Destiny Wrestling Night of Glory Review

Courtesy of Destiny Wrestling

Sunday was my first Destiny event it was historic because at Night of Glory it was the night to crown Destiny first World Champion. Therefore I was extremely excited because it was taking place on my birthday weekend and I got a chance to meet a WWE HOF Booker T. Now this was not my first time meeting him I got to meet him at WWF Axxess at 2002 at the time, but it’s always nice to meet him once again after all these years. As I always do I will provide my three count of the most significant highlights of the card as well as the other results.

1) First Destiny World Champion

The whole purpose of the night was to crown the first Destiny Wrestling World Champion. It was a tournament format where it was six matches in the opening round and the winners would advance to the finals in the main event. The opening contest was between Phil Atlas and Will White it was supposed to involve Jon Bolen I don’t know what happened to him. However Atlas was his replacement it was a great match White advanced in the tournament via a Swanton Bomb.

The next match was Randy Reign against Tyler Triva and I was very intrigued because I heard great things about both wrestlers. This was the first time I saw them live and I was impressed because both are going to be mega stars in my opinion if they get the right opportunities. It was a very physical encounter between both man and Reign was the last one laughing with a TKO to get the three count.

The next contest was an all out war between two of the very best in Ontario Josh Alexander against Tyson Dux and I was blessed to see one of Josh Alexander last matches in Ontario. Alexander held no punches and took Dux to the limit and it was an instant classic, but I was surprised that Dux had to cheat to win via a handful of tights.

Now RJ City took on a newcomer in Danhausen and even before the match started RJ City took shots at everybody in the crowd and that was hilarious. Anybody that knows City he is pure entertainment and a great heel that always gets the most out of the crowd. Now it was crazy because Danhausen had similar tattoos to CM Punk. I thought for his debut at Destiny Wrestling he had a solid match in my opinion but Cody Deaner assisted RJ City to victory.

Ethan Page was scheduled to face Brian Cage but he wasn’t able to make it therefore instead his replacement was PJ Black. To be quite honest it was an insane match the crowd was 50/50 for both men I was impressed with Black as it was my first time watching him since he left the WWE. PJ Black advanced in the tournament via a Moonsault off the ropes for the three count.

The last match in the tournament before the finals six man elimination match it was Joe Coleman taking on Cody Deaner. To be quite honest I didn’t know much about Coleman before because I never have seen him but I was very impressed with his in ring work. I could care less about this match because I have never been a fan of Deaner’s work to be honest. Coleman would advance in the tournament to the finals.

Now that the finals were set it was a six man elimination match that took place between Randy Reign, RJ City, Will White, Tyson Kidd, PJ Black and finally Joe Coleman. All hell broke loose and there was there was a double Suplex spot on Reign than all four man got on top of Reign to eliminate him. Then the last three-man involved in the match were PJ Black, Tyson Dux and RJ City. City eliminated Tyson with a School Boy roll up pin.

The final two men that were left standing was PJ Black and RJ City, therefore due to their alliance Cody Deaner was obvious going to get involved to assist RJ City to Destiny World Championship. Booker T had different plans he got involved because the referee was knocked out at the time. Therefore he threw Deaner out of the ring to call the match right down the middle. The finishing sequence had PJ Black hit a Superkick followed by a 450 Splash on RJ City, to get the three count and became the FIRST and NEW Destiny World Champion.

2) Overall feel

This was my first event and I must say that the overall presence of Destiny as a company is first class with their product and production. In addition with Santino Marella owning and running the Battle Arts Academy I was blown away with the state of the art facility. I was marking hard when I saw all of Santino Championship belts on a beautiful glass display in addition to all the posters and nice WWE pictures in nice frames.

3) Granted

Never take anything for granted in life anything can be gone in a matter of moments. For instance PJ Black gave Joe Coleman a Hurricanrana off the top rope, but accidentally Will White landed on Coleman after the move he was not moving for a couple of minutes so then they got paramedics to assist him out of the area. This was a scary moment anytime wrestlers get injured the match is never of importance due to the fact that Joe Coleman health becomes far more significant. Then we took a 5 minute intermission to let everything cool down.

We got great news from Scott D’Amore he stated that Coleman has got feeling back all throughout his body. Then I was talking to George “IceMan” and he told me the day after that Coleman is back home getting healthy which is great news. This is why I hate people who call Wrestling fake its scripted but Wrestlers are trained professionals but it still hurts getting slammed and taking bumps for years on your body. Plus wrestlers have to be incredible shape for their entire career if they want to make millions but not necessary all the time.

