting a Tag Team title match against Goldust and Stardust. However Henry had different plans he ended up turning on Big Show giving him a World Strongest Slam which led to Stardust and Goldust retaining their titles. Henry was not finished he gave Big Show two additional World Strongest Slams.

In addition to Bo Dallas he issued an open challenge to anybody in the back and Ryback made his surprise return. I was shocked how over Ryback really was with the crowd but that’s what being away for a couple of months does. Ryback made quick work of Bo Dallas, with the Shell Shock his return couldn’t come at a better time because WWE has very few faces currently on the roster.

3) Main Event

The main event was Rollins against John Cena it was a fantastic action pack match. I have to give credit to Cena for recently putting on great matches and finally learning how to sell properly for the first time in his career. John Cena picked up the win via a DQ, because the Authority came out and brutally assaulted him then Dolph Ziggler came out to the ring to make the save.

All of sudden the entire locker came out to the ring to fight off the Authority and all hell broke loose. There was a great build up leading to Survivor Series which started yesterday, it was announced that it will be Team Authority against Team Cena in a traditional Survivor Series tag match.

RAW Results

WWE Tag Team Champions Gold & Stardust defeated Big Show & Mark Henry

AJ Lee defeated Alicia Fox via a roll up pin

The Usos defeated The Miz & Damien Mizdow

Nikki Bella defeated Naomi via a Rack attack

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kane via a sunset flip pin

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Hell In A Cell PPV Preview



Tomorrow the Hell In A Cell PPV will take place and it’s hilarious because it seems like this PPV was put together very rushed under a month. There was absolutely very little build up until the last RAW leading up until the PPV. It was crazy because this PPV seemed dead with no buzz and RAW changed all that and I am actually looking forward to it. I will provide you with my overall thoughts as well as breaking down every match on the card and giving my predictions.

The HIAC PPV will kick off with an intriguing segment of Miz TV with Damien Mizdow as his special guest. You know this will be hilarious and Mizdow will be the main reason.

Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro look to take their feud to another level this Sunday in a two out of three falls match that will surely steal the show. This feud started completely randomly when Cesaro dominated Ziggler on RAW and got the win. Then on SmackDown Ziggler was able to get his revenge back on Cesaro with a win via the Zig Zag. This is really a tossup it can go either way I could see Ziggler retain, but my heart says Cesaro will be crowned the new Intercontinental Champion. If WWE doesn’t make him the champion it doesn’t make any sense, because they are constantly pushing and burying him at the same time.

Nikki Bella will take on her sister one on one this will be the first time that they will face each other since Nikki turned on her sister. Leading up to this match Nikki has put Brie Bella in numerous handicap matches with certain stipulations, such as having her hands tied behind her back in order to prevent her from winning.

Regardless of the outcomes that were put in front of Brie she always found ways to overcome the obstacles and get victories. Nikki got Stephanie McMahon approval to have a match this Sunday but the stakes were taking to another level. The winner of the match will be the other’s personal assistant for a month Nikki Bella will find a way to cheat and get the win.

The Usos will look to earn back their tag team titles which they lost last month at the NOC PPV to Goldust and Stardust. Leading up to this match they were involved in numerous six man tag matches on RAW and SmackDown. This match will be amazing as expected and it is way too soon to have Goldust and Stardust lose their titles I expect them to have a long title run.

Sheamus will take on The Miz for the US title and he earned the title shot in the most unique way possible. Damien Mizdow The Miz decoy, picked up a massive victory over Sheamus in a six man tag match. This will be a good match but neither will be the star of the match because it will be Mizdow with his expressions and movements he will be the star. Sheamus will find a way to retain his US title even with inference from Mizdow.

AJ Lee looks to continue her dominance as Divas champion over her long time frenemy Paige. Paige has become obsessed with winning the Divas title and she looks to do it again this Sunday for an impressive three times already. Paige has the right to be angry because at last month NOC PPV it was a triple threat match and not a one on one match. Leading up to this PPV AJ was involved in a series of matches with Alicia Fox on RAW and SmackDown. My verdict is that AJ will retain her title via the Black widow but I would not be surprised if Paige found a way to win via interference from Alicia Fox.

