Destiny Wrestling SummerHeat Review 30/8/15

                                                         Photo credit courtesy of Destiny Wrestling

Last night Destiny Wrestling presented SummerHeat and it was an overall successful despite the fact that the Dudley’s Boyz, could not show up due to travel issues. However the Iceman guaranteed the Dudley’s Boyz will be back in a couple of months at Destiny Wrestling due to contract agreements. As I always do I will provide my three count and my thoughts on SummerHeat.

1) Adapting 

Adapting is crucial because in wrestling everything doesn’t do according to plan travel issues and injuries are a regular occurrence, however the famous line is the show must go on and that is what happened. That being said Will White could not participate because it seemed like he had a shoulder or arm injury as well and therefore a Puerto Rican by the name of Damian Adams took Will White spot in this fatal-four way match to start the night off with a bang.I must say it was a brilliant move to start off with this fatal four-way because the crowd was very into this match and all the participants got their shine on and minus Burke boring vegan gimmick I thought he was a solid wrestler.

Throughout this match there were crazy flips and Moonsaults being performed on the outside, O’Shea was very impressive in his Destiny debut which was no surprise he performed a crazy Moonsault on the outside that took out everybody.Then Damian Adams took out all three men with a dive on the outside from the top rope. O’Shea and Burke finished off the match because Page and Adams were occupied with beating the living hell out of each other. O’Shea hit his traditional cutter spot followed by CTR ALT DEL on Burke for the three count.

Bobby Roode and Rhyno against The Flatliners

Due to the fact that the Dudley Boyz couldn’t show up due to travel issues The Iceman made a couple of phone calls in the morning and he got very suitable and world-class opponents in Bobby Roode and Rhyno as The Dudley Boyz replacements. I thought those were excellent choices to replace the Dudley Boyz because Roode and Rhyno are very underrated in my opinion and they deserve way more respect than they receive.

Shout out to The Flatliners Nick and Matt they made a statement by doing numbers on Roode and Rhyno which is no surprise. Due to the fact of The Flatliners tag team experience and savvy tag team awareness by doing multiple double-team moves. They made sure they isolated both Rhyno or Roode from tagging them in order to wear them down.

However all it took for Rhyno was the opportunity to capitalize when he and Matt were in the ring after Roode and Nick were beating up each other, Rhyno connected with the Gore and nobody gets up from that. That being said for a replacement match that was amazing because of the crowd was into the entire match. After the match off all four men stood in the ring, both Roode and Rhyno grabbed the mic to show respect to The Flatlanders calling them the future of tag team wrestling.

2) Heated Rivalry

Kross throughout the match was targeting Reign’s legs all match long and then he would grab the mic to tell Randy not to snap which was a brilliant because he knew that things would get out of control and he tried to get the upper hand on Reigns. Kross teased the fact that he was going to use a steel chair but he didn’t and then Kross suddenly snapped and he decided to hit Reign with a steel chair this match ended in a DQ. Then Cross choked out Reign with his tie and then Reign’s friend Master Samir got in the ring and Kross decided to choke out his Reign friend as well. Then Reign slowly got up and he connected with a vicious TKO to lay out Kross. As I predicted I knew it was going to end in a no contest in order to continue this long heated rivalry.

3) Main Event

Kongo Kong against PJ Black

Now the main event PJ Black had his first title defense against Kongo Kong I didn’t know what to expect because I have not seen Kong Kongo live before.I was blown away from Kong athleticism for a big man almost 7 feet tall and 400 pounds he moved around like a cruiserweight which was very impressive and he tossed Black like he was a rag doll like he was nothing with his vicious Belly to Belly Suplex. Kongo was so agile coming off the ropes with his cannonball roll and he is with his flips I have never seen a big man move like that.

As all great champions do they take all the punishment they can but at the end of the day they always find a way to overcome the obstacles and retain their championship. It was like Black was really in a handicap match because Scott D’Amore always got his cheap shots in as expected as a heel manager when the referee was not looking.

However there was a referee knocked out and PJ Black got an assist from an unlikely source in Stone Rockwell The Adventure he delivered a vicious Suplex off the second rope to Kong. This was followed by PJ Black climbed to the top rope to perform, his beautiful 450 Splash to retain his Destiny World title. Black will have his hands full defending his title against the living legend Rey Mysterio, at the next Destiny show on Oct 2nd No Limits. Overall I would give this card an 8/10 regardless of the unfortunate circumstance it was another great show I just love the BattleArts Gym because the overall feel and atmosphere.

