SmackDown 25/2/15

Courtesy of WWE

I thought that SmackDown was very lackluster once again; however there were quality parts in the episode though. As I always do I will provide the best SmackDown highlights in my three count and the results.

1) Chase for the Intercontinental title

The chase for the Intercontinental title continued this past week when Bad News Barrett took on Daniel Bryan and while it was a great match. I don’t understand this because BNB losing streak continues.

This absolutely pisses me off because it makes no sense to me logically to have your champion constantly lose which makes him look very weak. During the match R-Truth stole the Intercontinental title which made BNB irate, and then R-Truth handed the title back to the lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose. I don’t mind this storyline don’t get me wrong but I believe in the long run it devalues the overall title in my opinion.

2) Reigns excellent interview

Roman Reigns continue to prove his critics as well as myself and I’m starting to become more invested in Roman Reigns. Due to the fact that I see significant improvements, in his ability to talk in front of the camera and on SmackDown was no different.

This week he had a serious sit down interview with Byron Saxton talking about his WrestleMania 31 encounter with Brock Lesnar. We saw a different side of Roman Reigns this week that was more intense and focus. Reigns stated that yes Lesnar has more experience at WrestleMania, but it doesn’t matter come WrestleMania 31 he will defeat Lesnar and over come all the odds.

3) Rusev improving on the mic

I have to give credit to Rusev for significantly improving on the mic which is an amazing accomplishment, if you think about it due to the fact that Lana does the majority of the talking. I like the fact that Rusev is really denying John Cena  of a rematch for the US title. However in the long run I don’t think it will last and we will unfortunately see Cena against Rusev for the US title at WrestleMania 31.

SmackDown Results

Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz via a Dirty Deeds

Natalya defeated Naomi via a spinning clothesline

Daniel Bryan defeated Bad News Barrett via Running Knees

Fandango defeated Curtis Axel via The Last Dance

Goldust defeated Adam Rose via Final Cut

Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback defeated Kane Big Show and Seth Rollins via Shellshock

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NXT Review 25/2/15


Courtesy of WWE

An intriguing perspective ever since Rhyno made his return to the WWE last week, which it could be creating a trend because The Brian Kendrick made his long-awaited return to the WWE to take on Finn Balor in the main event.

The opening contest was a unique encounter between two completely opposite wrestlers in Hideo Itami and Bull Dempsey. Itami was looking to continue his winning momentum coming off a big win over Tyler Breeze last week on the NXT Takeover Rival special.

On the other hand Bull Dempsey was looking to get the sour taste of losing out of his mouth this week. Itami overcame all odds first he weakened Dempsey with a series of stiff kicks, Itami picked up the win via the flying dropkick. Itami didn’t even have time to celebrate, because he was brutally assaulted by Tyler Breeze so this feud looks like it will be continuing.

The next match was a tag team match between two up and coming teams on the NXT roster the former NXT Tag Team Champions, the Lucha Dragons against Tye Dillinger & Jason Jordan. The Lucha Dragons were trying to prove a point and earn another title shot at the NXT Tag Team Titles.

In what seemed to be an intriguing matchup turned out to be the start of a new beginning for Jason Jordan. Jordan back stabbed his partner he walked out Tye Dillinger. Therefore the Lucha Dragons took advantage of the numbers game and they picked up the victory, as they move forward and have their sights set on Blake and Murphy.

After that match Tye Dillinger he was heated with the loss therefore he called out his partner Jason Jordan. Instead Tye got Baron Corbin and they had a very quick match together Corbin was victorious via to End of Days.

The women were next in action it was Becky Lynch against Bayley these two were incredible last week. This week they delivered once again in this one-on-one encounter. This was a good match and now we are seeing a different side of Bayley with more intensity she gave Lynch all she could handle but it wasn’t enough. Becky Lynch showed her killer instinct, as she targeted Bayley injured shoulder and she locked in a vicious Arm breaker to make Bayley tap out.

The main event which was between two quality in ring workers Finn Balor against The Brian Kendrick, Balor was looking to continue his momentum moving forward as the number contender for the NXT title. The NXT champion Kevin Owens was on commentary to scout his future opponent Balor.

