Elimination Chamber 2015 Preview

This Sunday is the Elimination Chamber PPV and to be honest I am very excited for this PPV, because with only two weeks of building storylines and this card looks absolutely incredible in my opinion. As I always do I will give you my thoughts and predictions. On the preshow it will be Miz TV and the Miz will have Daniel Bryan as a special guest. I am looking forward to this to see what Bryan will say about his future or if he is considering retiring from wrestling.

Neville against Bo Dallas

Now if you look at this match it’s a very interesting match in my opinion because of their lengthy rivalry dating back to their NXT days. Last year in the first NXT Arrival special exclusively on the Network it was a ladder match, Neville defeated Bo Dallas for the NXT Championship. Then Neville became the longest NXT Champion in history and come this Sunday Bo Dallas will seek for his revenge. Now this seems like an easy and a simple win for Neville however this is a perfect scenario for Bo Dallas to pick up a win and restart his career. There has been rumours and speculation that Bo Dallas could be the newest member of the Wyatt family. It would be weird however I am willing to give this a chance because this might just work.

Triple Threat Match Divas Championship Nikki Bella vs. Paige and Naomi

Now we are all know that Nikki Bella has been a quality Divas Champion ever since winning the title against AJ at Survivor Series last year which is a pretty remarkable feat. This Sunday it’s a different story she will have her hands full in a triple threat match, for the Diva title against two stiff competitors in Naomi and Paige. Naomi has made a name for herself for a couple of months now as a heel ever since she brutally attacked Paige, in her home country of England after she won the Diva Battle Royal to be crowned the new number contender for Divas title.

Therefore due to Paige absence Naomi took her place as the number one contender. She has been gaining a lot of momentum ever since then, however the queen of the division in my opinion which is Paige is looking to reclaim her throne at the top. This should be a great match in my opinion there are many scenarios that could happen. I believe that Naomi needs to become the new Divas Champion due to her momentum if not now when she will get a little help from her bodyguard Tamina. It’s time for a change anyway and Paige doesn’t need the title right away. Due to the fact that she is over because she will always be a fan favourite whether she is a face or heel it doesn’t matter.

Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber match

R-Truth, Sheamus, Ryback, Ziggler King Barrett and Rusev

This will be a very intriguing elimination chamber match because it’s six men battling to crown the new vacant Intercontinental championship, because Daniel Bryan cannot defend the title. The competitors are R-Truth, Sheamus, Ryback, Ziggler King Barrett and the status of Rusev, is in question because he suffered a low leg injury on SmackDown. Therefore it will be interesting to see who will take his spot my fingers are crossed that it is Bray Wyatt. There are a lot of possibilities in terms of winners because you can make a case for just about every participate in the match. Now if Bray Wyatt is not involved in this match my pick to win is Sheamus, because he needs gold around waist to make him even more credible his character than he already is.

WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber

Kidd and Cesaro, The Lucha Dragons, The Prime Time Players, Los Matadores and The Ascension

This Tag Team match could and will steal the show, if it is executed properly and I have no doubt that WWE will do just that. I have to commend WWE for doing something different and something that we haven’t seen before in wrestling, which is extremely difficult to do because of what fans have seen already. This will be a great opportunity for all the tag teams to showcase their talent. The New Day will have the impossible task of retaining their Tag Team Titles against quality competition such as Kidd and Cesaro, The Lucha Dragons, The Prime Time Players, Los Matadores and The Ascension. I expect this to be one hell of a match and all the tag teams will shine and do their traditional spots. Now it is extremely difficult to predict who will win this match. I’m leaning towards the New Day to continue their overall tag team dominance in the tag team division.

Champion vs. Champion

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

I am most intrigued to witness this match between John Cena and Kevin Owens it’s a champion versus champion match, the US title is not even on the line but it does not matter. The WWE has done a phenomenal job with building this match which has only been a couple of weeks, it started when Kevin Owens made his debut on RAW. During Cena US Open Owens made Cena look like a fool on the mic. Then this past RAW after Cena successfully defended his US title against Zack Ryder which was a solid match then after that the match, Owen assaulted Cena once again. Then on SmackDown Kevin Owens stole the show once again with an entertaining interview with Michael Cole. Now heading into this match it is quite simple since it’s a non-title match, there is no reason why Kevin Owens can’ t win this match clean or have it end in a DQ with having Owens completely dominating Cena and beating the living hell out of him now.

Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose

WWE Heavyweight Championship

The night will end in a bang in the main event between brothers now turned into heated rivals. Seth Rollins will defend his WWE Heavyweight Championship against the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose. Making this match as significantly as possible it has a big fight feel to it in just two weeks, it’s quite an accomplishment in my opinion. The way that Dean Ambrose got involved in the title picture was absolutely brilliant crashing the Authority celebration. On RAW a couple of weeks ago after Rollins was successful in defending his title in a fatal four-way at last month Payback PPV. This past week on RAW Dean Ambrose was arrested for hitting a WWE employee.

The Authority thought they won because Ambrose would not be able to compete in the match this Sunday if he was in jail. However Dean Ambrose had different plans when he stole a police vehicle, and then he signed his Elimination Chamber contract so the match is still on.That being said my verdict for this match is that Rollins will successfully defend his title against Ambrose. Due to the fact that he will get help from an unlikely source and it will be Roman Reigns. Yes this idea is a far-fetched but that’s the point because nobody will see this coming and this could lead to a potential entertaining feud with Rollins and Reigns down the line.

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