SummerHeat Results
Tyler Triva defeated Robbie MacAllister via a roll up
Ray Bernardo and Joe Coleman defeated RJ City and Jimmy Nutts Ray rolled up RJ City
Jennifer Blake defeated Alexia Nicole
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Destiny Wrestling SummerHeat Preview

Photo credit courtesy of Destiny Wrestling

Sunday it would be my second Destiny Wrestling show and it has a stellar card from top to bottom. I am really looking forward to it because I have the opportunity to witness the Dudley Boyz live in action, as they take on The Flatliners it will be my first time seeing them in action since 2004 SummerSlam. In addition to all the other compelling matches, therefore I will provide my overall thoughts and predictions for the matches.

Fatal Four Way

Markus Burke against Scotty O’Shea against Ethan Page against Will White

Now I don’t know too much about Marcus Burke but all I know is that he wrestled in the Maritimes, he looks very impressive but I will have to wait and see how he performs on Sunday. Then the other three competitors are arguably three of the top talents in Ontario. I feel that Scotty O’Shea is one of the most underrated talents in Ontario, that doesn’t get enough credit and I am happy for him making his Destiny debut.

Then you have Ethan Page who in my opinion he is the best talent currently in Ontario he has been killing the indies for years now. Page has become a champion in numerous promotions across Canada and the States. Then you have Will White he is a very talented wrestler and every time I have seen him in the ring I have been impressed. This match is a complete tossup anybody can walk out victorious but I’m leaning towards Ethan Page to come out with a three count.

RJ City against Ray Bernardo Santino Marella as the special guest referee

This match should be extremely entertaining and comical all at the same time this feud began back at Night Of Glory back in June. RJ City had some words for Ray Bernado and then it escalated from there the weeks after they went back and forth on social media.Ray Berardo has been putting in some serious work training with WWE Superstar Santino Marella weeks leading up to this encounter against RJ City to get into the best shape of his life. Even though RJ City has the advantage when it comes to the in ring experience compared to Ray he is making his in ring debut. I have a feeling that we will see some shenanigans, and Santino Marella will be involved and he will help Ray to victory.

Divas Match

Alexia Nicole against Jennifer Blake

This divas match will be very intriguing because these two women who are fantastic talents. I have had the opportunity to witness Jennifer Blake back at Smash Wrestling I was extremely impressed with her abilities in the ring. In addition Jennifer Blake is very well-traveled when it comes to the wrestling industry having wrestled in Mexico which is rich of history. On the other hand I have never seen Alexia Nicole live however I have been following her career for a couple of years now and from what I watched she has been turning heads in Ontario and stateside. This will be Nicole Destiny debut and with that being said I think she makes an impact on Sunday and walks out with a win.

Kevin Kross against Randy Reign

There are a lot of compelling matches on this overall card but I’m eagerly anticipating this match because of the quality storylines that are involved. For instance both Kross and Reigns were friends but they turned into bitter enemies that being said don’t expect to see a wrestling match, because this will be an all-out war between these two competitors.Now I am been reading up a lot about Kevin Kross he has a lot of experience in the wrestling industry, whether it in the states Kross had a match with Bobby Roode in GFW. In addition he has traveled to Japan and Mexico and Kross has made quite a name for himself in a very short time span.

Compared to Randy Reigns who when I first saw him he has a lot of potential and recently he had an NXT tryout in the past, Reign is arguably one of Ontario’s brightest stars the sky is the limit for him. This is a very difficult contest to predict because it could go either way Kross is making his Destiny debut he will want to make a statement out of Reign. However that being said I can envision this match ending in a no contest this will further lead into a long program between the two in my opinion.

