Turn Roman Reigns Heel


WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Winner Roman Reigns Images


There has been controversy a week long following Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble match, look a lot wrestling fans are outraged that Daniel Bryan didn’t win which is totally understandable. However wrestling fans need to look at the overall picture revolving around the future of the WWE. Did I like the overall result no but clearly WWE wants Reigns to become the future of the WWE. On the other hand I have noticed Roman Reigns have improved significant this week on the mic, because he is not over thinking and he is keeping his promos short and sweet.

I have a couple suggestions to eventually make Roman Reigns, over with the fans and become more relevant than he is right now in my opinion. I believe Roman Reigns needs a fresh new start and come up with new theme music, entrance and attire. Reigns needs to stand out and eliminate all the Shield gimmicks he needs to create his own identity.

Now I am worried heading into the WrestleMania 31 main event that both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns will get similar treatment to WrestleMania 20, back in 2004 when Lesnar and Goldberg got booed out of the building. Therefore it will hurt the overall match because if the fans aren’t invested everything else becomes irrelevant.

Often in wrestling you always have to adapt to change with what the fans want in order to make a feud or a match very memorable. The crowd really hates Reigns because their guy Daniel Bryan came up short in the Royal Rumble match. Therefore WWE needs to turn Roman Reigns heel and make Paul Heyman backstab his former client Brock Lesnar.

By having Heyman turn on Lesnar nobody would see it coming and it would elevate Reigns to a whole new level. In addition it would make Lesnar leaving the WWE feel like not a big deal if he doesn’t resign with the WWE when his contract expires. This will lead to Roman Reigns becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Aligning Reigns with Heyman is absolutely perfect because then Reigns would let Heyman do all the talking.

Another scenario for Reigns would be put the title on him and then have Rollins successful cash in his MITB briefcase after the match. Then turn Rollins face and everything would come full circle and their feud would be unbelievable on so many different levels. Last but not least let’s not be too judgmental and see the build up towards WrestleMania 31 and we can judge after. That’s the problem with the majority of wrestling fans they are too fast to criticize without giving time for a feud to develop.

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SmackDown Review 29/1/15


Courtesy of the WWE

I thought that SmackDown was decent it could have been much better in my opinion. There was more focus on the overall development of storylines than matches this week. I will provide you with my three count of what I thought were the most significant highlights of SmackDown along with the results.

1) Special announcement

I thought HHH did a phenomenal job to try to sweep all the controversy under the rug this week. This included the snowstorm blizzard tragic, in addition to the WWE Network and the Royal Rumble winner. It was extremely smart on his part from a corporate business point of view, to say that the WWE has reached over one million subscribers on the WWE Network. To cover up all the negatively they received from Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble match, and a lot of people cancelling their subscription due to their outrage. HHH dropped a bomb shell on Monday on RAW he will make an announcement, which will change the landscape of the WWE revolving around the Royal Rumble match.

2) Fast Lane PPV build up

HHH made an announcement that he has invited Sting to the new PPV Fast Lane next month, which is a perfect way to build towards a storyline at WrestleMania 31. Another match which was announced for the PPV, Nikki Bella will defend her Divas title against Paige which should be an entertaining match in my opinion. Then towards the middle of the show, John Cena and Rusev had a segment in order to continue to build up to their match at the Fast Lane PPV. Even though their promo was absolutely horrible I am intrigued, to see how this will lead up to their WrestleMania 31 program.

3) Bryan ended the feud with Kane

Finally WWE ended their long and heated feud between Kane and Bryan because we have seen this match over a million times before. I was actually very surprised how entertaining this casket match was I loved the overall finish. Daniel Bryan applied the Yes Lock literally inside the casket and he shoved him in and shut the lid on the casket this led to Bryan being victorious.

Regardless of people’s opinion I still find Kane entertaining because he has the rare ability to constantly evolve over the years. However Kane has lost his ability to scare people without his mask therefore he needs to bring it back immediately but it doesn’t work in his current storyline.

SmackDown Results

Roman Reigns defeated Big Show via a Spear

Tyson Kidd defeated Jey Uso via a Twisting Suplex

The Ascension defeated Goldust and Stardust via The Fall of Man

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NXT 28/1/15

Courtesy of the WWE

NXT this week once again was incredible with NXT TakeOver just two weeks away, it had an excellent build up along with surprises. Therefore it added more significance for this special event taking place on the WWE Network. I will give you my overall thoughts along with results.

