Hulk Hogan Involved In Racial Controversy

Courtesy of The WWE

Arguably in the 80’s there were multiple high-caliber superstars in the wrestling Industry. Such as Bret Hart, Rick Rude, Mr Perfect, Macho Man Randy Savage Roddy Piper to name a few. However there was one mega superstar Hulk Hogan that revolutionized that Pro Wrestling and made it mainstream and bridge the gap from causal to hardcore wrestling fans.About a week ago Hulk Hogan was in controversy that involved racism, I wanted to wait until all the smoke cleared to give you my thoughts. Now personally this situation is very fishy because these alleged comments happened over eight years ago when somebody secretly taped Hogan.

At the time Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke was dating an African-American and clearly Hulk Hogan was not pleased on numerous occasions in a conversation he mentioned the N word. This situation seems like its blackmail and let me set the record straight I don’t condone any racism but I believe this story is blown way out of proportion. Due to Hogan’s comments the WWE have decided to cut all ties with Hulk Hogan.Now forget Hulk Hogan for a second and just imagine everything that is said behind people’s backs. If our conversations were recorded I guarantee you that everybody would secretly talk about their friends. Those people who find out about it would not be happy one bit; they would be completely shocked that has happen all the time in my opinion.

Last year a similar scenario happened in sports with the Donald Sterling situation at the time he was the Los Angeles Clippers president. Then information surfaced that he was a racist because he stated, that he did not want any black people N word to show up at any Clippers games. This was another scenario of blackmail courtesy of Donald Sterling’s mistress Vanessa Stiviano she secretly recorded their conversations.This created a rift between the players and ownership because most of the players were African-American and they didn’t feel comfortable playing for a racist owner. Therefore he was stripped from his position and banned from the NBA. The former Microsoft CEO Steve Baller bought the Clippers for a mind-blowing $2 billion in May of 2014.

Now moving back to wrestling this is not the first time that wrestling has faced racism. Even though Vince McMahon is the chairman of WWE in no way McMahon is not a saint because in the past he has created a lot of sexually and racist storylines.There are a lot of racist storyline examples of USA vs. Iran Hulk Hogan and Iron Shiek, Nation of domination, Kaientai, Mark Henry Sexual Chocolate, Cryme Tyme , Muhammad Hassan terrorist bombing middle eastern, The Mexicools, Latino World Order to name a few. In addition Vince McMahon had a live segment on PPV at Survivor Series in 2010 with John Cena and Booker T where he called John Cena the N word. At the time this was a very risky move in my opinion this was very stupid move. In addition to being on PPV the amount of people who it reached there must have been a lot of fans that were offended.

That being said eliminating Hulk Hogan from the entire WWE library it’s impossible in my opinion. Relating this issue back to sports it is like the NBA wiping out Michael Jordan out of the history books which is impossible because he took basketball to a whole level in terms of marketing dollars and popularity of the NBA in the 80’s and 90’s. Now you can run down every other league in sports to try to take away all the superstars of each sport. Those athletes have done something wrong in the past and because of their actions, their respected leagues all of a sudden decide to eliminate every athlete who took their respect sport and elevated it won’t happen it doesn’t make sense.

That’s how I feel about Hulk Hogan even though I have never been a big fan of his because in my opinion he has always been overrated. However without Hulk Hogan wrestling would have never been the multimillion-dollar industry that it is today. Therefore Hulk Hogan contributions to the wrestling industry cannot go unnoticed. Hulk Hogan was a genius in terms of marketing because he can sell just about anything and make millions of dollars, due to the fact that the fans made him into a mega star buying absolutely everything of his.

Over the years with his status that he has created I believe Hulk Hogan envisions himself as God and very untouchable. However we have seen in society that if a mega star in sports or a celebrity you can fall from grace extremely fast all it takes is one stupid decision. Now if Hulk Hogan business sense was the same as his common sense he would be fine however it’s far from the opposite. Hulk Hogan has been extremely stupid in the past on multiple occasions involving multiple sex tapes that has been released with multiple women.