George “IceMan” and Destiny Wrestling dropped some massive announcements for their upcoming shows. August 30 SummerHeat is their next show and the Dudley Boyz will be making their debut. In addition the NEW Destiny World Champion PJ Black will be taking on Rey Mysterio on October 2.

Destiny Wrestling Night of Glory Results
Divas Match
Taeler Hendrix defeated Ashley America
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ROH Best In The World Review

Last night was ROH biggest PPV of the year and all I got to say is it delivered on all levels as I expected. ROH always proclaim they have the best wrestling on the planet after this PPV it’s hard to argument that statement. As always I will give you my thoughts in my three count as well as the results.

1) Champion vs Champion

ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe against ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal w/Truth Martini

Ladies and Gentleman the match that everybody has been waiting both Jay Lethal and Jay Briscoe both adhere to the code of honor, the crowd was going absolutely insane for this match as expected. Donovan Dijak made a stupid move trying to reach for Briscoe’s leg because of that decision both Dijak and J-Diesel were sent to the back.

I must say the beginning of this match started off extremely slow but that was because of psychology reasons by men. Then they both exchange blows back and forth, I love the aspect that both Briscoe and Lethal Family were in attendance which shows the significance of this match.

Lethal attempted a Suplex on the floor but it was not successful they both exchange chops. They both go right back to the outside, Lethal did his traditional suicide dives spots. Lethal went for a third attempt but he got  Clotheslined over the top by Jay Briscoe.

Then Truth Martini tripped up Briscoe, Lethal was able to capitalize and get a two count off of a backdrop. The two traded shots until and Briscoe hit a vicious elbow and a Neck breaker but he only got a near fall. Jay Briscoe wanted to put an end to this match via a Jay Driller, but Lethal turned it into a Lethal Combination for a near fall instead.

Eventually Briscoe wanted to put Lethal on the top rope, but he has struggled to pull off a Superplex. Lethal had different plans he knocked Briscoe off the top rope and he connected with Hail to the King elbow off the top rope, than  put Briscoe immediately in the Koji Clutch. Briscoe fought out of the hold and Martini distracted Briscoe on the apron which leads to a low blow to Briscoe from Lethal. Nigel McGuinness had enough of Martini tactics therefore he got sent to the back. Jay Briscoe absolutely killed Jay Lethal with a Jay Driller through a table off the apron.

Both men made it back inside the ring, but amazing enough Briscoe only got a near fall. Lethal got a Superkick, and also got dropped on his head due to the fact that Briscoe took him down with a vicious clothesline lariat with looked unbelievable and the crowd went absolutely crazy. The finishing sequence had Lethal hits the Lethal Injection for a near fall, then Lethal hit a Jay Driller followed by the Lethal Injection for three count. Jay Lethal made history and left with all the gold and now is your ROH TV and World champion, its well deserved because he has earned everything he has got in his career. I bet you TNA is regretting letting Lethal go as he has become one of the best wrestlers in the world.

2) 6 Man Tag Match
Bullet Club (AJ Styles & Young Bucks against The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Michael Bennett, Matt Taven) w/ Maria Kanellis

This match was absolutely insane as expected between the two best factions in the world currently in Wrestling The Kingdom against Bullet Club. Nick Jackson and Matt Taven started out the match, Matt Jackson was avoiding the action giving suck it to the Kingdom until he got gang attacked by The Kingdom. Matt Jackson gave Bennett a Superkick followed by a backbreaker, knee drop combo from The Bullet Club and then the Kingdom regrouped.

This was one of the crazy spots that I have ever seen in my life the Kingdom were on the outside and the Bullet Club wanted to do a triple Moonsault at the same time but the Kingdom ducked and they gave the Bullet Club three super kicks at the same time for the troubles followed by multiple suck it.

Bullet Club triple team Cole in the corner, and then Nick Jackson hit an assisted Swanton Bomb. They get a two count before Kingdom broke up the count. Adam Cole reversed a Styles Clash, and then all hell broke loose Superkicks all around, four in a row coming from both sides before Cole hits the Destroyer on AJ Styles. Then there was a hilarious spot as Cole celebrates he is met with two Super kicks by the Young Bucks. Bullet Club worked as a team and they connected with a double IndyTaker on Taven and Bennett, but there was no pin attempt.