The stakes keep risings

Ever since making his debut Kevin Owens has made a significant impact in NXT and he made his intentions known, he wants to become the next NXT Champion. William Regal made it a non title match at first for NXT Takeover on Feb 11 Kevin Owens against Sami Zayn. Owens demanded a title shot and if he wasn’t given it he wouldn’t sign the contract. Therefore both Zayn and Owens ` pressured Regal to change his mind, to make it a NXT title match instead and he did just that. Both Zayn and Owens signed their contract and made it officially. Kevin Owens has done a great job building up this feud, by beating up Zayn any opportunity he gets and doing the little things to get under Zayn skin.

New Tag Team Champions

Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy turned heads when they pulled off a massive upset over The Vaudevillains. Then they immediately challenged the Lucha Dragons for the NXT Tag Team titles. Blake and Murphy decided to try and control the Lucha Dragons aerial attack but it’s impossible because so much of their offence invovles high flying moves. The finishing sequence of the match had Kalisto hit the Salida del Sol on Murphy, at the same time before the move was hit Blake tagged Murphy therefore he was the legal man. Blake captialzed and rolled up Kalisto for the three count, to win the NXT Tag Team Titles in another shocking result for the young team tag team.

NXT Tournament

Adrian Neville took on Tyson Kidd to see who advances in the number one contender NXT tournament. You knew that the two would be motivated because Neville wanted another chance to regain his NXT title, and Tyson Kidd continues to push the fact that he belongs. It was a very compelling match for the majority of the match Neville gained controlled over Kidd. It was a back and forth affair but Neville eventually hit the Red Arrow to advance to the semi finals of the NXT tournament.

What was originally suppose to be a preview for their fatal four way encounter for the Divas title on NXT TakeOver on Feb 11. It was anything but a preview it was a tag team match Charlotte and Bayley took on Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. I thought this match would be an entertaining one; however the bad blood between Charlotte and Bayley was too much. It ruined the match and this was ruled a no contest because the referee lost all control of the four women.

Another match in the NXT tournament was against two former undefeated superstars and bitter rivals Bull Dempsey and Baron Corbin. This was not a match this was an all out war between the two, they traded blows back and forth, and Corbin hit the End of Days to advance in the NXT tournament. Baron Corbin will have his hands full next week when he takes the former NXT champion Adrian Neville.

The following matches will take place next week on NXT:
Finn Bálor vs. Hideo Itami (NXT Championship number one contender’s Tournament Semi-Finals)
Adrian Neville vs. Baron Corbin (NXT Championship number one contender’s Tournament Semi-Finals)
Emma vs. Carmella

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Royal Rumble Review 25/1/15


Courtesy of the WWE

Yesterday the Royal Rumble took place it had high hopes by everybody for good reason because it is one of the last few PPV’s that still matters within the WWE. It started off extremely well but towards the end it was significantly disappointed in my opinion, I will give you my three count of what I like and what I didn’t along with the results.

1) Triple threat match

Shout out to the triple threat match because this match saved the Royal Rumble from being a complete disaster in my opinion. I thought the booking for this match was very simple but yet very effective and at the same time it told a great story and made the WWE World Heavyweight Championship extremely important and relevant. Brock Lesnar was booked as a beast and a complete monster in which he should be it didn’t take long for him to make a serious statement German Suplex’s everybody in the match multiple times and even J and J security as well.

I’m tired of people continuing to bury Lesnar because he is playing on amazing heel and sell moves move very effectively. Regardless of people’s opinions on him not defending the title or his limited appearances whenever he makes an appearance it makes it special and you don’t see that anymore. It reminds me of Hogan back in WCW as champion. The amount of punishment that Lesnar took in this match was unbelievable three AA’s, a Curb Stomp and an elbow off the top rope onto the Spanish announce table from which took Lesnar out for the majority of the match.

The aftermath of that flying elbow apparently gave Lesnar a broken rib. For a good 20 minutes it was a back-and-forth battle between Cena and Rollins but in all honesty to me Cena didn’t even feel like he was in the match. Rollins connected with the Curb Stomp on Cena, then out of nowhere Lesnar made his presence known by giving Rollins and Cena another German Suplex. This was followed by an F5 to both Cena and Rollins, Lesnar got the three count and he retained his WWE World Heavyweight Title and he will headline Wrestlemania 31 in the main event.

