SmackDown Review 28/11/14

I thought that the first SmackDown after Survivor Series was decent nothing special to be quite honest, there were very few matches but there was quality storylines moving forward. As I always do I will provide my three count as far as the most significant highlights of the show.

1) Ryback/Rollins match

I don’t care what people are saying about Ryback he is actually improving in the ring ever since his injury all of his matches have been entertaining in my opinion. This week was no different in a great match against Seth Rollins which is no surprise because Rollins is an incredible in ring worker. I was very impressed that Ryback could keep up with Rollins he gave him quite a test. However it was short lived when Kane interfered, brutally assaulted him with a steel chair and delivered a Choke Slam on the chair to Ryback.

2) Building up feuds

There was significant tension between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose therefore Wyatt came out and cut a promo for their TLC match at the TLC PPV. Then Bryan made it official it will be Ryback against Kane in a chairs match. To be honest I don’t understand how Kane can help elevate Ryback career even though Kane is a quality worker.

3) Kane is hilarious

Kane does not get enough credit in my opinion on RAW he was working in concessions and on SmackDown he was selling merchandise and he scared off Santino. Even though it’s not a vocal point of the show it just goes to show you his overall versatile he can be serious and hilarious the other moment.

SmackDown Results

Rusev retained his US title in a 20 men battle royal
Nikki Bella defeated Emma via the Rack Attack
Dolph Ziggler defeated Luke Harper via Count out but retained his intercontinental title                          Like us on Facebook
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RAW Review 24/11/14


The aftermath of Survivor Series was also the beginning of the shift in control of RAW. The Authority lost on Sunday therefore the current landscape forever. There was a shift in power and there were some very intriguing aspects moving forward in the future. Like I always do I will provide my three count of what was the most significant highlights of the show.

1) A Change in power

Due to Team Cena being victorious at Survivor Series over Team Authority they were finished and had no more power. Therefore somebody would have to take over and to the surprise of many Daniel Bryan made his return because John Cena named him GM for the night and he decided to make the Authority life a living hell. Bryan made sure that the Authority came out and he embarrassed them making Kane work at concessions, putting Henry and Harper in a match and Rollins in a handicap match. In addition Bryan gave Rusev a taste of his own medicine for the first time to be patriotic about the USA, which is a change because he has always bashed America.

2) New Feud

WWE teased a possible new feud that could happen moving forward in the future. Big Show came out and cut another pathetic promo about being forgiven for actions at Survivor Series knocking out Cena with the KO punch and getting him eliminated. Show issued an open challenge to anybody in the back and Erick Rowan came out to the surprise of many. Rowan stated he does not like bullies and a fight broke out between the two, I believe this feud could really elevate his overall status as a legit presence on the roster. With Kane and Big Show getting up their in age, Rowan can be the next big monster.

3) Previewing a TLC match

Dean Ambrose took on Luke Harper for the Intercontinental Championship, it was a quality action packed match as expected. Dean Ambrose was clearly in control the majority of the match but Harper was a genius and he pushed Dean Ambrose into the referee which caused him to be DQ but Harper retained his IC title. After the match Ambrose snapped once again and he went to the outside to grab a ladder tables and chairs. However Bray Wyatt blindsided him with a brutal assault and delivered Sister Abigail to gain revenge from last night at Survivor Series. It was also announced that at the TLC PPV next they will have a rematch in a TLC match.

RAW Results

Ryback defeated Mark Henry via the Meat Hook Clothesline

Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper by Disqualification Intercontinental Championship rematch

The Miz & Damien Mizdow defeated Gold &

Stardust WWE Tag Team Championship rematch via a Skull-Crushing Finale

Fandango defeated Justin Gabriel via a top rope leg drop

Brie Bella defeated AJ via a roll up pin

Tyson Kidd & Natalya defeated Adam Rose & The Bunny via a roll up pin

John Cena & Dolph Ziggler defeated Seth Rollins & Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury via an AA

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Survivor Series PPV Review


Yesterday the landscape of the WWE changed forever with Survivor Series it was a night that will always be remembered for years to come by all wrestling fans. In the preshow there were two quick matches that took place, Fandango debuted his new gimmick as a salsa dancer with his manager Rosa Mendes. He took on Justin Gabriel Fandango was victorious over Gabriel in a decent match via a top rope leg drop for the three count. Then there was a random confrontation with Cesaro and Jack Swagger which led to match. Once again Jack Swagger made quick work out of Cesaro and made him tap out via the Patriot Lock.

