RAW Review 31/3/15

Couresty of WWE

As tradition the night after WrestleMania RAW always delivered and it set the tone for the future moving forward and it did not disappoint tonight. As I always do I will provide my thoughts in my three count as well as the results.

1) Brock Lesnar suspected indefinitely

Last night once again indicated how vital Brock Lesnar is to WWE even though he is only a part-time wrestler. He elevates the overall significance of the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar officially snapped once he was guaranteed his title rematch with Seth Rollins however Rollins had different plans. He did not feel like having the match, because he was jetlagged and this was just another excellent example of how good Rollins is as a heel.

Therefore whenever Lesnar doesn’t get his way watch out because all hell will break loose, Michael Cole and the camera man were prime examples and they found out the hard way. Lesnar flipped over the announcer’s table he got a hold of Michael Cole and delivered a F5 to him; in addition he gave the camera man multiple F5. Lesnar actions got Stephanie McMahon irate and she decided to suspend him indefinitely. I believe that this is an excellent storyline because Lesnar is written off until he is needed. His absence will hurt the company but at the same time give other talent more TV time.

2) Championship prestige

For years in the WWE fans have always complained about the prestige of the titles, for the first time in a long time the Intercontinental and US belts are in good hands. As we saw two stellar matches which the first one involved two fan favorites between Bryan and Ziggler like they always do they stole the show it was a fantastic match.

Then later on in the night John Cena stated that he wants to be a fighting champion. Therefore he issued an open challenge to anybody in the back and to everybody’s surprise Dean Ambrose answered the challenge. This was arguably one of the best Dean Ambrose singles matches in the company in my opinion; this is only the start of what I expect to witness compelling matches week in and week out to elevate titles. By doing so it will make the titles have that much more prestige to them in addition it will make every match more significant.

3) NXT presence

On RAW NXT presence was in full effect once again because there were numerous NXT debuts on the main roster such as the Lucha Dragons and Neville. Now The Lucha Dragons made quite an impact in an eight man tag team they picked up the win, but I could not believe how they were so over with the crowd. Neville made quick work of Curtis Axel and he looked very impressive with a win via the Red Arrow. The fans are obvious educated with the NXT roster and their product due to the ovation their stars got on RAW.

Then after RAW went off the air Sting had an exclusive interview with Renee Young to state his career moving forward within the WWE. Renee asked Sting if WrestleMania was the last time we would see him, he didn’t answer the question all he said was we will see and he will take any opportunities that he is given. Then Bo Dallas interrupted Sting and he came down to the ring and got a Scorpion Death Drop for his troubles.

RAW Results
Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler via a Running Knees to retain his Intercontinental Title
The Lucha Dragons and The New Day defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Tyson Kidd and The Ascension Kalisto via Salida del Sol on Konnan
Damien Mizdow defeated Stardust via Skull Crushing Finale
Neville defeated Curtis Axel via Red Arrow
John Cena defeated Dean Ambrose via AA to retain his US title
Paige, AJ Lee & Naomi defeated The Bella Twins & Natalya Rear view
Rusev defeated Goldust via The Accolade
Roman Reigns, Randy Orton & Ryback defeated WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane via a Spear from Reigns to Kane
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WrestleMania 31 Review

On Sunday was one of the best WrestleMania that took place in San Francisco and it delivered on all levels. I must say going into this PPV I thought that it would be much better than last year’s WrestleMania 30 which in my opinion at the time was picture perfect due to the fact that every match felt very rushed in promoting it but in the long run it delivered.

Fatal Four way tag team match WWE Tag Team Championship

There were two matches in the preshow and I must admit that I expected the fatal four-way tag match was fantastic and to my surprise all the tag teams over delivered which I was not expecting at all and each team provided their own high spots. However in the long run Kidd and Cesaro successfully defended their tag team titles due to the fact that Cesaro was a genius and he capitalized on the opportunity when the Jimmy Uso hit the Samoan Splash on Big E Cesaro covered Langston for the three count.