Destiny Wrestling Legends Award

RIP Rogers

It looks like Destiny Wrestling will have a routine by presenting legends awards at every event to those individuals who were monumental in the wrestling industry. The first recipient of this award was Ron Hutchison back at Night Of Glory he trained Edge and Trish Status to name a few. Destiny announced that at ‪SummerHeat on Aug 30 they will honour yet another legend in RIP Rogers. Rogers was a vital wrestling figure, because he was a trainer at OVW when they were associated with WWE in the past. Rogers was responsible for training various superstars such as Randy Orton, John Cena, Batista, Santino, Damien Sandow and many more. This is another reason why I love and respect Destiny Wrestling. Due to the fact that they pay their tribute to monumental figures, in the wrestling industry that have helped create future stars for pro wrestling

Tyler Triva against Robbie MacAllister

Now I first saw Tyler Trivia against Randy Reign at Night Of Glory and I can tell that Triva has the totally package the look, he is great in the ring and on the mic. During his match Triva was chirping former WWE superstar Robbie MacAllister who was watching the match with the fans. After the match Robbie MacAllister was trading blows with Triva, I must say that McAllister is in great shape for his age. Tyler Triva will be way too much for Robbie MacAllister and he will get his hand raised in victory.

The Dudley Boyz against Flatliners

Then the co main event of the evening when you have one of the best tag teams in Ontario The Flatliners, against one of the most decorated Team Teams in the wrestling Industry with 24 Tag Team title reigns the Dudley Boyz its writes itself.I am extremely excited to say the least taking into consideration how the Dudley’s came back to the WWE on RAW it just adds to the anticipation. I last saw The Flatliners live at 2013 ROH Border Wars in a dark match against I believe the Monster Mafia. I was very entertained then from that point on seeing their matches on Youtube and I was never disappointed. That being said there is no doubt in my mind The Dudley Boyz has to go over The Flatliners in my opinion.

Main Event

Kongo Kong against PJ Black Destiny World Champion

PJ Black will be flying high after he was crowned the first ever Destiny World Champion at Night Of Glory back in June. It’s amazing when wrestlers leave the WWE and you get to see them have freedom, and they aren’t constricted to the WWE style and move set. PJ Black in my opinion currently is killing it in every promotion that he works for that’s great to see, I always knew that PJ Black was talented but the WWE never knew how to book him properly.

He will have his hands full with his challenger Kongo Kong and it will be a contrast of styles between speed against power this will be interesting to witness. You know that Scott D’Amore will get involved in some capacity to give Kong an advantage. When all the smoke clears PJ Black will retain his Destiny World title. Then PJ Black will collide with one of the best cruiserweight of all time in my opinion Rey Mysterio at Destiny next show No Limits on Oct 2nd.

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SmackDown Review 27/08/15

This week SmackDown was quite intriguing as it was a very compelling week in the WWE. There was a lot of shocking moments in the wake of the aftermath of Summerslam, as I always do I will provide my three count for SmackDown as well as the results.

1) The Dudley Boyz are back

It has been 10 years ever since the Dudley Boyz have got into a WWE ring and they finally came back home to the WWE on RAW, to an insane reaction by the fans in Brooklyn as expected. They sent a message to the New Day that they are coming for the WWE Tag Team titles, by delivering a vicious 3D to Xavier Woods through a table. Then on Thursday The Dudley’s made their anticipated return to SmackDown as they took on The Accession. It was a longer match than I expected but The Dudley’s looked amazing like they haven’t even lost a step. After the match The Dudley’s wanted to put Viktor through a table All of a sudden The New Day made their way to the ring. They brought hilarious signs like gives tables a chance, and save the wood regardless The Dudley’s didn’t listen and sent Viktor through a table via a Powerbomb off the second rope.

2) Seth Rollins Promo

Nobody can really touch Seth Rollins in the ring or on the mic currently in my opinion and once he proved that on SmackDown. It seems like ever since Rollins won the WWE Heavyweight title at WrestleMania 31 until now he seems very conformable on the mic. This SmackDown Rollins got on the mic and was bragging about his massive victory at SummerSlam as he should be.Then Rollins got irate when he brought out the events of RAW getting presented with his statue instead it was Sting. Rollins was heated that Sting ruined his special night on RAW. He has no problems facing Sting at Night of Champions, but he understands why Sting is jealous of him because Rollins surpassed everything that Sting has done in his overall career. Rollins also stated that he has been in the big leagues while Sting has been in the minor leagues. Come Night Of Champions he will finish what Triple H started and break Sting old bones.