The lovely Maria was in a bad place at a bad time she got up on the apron, and Styles brings her inside the ring then the Bullet Club destroyed her beautiful face with Superkicks. Styles hit Cole with a buckle bomb while the Bucks kick him, then scores Bloody Sunday for a two count. The finishing sequence had Cole take an Indy Taker followed by a Styles Clash for the three count.

3) Triple threat match

ROH World Champion #1 Contender’s Match
“Mr ROH” Roderick Strong vs. Moose vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

I thought this triple threat match was booked perfectly in my opinion. All three men showed respect to each other with handshakes. I like how Moose pay homage to the late great Dusty Rhodes, by giving Elgin the Bionic Elbow and the crowd exploded with “Dusty” chants. Then they moved to the outside and I found it hilarious when Elgin stole a fan old ROH replica belt then gave it back to him. Moose took out Strong with a pop up clothesline, for a near fall I found it hilarious how Elgin botched the double foot stomp on Moose and the crowd let him have it.

However shout out to Elgin for wanting to do it again properly, Elgin had an another amazing spot he hit a top rope Frankensteiner on Strong, while connecting with a Moonsault to Moose at the same time for a near fall. Strong managed to hit side slam off the second rope on Moose as well, but only got a near fall. There was a crazy finishing sequence when Elgin hit a nice backfist to Strong, then a double pop-up Powerbomb to Moose, but he doesn’t go for the pin. This led to Strong connecting with the Sick Kick to Elgin, then a Backbreaker, then Strong was focused on Moose now and he connected with the Sick Kick for the win.

Even though Strong got the victory as I expected it was obvious in my opinion. The match itself had a perfect rhythm and everybody looked phenomenal, but the real takeaway was Moose he has officially arrived and became a star in that match with his athleticism

Overall I went 5 out 7 on my predictions for the night and if Dijak and ACH and Sydal won their matches I would have given this PPV, a perfect 10/10 because those outcomes didn’t make any sense in my opinion. However minus those outcomes and finishes this PPV was historic, it’s a must see for any hardcore wrestling fan I would give this PPV a 9/10 in my opinion.

ROH Best In The World Results
Mark Briscoe defeated Donovan Dijak via FroggyBow Elbow from the top rope
Adam Page and BJ Whitmer defeated ACH and Matt Sydal via Rite of Passage
Dalton Castle defeated Silas Young via a low blow in a roll up pin
War Machine defeated C&C Wrestle Factory via Fallout
The Addiction defeated reDRagon to retain their ROH Tag Team Titles via Celebrity Rehab

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ROH Best In The World Preview

Tonight arguably is one of the best PPV’s of the year it will be taking place live on PPV at 9 pm in New York City from Terminal 5. Now before I give you my predictions, I must say that hype video for the main event is one of the best videos that ROH have ever produced.

Dalton Castle against Silas Young

Now this a difficult match to predict because this could go either way really it does not matter whether Castle wins or loses because he is so over. Now Young is coming off a broken leg injury, so he will be motivated to get back on his winning ways. Regardless it’s a big match for both man but Castle will find a way to win this match.

Donovan Dijak w/ Truth Martini against Mark Briscoe

This will be an intriguing contest between two quality wrestlers now if I am not mistaken this will be Dijak debut live on PPV. Now usually in this position Briscoe keeps these matches against young guys or rookies extremely close. No doubt about it Dijak will be victorious via Fest your Eyes.

Matt Sydal and ACH against Adam Page and BJ Whitmer

The new impressive team of Sydal and ACH will take on the Decade own Adam Page and BJ Whitmer. However I have a feeling that BJ Whitmer will be a coward once against and he will force Colby Corino into this match instead. Then Steve Corino will get involved leading to Sydal and ACH picking up the win, and in the process leading into a feud with Steve Corino and BJ Whitmer.

War Machine against C&C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander)

This will interesting contest because it will feature two tag teams from the future and the past. Both teams will want to pick up a win Cedric Alexander, is coming off huge momentum after he ended Moose undefeated streak a couple of weeks ago on TV. Caprice Coleman on the other hand is pissed off recently because he has been underutilized by ROH. War Machine is going to be motivated to continue their winning ways against C&C Wrestling Factory this is where we will see Alexander finally turn heel.