2nd annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Then there was a twenty-nine man Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Curtis Axel was the first one eliminated in the match, I thought this was absolutely terrible because he has just lost all his momentum. The final three participants were The Miz, Damien Mizdow and The Big Show which I predicted that it would come down to the Miz and Mizdow and he would officially eliminated The Miz which was no surprise. I was pissed off that Mizdow was eliminated by the Big Show which to me absolutely made no sense whatsoever because Mizdow lost all his momentum.

Ladder Match Intercontinental Championship

The opening contest was a seven men ladder match which was a brilliant idea because this really got the crowd hot. I thought that all of the participants in a ladder match did their job; there were a lot of crazy spots that blew my mind. Bad News Barrett delivered a Suplex to Stardust off the top of the ladder. in addition to Luke Harper giving Dean Ambrose a Power bomb from the ring to the outside onto two ladders. This looked extremely painful because he went down super slow which made it look even worse.

Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper went up the ladder and Ziggler connected with a Zig Zag off the ladder which looked absolutely amazing in my opinion. Then Ziggler and Bryan went up the ladder to try to get belt but they got numerous Bull Hammer Elbows by Barrett for their trouble instead. The finishing sequence of the match was very unique because I have never seen this before both Ziggler and Bryan were trading vicious head buts back and forth. Eventually Ziggler fell off which led to Daniel Bryan retrying the title and becoming the new Intercontinental Champion.

Randy Orton against Seth Rollins

The second match of the night was between heated rivals Seth Rollins against Randy Orton. This match stole the show and I didn’t expect anything less from two of the best in ring workers in my opinion.

This was a back-and-forth affair they beat the living hell out of each other and hit numerous finishers on each other. Both man kick out of numerous near falls; one cool spot was when Orton hit J and J security with a vicious double stiff DDT’s on the outside. The finishing sequence was one of the coolest I have ever seen in my life Rollins attempted to go for another CurbStomp, Orton countered in mid-air and connected with an RKO out of nowhere for the win. This looked like an RKO out of WWE 2k15 that’s how unbelievable it looked.

Dream Match
Sting against Triple H

Then the dream took place between Sting and Triple H and what can I say it was absolutely amazing. However I was disappointed in Sting’s entrance because, WWE could have made it more memorable with him coming down from the rafters. Now Triple H entrance was unbelievable with the Terminator theme and all the visuals, now I can say that Triple H has surpassed The Undertaker when it comes to WrestleMania entrances in my opinion.

Being completely honest I would be fine with them looking at each other for 20 or 30 minutes and not even doing a wrestling move, because it was Sting first WrestleMania moment so it was legendary. I had flashbacks of The Rock against Hogan at WrestleMania 18 in Toronto because fans were going absolutely insane during the match. Now going into this match I knew that it was not a standout for as a traditional match, but it was okay because the match itself delivered in my opinion. It was quite ironic because the final RAW before WrestleMania Sting indicated that it would not be WCW against WWE but it turned out that way.

To everybody’s surprise DX and NWO made their presence known to try to give both man the upper hand, was it necessary absolutely not but I could care less because I felt like I was 10 years kid old once again. However there were a lot of interactions with the sledgehammer and Sting’s bat.

The finishing sequence had Shawn Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music on Sting but he kicked out. Then Triple H used the shattered sledgehammer and hit Sting with the top part of the sledgehammer to pick up the win. Now I originally predicted Sting to go over because I thought it was necessary and I didn’t like the fact that he lost. Even though I knew it was going to be a close match, it would have been nice for Sting to win in his first WrestleMania and cement his overall legacy in wrestling.

Then we had a segment which involved Stephanie McMahon and Triple H they came out to brag about how successful WrestleMania has become. They announced the attendance record for this year WrestleMania was 76,976 fans packed Levis Stadium in San Francisco. Then we had a shocking surprise from The Rock as he made his return to the WWE. He stated he was born in the bay and Stephanie McMahon eventually made The Rock leave the ring and gave him a slap that was heard around the world.