3) The Wyatt Family New Member

This pasted SmackDown the Wyatt Family started off SmackDown we finally get the name of the black sleep and his name is Braun Strowman. I like the direction that the Wyatt is going; finally the fans can once again take the Wyatt Family serious. Ambrose had the momentum and he was about to get the win on Sheamus, but the Wyatt Family made their presence known Sheamus capitalized on the distraction and hit the Brogue Kick for the win. After the match for two straight shows RAW and SmackDown Strowman, made a statement out of Reigns and Ambrose he laid them out with his vicious submission on Reigns and Ambrose.

SmackDown Results

The Dudley’s defeated The Ascension via a 3D to Konnor
Owens defeated Neville via a Pop Powerbomb
Dolph Ziggler and Ryback defeated Rusev and Big Show via KO Punch to Rusev
Sheamus defeated Dean Ambrose via Brogue Kick
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Smash Wrestling SuperShowdown III Review

Photo credit courtesy Smash Wrestling

On Sunday Smash Wrestling presented SuperShowdown III and it lived up to the hype as expected and much more. As always I will provide my three count the most significant highlights of the show as well as my thoughts and the results.

1) Johnny Gargano Still Is The King Of Smash Wrestling

Month in and month out challengers try to dethrone Johnny Gargano as Smash Wrestling Champion but everybody has failed. This was one of Gargano’s most anticipated title defences, as Smash Wrestling Champion for good reasons because of the back story towards this match. Now it started off very intriguing because Gargano told LeRae to lie down let him pin her and let’s make babies when we got home this part had me dying.

As Candice lied down she tricked Gargano and attempted his own finishing move on Gargano with Garga-No-Escape but he found the ropes to escape. There was no love lost between these two that took each other to the limit with multiple Hurricanrana spots from LeRae to Gargano. Gargano delivered vicious Superkicks and threw LeRae multiple times head first into the turnbuckle.

You knew that Four Gunn would be evolved in some fashion and they were just when Gargano was in trouble and he was about to lose his belt Fourth Gunn came down to the ring to the rescue. LeRae hit a backwards Hurricanrana she was going to win the title but the Forth Gunn members pulled the referee out of the ring. Gargano capitalized and hit LeRae with a Hurts Donut Full Nelson lifted and dropped into a reverse STO that was too much for her to kick out from. Therefore and still your Smash Wrestling Champion Johnny Gargano.

2) Forth Gunn Masked Man Revealed

Month in and month out Fourth Gunn continues to rub the Smash management the wrong way but they always makes a statements at every show it has become second nature for them at SuperShowdownIII it was no different. At SuperShowdown the masked man for Fourth Gunn revealed himself after Scotty O’Shea match with JT Dunn the lights went out, and the masked man was behind O’Shea the lights turned back on he dropped O’Shea with a vicious DDT. The masked man took off his masked and it was Chuck Taylor everybody was shocked due to the fact that everybody thought that Chuck Taylor had retired from wrestling.

3) Tag Team Woman’s match

Kimber Bombs Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee against Vanessa Kraven and Courtney Rush

I have to say this match really surprised me and it lived up to the hype I expected this to be a great contest due to the fact all four participants are world class wrestlers. The Kimber Bombs have too much swag because they have all the gold as far as a woman’s tag team is concerned. Therefore as far as I am concerned they can be as cocky as they want because the results don’t lie.

In the beginning of the match Jimmy Korderas lost complete control of the match they were killing each other it was a chop fest on the outside. The Kimber Bombs clearly had a significant advantage to their experience as a tag team using savvy double team moves along with quick tags behind Korderas back.

Winning the match was not the Kimber Bombs objective it was more about sending a message one month away from CanUSAClassic. Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee used their titles to hit Kraven and they get DQ on purpose after the match they weren’t done. As they say actions are bigger than words and the Kimber Bombs decided to send Courtney Rush a message as they cut her hair.

Overall SuperShowDown III was a massive success and every month I am always satisfied with their product. I will have to stop with my ratings system for Smash Wrestling because every show is a 9 or 10 so I don’t want to seem repetitive. Their next show is on September 13th CanUSAClassic 2015 it is a show all dedicated to woman wrestling.