NO DQ for the ROH World Tag Team Championship
The Addiction against vs. reDRagon

Yet another tag team match that will be compelling and these two teams have bad blood. I am a fan of both these teams because of their excellent work rate in the ring; reDRagon will seek revenge after being screwed out of the Tag Team titles by Chris Sabin. This will be a crazy match and it will be a tag team clinic but you know that with NO DQ we all know, that all hell will break loose and Chris Sabin will be involved in this match once again. That being said the Addiction will retain their Tag Team Titles with the help of Chris Sabin.

Bullet Club (AJ Styles & Young Bucks against The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Michael Bennett, Matt Taven) w/ Maria Kanellis

I cannot wait for this match because it’s between two of the best factions in the world between the Kingdom and Bullet Club. Now we all know that the Kingdom were victorious against The Bullet Club at War of Wars night. So with that in mind The Bullet Club will be looking for revenge and once aspect is for certain this match will absolutely be crazy with insane spots and a super kick party. This is another difficult match to predict but I am envisioning The Bullet Club coming out victorious, and regardless this feud will carry over to New Japan.

ROH World Champion #1 Contender’s Match

“Mr ROH” Roderick Strong vs. Moose vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

This is going to be a compelling triple threat match to crown the new one contender for the ROH Champion. Obviously Elgin will seek to claim his ROH Championship back after beating Adam Cole last year at ROH live PPV debut Best In The World. Moose I feel will have a starting showing and will try to steal the show with his athleticism. However my final verdict is that Roderick Strong is unbelievable right now he has all the momentum in the world, not to mention he is the current PWG Heavyweight Champion. This year Roderick Strong is focused and he will become the NEW ROH Champion mark my words it will happen.

Main Event
Champion vs. Champion
ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe against ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal w/Truth Martini

Ladies and gentleman this is the match, which everybody has been waiting for and ROH has done a phenomenal job with their current build up to this match. ROH has built this as the most significant match in the company history for good reason; it’s rare when you get a Champion vs. Champion match which is a special occasion.

I must say regardless of fans opinions of either champion both have done an incredible job at elevating both the ROH TV and World Titles. In addition this has a big fight feel to it because both champions are coming in with undefeated streaks.

Jay Briscoe has not been pinned in two years and Jay Lethal has not been beaten since he has won the ROH TV Title, also he is the longest reigning champion in ROH history. When all the smoke clears Jay Lethal will continue to make history when the night is over, he will leave with all the gold and he will be called the best wrestler in the world.

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The Evolution of Jay Lethal

Arguably as wrestling fans I believe the greatest aspect about watching wrestling for years is when you see a wrestler developed, and evolve to a new level when you thought they could never reach that level. I am talking about Jay Lethal because on Friday he has the possibility of leaving with both the ROH TV and World title, against a man who hasn’t been beating in close to two years in Jay Briscoe.

I believe this is the perfect time to reflect on his career now leading him into his biggest match of his career this Friday. Now I know Lethal started off his career in ROH but during that time unfortunately, I didn’t follow the product on a regular basis because ROH didn’t have a cable deal so it’s hard for me to follow the product.

Back in the day I remember that I started to watch TNA randomly one day and my first event that I ever saw was Victory Road 2004. I was hooked ever since that point to their product until now because they are on their last life as a company. However I will cover significant highlights in Jay Lethal TNA career and his return home to ROH.

Lethal made his debut in TNA Impact in 2005 and he lost the X-Division title to Samoa Joe into 2006. Jay Lethal officially signed his deal with the company and he made his PPV debut at Against All Odds. Where he successfully won his debut match which was a fatal four-way against Matt Bentley, Alex Shelley and Petey Williams Lethal pinned Williams.

Then a year later TNA came up with a brilliant idea which at the time I loved because it was different, it was World Cup X where X-Division wrestlers fought other wrestlers from around the world. Jay Lethal, Alex Shelly Sonjay Dutt were involved with Team USA they lost to team Mexico. The last two participants left in the tournament where Chris Sabin defeated Team Canada Petey Williams for Team USA on TNA Impact for the World Cup X in 2006.

Even though hypothetically speaking Jay Lethal was not the face of the X Division he won the title an impressive six times over his career. In addition with that many title reigns he has shared that record as champion, with “Phenomenal” AJ Styles. Jay Lethal was even voted X Division Wrestler of the Year in 2007.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Lethal best time in TNA was during the Black Machismo gimmick for those two years between 2006-2008, he excelled at every level whether on the mic or in the ring. Due to the fact that he was a huge Macho Man fan growing up as a kid and you could tell that he was having fun. Macho man at that time actually endorsed Lethal for playing such an entertaining character of himself.