Last but not least I will leave it at like this I find that Hulk Hogan hasn’t received fair treatment. Once again I do not condone being racist but this incident happened eight years ago and it was not in the wrestling setting. Worst comes to worst I feel that the punishment handed down from the WWE to Hulk Hogan was way too harsh.Everybody makes mistakes and he should be forgiven the maximum punishment that I would have given Hogan a significant fine and to create exposure for the WWE to limit racism in society by going to schools or at events to indicate how bad racism really is. It’s unfortunate that racism still exists in this society because I thought a lot of individuals would be educated enough, but there are always individuals with a lack of common sense however nothing really surprises me anymore.

Vince McMahon has always been a genius business man and when there is money to be made he always does what’s best for business. There is way too much money to be made at WrestleMania 32 next year with Hulk Hogan. I will guarantee that Hogan will be involved in some capacity at WrestleMania 32.

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SmackDown Review 7/29/15

Smackdown for the most part this week was very traditional with the matches we have all seen before as it usually is. As I always say SmackDown is a RAW replay in my opinion, like I always do I will provide my three count as well as the results.

1) Cesaro continues shines

Seth Rollins opened up the show and he continued to brag about how good he really is as does weekly. Cesaro interrupted him and he stated that he wants a match with Rollins immediately. Kevin Owens made his way down to the ring on commentary and once again, continues to impressive me he has a career in commentary after he retires in my opinion. This match once again was solid back and forth action both man got their spots in and it was even.

Cesaro attempted to go for the Cesaro Swing but Owens got involved and the match was thrown out. Then the main event was a tag team match, Rollins and Owens took on Cesaro and his mystery tag team partner was Dean Ambrose. This was a very entertaining match with a unique finish Owens went for a Pop up Powerbomb on Ambrose, but Cesaro countered Owens into a roll up pin which is a massive win for Cesaro.

2) Stardust and Neville Feud

I must say that WWE has done a fantastic job with hyping up this potential feud moving forward between Stardust and Neville. Stardust made quick work of R-Truth and he changed the name of his finisher from Dark Matter to The Queens Crossbow. I love how WWE have unitized comic book themes in their videos to tell the story between the two. I expect to see them in a match at SummerSlam because WWE needs to cover the new 4 hours time spot.

3) Swagger against Rusev

To my surprise we got a Jack Swagger sighting because SmackDown was live from Oklahoma. It was nice to see Swagger back in action however the outcome was no surprise it was a solid match in my opinion. It’s just unfortunate that there is nothing for Swagger to do on the main roster his release will come eventually. That being said his troubled past doesn’t help him either being busted for marijuana multiple times.    

SmackDown Results

The Lucha Dragons and Los Matadors defeated The Accession and The New Day

Rusev defeated Jack Swagger via The Accolade

Stardust defeated R-Truth via The Queens Crossbow

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Undertaker vs Lesnar II My Thoughts

 Courtesy of the WWE

April 6th in 2014 the unthinkable happened when Lesnar ended Undertaker undefeated WrestleMania streak. Fast forward to last month Battleground PPV on July 19 2015 Undertaker made a surprise appearance. He cost Lesnar the opportunity to win the WWE Heavyweight title, therefore Rollins successfully retained his title by DQ.

Then the next night on RAW Undertaker made another surprise appearance and he made his intentions clear. Undertaker stated that he never dies and that at Battleground, he was reborn he issued a challenge to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

That physical encounter and fight within the ring and the backstage brawl between Undertaker and Lesnar was absolutely insane. The booking itself of the brawl was perfect because of all the raw emotion, and intensity it made the moment that much more special.

I believe the best aspect of that brawl was when Brock Lesnar told Undertaker he will kill him. It stood out because it had a legit real factor to it and having the entire roster come out, in order to break up both man from fighting just adds more significance and build up towards their match at SummerSlam . It was so surreal because it had so many elements, of one of the best eras in wrestling ever the Attitude Era in opinion.

I believe the best aspect of that brawl was when Brock Lesnar told Undertaker he will kill him. It stood out because it had a legit real factor to it and having the entire roster come out, in order to break up both man from fighting just adds more significance and build up towards their match at SummerSlam . It was so surreal because it had so many elements, of one of the best eras in wrestling ever the Attitude Era in opinion.