The show started with the boss himself Vince McMahon came out and had a segment with the Authority. Vince stated if they were to lose they would lose their entire control over any decisions or have any influence over any wrestler’s career. The only person with any power to bring back the Authority is John Cena which made things very intriguing.

The first match of the night was the fatal four-way tag team match for the Tag team titles I thought this was a brilliant idea on behalf of the WWE in order to grab attention of the three subscribers for the month of November on the WWE Network. I thought that this match delivered on all levels I was entertained throughout the whole match. Goldust and Stardust controlled the majority of the match. I got to give props to Stardust for his new makeup which I thought it looked incredible.

I was very surprised with the Los Matadors and their abilities in this match, The Miz and Mizdow were very entertaining as always. It was hilarious every time the Miz was it the ring he was getting booed at the St. Louis fans were chanting we want Mizdow and every time he came in the ring crowd popped like crazy.

Towards the end of the match there was a crazy sequence of unbelievable spots from every team and their members they performed suicide dives and Moonsault flips on all the members on the outside of the ring. The finish had Jimmy hit a Samoan drop before Torito dived on everyone on the floor, then Fernando went up to the top rope but Goldust stopped him on the ropes and started to climb up. Stardust goes to throw Diego, but he springboards up and they hit a Suplex/Powerbomb spot before Mizdow tagged in and got the pinfall and him along with the Miz became the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

After the match the whole crowd erupted and it just goes to show you how over Damien Mizdow is every time he raised his hands he would get cheered. On the other hand every time The Miz did that with a title belts he got booed.

Now backstage there was a segment which involved the Bunny and Adam Rose and Slater Gator then Rose challenged them to a tag team match.

The next contest was the Divas elimination tag team match to crown the new number one contender for the Divas title and to my surprise this felt extremely longer than expected for this type of match. It surprisingly took a long time for the first elimination of the match Naomi scored, the first elimination on Cameron with a bridging pin. Then Layla got back into the ring then Alicia hit a back breaker for the next elimination. Emma made Summer Rae tap out via the Emma Lock and then it became a four on one match against Paige was getting beat up by every member of team Natalya. Then Naomi hit a head scissors move on Paige for the three count and team Natalya picked up the win.

One of the most anticipated and intriguing matches that I was looking forward Dean Ambrose took on Bray Wyatt and it was exactly what I expected. It was an all-out brawl and Ambrose snapped and hit Bray Wyatt with a steel chair followed by the dirty deeds onto the steel chair. Therefore Wyatt picked up the victory via DQ.

However Dean Ambrose was not finished he put Bray Wyatt onto a table and climbed up to the top rope and hit body splash to break the table. All of a sudden he went to the outside he got additional tables and chairs to hit Bray Wyatt with. Then Ambrose climbed up on a ladder and he was laughing at the carnage he left Bray Wyatt in.

Then we have a random and pointless match that should have never taken place on this PPV could have been on RAW or SmackDown instead. The Bunny and Adam Rose defeated Slater Gator via a roll up pin on Slater.

Then to everybody surprise there was an exclusive interview with Roman Reigns on the Titan Tron via a satellite. He stated that he will be back next month but this was the worst promo or segment of his career so far in my opinion.

The divas match was next for the Divas title Nikki Bella took on AJ but Nikki had a plan up her sleeve. The bell rang but Brie stayed on the apron with the Divas Championship, AJ tried to pull the title away from her. Brie instead pulls her in and kissed her, that was a set up then Nikki hit a clothesline and the Rack Attack for the victory. All of a sudden Brie ends up smiling and raised Nikki’s arm, and then Nikki celebrates with the title. It got me thinking could this be a heel turn in the future for Brie Bella.

Then it was the main event this result of this match would change the WWE forever. The match started with HHH motivating Mark Henry but all of sudden Big Show hit Henry with the KO punch and Henry was officially eliminated. I have to give credit to the WWE they came up with a creative way to eliminate Rusev without being pinned or submitted.