During that time he had three feuds that stood out such as Kurt Angle which he actually defeated for X Division title at No Surrender in 2007. Lethal other memorable feuds included Kevin Nash, Chris Sabin and his friend at the time Sonjay Dutt was fighting over their love interest So Cal Val at a Ladder of Love at No Surrender in 2008. So Cal Val actually turned on Lethal via a low blow allowing Dutt to climb the ladder and get the wedding ring.

Lethal teamed up with Consequences Creed then proclaimed themselves Lethal Consequences they were an entertaining tag team in my opinion. Lethal won a feast or fired briefcase which was a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Titles. In 2009 on Impact Lethal capitalized and cashed in his briefcase when Robert Roode had a match against Matt Morgan. Lethal Consequences did the unthinkable when they defeated the legendary Tag Team of Beer Money to become the NEW TNA Tag Team Champions. Unfortunately their reign as champions didn’t last long because Beer Money reclaimed their TNA Tag Team titles back.

Within the same year Lethal signed a multiyear deal with TNA and then when Hulk Hogan announced that he was coming to TNA Lethal challenged legends to face him. The legends that accepted Lethal challenge first was Jim Neidhart and Lethal took a surprising loss. Then Tatanka was next and Lethal suffered the same result, this would cause Lethal to be put off TV for awhile until Hulk Hogan made his TNA debut in 2010.

However I have to say even though it was a down year for Lethal and his work with Ric Flair and feuding with Fortune it was fantastic. A year later he left TNA Lethal returned home to ROH. I must say that Lethal has come back home with a bang he returned at Best In The World 2011 he defeated Mike Bennett. In August of that year he signed a ROH contact, and still to this date his TV match with El Generico for the ROH TV title was an instant classic in my opinion. Lethal was crowned the NEW ROH TV champion he carried the championship for quite a while he had an epic feud with Tommaso Ciampa.

Lethal would eventually lose his ROH TV title to Roderick Strong because of interference from Tommaso Ciampa that cost him that match. Lethal would get his revenge with Tommaso Ciampa at Border Wars 2012 when Lethal ended Ciampa underrated streak. Then this feud finally ended at Boiling Point in a two out of three falls where Lethal was victorious. In September 2012 Lethal won the Survival of the Fittest tournament he earned a shot at the ROH Championship. Lethal took on Kevin Steen in New Jersey but it ended in a no contest and they had a wonderful feud at that time. Steen spit in the face of Lethal’s mother face which made him snap and finally develop a killer instant and we saw a different side of him that we had never seen that before.

Lethal managed to get a second opportunity at the ROH World title at the 11th Anniversary but he was unsuccessful against Steen. Moving forward to the present he aligned himself with the devil Truth Martini arguably one of the best managers of all time. Martini has a proven track record of making many stars such as Roderick Strong, Michael Elgin and now Jay Lethal.

At Supercard of Honor VII Lethal defeated Ciampa to become a two time ROH TV champion and then became the officially leader of the House of Truth. Currently he still remains ROH TV Champion in addition to the longest ROH Champion in history. Lethal has an impressive track record of title defenses against Matt Taven, Caprice Coleman, ACH, Matt Sydal and Alberto el Patrón. Never in a million years would I have ever imagined that Jay Lethal would reach these heights of success he is currently at. Come this Friday at Best In The World live on PPV at 9pm, Lethal will make history once again and leave with all the gold

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MITB Review

Courtesy of WWE

The Money In The Bank PPV started off in a classy way, the WWE had a tribute shot of Dusty Rhodes with a ten count with the ring bell to remember his life. R-Truth took on King Barrett in the preshow and it was not much of a match, R-Truth picked up a win via a roll up pin. Here are my thoughts in my three count highlights the most significant aspects of the PPV.

1) Lived up to the hype

This was one of the matches I was mostly looking forward to and I did not know what to expect because I didn’t know, if Owens and Cena would live up to the expectations of the rematch and was I wrong. Going into this match I was sceptical on me because of the limited time they had to build up to this rematch and they delivered on all levels.

This match had similar spots such as the previous match but with many more near falls. Owens countered an AA in a sit out Power bomb for a near fall there was a spot where it looked like Owens, was going had Cena in a weird way but surprisingly Cena pulled off a flip Power bomb into a fall near.