This was a very entertaining match in my opinion, Balor endured everything that was thrown at him and he showed the heart of a champion coming out on top once again. Balor hit Sling Blade then a drop kick which was followed by The Coupe de Grace to get the three count. Kevin Owens made headlines while on commentary, Alex Riley asked Owens how could you beat up your best friend in Sami Zayn? this remark seemed to really piss off Owens. After Balor won Owens and Balor had a stare down with each other and then Owens threw Riley over the NXT announce table.

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RAW Review 23/2/15

Courtesy of the WWE

I thought that RAW was quite entertaining as it was the fallout from the Fast Lane PPV but it could have been better in my opinion. As I always do I will provide the most significant highlights of RAW in my three count, and provide the overall results as well.

1) Randy Orton returned

Randy Orton made his shocking return to the WWE at the Fast Lane PPV by RKO everybody in The Authority except for Seth Rollins. This past RAW Randy Orton started off RAW by demanding for Seth Rollins to come down to the ring. Instead the entire Authority came down to the ring to try to persuade Orton to join them once again but Orton indicated that he wants to kick ass not kiss ass.

Therefore The Authority said they will be holding a meeting in the back. As they were leaving Orton said that he would meet them in the back. Orton decided to align himself with the Authority. The main event was quite intriguing because it involved four rivals that hated each other Bryan and Reigns against Orton and Rollins. This was a very entertaining main event because all four participants can really go in the ring.

It was interesting to witness Reigns and Daniel Bryan work as a collective unit and they put their egos aside just after 24 hours ago when they beat the living hell out of each other. The finishing sequence of the match had Reigns connect with the Superman Punch on Rollins and he was in the corner preparing for the Spear but Bryan tagged in himself and he connected with the running knees for the three count.

This made Orton extremely irate and he literally snapped he went in the ring and then J and J security tried to calm down Orton, but Joey Mercury got RKO for his troubles instead. It was almost certain I thought that Orton would give an RKO to Seth Rollins but he decided not to. Orton got Rollins up from the corner and then he just tapped his back and then left the ring. I like the fact that Orton joined The Authority again because it will help to build to a match at WrestleMania 31 because he will end up turning on the Authority.

2) Segments

RAW had two incredible segments that were absolutely money because they were so effective in helping tell a story leading to WrestleMania 31. Daniel Bryan came out to the ring when Reigns came out to address his critics about him not being the main event player; Daniel Bryan showed him the ultimate respect when he told him that he was the better man last night. Then Paul Heyman came out and had an unbelievable segment with Reigns. Heyman did a quick rundown of every significant wrestler, during the different eras in wrestling history he chose Reigns over them if he was put in a match against them. However at WrestleMania 31 he is not facing another regular wrestler he is facing a beast Brock Lesnar. I thought this was great job which is no surprise because Heyman is always money with his promos and hyping up matches.

Then Bray Wyatt continued to show off his brilliance with this Undertaker feud on RAW he pushed the envelope once again. He was talking to an open casket and Bray stated how the mighty have fallen when Lesnar broke his undefeated streak at WrestleMania last year. Bray Wyatt stated he is the new face of fear and he is not scared of the Undertaker anymore and he will put him out of his misery come WrestleMania 31. I cannot wait for this overall match; I can’t even imagine what the atmosphere will be like because it will be absolutely crazy.

3) Tag Team rivalry

It very refreshing that the Tag Team division actually has a meaningful tag team rivalry which it hasn’t had one in years in my opinion. The Usos used their rematch clause on RAW against the new Tag Team Champions Kidd and Cesaro it was like déjà because the match was amazing as expected. The end result of the match ended in a DQ which resumes this overall entertaining feud and I cannot wait to witness where this feud is heading in the future.

RAW Results

The Prime Time Players defeated The Ascension

The Usos defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Tyson Kidd via Disqualification

Jack Swagger defeated Stardust via Patriot Lock

The Bella Twins defeated Paige and Emma via a Facebuster

Ryback defeated Curtis Axel via a ShellShock

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins and Randy Orton via running knees to Rollins

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Fast Lane Review 22/2/15


Courtesy of WWE

Yesterday marked history in the WWE with their first annual pay-per-view Fast Lane. I will give you my overall thoughts in my three count, as well as the results and all the current situations heading into WrestleMania 31.