Depending on the outcome there might be a possible third match before Undertaker retires. The Undertaker gaining revenge on Lesnar for taking the only significant record in wrestling which still mattered. Shout out to Undertaker because he looks like he is in his best shape, which he has been in years in my opinion. One thing that is guaranteed regardless of the outcome of the match, fans live in attendance and millions watching at home exclusively on the WWE Network will be the real winners.

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Raw 7-27-2015 Review

This week on RAW it was very refreshing because fans got to witness first time matches which is different and compelling. As always I will give my thoughts in my three count showcasing what the most significant of the highlights and the results.

1) Main Event

The match event itself was classic in my opinion because Rollins against Cena for the US title. This cements that week in and week out Cena steals the show because his work now is hard to top. Both Rollins and Cena have incredible chemistry because of the past work. Shout out to John Cena for being one of the toughest talent, on the roster getting his nose broken and still continued the match.

2) First Time Ever Matches

The first time matches were a nice touch and theme to have. It seems that the writers and creative have an easier time to book the matches. However themes can’t be done every week or they will become stale. I wouldn’t mind them doing this again as long as they wait a few months before hand. The first time ever matches helped Raw have back to back good shows for the first time in months. WWE is really stepping up for this SummerSlam build.

3) Wyatt Family unites

I’m not sure how I feel about this Wyatt Family being reunited. I really like that they are using Luke Harper, Harper is a very under utilized talent that can really go in the ring and has underrated mic skills. If this leads to the tag match it seems to be leading to it should be a great match between Harper and Wyatt vs Ambrose and Roman. I hate how Erick Rowan is not in the storyline because of injury and adding a new Wyatt just seems odd and weird. Although the more people able to get involved in SummerSlam the better for the talent.

RAW Results

Big Show defeated Dean Ambrose via count out

Neville defeated Fandango via Red Arrow

Sasha Banks defeated Paige via Banks Statement

The Lucha Dragons defeated Los Matadors

Charlotte and Becky Lynch defeated Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox via disarmer arm bar on Alicia Fox

Randy Orton defeated Kevin Owens via DQ

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Now coming off of their biggest pay-per-view of the year last month at Best In The World, ROH will follow it up with a very interesting IPPV tonight with Death Before Dishonor XIII. As always I will provide you with my thoughts and predictions for this IPPV.

Will Ferrara vs. “Last Real Man” Silas Young

This match to me makes absolutely no sense because the outcome of this match doesn’t elevate Silas Young in any way. Will Ferrara is good talent but there is no way that Ferrara comes out on top with the victory. Silas Young needs a win in the worst way after coming off a loss at the hands of Dalton Castle at Best In The World PPV last month.

First Time Match

Adam Cole vs. Dalton Castle w/ The Boys

This is a very intriguing encounter between one of the best in ROH returning from injury Adam Cole against one of ROH brightest stars Dalton Castle. This will no doubt be a very entertaining contest I want to see and hear the atmosphere of the crowd. Now there’s only one way to go in this match and it pretty obvious Adam Cole needs to go over. That being said it doesn’t matter what happens to Castle, because regardless he will look like a million dollars being paired with one of the best in Adam Cole.
Grudge Match

Moose with Stokely Hathaway vs. Cedric Alexander with Veda Scott

This arguably has to be one of the most compelling matches on the card in my opinion. Moose was flying high until Veda Scott cost him his match and his undefeated streak in Toronto at the TV tapings against Cedric Alexander. I believe this match will be coming out party for two excellent underrated talents, this is a difficult match to predict but I am leaning towards Moose to get the win and get his revenge back on Cedric Alexander.
First Time Ever

The Briscoes vs. RPG Vice (Rocky Romero & Beretta)

As a wrestling fan it is always great when you get to witness a match that you’ve never witnessed before. It will always great to see the Briscoes Brothers return as a tag team to take on a relatively new tag team in RPG Vice I am a huge fan of theirs. In the end Briscoes will be victorious because both will be looking to get back to winning ways.