Rusev went outside and took apart the commentary table, and then he dragged Dolph onto one and he climbed onto the other commentary table. Rusev ran and tried to hit a body splash but Dolph rolled out of the way, and Rusev crashed through the commentary table and the referee counted him out. Then Ziggler fought off Kane and connect with a super kick followed by Zig Zag for the next elimination. Harper was beating up Ziggler but Ziggler surprised him with school boy roll up pin. All of sudden it was one on one contest with Ziggler against Rollins which was incredible.

Multiple times during the match Ziggler got near falls on Rollins but HHH made sure to interrupt the pin counts. However HHH hit the Pedigree and called out for a referee and all you hear is a crow and the lights go off and then its Sting made his WWE debut. Sting made his way to the ring and I was marking out so hard and then Sting had a stare down with HHH and then gave him a Scorpion Death Drop.

Then he put Ziggler arm over Rollins and the referee made the three count and team Cena won and Dolph Ziggler was the sole survivor. I have to say this was one of the best Survivor Series matches I have seen in my life. It was very compelling for forty plus minutes which is extremely difficult to do in the society we live in. This match and Sting saved this PPV in my opinion because it was very lackluster overall I would give it a 7/10.

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Survivor Series PPV Preview


The Survivor Series PPV is almost upon us and it’s traditionally a very significant PPV because it’s one of the big four PPVs. However this year has a different feel to it because WWE has put so much emphasis on the main event and nothing else it feels irrelevant because there is a huge drop off for the whole card.

Divas Championship

Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee

AJ will look to defend her Divas title against Nikki Bella this will be a hard challenge for AJ don’t underestimate Nikki Bella. Nikki earned her title shot in a Halloween battle royal on SmackDown. Nikki has proven she will take any measure to get under AJ skin using her sister to achieve to that. I predict that AJ will retain her title and overcome all the obstacles in front of her but Brie Bella will be involved in the match.

Divas Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

So apparently there is a divas elimination tag match in order to crown a new one contender for the Divas title. These are the participants in the match Emma, Naomi, Alicia Fox, Natalya, Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae and Layla. My verdict is that it will be between Paige and Natalya but Paige will find a way to win due to her obsession with the Divas title.

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

One of the most intriguing feuds currently in the WWE started back at the HIAC PPV last month. Dean Ambrose will take on the eater of the worlds and the master manipulator himself Bray Wyatt. I think what makes this feud so compelling is because the two have been going back and forth, with their incredible promos and have not had a match one on one with each other yet. Both have to be applauded on their promo work because nobody on the current roster can really get on their level as far as talking on the mic in my opinion.

Leading up this PPV Bray Wyatt has offered his assistance to help heel Ambrose but he refused help and he just wants to beat up Bray Wyatt. This will be a flat out brawl and Dean Ambrose will get his revenge on Bray after he cost him a match against Seth Rollins last month at the HIAC.

Fatal 4 way  Tag Team Match WWE Tag team titles

It’s a shame because this fatal four way tag team match could be the match of the night besides the main event but nobody is pay attention to this match. It is very unfortunate but in all seriousness I don’t even know why the Los Matadores are involved because they have not done anything to earn a title shot in my opinion.

The Usos will look to retain their tag team titles after the held the titles for a six month run. After Goldust and Stardust were victorious after they defeated the Usos at the NOC PPV. I don’t envision that the Usos will win to capture back their titles once again. My heart wants The Miz and Mizdow to win the titles but I don’t believe it will happen but one thing that is guaranteed they will be entertaining. When it’s all said and done Goldust and Stardust will find a way to retain their titles by cheating.

Team Cena vs Team Authority Traditional Survivor Series  Elimination Tag Team Match 

Now the main event that everybody has been waiting for the traditional Survivor Series match that will change the landscape of the WWE forever. Now setting up the match if team Authority losses they lose all their power within the WWE. HHH heated up the stakes to the match on SmackDown adding if team Cena loses all the members will be fired.

Now team Authority clearly has a significant advantage because of their team Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Luke Harper and Mark Henry against John Cena, Dolph Ziggler Ryback, Big Show and Erick Rowan. I envision the Authority will do whatever it takes to get an advantage over team Cena before the match.

I have a feeling that the Authority will take out the Big Show back stage and the Viper Randy Orton will make his return. He will lead team Cena to victory it will be a four on two advantage for the Authority Randy Orton and Cena will be the last two members of the team. Randy Orton and Rollins will be the last members of each respected teams. Orton will deliver an RKO on Rollins for the three count. Take these stats in for a second Randy Orton has an unbelievable record at Survivor Series he is 5-1 in addition, he has the longest consecutive streak of matches at Survivor Series with eleven matches from 2003-13.