1) Roman Reigns has his destination set

I thought that the main event was booked absolutely perfectly in my opinion. It had a big way fight feel to it for good reason because the winner would be off to WrestleMania 31 headlining it with Brock Lesnar. There was a lot of good psychology used throughout the match which in wrestling has become a lost art. It needs to be brought back because it would make the matches more significant. I liked how both man utilized their strengths for instance Daniel Bryan focused on Reigns arms to make him weaker for the yes lock later on. On the other hand Reigns focused on Bryan stomach to enhance the overall damage for the spear later on.

The finishing sequence had Bryan go for the kill via the running knees but Reigns had it scouted perfectly, he delivered a vicious spear instead to pick up the win and head off to WrestleMania 31 to face Brock Lesnar.

This leaves Daniel Bryan without a match at WrestleMania 31 but he’s too talented not to have a match. Therefore I expect him to either have a match against a returning Sheamus or Ziggler as it was rumoured before. That being said in my opinion this match didn’t need to happen, because it devalued all that importance of the Royal rumble itself. However I understand it because they needed to sell this pay-per-view for free, exclusively for the month of February for new subscribers on the WWE Network.

2) Segments

There were two overall segments that really saved this pay-per-view from being a tremendous failure in my opinion. It’s really where the PPV started to elevate itself. One of the most anticipated segments in wrestling history took place last night between Triple H and Sting. It was actually unbelievable and it had money written all over it because they got their point across very effectively.

Triple H stated that he respected Sting for his loyalty to WCW and never wanting to jump ships to the WWE when WCW went out of business. In addition Triple H stated the fact that he was the main reason why WCW went out of business and Sting has always been a failure.

Triple H gave Sting an ultimatum he can do two things the easy way or the hard way. The first choice was Triple H said that he could put Sting name on absolutely all the WWE products and his name would be bigger than it has ever been before in his career and he might put him in the WWE Hall of Fame later. Or Triple H said he could be beat up Sting and make sure he never comes back to the WWE and then Sting made up his mind by beating up Triple H with his baseball bat.

The lasting image of this segment was Sting putting his bat towards Triple H throat and he constantly pointed to the WrestleMania 31 sign. Therefore in five weeks the unthinkable will happen Sting, will finally compete in the WWE ring on the biggest stage of all to end his HOF career in wrestling.

When you’re calling out The Undertaker you have to make an impact and that’s exactly what Bray Wyatt did last night. The Undertaker’s music played and the crowd exploded as expected, then The Undertaker druid’s brought down a casket to the ring. The druid opened up the casket and Bray Wyatt sat up and cut up on unbelievable promo as he always does.

Wyatt stated when he grew up he was scared of Undertaker but now he doesn’t really fear him because he’s old and needs to go away, The Undertaker knows what I want and knows where to find me. This segment just helped build towards a match that will take place at WrestleMania 31.The match itself will be incredible from a psychological standpoint because both Bray and The Undertaker are the two best wrestlers, from a psychological point of view in a really long time.

I know everybody won’t agree with me but Taker needs to lose once again and pass the torch to Bray Wyatt, as the next guy who is one of the last wrestlers currently with a scary presence in the company. The Undertaker has nothing really to gain from a win against Bray Wyatt and Wyatt, has everything to gain from a victory over The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31. Ever since his feud with Dean Ambrose Bray Wyatt has really not been involved in a significant feud for a couple of months which is very dangerous from a wrestling point of view because he something that will elevate his overall career.

3) Tag Team and US Title matches

I believe the revival of the tag team division in the WWE is solely because of two tag teams The Usos and Kidd and Cesaro in my opinion. This match delivered on all levels of expected it would not surprise there because these two teams have incredible chemistry every time they get in the ring together. Kidd and Cesaro had momentum going into this match because they defeated the Tag Team champions in a non-title match so their confidence was on all-time high.

The action was back and forth between both teams there were numerous spots that were amazing such as a deadlift superplex/springboard elbow drop combo by Cesaro and Kidd resulted in a near fall. Before the match spilled to the floor with Jey soared over the top, with a dive and Jimmy eventually hitting Kidd with a Samoan drop into the ring barricade.