SuperShowDown III Results

Scotty O’Shea defeated JT Dunn via CTR ALT DEL

Matt Cross defeated Kirk Warmack vs. Pepper Parks vs. Rich Swann via Shooting Star Press

Brent Banks defeated Facade via Shovel Driver

Vanessa Kraven Courtney Rush defeated Kimber Bombs due to DQ

Chris Hero defeated Tarik via vicious elbow

The Overdogs defeated Gulak and Chuck Taylor and Smash Smash Bros via a roll up pin Suave on Gulak

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SummerSlam PPV Review

On Sunday the biggest party of summer took place in Brooklyn New York for the first time ever it was so big therefore it had to be fours long. As I always do I will provide my three count of the most significant highlights of SummerSlam.

1) Seth Rollins is the man

This match was overlooked too much by fans but this didn’t disappoint I loved the build up towards this encounter. Shout out to Seth Rollins because he had unbelievable ring attire that looked amazing with his gold and white colours theme. It seemed that Rollins and the New Day were talking about wearing the same colours for their attire. Both men were trading blows and they were feeling each other because both scouted each other extremely well.

I must say that ever since John Cena won the US title he has been on point with his in-ring work but he was extremely sloppy in this match in my opinion. For instance his spring-board stunner and his leg drop from the top rope it was botched and it looked terrible.

Both Rollins and Cena did amazing spots for instance Seth Rollins hit a double foot stomp while Cena hung upside-down from the turnbuckle. Rollins connected with a double foot stomp to Cena`s face then Cena deadlift Rollins and hit an AA on Rollins for a two count. Both men attempted to hit their signature moves such as the STFU and Pedigree but once again each move was well scouted.

Rollins hit a crazy sitout Superplex from the top rope then Cena attempted to go for another AA, but Rollins held onto the ropes and his momentum knocked the referee out. Then the host of SummerSlam Jon Stewart came down to the ring with a steel chair, he teased the fans and shocked the world and attacked Cena with the steel chair. Seth Rollins capitalized and hit the Pedigree on Cena on the steel chair and got the three count, to become the first time ever US and WWE Heavyweight champion in WWE history.

2) The New Day New Tag Team Champions

Never judge a book by its cover that is exactly what I did before this match and it delivered on every level. Shout out to the New Day for always entertaining the fans and I like how they dissed New York by saying they don’t what Hip Hop music is, and that Hip Hop started in the South and Brooklyn being dirty as a city.I thought it was a brilliant idea to get heat on them but there so over now fans are starting to cheer for them.

I loved their attire and I thought Big E pinning Kofi in the beginning for a near fall so that the titles can to change hands quickly was genius. All the teams got their shine on and their spots in when it was needed Big E was an absolutely a beast with that body splash on one of the Los Matadores on the apron. Kofi was very savvy and he decided to do a blind tag on Titus O’Neil when O’Neil hit the Clash of the Titans on Fernando, Kofi capitalized and the New Day became the NEW two-time WWE Tag Team Champions.

3) Cesaro and Owens Match

Many fans might have overlooked this match but not me and in my opinion it was tied with the title vs. title match that stole the show. It’s incredible to see how agile and athletic both men are it truly showed in this encounter. This was a physical encounter as expected and Cesaro and fought on the top rope, then Owens hit a crazy spinning Neckbreaker for a near fall.Owens in my opinion really out performed Cesaro when it came to his spots.

Owens hit a springboard DDT for a near fall but countered an Irish whip into a vicious SuperKick to Cesaro. The finishing sequence had both Owens and Cesaro fought at the top rope. Eventually they moved away from the top rope and Owens Irish whipped Cesaro in the ropes, then Owens threw up Cesaro in the air and he caught him and delivered a Pop up Powerbomb.

Overall I watched SummerSlam watched twice after the second time I would give this PPV an 8/10 this was a solid PPV with quality matches. However I thought that Rollins and Cena should have been the main event, instead of Brock Lesnar against Undertaker which was an absolutely terrible match in my opinion.

SummerSlam Results
Sheamus defeated Randy Orton Brogue Kick
Dolph Ziggler and Rusev ended in a no contest
Stephen Amell and Neville defeated Stardust and King Barrett via a Red Arrow
Ryback defeated The Miz and The Big Show via a KO punch on The Miz
Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper via a Spear on Reigns
Team PCB survived Becky Lynch hit Pumphandle Suplex Bex-Plex on Brie Bella
The Undertaker defeated Brock Lesnar via Hell`s Gate submission

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SummerSlam 2015 Previw 

This Sunday SummerSlam takes place from Brooklyn New York and for the first time ever the biggest event of summer will be a four hour extravaganza. This PPV will be action packed with 10 matches but I am extremely excited and skeptical for PPV at the same time. My main concern is if WWE can keep fans invested in a four PPV not named WrestleMania. Even though I will always love SummerSlam it has been under-appreciated by fans over the years in my opinion. Regardless I will provide my overall thoughts and predictions for SummerSlam.