The Rock circled around the ring on the outside and the crowd was chanting for Ronda Rousey, she made her way into the ring with the crowd actually went nuts. From here Stephanie McMahon had a confrontation with Rousey she put her hands on Triple H with a hip toss, and then she went after Stephanie McMahon. I envision Rousey against Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 32. Or I can see a tag team match The Rock and Ronda Rousey, against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon regardless of the scenario it will be money.

Divas Tag Team match
The Bellas against Paige and AJ

Nobody really gave this tag team match a chance but it was pretty good to my surprise. I was shocked for the most part, that the Bella’s controlled the majority of the match. However you knew that the frenemies Paige and AJ would do whatever it takes to come out with a victory, AJ made Nikki tapped out via the Black Widow and this is massive. Due to this win this might lead to a future Divas title shot for AJ.

US Title
Rusev vs. John Cena

I thought that the US title match between Rusev and John Cena really delivered and shout out to Rusev for an amazing entrance, coming out on an army tank with soldiers carrying with a huge Russian flag. Compared to Cena who had a solid entrance however I thought it could have been much better he could’ve came out with the Rocky theme instead. Nonetheless I like the fact how it showed American history and former American presidents which helped build up the significance of the match.

Compared to Cena who had a solid entrance however I thought it could have been much better he could’ve came out with the Rocky theme instead. Nonetheless I like the fact how it showed American history and former American presidents which helped build up the significance of the match.Heading into this match we know how important it was because Rusev was still undefeated, Rusev took John Cena to the limits he survived two Accolade submission holds. Eventually you knew Lana would get involved and it would cost Rusev his US Title, as he bumped into her which was followed by an AA which crowned John Cena the new US Champion.

WWE Heavyweight Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

Last but not least the main event that everybody was looking forward to the “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar defended his WWE Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns. Now going into this match I did not know what to expect because I was so disappointed with the final segment on RAW however this match was unbelievable on so many levels. Its amazes me how Brock Lesnar’s move set is so limited and repetitive but very entertaining at the same time. Lesnar left his mark on this match on Reigns by giving him a mind blowing ten German Suplexs four F5.

Lesnar completely dominated the whole match and I got to give credit to Reigns for taking the beating that he took. In addition to doing the little things such as smiling every time he got a German Suplex which I thought was brilliant. The turning point of the match was when Roman Reigns countered and rammed Lesnar head into the ring post which made him bleed a lot.

Roman Reigns connected with numerous Superman punches but it didn’t take Lesnar off his feet amazingly enough. He connected with two spears on Lesnar but that was not enough. Reigns tried to go for another Superman punch on Lesnar but instead Lesnar hit an F5 on Reigns. Both men were laid out on the floor and this was the perfect opportunity for the architect Mr. Money In The Bank to capitalize and cash in his MITB briefcase and he did just that.

I thought this was absolutely brilliant because nobody saw it coming except for me, Rollins made his way to the ring and he gave a Curb stomp to Lesnar then he kicked Reigns to the outside of the ring. Rollins attempted to go for another Curb stomp on Lesnar but he had different plans and countered went t for an F5 by Reigns hit the spear on it to Lesnar.

Then Rollins hit a Curb Stomp on Reigns to get the three count and he was crowned the new WWE Heavyweight Champion. This was foreshadowing because he was the first Shield member to win the WWE Heavyweight Championship and he was the first MITB winner to cash in his briefcase at WrestleMania in history.

Overall originally I rated his pay-per-view an 8 at 10 with the only negatives in the PPV were Sting and Wyatt losing their matches. However re-watching WrestleMania 31 I thought it delivered on all levels, I just wish there was a longer build up for the matches heading into WrestleMania. That being said I have decided to change my mind and rate this WrestleMania a perfect 10 out of 10 for the second straight year in a row. This Wrestlemania was way better than last year in my opinion and this will go down in history as one of the best WrestleMania of all time.