Jimmy got back in the ring and he attempted to hit the Samoan Splash but he got a pair of knees for his trouble by Kidd instead and then Kidd locked in the Sharpshooter for a long time. However Jey came in the ring and he delivered a Super Kick to the back of Kidd’s head.

The finishing sequence once again gain control of the match and hit Jimmy with a Swinging Fisherman Suplex out of nowhere for the three-count. Therefore they became the new Tag Team Champions it was a massive upset victory that nobody saw coming. I thought they would get a rematch at WrestleMania 31 to be crowned the new Tag Team Champions then.

I could not be happier for them because they are one of the few only legit tag teams in the company left. Finally it’s great to see Tyson Kidd as a champion because he hasn’t had gold for years since DH Smith as a tag team.

I thought that the WWE did an excellent job of building up this feud between John Cena and Rusev, I was really looking forward to this match and they did not disappoint. This was not a match it was an all out war between two men that literally hate each other and they wanted to break each other in half.

Cena delivered all his signatures moves to Rusev but it did not stop the super athlete to destroy John Cena that was his overall mission. Rusev was amazed that Cena took all this punishment but I was not really surprised because Cena motto of “Never Giving Up”.

Therefore Rusev took any measure to be victorious and he did so via a low blow which was followed by The Accolade submission hold. Cena blueprint of his career of never giving up was not true in this contest because Rusev made Cena tap out which was very shocking.

This was the biggest win of Rusev overall career beating a future Hall of Famer and a 15 time world champion. Now I was completely shocked that this match did not end in a DQ because it could have led to a match at Wrestlemania 31. Now don’t get me wrong WWE could still do a rematch at WrestleMania 31 but it would be completely pointless now to have Rusev lose to Cena after such a dominating performance last night.

Overall I thought the pay-per-view was solid except for a couple matches in the beginning of the card that I had high hopes for but it disappointed me. Regardless after Sting and HHH’s segment the PPV elevated to a whole new level and from there I really enjoyed the PPV. I would give this an 8 out 10 simply because of all the developments and the future storylines that could happen at WrestleMania 31.

FastLane Results

Seth Rollins, Big Show & Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan  via the Choke slam by Kane on Ziggler

Goldust defeated Stardust via a rollup pin

Nikki Bella defeated Paige via a rollup pin

Bad News Barrett defeated Dean Ambrose by disqualification

Rusev defeated John Cena via The Accolade

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SmackDown Review 18/2/15


Courtesy of WWE

I thought that SmackDown was absolutely terrible this week compared to a very compelling RAW that took place leading up to the WWE Fast Lane PPV. I will provide you with the best highlights of SmackDown and provide the results as well.

1) Rematch

Their match on RAW was an instant classic but it was ruined by the J and J Security. Therefore on SmackDown it was Seth Rollins against Dolph Ziggler in the main event but once again they delivered. This time however J and J security were banned from ringside, however you knew that the Authority would be involved in some capacity. I have said this a million times but I feel that are two of the best workers currently in the company. The director of operations Corporate Kane distracted for Ziggler which lead to Rollins as he picked up the victory via the Curb Stomp.

2) The Miz continues to shine

I thought that The Miz was unbelievable once again and he is playing his character perfectly in my opinion. I like the fact that before the match with Daniel Bryan he stated without him being his mentor on NXT Bryan would be nothing. This was not much of a match it was more of a way to humiliate Mizdow and bring him down as he always does. Daniel Bryan got the last laugh and he continued his winning momentum via the Yes Lock.

3) Devaluing the champion

Now I don’t like the fact that days away from the Fast Lane having Bad News Barrett losing to R-truth for no reason makes absolutely no sense to me. In my opinion champions leading up to a title defense at a PPV should always look strong going into their match with a win. It pisses me off that the WWE continues to spit on the legacy and rich history of the Intercontinental Championship.