Intercontinental Championship

Ryback vs. The Miz vs. Big Show

To be completely honest I don’t give a shit about this match however I am happy to see the Intercontinental title back as well as Ryback. I have to give credit to Ryback for making his return from a knee staph infection extremely quickly. This match is difficult to predict it can finish in many different scenarios I can see Ryback retain his title I am slowly getting invested in his character. However I would not be surprised if the Miz becomes the NEW Intercontinental Champion.

Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

This feud started back at Battleground when Bray Wyatt scored a massive upset victory against Roman Reigns. I predicted that but he got an assist from a former Wyatt Family member Luke Harper he aligned himself back with Bray Wyatt. I like this new role that Harper has found with the Wyatt Family involving himself with multiple matches against Ambrose and Reigns on RAW and SmackDown. This match is a tossup but I envision The Wyatt Family coming out on top with interference, from a new member of Wyatt Family there are multiple options Leo Krugger, Bo Dallas or maybe Dean Ambrose.

Fatal Four Way
WWE Tag Team Titles
Prime Time Players vs. The New Day vs. Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores

The Tag Team division in the WWE has been very lackluster due to unfortunately injuries. I thought that once the Prime Time Players captured the WWE Tag Team titles from the New Day they would elevate their overall game, as champions but that has not happened to my surprise. In all honest this match didn’t need to be a fatal four way, even though I do enjoy the Lucha Dragons as a tag team with Los Matadores being involved as well I feel that this match is pointless. It would have been much better as a straight tag team match between The New Day against The Prime Time Players. I want the New Day to become the NEW Tag Team Champions but I have a feeling that the PTP will retain their tag team titles.

Stephen Amell and Neville against Stardust and King Barrett

I was very skeptical at first for this intriguing tag team encounter but WWE has done a phenomenal job with the build up to this match. Fans can say what they want about Srardust but after he lost his father Dusty Rhodes, who was a legendary figure in the wrestling industry he has really elevated his game to a whole new level. It surprises me that Stephen Amell is a natural in the ring with no in ring experience. I believe that both teams make sense and work well together Amell and Neville will be victorious over Stardust and King Barrett. This won’t be the only time we see this match I envision that fans will witness a rematch in the future sometime.

Kevin Owens against Cesaro

This is going to a hard hitting contest no doubt this will be very entertaining between two of the very best wrestlers that the company has to offer. This feud started when Cesaro stuck his noise in Owens business as he was chasing Cena for the US Title at the time. Cesaro always seemed to get on Owens nerves on the mic. Owens always made sure that Cesaro, knew that he has achieved more than Cesaro in his nine months run so far.

I have to give Cesaro a lot credit for making the most of his situation with Tyson Kidd being out with a dangerous neck injury. Cesaro has really evolved his overall game and took it to the next level he has got a massive push because he has reached for the brass ring. Cesaro has had incredible matches with John Cena, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, the only dilemma is how long will Cesaro really going to push for that is the real question.

The outcome of this match is really a lose lose situation for both man they both need a win extremely badly. I won’t be opposed to Cesaro winning over Owens however at the same time; I can’t see Owens losing two matches in back to back days in my opinion.

Triple Threat Elimination Match
Team PCB vs. Team B.A.D vs. Team Bella

I have never been this invested in Divas Division since the 90’s when the WWF at the time had a legit woman roster. Some of the woman included Trish Status, Lita, Jacqueline and Sable leading into the early decade Torrie Wilson, Victoria, Stacy Keilber Molly Holly and Mickie James just to name a few. The Bella’s in particularly Nikki Bella are running the Divas Division ever since AJ shocking decided to retire. Nikki Bella has been Divas champion since last year Survivor Series. At SummerSlam the Divas Revolution will reach new heights when all three factions Team Bella, Team PCB and Team B.A.D will final collide in a three team elimination match.