I am looking forward to the Big Show vs. Rusev match because WWE has built this feud slowly but very effective. This feud started when Big Show promised his long time friend Mark Henry that he will defeat Rusev this Sunday. It’s very interesting because the Big Show was the only person to knock out Rusev with the KO punch. Big Show was involved in controversy after one of Rusev matches he threw down the Russia flag which lead to a public apology from him.

This past week on RAW the Big Show played a prank on Rusev by replacing the Russia flag with the American flag instead. As a result it was no laughing matter because Rusev tried to give the Big Show a taste of his own medicine with the American Flag. However an American soldier came into the ring to prevent Rusev from doing so and he got a super kick for his troubles instead. I envision Mark Henry interfering and turning on the Big Show and helping Rusev to get the victory.

There are two are Hell In A Cell matches involving John Cena against Randy Orton and Seth Rollins against the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose. Now Randy Orton and John Cena have a long history together. They have established themselves as future HOF’s Orton is a twelve time World Champion and John Cena is a fifteen time World Champion. Even though the fans have seen them wrestle thousands of times, regardless it will be an incredible match. There is no way in hell Randy Orton loses this match because we have already seen Cena against Brock Lesnar too many times before. Therefore Orton will be crowned the new one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight title. I can guarantee that Orton will have an unbelievable RKO spot from the Hell In A Cell.

Now I am looking forward to this match the most between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose because of their long heated rivalry. Dean Ambrose will seek revenge after Rollins back stabbed Ambrose and Reigns to join the Authority. In addition to putting Ambrose on the self with a vicious Curbstomp on cement blocks. I envision this match to be very entertaining as expected and I have a feeling Dean Ambrose will have a couple crazy spots. Seth Rollins will be victorious either by a couple different scenarios thanks to Kane. Kane will come down to the ring and rip the door off like he did back in 97 or he will pull Rollins through the ring and help him escape the cell.

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SmackDown Review 24/10/14


Courtesy of WWE

Just when the WWE had a fantastic RAW in my opinion they followed that up with another disappointing SmackDown, leading up to Hell In A Cell PPV this Sunday. I will provide my overall thoughts and my three count along with the results.

1) Ambrose and Rollins were the vocal points

All throughout the night they were the main focus for good reasons because their encounter this Sunday is probably one of the anticipated matches of the year. Dean Ambrose started off SmackDown by calling out Rollins and he stated what he will do to Rollins in addition he will take him to hell this Sunday. Then Rollins closed out SmackDown and in the ring he had two tables with him with weapons on top of the tables. Rollins stated that even though he has never been in a Hell In a Cell match before he is a student of the game, he has learned that there are no rules in those matches. Then Ambrose brutally assaulted Rollins from behind followed by making quick work out of Rollins security. Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble went through tables via a top rope elbow to each courtesy of Ambrose.

2) Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler always deliver

Yesterday it was another installment in what seems to be a series of quality matches between the two which is no surprise. When they are in the ring together it just natural and they feed off their amazing chemistry. Ziggler was victorious via the Zig Zag and I can’t wait for their two out of three falls match this Sunday because it will probably be the best match that nobody is really talking about.

3) Effective build up to the Big Show against Rusev

I must say that WWE has done a phenomenal job at promoting this match very slowly but it has been very entertaining. This week the Big Show was an exclusive guest on Michael Cole show for an interview and it was incredible. Due to the fact it showed his passion for America and American soldiers in addition to his intensity moving forward towards his match this Sunday.