The finishing sequence had Owens attempted to hit the Moonsault but failed and John Cena capitalized and he hit Owens with the AA for the three count. Even though I don’t agree with Cena winning it makes this feud even more compelling, and I am looking forward to their next encounter I am crossing my fingers it will happen at SummerSlam.

2) Main Event

I thought the main event was one of the best ladder matches that I’ve seen in recent memory. Shout out to Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for taking each other to the limit. These two men beat the living hell out of each other back and forth and bodies were lying on the floor for the majority of the match.

All throughout the match Rollins focused on Ambrose knees with multiple vicious steel chair shots in addition to applying Figure Four leg lock around the ring post. Ambrose was very resilient he fought back the entire match. Then the action took place on the outside where Ambrose flipped Rollins on a ladder, which was placed in between the announcer’s table and the ring it literally broke in half.

In addition to Dean Ambrose gave Dirty Deeds DDT to Seth Rollins on the announcers table and the table didn’t even break which was incredible. Rollins gave Ambrose multiple running Power bombs on the barricade which many fans thought it was over. The finish was unbelievable in my opinion despite people’s thoughts I like how both men fought for the belt and it fell in the hands of Rollins.

3) Surprises

I was very shocked that the MITB ladder match was first on the card. There were numerous spots that really caught my eye throughout the match. Kane gave a Choke Slam to Reigns off the ladder; in addition Reigns gave Kofi a vicious Power bomb on the ladder.

Then Randy Orton stole the show with multiple RKO’s on Kofi and Neville. With every wrestler being down the New Day came down to ring to help out Kofi but then Reigns gave Power bombs to Xavier Woods and Big E. Then as it looked like Reigns was going to win the match, Bray Wyatt came out of nowhere and then he pushed him off the ladder then gave him Sister Abigail. The finishing sequence of the match had Neville and Sheamus fighting at the top of the ladder and this led to Sheamus finally retrieving the briefcase.

I was really interested in this tag team encounter for the WWE Tag Team Titles between the New Day against the Prime Time Players. Going into this match I didn’t know what to expect because both teams had a lot of momentum. It was a very competitive match it went back and forth.The Prime Time Players only opportunity was when Big E missed a spear on Young, which allowed him to tag in O’Neil.

Titus O’Neil was going through both Woods and Big E with no problem then he finally hit Clash of Titus on Woods for the three count. Look even though fans were surprised I knew that it was a possibility of them winning. I am happy they are the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions because they should have been the champion’s years ago in my opinion.

Overall I thought this PPV was absolutely horrible if it wasn’t for Owens vs. Cena II and the main event for saving it. I would give this PPV a 5/10 because it was very lackluster confusing booking and horrible finishes in my opinion.

Money In The Bank Results
Nikki Bella defeated Paige via Rack Attack
Big Show defeated Ryback via DQ

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WWE MITB Preview

This Sunday Money In The Bank PPV will be taking place in Columbus Ohio now this card is decent in my opinion, as always I will provide my thoughts and give you my predictions. Now in the preshow it will be R-Truth against King Barrett this feud happened randomly because, R-Truth got involved in King Barrett matches causing distractions.

That being said the obvious choice is for King Barrett to pick up the win. I am leaning towards R-Truth even though a win is needed for both man badly. However that being said the way the WWE is booking Barrett it would not surprise me if he continues to get buried.

Big Show vs. Ryback Intercontinental championship

Even though I am not looking forward to this match I am willing to give this match a chance. Now for years Ryback has been stuck in the WWE after that massive push early on in his career he hasn’t seemed to recover from that point. Slowly the fans have been getting more invested in the Big Guy but I don’t know if having the Intercontinental title can really elevate his career.

Even though every wrestling fan knows that the IC belt is a stepping stone to greatness in the WWE I am still very skeptical. Big Show introduced himself randomly in this feud when he interfered in Ryback first title defense, on RAW weeks back against the Miz. Now I don’t to mind to see Big Show as Champion but in all honesty Show needs to retire already in my opinion. Now their segment on RAW made me even careless about this encounter because we saw Ryback give Big Show the Shell Shock on Miz TV. Therefore Ryback will win clean with the Shell Shock and he will retain his Intercontinental Championship.