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WrestleMania 31 Preview

Only one day away from the grand daddy of them Wrestlemania 31 takes place from San Francisco its WWE biggest show of the year. This show could arguably surpass last year show and it could go down as the best WrestleMania of all time but that could be debated for years to come.

Fatal Four Way WWE Tag Team Championship

There are three tag teams The New Day, Los Matadors The Usos gunning for the Tag Team Championships Kidd and Cesaro. It’s a shame that it’s on the kick off show because it will be fantastic match and it should be on the main card. For the last couple months the tag team division have been lackluster until Cesaro and Kidd won the titles but, I believe that The Ascension and Prime Time Players should have been involved instead of The New Day and the Los Matadores in my opinion.My verdict is that Kidd and Cesaro will do anything it takes to retain their Tag Team titles and they will.

I thought that when the WWE introduced the Andre The Giant memorial Battle Royal last year it was an excellent way, to push talent and get more exposure to wrestlers that don’t get enough opportunities in the ring. I was happy for Cesaro winning the inaugural battle royal last year but it took him a year to finally get shine and he finally got the WWE Tag Team titles. But this year I could care less because they haven’t build any significance to the Battle Royal. These are the following participants:
• The Miz
• Curtis Axel
• Ryback
• Fandango
• Adam Rose
• Zack Ryder
• Jack Swagger
• Titus O’Neil
• Darren Young
• Big Show
• Kane
• Erick Rowan
• Damien Mizdow
• Sin Cara
• Goldust
• Heath Slater
• Mark Henry
• Konnor
• Viktor
• Hideo Itami

There could multiple winners in the match it’s a tossup but I envision the finally participants being Damien Mizdow, The Miz and Curtis Axel. I want Mizdow to win however you need to continue the momentum of Curtis Axel so he should pick up the victory.

Divas Tag Team match

The Bella’s against AJ and Paige

We will have a Divas tag team match The Bella’s against AJ Lee and Paige this is quite an intriguing story. The Bella’s had a lot of up and down relationship but they put their issues to the side Brie Bella helped Nikki capture the belt. Then AJ made the save for Paige when she got a beat down by the Bella’s weeks ago on RAW.

Nikki Bella has being doing a great job as a Divas champion in my opinion. Now Paige and AJ have had a heated rivalry ever since Paige made her debut on RAW and she took the title away from AJ the night after WrestleMania. This match could go either way but I have a feeling Paige and AJ Lee will get the win, I could see Brie Bella turn on Nikki as revenge and who knows Paige could turn on AJ.

Ladder match Intercontinental Championship

It’s a refreshing change in the WWE to see a vital focus on the Intercontinental championship over the last couple months. Due to the fact that over years the title has meant so much to the company because, it has helped build superstars if they held the title in their career.

This match will be unbelievable with a lot of high flying spots throughout the match, this is a tossup and there could be a number of participants that could win the match. I want to see Bad News Barrett retain his title once and for all however I still feel that the Intercontinental title needs to be elevated. Therefore it will come down to two fan favourites Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. I have a feeling we could witness the return of Sheamus, he will try to screw over Bryan but he will find a way to win the title.

US Title match

Rusev against Cena

In my opinion it has been quite a while that I have been this invested in a Cena match. Cena has stated numerous times that this is his biggest match of his career and he will have his hands full. The stakes have reached an all time high with the US Title on the line, shout out to both Cena and Rusev for making this match so compelling. Even though I don’t want Rusev to lose and in my opinion Cena won’t lose despite the fact that a win won’t do anything for his HOF career. Unfortunately this will be the end of Rusev undefeated streak, Cena will win the US Title and we could see the return of the US spinner title.

Seth Rollins against Randy Orton

This match could steal the show in my opinion between two work horses in Seth Rollins and Randy Orton. This feud has been built for months ever since Rollins put Orton out of action via a vicious CurbStomp on the steel steps. Then the last couple weeks Orton joined the Authority only to swerve and backstab him and The Authority in the end.