SmackDown results

The Miz & Damien Mizdow defeated via a Figure Four Los Matadores

AJ Lee defeated Alicia Fox via a roll up pin

Nikki Bella, Summer Rae & Cameron defeated Brie Bella, Natalya & Naomi via the Rack Attack to Brie Bella

Bo Dallas, Gold & Stardust def. Mark Henry & The Usos Bo Dallas defeated via a Bo Dog

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RAW Review 20/10/14

Courtesy of WWE

It was the last RAW before the Hell In A Cell PPV now due to the past of lackluster episodes my expectations were set extremely low, but I was surprisingly entertained. I normally do my three count of what I enjoyed the most but this week was different. There were many aspects that were significant in which took place on RAW therefore I will provide a brief run down.

RAW opened with a segment with the Authority and HHH provided two announcements the first one was that the winner of Randy Orton and John Cena this Sunday at the HIAC PPV would receive a title shot in the future against Brock Lesnar. In the main event of RAW it was a three on two Handicap street fight the Authority Kane Rollins and Orton against John Cena and Dean Ambrose.

The opening contest was the same as last week with a minor change it was a six man tag match Sheamus and the Usos against Damien Mizdow Stardust and Goldust. Once again it delivered it was a great match everybody performed their traditional spots and there was a great paced throughout the match. However Damien Mizdow pulled a massive upset victory over Sheamus and The Miz was on commentary and his expressions were priceless once Mizdow was victorious.

AJ and Paige rivalry heated up once again this time her new best friend Alicia Fox took on AJ it was a good match. While Paige was on commentary she got the last laugh when she distracted AJ and Alicia Fox capitalized and picked up the victory. It was announced that AJ will defend her Divas title against Paige at the HIAC PPV.

Randy Orton came out to cut a promo building up to his encounter this Sunday against John Cena. Orton stated how time flies so fast back in 2002 both Orton and Cena made their debut in the WWE. Orton kept on ripping the Royals because he stated they would lose in the World Series to the Giants in order to get heat.

Cena came out to confront Orton this was a boring segment until Heyman came out and stated it does not matter who wins because they won’t have a chance against Lesnar. Heyman stated that back in 2002 Lesnar was the champion currently he is the WWE Heavyweight Champion. The legend of Randy Orton continues he RKO both Cena and Heyman.

Rusev had a tune up match against Big E Langston to my surprise, it was a decent match and he made quick work out of Langston he tapped out to the Accolade. After the match Lana and Rusev were disrespecting America as they usually do and behind Rusev was the American flag. Rusev tried to pull down the American flag but a military guard came in and Rusev brutally assaulted him with a super kick.

There was another Diva match Brie Bella defeated Summer Rae via the face breaker. Brie Bella has continued to build momentum heading into this Sunday PPV she will finally get her hands on her sister Nikki Bella.

There was an amazing segment that took place with the lunatic fridge Dean Ambrose he brought out a dummy that resembled Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose went psycho and illustrated come this Sunday Seth Rollins is a dead man. Ambrose took a saw and started cutting off the dummy body parts. Then Rollins made his way to the ring the two had a confrontation. All of a sudden the hardcore legend Mick Foley made his presence known and he stated the after effects of the Hell In A Cell match. I thought that involving Foley was a brilliant idea to build up the storyline.

Dolph Ziggler took on Cesaro in another fantastic match which was no surprise. Cesaro made quite statement when he dominated Ziggler all the throughout the match, he defeated Ziggler with the European Uppercut for the three count. After the match Cesaro laid out Ziggler with the Neutralizer which sent a message to him. I expect there to be a match announced between the two for the Intercontinental title at the PPV.

In the main event it was the Authority against Dean Ambrose and John Cena in a three on two handicap street fight. It wasn’t really much of a match and more of a beat down on Ambrose and Cena. As expected there was a spot with a Hell In A Cell coming down during the match. Orton gave an RKO to Ambrose for the three count, Seth Rollins shocked the world when he delivered a Curbstomp to Orton after the match. Therefore a seed was planted for a Orton and Rollins feud in the future which I cannot wait for because it will be amazing on so many levels. The last image that fans saw on RAW was Seth Rollins stood on top of the Hell In A Cell.

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SmackDown Review 17/10/14

Courtesy of  WWE

Besides two matches this week SmackDown was absolutely horrible but there were a couple of aspects which I thought were compelling, I will provide my three count and the results as well.