Paige vs. Nikki Bella Divas Championship

I am looking forward to this match up and it will be very interesting to see if Paige will get revenge back on Nikki after being screwed in a title rematch, on RAW weeks ago with twin magic courtesy of Brie Bella. Paige gave the Bella’s a taste of her mind on SmackDown a few weeks ago, what she thought of them and they were responsible for holding back the rest of the Divas Division. I want Paige to be crowned the NEW Divas Champion, however Nikki Bella will have a plan up her sleeve and she will cheat to retain her Divas title once again.

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens II

The most awaited rematch in history in quite a while it will be going down Owens against Cena II. Kevin Owens has been destroying everybody in his path for six months ever since debuting on NXT. He made it clear that he would fight everybody to get to the top and be crowned the NXT Champion. Owens stayed true to his word and he made quick work of his best friend Sami Zayn, to become the NEW NXT Champion after multiple Pop up Power bombs and a referee stoppage.

Owens legend continued last month when Owens made his PPV debut at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Owens scored his biggest victory in his early WWE career clean with multiple Pop up Power bombs on Cena for the three count. While many fans were shocked I wasn’t because it was pretty obvious that because it was a non-title match that Owens had to go over clean. Contrary to what fans believe this Sunday I don’t care what anybody says Owens needs to be victorious once again, because a win for Cena really does nothing for his Hall of Fame career.

WWE Tag Team Championship

Prime Time Players against The New Day

This is will be a very intriguing encounter because the New Day has exceeded expectations as Tag Team Champions in my opinion. Last month at the Elimination Chamber PPV, the New Day survived five other tag teams in the first ever tag team elimination chamber match. On the other hand the Prime Time Players are riding high with momentum after their massive win, over the Ascension and Los Matadores  on SmackDown. They were crowned the new number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team titles. If you ask me the Prime Time Players should have been WWE Tag Team Champions years ago. I cannot go against the New Day they are too good right now and they will continue their winning ways by cheating to retain their titles.

Money In The Bank contract match

Neville vs Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler Kane and Kofi Kingston

Now heading into this Money In The Bank ladder match we all know that they are very entertaining and unpredictable matches throughout their history. Now we all know that Kofi and Neville will be used in the match, for the sole purpose of doing high-flying spots that are expected from two phenomenal athletes.

Now the obvious push for this match is to have Roman Reigns win and get revenge back on the Authority. Then finally have an opportunity to be crowned the new WWE Heavyweight Champion for the first time in his career. However my heart wants Kofi Kingston to win, because it would be a shocking outcome because nobody would see that coming.

In addition to the fact that if he was to win The New Day would all be crowned Money In The Bank winners. This means they would utilize the Free Birds rule that any members of The New Day, can cash in the briefcase to win the WWE Heavyweight Championship. It would be amazing to witness this because we have never seen this before at the Money In The Bank PPV. Being realistic though once the smoke clears Roman Reigns will be the last one standing on the ladder as he retrieves the MITB briefcase.

Main event

Seth Rollins against Dean Ambrose Ladder Match WWE Championship

For the longest time I was complaining because I thought that Dean Ambrose was irrelevant for months and he was going nowhere, then finally WWE has utilized him in a very entertaining and an effective way.

Dean Ambrose successfully asserted himself in the main event title picture at last month’s Elimination Chamber PPV and it ended in controversial fashion. Rollins being an assertive champion he got Dean Ambrose intentionally DQ so he could successfully retain his title, however it didn’t go according to plan. Another referee made his way down to the ring and Dean Ambrose capitalized by hitting the Dirty Deeds DDT, for the three count to crown Ambrose the NEW WWE Heavyweight Champion.

Ever since losing his title Seth Rollins has officially hit rock bottom and he has not looked the same ever since then. Seth Rollins has gone so far as stating that he does not need the help from the Authority anymore. This passed RAW he hit an extremely low in his career when he lost to J and J security due to a distraction at the hands of Dean Ambrose.

It’s funny how everything can change in a year last June Rollins shocked the world when he turned his back on his brothers, in The Shield to align himself with the Authority. Then the last MITB PPV Rollins was involved in the MITB ladder match and Kane assisted Seth Rollins, to victory and he was proclaimed the future of the WWE.

We all know how the story ended with Rollins cashing in his briefcase at WrestleMania in the main event. Rollins made history being the first NXT Champion and the first wrestler to cash in his briefcase at WrestleMania. Rollins impressively defeated both Reigns and Lesnar to become the NEW WWE Heavyweight Champion at the same time in a triple threat match.