Orton crossed Rollins on RAW against Reigns in a handicap match, which led to a brutally assault with an RKO to Rollins on the announcers table. It will be very intriguing match, due to the fact that this will be Rollins biggest match of his career. Seth Rollins will be making his debut at WrestleMania as a singles competitor so a win for him would be massive for Rollins early on in his career. While Randy Orton has been on the biggest stage of them all since 2004 so the experience obvious stands with Orton. My verdict is that Orton with finally get his revenge on Rollins once and for all.

Sting against Triple H

The unthinkable will happen it is a dream that no wrestling fan thought it was possible when two wrestling giants clash with each other. It will be WCW against WWE Sting will be making his long awaited WWE in ring debut. Sting has been a thorn in the side of The Authority, after he cost them to lose all their power in WWE back at Survivor Series, in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Sting stated numerous times that he has waited for 14 years to bring Triple H down.

Now I don’t need to go through each other numerous accolades to state the significant of this match up. Now I know that every wrestling fan wants Sting to go over so he can finally have his WrestleMania moment. However Triple H will stop at no measure to come out on top in this match, that being said even though a win would do measures for Triple H to put the final nail in the coffin for WCW legacy. That being said Sting needs to go over, to cement his overall wrestling legacy and it would mean that he has done everything in wrestling, expect the final step would be to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Bray Wyatt against The Undertaker

Bray Wyatt will take on The Undertaker in a very intriguing match and what can I say Bray Wyatt has been the MVP of the WWE. Bray Wyatt single handily made this match have significance with his excellent promos on the mic, in addition to the fact that The Undertaker has not been seen in a year.

It is difficult to predict this match because it can go either way and it’s a no win situation for either man. However that being said The Undertaker has nothing to gain from a win and Bray Wyatt has everything to lose. Bray Wyatt clearly needs to go over and completely dominate Taker because if he does not all his momentum is a waste.

WWE Heavyweight Championship

Brock Lesnar against Roman Reigns

Last but not least the main event that every wrestling fan has been anticipating the encounter between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. Ever since winning the Royal Rumble match Reigns has constantly had to prove his critics wrong leading up to WrestleMania 31. On the other hand Brock Lesnar, has absolutely destroyed everybody in his path in addition, Paul Heyman has been money as usual at selling the match itself.

Lesnar put the speculation to bed on Tuesday when he signed a contract extension with the WWE. This news has arguably changed everyone thoughts going into this match. I know that Roman Reigns needs the win badly for his career however Brock Lesnar needs to retain his title. After the match Rollins needs to cash in his MITB briefcase to win the title to really put significance to the fact that he is the future of the WWE in my opinion. Then you can have Rollins feud with Reigns or Lesnar for the next couple of months.

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SmackDown Review 26/3/15

Courtesy of WWE

The last SmackDown heading into WrestleMania 31 was quality with only two matches and the build up to the grand daddy of them all. There was a fatal four way match which involved one half of the tag team members at Wrestlemania 31. I thought that it was a great match to start off SmackDown in my opinion. Cesaro, Jimmy, Fernando and Big E left it all on the line but the Uso’s are riding high going into WrestleMania 31, because Jimmy got a massive victory via a Samoan Splash on Cesaro.

Then we had an entertaining exchange between the Bella’s and Nikki and Page on SmackDown. Both Paige and AJ put their issues aside to be on the same page heading into WrestleMania 31. AJ stated that the Bellas were made out of plastic and they look like the Kardashians which I thought was absolutely hilarious. Paige stated that they are ok with being nerds, misfits and alternatives to the Divas division and they prefer to wrestler rather than just to look good.

The main event was very interesting it was eight man tag which involved participants with WrestleMania matches. John Cena, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry defeated Seth Rollins, Big Show, Kane and Bray Wyatt with an AA and Running Knees to the Big Show. Even though it was not an ideally eight man tag it was a fantastic match in my opinion.
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NXT Review 26/3/15

Courtesy of WWE

This week on NXT there were only two matches and a lot of segments that help to build feuds moving forward. However this goes to show you that even with two matches the episode was very entertaining in my opinion.