1) Seth Rollins and Dolph Zigger stole the show

SmackDown opened up with a fantastic promo by Seth Rollins talking about selling out and he indicated that you don’t get anywhere in life if you don’t sell out. Rollins said that everybody that was booing him would all sell out too if they had the opportunity. All of a sudden Dolph Ziggler came out and confronted Rollins and stated that sure you get everything easier but you don’t get self respect. This turned into an incredible match which is no surprise, I could watch them wrestle every week on RAW & SmackDown and I would never get bored.

2) 6 man tag match

This past week it featured six quality workers for the last couple of months they have been arguably been putting on the best matches. Sheamus and the USO defeated The Miz Stardust and Goldust. It was a great action pack match all the participants connected with their traditional spots. Sheamus delivered the Brogue Kick to Goldust which was far from a Hollywood ending for the three count. However the real star of the match was Damien Mizdow and he wasn’t even involved but he was fantastic with his expressions and movements copying the Miz.

3) Lack of creativity

It seems like every time the Authority has a match with Dean Ambrose it ends up in a DQ and this past week was no different. Dean Ambrose got the win over Kane via a DQ WWE needs to change things. WWE needs to find different outcomes for Ambrose matches, instead of all these DQ finishes because it is getting boring.

SmackDown Results

AJ Lee defeated Layla via Black widow

Sheamus & The Usos defeated Gold & Stardust & The Miz  via a Brogue kick to Goldust

Nikki Bella defeated Naomi via the Nikki rack

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RAW Review 13/10/14


Courtesy of WWE

For a change I thought RAW this week was a solid episode and it finally delivered there were a lot of quality segments and matches that made RAW very entertaining. I will provide my three count of what I thought were the most significant highlights of RAW.

1) Orton/Ziggler stole the show

Orton and Ziggler put on another classic match which is no surprise because both always deliver in the ring. I just wish Randy Orton got more credit from the fans because he has never been boring in my opinion, and Orton has never had a bad match since his debut in the WWE.

As of late Orton has been having some of his best matches and he is not even in the title picture that’s why he is so valuable to the company. Not to mention all of a sudden Orton always connects with super RKO’s out of nowhere which always makes the fans go absolutely crazy. Orton picked up a very impressive victory after he connected with a super RKO on Ziggler out of nowhere for the three count.

2) Poor booking  

Now it has been rumoured for a couple of weeks it would be Dean Ambrose taking on John Cena and the winner would face Seth Rollins in a Hell in a cell match at the HIAC PPV. The loser on the other hand would face Orton in a Hell in a cell match, therefore HHH decided to shake things up on RAW and it was Ambrose against Cena in a contract on a pole match in the main event.

It was an entertaining match but the Authority obviously got involved and screwed John Cena to allow Ambrose to retrieve the contract. Therefore at the HIAC PPV it will be Ambrose locked up in a cage and he will finally get his opportunity to get revenge on Rollins. John Cena will take on Randy Orton for the 1000th time which is extremely boring to fans because they have seen that match so many times before. It’s mind blowing to me how the WWE Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is not even involved at all.

3) Rusev and Big Show encounter

To my surprise I had zero expectations because usually I am always disappointed with Rusev matches but it was a solid match between both men. However on the other hand Big Show looked out of shape. Mark Henry made his way down to the ring to attack Rusev because Big Show was about to tap out to the Accolade. I envision in the future Henry turning heel and creating a feud with the Big Show.

RAW Results

John Cena & Dean Ambrose defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Gold & Stardust & The Usos

Divas Champion AJ Lee & Layla defeated Paige & Alicia Fox via the Shining Wizard on Fox

Seth Rollins defeated Jack Swagger via Curbstomp

The Miz defeated U.S. Champion Sheamus via count out

Brie Bella, Natalya & Naomi defeated Nikki Bella, Summer Rae & Cameron Brie Bella hit the Face buster and pinned Nikki

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