No Disqualification Match

ACH vs. Adam Page

This feud I believe could be way better then what it currently is. However on the other hand I am excited that Adam Page it’s finally getting an opportunity to really showcase his skills without The Decade, being involved in your typical tag matches in which we usually witness. Now as far as this match is concerned I am going with ACH to pick up a much needed victory and even up this feud at one a piece.

4 Corner Survival Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship

The Addiction (c) vs. War Machine vs. reDRagon vs. the Kingdom

This match has the potential to steal the show in my opinion, between four quality tag teams. Ring of Honor prides itself on delivering the very best when it comes to tag team wrestling. It’s quite obvious here that The Addiction will once again retain their Tag Team titles; because it’s way too early for them to drop the belts and they will get help from Chris Sabin.

*Main Event*
ROH World Championship

Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini vs. Roderick Strong

Ladies and gentlemen this is the match that everybody has been waiting for between two of the best that Ring of Honor has to offer in my opinion. Roderick Strong is an ROH veteran that has done absolutely everything there is to do in Ring of Honor winning every title he has earned the nickname Mr ROH.

Compared to Jay Lethal on the other hand he has completely evolved as a wrestler to a whole new level. Lethal possesses all the gold in ROH the TV and World Champion, in addition to having the longest title reign in company history for his TV title run. When all the smoke clears Lethal will once again leave with all the gold there is no doubt in my mind.

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SmackDown Review 23/7/15

Photo credit courtesy of the WWE

This episode of the Smackdown this week was compelling and entertaining as always I will provide you with my three which is the significant highlights of the show including the results.
SmackDown Results

1) Feuds
Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper continue their momentum when they interfered in the opening match of SmackDown against Sheamus and Dean Ambrose. It was a pretty even match in my opinion and then as soon as Ambrose was getting momentum coming off the top rope and laying an elbow to Sheamus.

The lights suddenly turn out in the arena and Bray Wyatt makes his way down to the ring and then as Ambrose turns around he see’s Harper standing on top of the announcer’s table. Eventually Sheamus got the upper hand and got the win via the Brogue Kick. Ever since Dean Ambrose lost the Ladder match against Seth Rollins at Payback for the WWE Heavyweight Championship he has fallen from grace once again what seems to be a recurring theme in his career so far.

That being said unless Ambrose is involved in the title picture in a unique way I am not invested in him whatsoever on the mid card roster even though he is extremely talented to me he is always just very stale. I envisioned him being involved in and tag team match with Roman Reigns against Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper at SummerSlam.

Even though Kevin Owens is not the NXT champion or US Champion it doesn’t matter because he has positioned himself remarkably because in the future he could have with feuds with the following superstars next Balor, Cesaro, Rusev Cena, Zayn or just about anybody on the main roster. Once again Owens was fantastic on SmackDown he stated that he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants and that’s why he left the main event on RAW and Rusev was confused which Lana he liked better the real one or Summer Rae.

It was a really good match with Rusev but when you have Owens carrying you throughout the match it’s no surprise. However I have to give credit to Rusev because lately he has really been impressing me with his in ring work. Rusev got the win via a count out. Regardless the important aspect both men looked extremely strong that all that matters because a loss doesn’t hurt Owens at all in my opinion.

2) Divas Revolution

Continuing on a very strong theme from Monday with the Divas Revolution they had another solid Divas tag team match. The Bella’s got the last laugh this time via Nikki hit the Rack Attack on Naomi for the three count. I expect them to have a series of matches for a couple of months until new divas eventually get called up to the main roster.

3) Main Event

Cesaro can’t do anything wrong because ever since his classic matches with John Cena he continues to shine. I’m happy Cesaro is getting multiple opportunities to do just that because he is way too talented, to just stay at the mid card level and not evolve involve as a wrestler. Seth Rollins and Cesaro had a very entertaining main event; once again Seth Rollins had to cheat to pick up the victory, via a finger poke followed by the Pedigree.