SmackDown Results

Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz via Yes Lock
Ryback defeated Kane via ShellShock
R-Truth defeated Bad News Barrett via a roll up
The Ascension defeated The New Day via the Fall of Man
Roman Reigns defeated Luke Harper via the spear
Big Show defeated Erick Rowan via a Choke slam
Paige defeated Cameron via PTO submission
Jimmy Uso against Tyson Kidd ended in a No Contest
Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler via the Curbstomp
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NXT Review 18/2/15

Courtesy of the WWE

WWE continued their hot momentum with another unbelievable NXT show. This week which was the fallout of the NXT TakeOver Arrival special, which was as close to perfection as you can get for a two-hour show last week. William Regal started the show with a special announcement, that Kevin Owens would go one-on-one with Adrian Neville in the main event in a non-title match.

Kevin Owens came down to the ring and started the show off addressing all the criticism that fans had towards him. Even though fans might not agree with him what he said he did the best thing for his family his wife and kids, which was to become NXT Champion. In addition to stating the fact that he never changed and everything he said was true that he would fight everyone anytime anywhere. Owens brought up the fact that Finn Balor is the new number one contender for the NXT title. Owens stated that it doesn’t matter because the same thing that happened to Zayn will happen to Balor.

A former WWE superstar and an ECW legend in my opinion made his shocking return to the WWE. The whole crowd exploded when Rhyno made his WWE NXT debut. No offense Elias Samon never stood a chance this was not even a match Rhyno made very quick work of them via the Gore. It is always special to see Rhyno because in my opinion, he is an unbelievable talent that was underutilized in WWE and TNA.

Up next we had an intriguing tag team encounter between two very talented tag teams on the NXT roster battling it out. It was Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady against The Vaudevillans of Aiden English and Simon Gotch. After the match the NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy appeared on the Jumbotron and were dissing Enzo and Big Cass. They stated for Carmela to forget Enzo and Big Cass and join them instead because they are real champions. This appears to be the start of an intriguing feud between each tag battling for the NXT Tag Team Titles.

There was a segment that involved CJ Parker being frustrated that he was off last week special of NXT Takeover Rival. Parker’s mission was to hold NXT hostage this week so he began using yellow caution tape. However little did he know that we would see the debut of Solomon Crowe, apparently his gimmick is a hacker and he brutally assaulted CJ Parker to send a message to him.

The new NXT Divas Champion The Boss Sasha Banks, took on an NXT favourite in Blue Pants which I don’t remember her being completely. Anyways Sasha Banks was clearly pissed off at the crowd reaction towards Blue Pants. Therefore she took her aggression out on her and Banks was victorious via the Bank Statement.

Then there was a segment which involved a ringside physician Dr. Chris Amann. He stated that he Zayn passed his concussion test, and he was cleared enough to travel to Abu Dhabi, Zayn is expected to return to NXT soon.

Then it was the main event time Kevin Owens against Adrian Neville it seemed like a déjà vu all over again. Kevin Owens was dominating Neville early on in the match. However Neville was very resilient just like his friend Sami Zayn, this was a very vicious and quality back and forth encounter between the two.

Neville had a couple of quality spots throughout the match, the first one was when he delivered a backwards Hurricanrana which spiked Owens on his head. Then Neville delivered a DDT off the ropes to Owens. The action just didn’t take place in the ring it took place on the outside as well with Neville hit an unbelievable 450 splash to Owens. The finishing sequence of the match had Neville attempted to hit the Red Arrow on the Owens. However Owens moved out of the way and hit the pin up Power bomb, for the three count Owens continues his destruction on the NXT roster.

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RAW Review 16/2/15

Courtesy of WWE

I thought for the last RAW heading into the WWE Fast Lane PPV that it was very entertaining for a change. I was invested for the whole show which is difficult to do with the three-hour time slot. As I always do I will provide you with the most significant highlights of RAW and the result as well.

Excellent Fast Lane Build up

I thought that all throughout the night the WWE did an incredible job at hyping up every feud going into their matches come this Sunday at the Fast Lane PPV. John Cena started off the show with a long but intriguing serious promo heading into his encounter with Rusev. I’m very intrigued going into this match up because both participants have been surprisingly good, on the mic going back and forth at each other. Their confrontation ended perfectly with a brutal assault on each other, on the stage which just adds to the anticipation of their match at the PPV.

Paige took on Summer Rae once again but there was an interesting twist because both Bella’s took Paige’s attire away from here then page used the rosebuds for her ring attire. Once that was handled she made quick work of Summer Rae once again via the PTO submission. Then after the match Nikki Bella had a back-and-forth confrontation with Paige, on the mic setting up for their match this Sunday. I’m actually really looking forward to this match but it seems very predictable what the outcome will be for the Divas title.