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SmackDown Review 21/11/14

Courtesy of WWE

Yesterday was the last SmackDown heading into Survivor Series PPV this Sunday; I must say it was a solid show because it was very effective at hyping up the PPV. As I always do I will provide my three count of what I thought was the most significant highlights of the show.

1) The Authority stood tall

To begin the show Michael Cole had an exclusive interview with HHH in the ring. This was in order to hype up the main event for this Sunday main event team Authority against team Cena.

Michael Cole stated that all the fans hate him and the Authority HHH said that he appreciates the fans but at the same time, he does not care what they think about him because he always does what’s best for business. HHH said come this Sunday the Authority will be victorious because they assembled the best team possible against Team Cena and they stand no chance against them.

In addition HHH added a stipulation if team Cena loses all of the members will be fired. In the main event it was Ryback and Big Show against Kane and Seth Rollins. It was a set up because Erick Rowan was banned from ring side and both Ryback and Big Show were brutally assaulted by the members of team Authority. Therefore Big Show and Ryback picked up the win via a DQ, team Authority sent a message when they stood tall while the members of team Cena were all layed out.

2) Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose promo work

There was an excellent segment between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt hyping up their Survivor Series match on SmackDown. Dean Ambrose said that he will do anything it takes to win. Then Bray Wyatt appeared on the TitanTron in a jail cell and he told Ambrose does it remind him of somebody his dad and he will leave Ambrose in his own pool of filth like his father did. I thought this promo was amazing because it set a dark tone it what will be an all out brawl this Sunday.

3) Rowan made an impact

Never before have I been impressed with Erick Rowan because I believe he was held back from the Wyatt Family to really showcase his abilities. Rowan had his first match in quite a while against Cesaro. It wasn’t much of a match because it was a quick one Rowan got the victory via submission a Torture rack.

SmackDown results

Rusev defeated Ziggler via a super kick

Los Matadores defeated Miz and Mizdow via a crossbody from Diego to the Miz

AJ defeated Brie Bella via a roll up

Erick Rowan defeated Cesaro via Torture rack

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NXT Has Injected New Life Into The WWE

Courtesy of WWE

Wrestling fans are impossible to satisfy because they always expect more and will always have something to complain about. However there is one aspect they can all agree upon that is HHH and the staff that Triple H has brought in has done a fantastic job with developing all the young talent and NXT has brought new life in the WWE.

NXT international flavor

The thing that is being overlooked the most about NXT and the Performance Center is how crucial and important it has been for the international talent. NXT is an outlet for the international stars to work on the language, work on and develop a character that is different from the stereotypical character of whatever country they are from. Finn Balor doesn’t have to come out there playing off being Irish, dressing in green and dancing like a leprechaun. Hideo Itami doesn’t have to be the ninja character and act like he doesn’t speak English. Look at the current top stars of NXT; Adrian Neville the champion is from England, Sami Zayn the overwhelming fan favorite and top draw is from Montreal. The last NXT special was main evented by 4 international talents. The already mention Zayn and Neville, also Tyler Breeze (Vancouver), Tyson Kidd (Calgary). Half of the NXT Tag Champs are international talent. If it weren’t for NXT and Performance Center, I don’t see how these guys would’ve been able to transition to the WWE style and culture. The scary part is the yet to debut Kevin Owens may be the best down there and he’s from Montreal.

NXT Tag Team Division

Another bright aspect in NXT is how deep their tag team division truly is, which is a testament to how hard the trainers and wrestlers are working down there because even as early as January of this year, NXT Tag division was a 1 team division with the Ascension squashes everyone. On the other hand it’s the weakness on the main roster because the lack of competition in the tag team division. For a couple of months now this division has been extremely boring unfortunately because for the past couple years it was a strong vital point. However don’t worry because help is on the way very soon. The Ascension was one of the longest reigning NXT tag team champions in history, it was reported that the Wyatt Family would bring them in but that is yet to be determined. The hole that the Ascension are going to create, is being filled by teams like Vaudevillans, Team Fit, Enzo and Cass. These teams in NXT have been around each other for years and train with each other every day, but on the main roster except for the Uso’s and Dust Brothers, it seems they just throw 2 people together they don’t have anything else for. Chemistry is huge in tag team wrestling and the teams down in NXT develop that every day which leads to great matches.