Smackdown Results
Sheamus defeated Dean Ambrose via a Brogue Kick
Neville defeated Adam Rose via Red Arrow
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House Of Hardcore 9 IPPV Review

Photo credit courtesy BulletClubNJPW

On Saturday House of Hardcore 9 went international for the first time and I must say it was a fantastic show not to mention, that I got to meet ECW legends Tommy Dreamer and Rhino. In addition to meeting John Hennigan now known as Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground and last but not least TNA Knockout and former Playboy Model Traci Brooks.

Shout out to Tommy Dreamer for being such a class act individual he was talking to me way before the show started. I anticipate HOH to be back in Toronto every year because according to Justin Roberts the former WWE ring announcer. He made it official that HOH 9 broke the all time attendance record, for all other previous House of Hardcore events which was not a surprised in my opinion. Ironically enough on that day there was Toronto’s hottest day in roughly about three years it was 40°C so it was a heat wave. That was nothing because according to Justin Roberts the Ted Reeve Area was 51°C which was an all-time record because AC is not hardcore.

1) Tag Team Wrestling Reigns Supreme

The main event was unbelievable high-flying spots and super kicks spots throughout the match in addition to the energy from the crowd. To be honest with you it was too hard for me to focus because I was marking out way too hard and too much. Not to mention this was a tag team dream match and you had the best tag teams from the past and future.
I felt like I was a 10-year-old kid watching Team 3D aka the Dudley Boyz still can perform at a very high level in my opinion. It was a hilarious because both teams stole their signature moves such as Super Kicks to the Young Bucks and then Wass up from the top rope to Team 3D. The finishing sequence had Team 3D defeated The Young Bucks via a Powerbomb off the top rope through a table to Nick Jackson.

After the match Team 3D got on the mic to give praise to the Young Bucks, which I thought was a very classy act on their behalf, and they gave an interesting story about how they broke into the business. They stated that people said Team 3D would never be successful but they were just that. Even though the Young Bucks were different they started making a name for themselves, ever since they told the wrestling world to suck it. The Young Bucks began to do things their way and they never listened to anybody ever again. This led them to become megastars and they are arguably considered the best Tag Team currently in Pro Wrestling.

2) Eight man Tag Team match

Team Tremedenous, Hacker Scotty and Matt Striker defeated Ethan Page, RJ City, Vik Delishus and Ben Ortiz

This eight-man tag was absolutely insane on all levels because in my opinion every participant that was involved really showcased their skills and talent. That match started off with Ethan Page and Hacker Scotty, there was a huge contingent of fans screaming Alpha 1 which was a pretty surreal moment. Alpha 1 Wrestling is one of top Ontario wrestling promotions out there. They always push the envelope and give their fans unique matches that they have never seen before.

However the real stars of this match was Team Tremendous I was skeptical at first because this was my first time seeing them live. I read about them blowing up on the Indy scene such as Beyond Wrestling, CZW and PWG to name a few promotions. Then Bill Carr absolutely blew me away with his athleticism for such a massive guy doing flips from the ring to it outside on the competition, Moonsaults, Hurricanrana last but not least a flipping Piledriver to pick up the win for his team

3) Overall feel

Now I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the overall production and to feel it. I expected no different because I know that House of Hardcore is in good hands when the leader of the company is such a brilliant mind in Tommy Dreamer. He knows what’s best for business by giving young talent the opportunity to get exposure and to show off their talent. I have never been to a show that has been more balanced from top to bottom; including all the surprises the show never had a dull moment. This is extremely hard to do for 4 hours live on IPPV. The overall presence of the company resembled an old school ECW feel to in my opinion it was a sold out Ted Reeve Area, packed with hardcore wrestling fans that wanted to witness pure wrestling. Everybody left happy because all the fans got their money back in terms of the wrestling and entertainment.

House of Hardcore 9 Results
Chris Hero defeated Tommy Dreamer via a spinning elbow
Bobby Roode defeated Pepper Parks via a Perfect Plex
John Hennigan defeated Tony Nese via Starship Pain
The Addiction defeated The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) – Traci Brooks fought Maria during the match
Tommaso Ciampa defeated via a running Knee to Eddie Kingston faced – during this match the bottom rope broke
Austin Aries defeated Rhyno with the 450 splash

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