There were two women responsible for this Divas Revolution Paige because she stated numerous times that she wanted a change. Then on July 13th edition Stephanie McMahon granted that wish. That catalyst for the change came in the way of NXT cornerstones Charlotte, Becky Lynch and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks simultaneously debuting on RAW.

All three teams have wasted no time what so ever making an impact to make to indicate who the best woman faction currently is in the WWE. This match is a tossup any team can win don’t get me wrong but Team Bella will use all the dirty tactics they can to get the win.

Dolph Zigger against Rusev

This is another match that I could cares less about this match could have taken place on RAW or SmackDown instead. Rusev took out Ziggler with his crutch on his throat this had Zigger out of action for a month. Therefore for weeks Rusev and Summer Rae made Lana life a living hell humiliating her every week. Then Rusev picked up an impressive win over Mark Henry this week via the Accolade, Then Lana told Rusev and Summer Rae to come inside the ring Ziggler made his surprise return on RAW. Then both Ziggler and Lana delivered two vicious Super kicks to Rusev and Summer. This is too easy Ziggler should get a win and continue a medium to long program with Rusev.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Come this Sunday at SummerSlam we will see another rivalry go to another level between Randy Orton against Sheamus. They have numerous matches in the past but this rivalry reached its boiling point, when Sheamus interfered in Orton championship match with Seth Rollins on RAW. The Viper Randy Orton returned the favour by getting his revenge on Sheamus, by giving him an RKO just when Sheamus was about to cash in his money in the bank briefcase on Rollins. The 12th time World Champion Randy Orton will give Sheamus another RKO outta of nowhere to continue his winning ways and move towards another WWE Heavyweight title shot.

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker II

Arguably one of the biggest rematches that is too big for WrestleMania to happen which I disagree with that statement. The Undertaker will attempt to avenge the most historic defeat in WWE history, when he rises from the ashes to challenge Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Lesnar notoriously conquered The Phenom’s legendary WrestleMania undefeated streak, defeating him at WrestleMania 30 after three vicious F5’s to become the “one” in 21-1. The streak was shattered, the entire wrestling world was left dumbfounded and the Deadman was rushed to the emergency room, not to be seen again for the better part of a year.

Nobody has had a more dominating year than Brock Lesnar winning the WWE Heavyweight at last year SummerSlam. Lesnar absolutely destroyed Cena with fifthteen plus German Suplex’s. At the Battleground PPV Lesnar looked for redemption on Rollins because he took his title at WrestleMania 31. As Lesnar connected with an F5 on Rollins the light went out this only means one thing it’s The Undertaker. Fans could see the rage on The Undertaker face he gave Brock Lesnar, a vicious low blow kick followed by a Chokeslam and two Tombstones.
The next night on Raw, the Deadman promised to make Lesnar rest in peace and physically threatened Heyman, backing the advocate into a corner. This prompted the arrival of Brock Lesnar, ensuing in a massive brawl between the two that carried out through the entire arena. These two could not be broken up and were only finally separated after the police got involved. This segment really had some attitude era moments which I thought that was really special.

Then this past RAW it was Brock Lesnar Homecoming because it was in his hometown of Minnesota. Both Lesnar and Undertaker were in the same building at the same. The crowd exploded for Lesnar as expected but they booed The Undertaker which was weird in my opinion. Once again The Undertaker got the last laugh on Lesnar, via another low blow and a Chokeslam and two Tombstones.
Now this is one of the most anticipated rematches in WWE history for good reason the outcome, is very significant for both man because it will help to define their careers. A win for Brock Lesnar would add even more credibility to his legendary HOF career. Another loss to The Undertaker career would lead to the end for his career I truly believe. After putting some serious thought into the outcome of this match there is only one way for this match to end and it’s a no contest. I envision we could see a surprise return from a mask Kane due to the fact that Lesnar put him in on the shelf. I can guarantee that you will see a third match in this legendary trilogy.