2) It lack meaning

I believe that this PPV lack significance in my opinion beside the title match and how the Royal Rumble match was booked. I was entertained with under card because they were all quality matches. However the main problem I have is that when you have such a prestigious PPV, like the Royal Rumble you need to have a strong overall card. If there’s only one match that the fans are looking forward to along with the Royal Rumble match but the WWE goes away from what the fans want and then this causes them to outrage or complain for good reason.

3) Royal Rumble match

Now for years wrestling fans rely on being surprised during the Royal Rumble match because of all the surprise entries that have happened over the years. However fast forward to this year I was extremely disappointed this year because besides two specific entries in the Rumble match it was predictable because it was being speculated they were going to appear and I am talking about Bubba Ray Dudley and DDP.

There were no other surprises that got me invested in the match and the match really picked up when Daniel Bryan was entry number ten and he did not last for long. Entry number fifteen was Rusev and he eliminated Bryan which I thought was completely bullshit, because after Bryan was officially eliminated the crowd went absolutely dead for the match. They only made noise with we want Daniel Bryan chants. I thought what they did to Ziggler was completely uncalled for eliminating him right away with the KO punch for the Big Show. Then The Big Show and Kane threw him out of the ring. The final four were Reigns, Ambrose against Show and Kane which I didn’t mind it because it made sense them always being a thorn in the side of The Authority.

Then Big Show and Kane eliminated Ambrose leaving a handicap match between Roman Reigns taking on Big Show and Kane and eliminating them both over the top rope at the same time. Once Kane and Big Show were eliminated they went back into the ring to brutally assault Reigns but The Rock came back to make the save. He got a ton of boos which was surprising but then again when you support Roman Reigns which the fans clearly hate him that reaction should be expected.

Fans started chanting we want Rusev and you know they hate Reigns when they start chanting for Rusev instead of him. This surprised me because I completely forgot that Rusev was still in the match. Reigns hit the spear on Rusev and finally threw him over the top rope to win the Royal Rumble.

Therefore Roman Reigns is headed to WrestleMania 31 to headline the main event with Brock Lesnar for the World Heavyweight Championship. Being completely honest I enjoyed the show up until the Royal Rumble match itself and how it was booked. I would give this PPV a 6/10 it could have been much better in my opinion.

Royal Rumble Results

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd defeated Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston via a Twisting Suplex

The Ascension defeated the New Age Outlaws they pinned Billy Gunn with the Fall of Man

The Usos defeated The Mix and Mizdow they pinned The Miz via the Samoan Splash

Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble to advance to WrestleMania 31 main event against Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

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Royal Rumble PPV Preview




Tomorrow marks the point where one of the most significant WWE PPV is taking place it’s the Royal Rumble. Therefore I will provide you with my overall thoughts and my predictions about what will happen. In the kick off preshow match it’s a six man tag match the New Day will take on Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Adam Rose. Now I don’t even know why this match is taking place because this feud is very irrelevant.

I like Kofi, Xavier and Big E because their all quality in ring workers, but their overall gimmick to me still doesn’t make any sense and I just continue to tune out during their matches. I want Cesaro, Kidd and Rose to win however I don’t envision them winning because they will continue to get buried in my opinion. I believe that both Cesaro and Kidd need to distance themselves away from Adam Rose because he absolutely sucks.

Then we have a Divas tag team match it’s the Bella’s against Natalya and Paige and once again this is a pointless match. Ever since Nikki Bella won the Divas title from AJ, Brie Bella all of a sudden is back on good terms with Nikki Bella with no explanation for why from the WWE. It was a unique way that Natalya and Paige became friends via Total Divas, in addition Paige looked up to Natalya because of her abilities in the ring. This match had absolutely no built up and instead this should have been a divas title match in my opinion. I envision Natalya and Paige being victorious via a Sharpshooter and PTO submission at the same time.

This Ascension are a new up-and-coming tag team on the main roster after dominating on NXT and possessing the longest title reign in an NXT history for the Tag Team titles. They have been destroying jobbers on the main roster for close to a month now and they are always constantly bashing legendary tag teams like Demolition and the Road Warriors their main mission is to gain heat and gain respect but all they do is put people to sleep. This match was set up on the RAW reunion show when the NWO came out and were cutting a promo about the revolutionary and making a change in the wrestling industry the Accession interrupted them.