NXT Women’s division

I believe that the Divas division is filled all with quality incredible workers that need to be called up to the main roster. On the main roster there is no competition in Divas division besides Paige and AJ. Charlotte is ready for the main roster she is so versatile, with a unique offense that no one else in the division can duplicate because they don’t have the long limbs, competitive gymnastic and cheer leading background. Charlotte always put on quality matches she is the NXT Women’s champion. The most improvement from a wrestler in the division that I seen in NXT is from Sasha Banks who in my opinion has been overlooked for years, in the BFF faction at the time with Summer Rae and Charlotte. She has deserved a spot on the main roster for many reasons Banks has the complete package charisma and a great in ring worker. Notable mentions to Alexa Bliss, Bayley, and Becky Lynch all have a bright future in my opinion.

Second opportunities

Another aspect that is being over looked in NXT is wrestlers who are getting second opportunities and our making the most of it. Sin Cara was so over when he debut but slowly became very stale over time and he has been injury prone throughout his career. NXT has given him a new life because along with Kalisto they become the new NXT Tag Team Champions defeating the longest regaining Tag Team Champions The Ascension at the time. Tyson Kidd has over performed in his career but hasn’t been given much credit. NXT has provided him with the ability to showcase his skills and he did just that with an unbelievable feud with Sami Zayn in the past.


The commentary team has significant improved over the last couple of months. I was not a fan of Alex Riley at first but he has learned to become entertaining. You know what to expect with William Regal he always makes every match have importance and provides quality insight. I have been very surprised with Jason Albert performance on commentary he can be hilarious and informing at the same time. As far as Renee Young she is a natural on commentary during the Women’s matches and it’s only a matter of time until she joins the commentary team on the main roster.

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RAW Review 17/11/14

This was the last RAW before heading into a very compelling PPV this Sunday, Survivor Series. I thought that the WWE did a very effective job at hyping up the PPV. Like I always do I will provide my three count about what I thought was the most significant highlights on the show.

1) Surprises

I thought RAW did a phenomenal job at building up the PPV all throughout the night most of the members were in singles matches, as a preview of what could happen come this Sunday. The Authority completely dominated the members of Team Cena the entire night. Then towards the end of RAW there was a contract signing, the Authority made their presence known. Then John Cena stood alone where he cut a typical promo of his, stating come this Sunday Team Cena will be victorious over Team Authority. Later on we saw Cena members come down to the ring slowly, with two special surprises Erick Rowan and Ryback joined Team Cena. The final image of RAW was Cena delivering an AA to HHH through a table.

2) New Champion crowned

In the opening match of RAW Dolph Ziggler took on the newest member of team Authority Luke Harper for the Intercontinental championship. This was just another way for the Authority to be a constant thorn in the side of Dolph Ziggler. This was a set up by The Authority to brutally assault Ziggler, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and Seth Rollins did just that. Even though Ziggler put a valiant effort in against Luke Harper it was not enough. Harper was just too much he connected with a vicious clothesline for the three count. Luke Harper was crowned the new Intercontinental Champion; Dolph Ziggler held the title for a couple months, making Harper a champion might have been a last minute decision but it’s made a lot of sense. Heading into Survivor Series The Authority have all the power and all the major gold expect the Tag Team and WWE Heavyweight championships.

3) Face turn

Very rarely am I shocked in wrestling and I was this past RAW when Erick Rowan was the surprise and the newest member of Team Cena. It’s very refreshing when you are shocked because everything now in wrestling is so predictable. If WWE is smart and plays their cards right they can make a lot of money with this face turn. Therefore the WWE could sell a lot of goat masks and a potential showdown with Luke Harper down the line. I believe this turn will be very beneficially for Rowan because he has always been listed as the weakest link since he debuted with the company.

RAW Results

Tyson Kidd defeated Adam Rose via Sharpshooter
Ryback defeated Cesaro via Shell Shock
Rusev defeated Heath Slater via the Accolade
Big Show vs. Sheamus ended in a No contest
Brie Bella defeated Nikki Bella via a roll up pin
WWE Tag Team Champions Gold & Stardust, The Miz & Damien Mizdow defeated The Usos & Los Matadores via Dark Matter

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