Sasha Banks took on Alexa Bliss this time for the NXT Woman’s championship and I thought it was a decent match. Surprisingly Bliss was very aggressive in the beginning taking it too Banks for a bunch of rear falls.However as a champion Banks would eventually take control of the match, with her vicious double knees stomp onto Bliss in the corner off the ropes. Towards the end of the match Bliss gained momentum but she lost focus, when Bliss went to the top rope Banks countered and locked in the Banks Statement submission to retain her NXT Woman’s title.

The main event was an anticipated battle that was a first on NXT and damn it was fantastic and it did not disappointed as expected. This match showcased why Owens is arguably one of the best in the company already. Due to the fact that Owens had one of his best matches because it wasn’t his typically match. Owens took his time and decided to focus and injury Balor legs in order to isolate Balor.

Even though Balor seemed to be over matched he gave Owens all he could. Balor was very resilient and was able to hit the Coup de Grace on Owens but Balor was in tremendous pain. Therefore Owens capitalized and hit the pop up Power bomb to retain his NXT tile. I cannot wait to witness more matches between these two because their chemistry is unbelievable in my opinion.

Hideo Itami will take on Tyler Breeze in a two out of three falls after their backstage segment when Itami challenged Breeze next week. There was another segment between Emma and Bayley in the locker room. Emma told Bayley, to stop listening to the NXT fans because they did nothing for her career and she slapped Bayley. The NXT Tag Team Blake and Murphy Champions, decided to purchase jewellery for Carmella this got Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady heated.

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RAW Review 23/3/15

  Courtesy of WWE

I thought that RAW was decent at best but on the other hand it was extremely disappointing it should have been way better. No excuses because it was the last RAW before the biggest PPV every year in the wrestling industry, as I always do I will provide the best highlights of RAW in my three count in addition to the results.

1) WrestleMania build up

RAW started absolutely perfectly with Sting stating how amazing it was to be in a WWE ring. Sting stated that throughout 14 years he noticed HHH has manipulated wrestlers for years, to get to the top and it’s his mission to take him down. Then Stephanie McMahon came out and she bashed Sting for always being a failure and a loser stated that her dad killed WCW. She was about to slap Sting but he blocked it then HHH made his way down to the ring. They had a stare down with a sledgehammer and Sting’s bat but nothing happened.

Rusev made quick work of Jack Swagger we have seen this match a million times before. Rusev got the victory via the Accolade and he would not let go until Cena music hit and suddenly he broke the hold. This would lead to a brutally assaulted on Cena which ended up getting worse, with Cena getting knocked out cold from the Accolade on top of the announcers table.

Then we had the MVP of the WWE Bray Wyatt hit the ring again with another stellar performance on the mic. Calling the fans liars just like the Undertaker and he is the truth and he is in complete control of all life and death and the Undertaker. This Sunday Bray Wyatt will cement his legacy and it will be his final resting place for The Undertaker.

One of the most anticipated faces off and segments in quite a while between Lesnar and Reigns it was an epic failure in my opinion. Heyman did his job once again hyping up the match as expected. Both men did not even make a statement by either hitting a spear or an F5 on each other; instead they just fought over the belt which was very weak in my opinion. Which I thought was extremely disappointing because it was the final RAW before WrestleMania 31. The segment did not have an altering moment that made fans say I cannot wait to witness this match come Sunday.

2) Nikki Bella against Paige

WWE has been under a lot of heat lately for not giving the Divas a chance in terms of having longer matches. To my surprise WWE gave them a long time and they had a fantastic match. Nikki Bella decided to defend her title against Paige and both divas are two quality wrestlers in the division. The finishing sequence of the match had a brawl on the outside with Brie, Paige, AJ Lee and Nikki then by accident AJ knocked out Paige with an elbow. Then Nikki capitalized and hit the Rack Attack and she got the win to retain her Divas title, after the match all hell broke loose between Paige and AJ.