Therefore the Ascension challenged by JBL couldn’t take it anymore and made a statement when he brought out his tag team partner Ron Simmons a.k.a. Faarooq and the New Age Outlaws also made their presence known. JBL then landed a Clothesline from Hell and then all the legendary tag teams and factions in the ring beat up the Ascension. Therefore come this Sunday is their opportunity to make their biggest statement so far early in their career in their first PPV match. The Ascension has to win clean and lay a beating on the New Age Outlaws and make a statement out of them.

Now often fans will complain in the WWE because their main events on their PPV are too easy to predict, because you know what will happen for good reason and I agree. However this Sunday is completely different because the triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title can go three different ways. Nobody knows what will happen due to the fact that WWE has teased incredible angles that will leave fans thinking what will happen next.

I must say that the WWE has executed excellent build up for this match and I am really excited to see what will happen. Because the contract signing was amazing they always are amazing and they leave an impact. I have to give respect to Seth Rollins for stepping up his game to a whole new level ever since The Authority was brought back in power he was the main reason why, therefore for that he was awarded with a title shot at the Royal Rumble.

While being involved in this match people thought he was going to be the weakest link in the match. However everything has changed because he actually became one of the biggest heels in the company and WWE has built his character so perfectly in my opinion.

Now it’s very difficult to predict what will happen, because of this match could go all three ways. So I will give you all three different scenarios that could happen. Brock Lesnar will find a way to cheat and retain his title and keep it until WrestleMania and lose it either to Bryan or Reigns. Have Cena win the title but moments after he wins it Rollins capitalizes and cashes in his MITB briefcase to win the title.

However I would love to see Rollins become the new champion, but it’s too obvious because he always teases the fact that he will always do it. I have a feeling that Randy Orton will make an appearance and screw Rollins out of an opportunity to cash in his briefcase. Therefore in that scenario it sets up a very intriguing and entertaining battle at WrestleMania with Rollins and Orton which could potentially steal the show.

Now the most entertaining match in the WWE or in wrestling for that matter because it only happens once a year. It always gets the fans on the edge of their seats for the entire match which is hard to do, in this day and age I am talking about the Royal Rumble match.

Every fan knows the significance of this match, because of the winner gains a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title in the main event of WrestleMania 31. This match often provides fans with the opportunity to mark out as many times as possible because of the surprise returns every year. Since they are in Philadelphia this year you can expect to see a lot of ECW originals like Tommy Dreamer maybe the Dudley Boyz, The Sandman, RVD or Rhino.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sheamus return to action. Now obviously the two favourites for this match are Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. I understand that Daniel Bryan had his Wrestlemania moment already last year. Bryan is already a big star but his title reign was cut short and his career this year was put on hold due to shoulder and neck injuries which required surgery.

I don’t care how over he truly is it makes sense for him to win the Rumble because a match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 has money written all over it. It’s truly has a David versus Goliath feel, this is the perfect way to execute a transition in case the WWE loses Brock Lesnar to the UFC or Bellator. Therefore if Lesnar leaves it makes it not seem like a big deal because the title is in good hands.

On the other hand as far as Roman Reigns is concerned I thought he had a promising future and he still does. However he lacks a very significant characteristic that all champions must have and that’s incredible mic skills. Reigns promo work has been absolutely pathetic but I have seen a slow change in his mic skills over the last couple of weeks.

My only dilemma of having him winning the Royal Rumble is that yes he will become a big star and he will win the title off of Lesnar at WrestleMania 31. I can see a similar situation for Reigns such as Lesnar against Goldberg via WrestleMania 20. That match was arguably one of the most anticipated matches in WWE history. It turned out to be one of the worst matches, because the expectations were so high but the fans were not invested in the match at all.

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SmackDown Review 22/1/15

Courtesy of The WWE

I thought that SmackDown was really entertaining and it was a great final show before this Sunday Royal Rumble PPV, and in my opinion it was greater than RAW this week. I will do what I do best and provide the most significant highlights, of SmackDown in my three count in addition to the results.

1) Royal Rumble build up

I thought that SmackDown started off brilliantly because Daniel Bryan came down to the ring and he expressed his thoughts, about what happened on Monday night RAW. Daniel Bryan mentioned how The Authority tried to make his and John Cena life living hell. He stated how John Cena won the jobs back of Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan with an assist to Sting.

Then Daniel Bryan brought out Rowan, Ryback and Ziggler and they spoke about the time off and how excited they are to be back in the ring. Kane made an announcement that Dolph Ziggler would take on the Bad News Barrett and the winner would advance to the Royal Rumble match. The match itself was amazing as usual and both men put on an incredible performance and Dolph Ziggler picked up the win via the Zig Zag and he countered the Bull Hammer Elbow by Barrett.