I have to give credit to Dean Ambrose because for quite a while he has not been entertaining me but this week was completely different. He had a hilarious segment this week because he was in a suit and tie. He tried to copy BNB with his BNZ news but he demanded a title shot against Bad News Barrett this Sunday. Ambrose and Harper had the opening match on RAW it was a quality match that was pretty long and entertaining, Ambrose got the victory via the Dirty Deeds DDT.

Triple H and Ric Flair had an unbelievable promo back and forth against each other and this could arguably be Triple H best promo of the year so far. Rick Flair made a surprise appearance on RAW and he just gave Triple H, a warning about not to take Sting lightly because he is a master manipulator.

Come this Sunday it will be the first time that Sting will come face-to-face to have a conversation with Triple H. This will be a historic event because WCW will meet WWE for the first time since the Monday Night Wars. Triple H said besides his wife and kids, the WWE is the most important thing in his life. Triple H will do anything to protect the business and the company, if that means taking out Sting so he never comes back to the WWE. Words cannot express how excited I am for this interaction between the two at Fast Lane.

Then later on in the night after BNB was victorious over Damien Mizdow via the Bull Hammer Elbow with an assist from The Miz. Suddenly Dean Ambrose came out and tied BNB hands to a rope around the ring post, and then he made him sign the contract for an Intercontinental title shot this Sunday. Late on in the night we had a very unique mix tag match between wife and husband it was Jimmy Uso and Naomi took on Tyson Kidd and Natalya. It was a decent match however WWE should have given them more time in the ring, Naomi picked up the win of via a roll up pin fall but this feud will continue this Sunday when the Usos take on Tyson Kidd and Cesaro for the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan both had matches against Kane and the Big Show. To be perfectly honest nobody ever cared or paid attention because we have seen these matches thousands of times before. More emphasis was put on Daniel Bryan when he came down to ringside to do commentary, to scout Reigns against Kane but instead Bryan was playing mind games with him.

Throughout the match Daniel Bryan was doing yes chants, he got in the head of Reigns however Reigns still picked up the victory via a count out. Therefore Roman Reigns returned the favour, he came out during the main event to scout his opponent Daniel Bryan as he took on the Big Show. During the match Roman Reigns took selfie’s and signed autographs for the fans which really got under the skin of Bryan.

The finishing sequence of the match was Bryan was going for a dropkick off the top rope, but Reigns interfered and he delivered the Superman Punch to the Big Show. Reigns cost Bryan the match and then all hell broke loose between the two. They were beating each other up and had to get separated from a bunch of referees, which just adds to the significance of the main event at the Fast Lane PPV.

2) Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler stole the show

Seth Rollins had a segment where he stated that he is tired of people talking about the past because he is the future of the WWE. That drew a lot of heat from the fans as usual and then Rollins mentioned Ziggler and the crowd popped. Then they had a confrontation which lead to a match it was an instant classic. These two stole the show in my opinion and it was a shame that J and J Security had to get involved it resulted in a DQ. Being quiet honest its mind blowing that these two don’t have any matches at WWE FastLane PPV.
3) Tag Team Division

Last night could have been the return and the reformation of the Prime Time Players. Daren Young made his return to the ring along with another jobber as they took on The Ascension. However this was far from a match it was more like a brutal assault on Young, then Titus O’Neill made a save and then speculation started that they can be a tag team once again. I can guarantee you that if they do reunite they will become the WWE Tag Team Champions in the future. Stardust and Goldust had an intervention with their father Dusty Rhodes but that did not matter. Due to the fact that Stardust finally turned on his brother Goldust which this could lead to match at WrestleMania 31.

RAW Results
Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper via Dirty Deeds
Roman Reigns defeated Kane via Count out
Paige defeated Summer Rae via PTO Submission
Dolph Ziggler defeated Seth Rollins via Disqualification
Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett defeated Damien Mizdow Bull Hammer
WWE Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso & Naomi defeated Tyson Kidd & Natalya via a roll up pin
Big Show defeated Daniel Bryan via Disqualification
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