3) Dolph Ziggler and Daniel stole the show

I thought that this was a brilliant idea to have two of the fan favourites in the company battle each other. Originally fans wanted to see Ziggler and Bryan battle one on one at WrestleMania 31; however they will be involved in the ladder match to crown a new Intercontinental champion this Sunday. To nobody surprise these two over delivered as always expected it was a fantastic match between two workhorses. Dolph Ziggler got the victory via the Zig Zag over Daniel Bryan, after the match Dean Ambrose dropped Ziggler with the Dirty Deeds DDT. Then all hell broke loose and they had a mini preview of what will happen this Sunday.

RAW Results
Dean Ambrose and R-Truth defeated Luke Harper and Stardust via Lie Detector on Stardust
Ryback, Erick Rowan, Zack Ryder and The Prime Time Players defeated The Miz, Damien Mizdow, The Ascension and Adam Rose Ryback hit the Shell Shock on The Miz
Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins and J and J Security Orton hit on RKO on Jamie Noble
Los Matadores and El Torito defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Tyson Kidd and Natalya El Torito reversed a Power bomb into a sunset flip, he pinned Natalya for the win.
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NXT Review 18/3/15

Courtesy of WWE

This past NXT episode was very intriguing because for the first time, WWE took NXT and hit the road, taking over Columbus, Ohio, and the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival.

Tyler Breeze against Kalisto

I was very surprised how entertaining the match between Kalisto and Tyler Breeze really was. Tyler Brezze carried a lot of momentum with him after a massive over Itami last week, but he would have his hands full with Kalisto this week. In the beginning of the match Breeze did not have any answer for Kalisto high flying unique offense. Then Breeze eventually took control when he countered a springboard board into a vicious kick to Kalisto. However Kalisto got his momentum once again on his side it looked like he was going to get the win, via the 450 Splash but Breeze had in ring presence to grab the ropes to break the pin. Then Kaltiso was going for win with Salida Del Sol but Breeze countered to the Beauty Shot kick for the three count.

Blake against Colin Cassady

It continues to amaze me how over big Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore with the NXT crowd this week Cassady took on Blake in a singles match. This was a decent match in my opinion it could have been much better in my opinion. The finishing sequence was Murphy distracted Big Cass he hit the big boot on Murphy, Blake then capitalized sent Cassady into the ropes into Carmella who took a nasty fall. Blake took advantage of the distraction and rolled up Cassady to steal the win.

Alexa Bliss against Sasha Banks in a non title NXT Women’s match

Now going into this woman’s match I had high hopes between Bliss and Banks because they are both incredible workers this match was very disappointing. Now you knew that Bliss would want to make a big impression being in her town against Banks in a non title match. I thought the finishing sequence was very weak Banks and Bliss fought on the outside, and Banks attempted to ram Bliss head in the ring post but Bliss countered and Banks went head first instead. Bliss scored a massive win over the champion via a count out, after the match backstage Regal stated that Banks would defend her NXT Woman’s title against Bliss next week.

Then there was a vignette which involved a new woman’s wrestler she is a body builder she looks very intriguing Dana Brooke is coming to NXT soon.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens against Alex Riley (Non-Title Match)

In the main event there was a lot of bad blood between these two heated rivals Alex Riley and Kevin Owens. This was not a match it was an all out war as expected you knew that Riley would try to make an impression, after being out of action for nearly two years and this being his only meaning match of his career so far. Kevin Owens completely dominated as expected he connected with multiple cannonballs and three sentons.

Owens took Riley to the outside to continue his rampage he sent Riley into the barricade then sent him inside the ring Owens hit the devastating pop up Power bomb for the three count. After the match Owens was not done he attempted to hit his signature Power bomb on apron to end Riley career. However the NXT number one contender Finn Balor came out to prevent Riley from getting hurt additional. Balor jumped off the stage then hit a dropkick in the corner to Owens. Balor attempted to go for the Coup de Grace but Owens escaped. This will lead to one of the most anticipated battles next week between Owens and Balor for the NXT Title next week.
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