Now this is a very difficult match to predict because there are multiple scenarios that could happen, however the way I look at it’s quite simple. All the fans know HHH will be having a feud with Rollins in future most likely SummerSlam, even though I want to Rollins to become champion once again it does not make sense. Therefore Dean Ambrose will retrieve the title from the ladder he will be crowned the NEW WWE Heavyweight Champion, as he is celebrating his victory it will be short-lived

Due to the fact that we will see Roman Reigns cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase and win the title. This is scenario is perfect because you can have Reigns turn heel in my opinion. WWE should have turned Reigns heel months ago due to his mix crowd reaction and this is the right opportunity, to do so and by doing this you also create a compelling storyline that nobody saw coming.

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Elimination Chamber Review

Courtesy of WWE

I was pleasantly surprised with the Elimination Chamber PPV last night it exceeded my expectations in my opinion. In the preshow Stardust took on Zack Ryder and Stardust pick up the win via the Dark Matter. On Miz TV Daniel Bryan announced his shocking return to the ring which I am not surprised because I read reports he could return at SummerSlam we will have to wait and see what happens. As I always do I provide you with my three count of the significant highlights of the show in addition to the results at what took place.

1) Instant Classic

Now going into this match I did not know what to expect in terms of backing the match but I must say it was absolutely perfectly in my opinion. Kevin Owens absolutely dominated Cena. I was not surprise at this. There were certain spots that Owens performed on Cena and I was shocked, such as doing moonsault which I did not expect to see in addition to AA on Cena.

There was a super kick spot throughout the match that was a tribute to both the Matt and Nick Jackson of the Bullet Club. I have to give Cena respect for putting Owens over immediately which was simple, but it just goes to show you how selfless John Cena has become. This match was an instant classic on all levels with many near falls that left fans on the edge of their seat the entire match. It took two Pop up Power bombs to pick up a massive victory and a star was born in his debut PPV debut.

2) Controversy

It was time for the main event and I knew it would be entertaining however I was intrigued to witness the match, because it could have went in many different scenarios. In the preshow Dean Ambrose promised to take the title from Rollins and the Authority, then Reigns came in and he stated that he would be in Ambrose’s corner.

This led me to believe that Reigns would turn on Ambrose and turn heel due to the crowd mix reaction of him for months now. Now onto the match it was perfectly booked in my opinion it was a fast paced match, with numerous near falls. Fans knew that with the WWE Heavyweight championship being in jeopardy the Authority would get involved and it was no surprise they did. Ambrose got rid of the Authority via multiple running elbows knocking them off the ring apron.

Seth Rollins knew he was in danger therefore he put the referee in front of him, as Ambrose came off the top rope with an elbow that knock out the referee. Then all chaos broke loose then out of nowhere Ambrose connected with the Dirty Deeds but no referee was present, another referee came down to the ring in time he counted three. Dean Ambrose is the NEW Heavyweight Champion and there was a huge pause because every fan was like what just happened. Then the other referee that got knocked down reversed the decision and your winner via DQ was Rollins. However Ambrose had different plans and he left with the title in controversial fashion.

3) Surprises

It was announced on the preshow that a former world champion would be replacing Rusev in the Intercontinental Elimination Chamber match. Now this was good match, but the crowd was absolutely dead which it hurt the overall atmosphere of this contest. No disrespect to Mark Henry I like him however I would love to see another former World Champion instead.

Sheamus had a genius strategy and he pretended that he was trapped in his pod he let everybody else beat each other up, and then capitalized on the situation. Sheamus gave Ryback quite a beating when he connected with the White Noise and a Fireman carry on the steel structure. However Ryback got his strength back and Ryback had the last laugh when he hit the Shell Shock for the three count to became the NEW Intercontinental Champion. Hopefully this belt and will elevate his overall career but I am very skeptical though.


I thought that the PPV was above average and I would give it an 8/10 however the crowd involvement really hurt the PPV overall feel in my opinion. WWE should ban all events from Corpus Christi because they are always dead like a funeral home with no fan reactions for the entire night.

Elimination Chamber Results
The New Day retained their Tag Team Titles via Trouble in Paradise to Titus O’Neil
Nikki Bella retained her Divas title via the Rack Attack Naomi
Neville defeated Bo Dallas via Red Arrow

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