Main Event
John Cena vs. Seth Rollins
Title vs. Title

The main event that nobody is talking about which is a damn shame because I believe it’s being overlooked due to Taker and Lesnar epic encounter. It will be a title vs. title match winner take all between Seth Rollins against John Cena. The US Champion John Cena broke his rose because he was hit via a vicious high knee while competing against Rollins in the US Open Challenge on RAW a couple weeks ago.
However despite his broken nose Cena still went on to successful defend his US title. John Cena was forced to undergo emergency surgery and he missed weeks of action recovering from his injury. Therefore Rollins had to carry this feud with his awesome mic work. Now on the previous RAW was the contract signing between Cena and Rollins, it was electric between the two Rollins called Cena a cancer. Then both men were going back and forth against each other and Cena said that he will make Rollins his bitch at SummerSlam.

If Cena walk out victorious he will be crowned the 16th time World Champion that would tie the legendary WWE HOF Ric Flair. The obvious choice for the outcome of this match is for Cena to a walk with both of the titles. There will be a lot of interference throughout the match I feel Seth Rollins will find a way to walk out with all the gold. Rollins will cement his legendary status even though he is early on in his WWE career. However I have a gut feeling that when all the smoke clears Sheamus will capitalize, he will cash in his money in the briefcase and walk out with both the US and WWE Heavyweight Champion.

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Smash SuperShowdown 3 preview 

Today Smash Wrestling presents SuperShowdown III their biggest show of the year and it just remarkable that it has already been 3 years. This card from top to bottom is stacked with incredible matches, as always I will provide my overall thoughts and predictions.

Brent Banks against Facade

Facade made his debut at Smash Wrestling Kicks ALS drycore and he was very impressive in the Brent Banks invitational. Come this Sunday Facade will have a hard test in front of him dealing with the MVP of Smash Wrestling Brent Banks. I envision Brent Banks to continue his winning ways and push for a future title shot at the Smash Wrestling title.

Matt Cross against Pepper vs Rich Swann

Nobody is talking about this triple threat match because it will absolutely insane between Matt Cross, Pepper Parks and Rich Swann. This will be very compelling and entertaining match all three men have a lot to prove a win either man would be massive. Matt Cross will continue to put his winning ways and Cross wil push towards another title shot at the Smash Wrestling.

Fourth Gunn against The Overdogs and Super Smash with be victorious

Johnny Gargano made it officially that come this Sunday the mask man of Fourth Gunn will finally reveal himself. This will make this triple tag team more intriguing The Overdogs and Super Smash Bros. Regardless Fourth Gunn needs to get the win very badly because I have a gut feeling that Fourh Gunn with be on the losing end for majority of this card.

Scotty O’Shea against JT Dunn

Scotty O’Shea is in unique situation ever since he got screwed out of the Smash Championship at Rival Schools due to the fact it was Fourth Gunn and a mask man. This helped Gargano retain his Smash Championship therefore I am wondering what kind of mind set O’Shea will be in. I am excited to JT Dunn live because I have been following him for a couple years and he is an excellent talent but I have never had the opportunity to see him live. I still envision O’Shea to get the win and overcoming the obstacles that he is currently dealing with.

Kimber Bombs against Vanessa Kraven Courtney Rush

This will be a mini preview of what could happen in September at Can Classic these four competitors have a strong hatred towards each other. All four woman will beat the living shit out of each other, I am leaning towards the Kimberbombs to get the win solely because their experience as a tag team.

Chris Hero against Tarik

Chris Hero has arguably been the face of the company ever since he debuted with Smash Wrestling back at Any Given Sunday 2 against AJ Styles. Hero always stands up for Smash Wrestling because he believes in the company. Hero will have his hands full with a tough competitor in Tarik for the last couple months Tarik really evolved his game. However Tarik is currently on a losing streak and at last month Rival Schools he lost to Matt Cross, in an I Quit match therefore I don’t know how you can be involved in this match. The Knockout kid will leave Tarik lying on his back victorious.

Candice LeRae against Johnny Gargano

This match should be quite a fascinating for multiple reasons to add a twist to this match it is no secret that they are dating. Ever since Alex Shelley gave the Smash Championship to Johnny Gargano, he has been running Smash with one of the most dominate factions in Ontario Fourth Gunn. Despite the hate that Johnny Gargano receives from the fans he always delivers five star matches. Compared to Candice LeRae she has earned her title shot at the Smash Championship when she won the Smash Wrestling Gold tournament this past May. I envision the ultimate underdog LeRae will get the best of Gargano and will be crowned the NEW Smash Wrestling Champion.

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