Ryback was involved with an encounter against Rusev and I must say I was impressed with the Ryback performance, because Rusev was dominating him the entire match. However Ryback overcame all the odds and he defeated Rusev with another creative finish via a count out. I got to give credit to the WWE for coming up with creative ways to make Rusev lose without being pinned or submitted.

It was an intriguing match between Luke Harper against Erick Rowan, because of their past and being involved in the Wyatt Family when they debuted in the WWE. This was an interesting encounter this really showed off Erick Rowan skills in the ring and unfortunately Rowan lost. Which it doesn’t make sense to me because he was just fired and you have both Ziggler and Ryback advancing to the Royal Rumble match and Rowan is not.

2) Mizdow massive face push

The seeds were planted for a possible massive face turn for Damien Mizdow at the Royal Rumble. There was a segment where Mizdow gave the Miz hot coffee and Damien Mizdow apologized to The Miz for his actions on Monday. The Miz got heated because Mizdow was over with the fans and The Miz told Mizdow is not popular because he is just his stunt double. However the Usos gave him confidence that he could become a star this Sunday, and eliminate The Miz if he had the opportunity in the Royal Rumble match.

3) SmackDown Ending

I loved the ending of SmackDown after Daniel Bryan defeated Kane with running knees to advance to the Royal Rumble match. Then after the match a Royal Rumble preview happened, the entire locker room came down to the ring to fight. I thought this was excellent because it helped to build up the PPV and get people excited for this Sunday.

SmackDown Results

Dolph Ziggler defeated Bad News Barnett via the Zig Zag
Brie Bella defeated Naomi via a face buster
Ryback defeated Rusev via a count out
Luke Harper defeated Eric Rowan via a clothesline
Bryan defeated Kane via Running Knees

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NXT Review 22/1/15


Courtesy of the WWE

Week after week NXT continues to outdo themselves and this week was no different on this episode a tournament was put in place to crown a new number one contender for the NXT title.

Sami Zayn started off the show and he meant business because he brutally assaulted his opponent and he called out Kevin Owens. Then all of a sudden William Regal came out and said to Zayn that he can’t have Owens right away because he hasn’t an earned an opportunity at the NXT title just yet but Zayn did not care therefore Regal made a non-title match for an NXT takeover on February 11 exclusively on the WWE Network.

The first match for NXT tournament to crown a number one contender for the NXT title was the rising superstar Finn Balor, against an extremely talented third-generation superstar and a former Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel. For the most part Axel was very dominant over Balor but once again Balor was victorious, because he moved out of the way when Axel tried to hit the double axe handle off the top ropes. Then Balor connected with the Sling Blade and his vicious top rope double stomp which he calls it the Coup de Grace. Therefore Balor has reserved a spot in the semi finals of the NXT tournament.

Then we had an intriguing women’s match between former BFF members Charlotte and Sasha Banks they have created quite a heated rivalry. What I expected to be an entertaining match it didn’t turn out that way because of Sasha Banks new associate Becky Lynch, interfered as a result Charlotte retained her NXT title.

Bayley made her presence known when she made the save for Charlotte, she took away the belt from Charlotte, then she was pissed her off and caused Charlotte to take back her title. This caused Bayley to officially snap and she hit the Bayley to Belly Suplex to Charlotte. William Regal came out and made his presence known he announced a Fatal Four Way match for the Women’s NXT title it will be Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley and Becky Lynch.

The most shocking result of this week on NXT was when an upcoming tag team of Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy defeated The Vaudevillanis, via a roll up pin fall which was a massive upset. Beaming with confidence Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy challenged the NXT Tag Team Champions the Lucha Dragons next week to a title match.

The final match on NXT was to see who advances in the NXT tournament and it was a great way to end the show between quality in ring workers, Hideo Itami defeated Tyler Breeze with a flying boot to the face. Therefore Itami advanced in the NXT tournament. There were a couple matches announced for next week show which are the following:

  • NXT Tag Team Champions The Lucha Dragons vs. Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy
    Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd (NXT Championship number one contender’s Tournament First Round Match)
  • Baron Corbin vs. Bull Dempsey (NXT Championship number one contender’s Tournament First Round Match)
  • Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are signing the contract next week for their battle at NXT TakeOver

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