NXT Review 30/9/15

Photo credit courtesy of the WWE

This week on NXT it was a very compelling episode as always in addition to the fact that it has set up NXT TakeOver Respect next week, quite nicely in my opinion as I always do I will provide my three count as well as the results.

1) Fresh Talent

I believe the best part of an NXT right now is all the fresh talent that they currently possess from the Indies, with such names as Crews, Gargano and Ciampa. It is crucial that NXT continues to bring in fresh talent or develop it because NXT will run dry of talent eventually if they don’t continue to evolve their talent once they move up to the main roster. Even though Gargano and Ciampa lost their respective matches and got eliminated from the Tag Team Classic early. However they both made quite a statement with the company and I expect big things from these two eventually when they get signed.

2) Tag Team Classic

I have always loved it when the WWE focuses on the Tag Team division because I believe it has been a lost art throughout the years. Currently I’m very happy that they are honouring the late great Dusty Rhodes with this tag team tournament format all the matches have been unbelievable so far. Moving forward to the semi finals of the tournament it will be the following teams against each other. The unlikely duo of Finn Balor and Samoa Joe will take on Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, then Jason Jordan and Chad Gable against Baron Corbin and the man beast Rhyno.

3) NXT Takeover Respect Special

Moving on to next week I’m extremely excited for the latest installment of this NXT Takeover Respect Special. There are a lot of really compelling matches that I’m really looking forward to Dana Brooke taking on the Japanese sensation Askusa. The build up for this match has been incredible, even though there has been minimal interaction with both Brooke and Asuka but it has been very effective.

We have both Tag Team matches that I have briefly stated before and a very interesting contest Tyler Breeze against Apollo Crews that is a massive match for both men which will not disappoint. The best is for last it will be the first time in WWE and NXT history that two women will be the main event in the first ever Ironman thirty minute match Bayley defends her NXT Women’s Title against Sasha Banks. These two have incredible chemistry this match will leave fans wanting more there is no doubt in my mind, that there will be a third installment between these two it will happen in the future. The only dilemma I have is that it is very easy to predict this match because there is no way that Bayley is going to lose her title so fast to Sasha Banks It just doesn’t make sense.

NXT Results
NXT Champion Finn Bálor and Samoa Joe defeated Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady via Coupe de Grace
Apollo Crews defeated Johnny Gargano via Gorilla Press/Standing Moonsault combination
Emma and Dana Brooke defeated Billie Kay and Peyton Royce
Tyler Breeze defeated Tommaso Ciampa via the Unprettier

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Toronto WWE House Show Review 25/9/15

Friday night the WWE presented another house thousands of wrestling fans packed the Ricoh Coliseum it looked to be a sellout of 7,000 plus fans, to witness yet another house show as I always do I will give you my three count and my overall thoughts on the show.

1) Main Event

US Title Match

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena

I knew that when WWE announced Seth Rollins against John Cena for the WWE Heavyweight Title it would be a great card. However for some weird reason it was changed to an US title match. Nonetheless it delivered on all levels which was surprise in my opinion as expected. It never ceases to amaze me the mix reaction that John Cena continues to receives regardless of fans and their opinion, nobody currently in the company can generate that much mix reaction out of fans.
These two have a long history with each other and as expected both competitors really scouted each other extremely well. Every time I witness Rollins at live events I am always blown away with how athletic he really is, I believe fans take it for granted how talented Rollins is.

One aspect that I keep on seeing during house shows is Seth Rollins talking on the mic and wrestling at the same time I believe the WWE should incorporate that for him on the main roster. Both men got their spots in and the finishing sequence came when they were both fighting on the top rope. Cena delivered a vicious AA off the second rope to Rollins for the three count to retain his US title the crowd got their money worth in a quality main event.

2) No Holds Barred Match

Bray Wyatt against Dean Ambrose

I went into this match with low expectations because I knew that Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt would put on a quality match and I thought it would be your typical no holds barred match but it is not. This surprised me a lot because I did not expect to see a lot of quality wrestling because, I knew it would be an all out war between these two given their heated history together.

Both men were literally beating the hell out of each other on the outside and weapons were involved such as steels chairs, tables and Kendo sticks. This match had no rules therefore there were multiple interferences by the Wyatt Family that did quite a number on Ambrose. However Ambrose we have back up in The Dudley Boyz and Ryback to help even up the odds. The Dudley’s would deliver a victorious 3D to Luke Harper through a table and then after all the dust settled Ambrose picked up the win via the Dirty Deeds.

3) Intercontinental Title Match

Ryback against Kevin Owens

It was quite hilarious to see how everybody hated Ryback because of Kevin Owens Canadian roots. This did not shock me one bit because people from Canada in addition to Toronto are very passionate fans that love to speak their mind. This was a solid match for the most part Owens controlled the majority of the match with his very unique skill set moves. However just when it looked like Ryback had the momentum and it was shifting, Owens poked Ryback in the eyes when he was about to deliver the ShellShock. That being said I don’t mind the outcome of the match because as a heel champion you have to do whenever it takes to retain your title.

Overall I was very satisfied with the overall event I would give this show an 8/10 during intermission, they announced the next show in Toronto will be yet another house show on December 30th. I have already purchased my tickets I can’t wait yet I am heated because Toronto deserves a RAW or SmackDown every year. In additions the fans deserve a PPV already it’s been since 2006 Unforgiven was our last one which is pathetic.

Toronto WWE House Show Results

The New Day defeated Prime Time Players via Kofi Kingston Trouble in Paradise on Titus O’Neil
Braun Strowman defeated Damien Sandow
Curtis Axel and El Torito defeated Los Matdores
Ryback defeated Kevin Owens via DQ Owens poked his eyes Owens retained his IC title
Chris Jericho defeated Luke Harper via Code Breaker
Dean Ambrose defeated Bray Wyatt in a No Hold Barred Match
Charlotte and Becky Lynch defeated the Bella Twins via a Fight Eight Leg Lock on Nikki Bella
Big Show defeated Cesaro via a KO Punch
John Cena defeated Seth Rollins via AA to retain his US title
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SmackDown Review 24/9/15

This week SmackDown was a good show that really had some interesting elements that have created some feuds moving forward, as I always do I will provide my three count in addition to the results.

1) Paige Made Another Statement

Continue off her momentum from Monday night RAW Charlotte had a segment where she got things off her chest. Paige interrupted her once again she stated the exact same things she said on RAW all over again that. However the aspect that really made this segment intriguing was when Natalya came out and stated how proud she is of the Divas division. Natalya said Paige and her used to be friends Page wasn’t having it and she told Natalya to shut up. Paige told her that she hadn’t done anything in recent memory, and is holding on to the Divas Division to make herself look relevant once again. Page sent Natalya a message when she slapped her so this leads me to believe that will see a feud between these two it’s inevitable.

2) Entertaining Tag Team Match

Then we have a unique tag team match with Ryback and Ziggler against Rusev and Kevin Owens. I found even though they weren’t ideal tag team partners it was a solid match and surprisingly both Owens and Rusev, they looked to have great chemistry together. Rusev and Owens controlled the majority of match a lot of double moves and to my surprise they looked to be great mystery tag team. However Dolph Ziggler and Ryback overcame all the odds are to pick up the victory. It was interesting because Owens left Rusev by himself so It was basically a two on one handicap match.

3) Mind Games Continue

I must say regardless of the fans complaining about Kane returning back to the WWE. I like this whole split personality of corporate cane and the big red monster playing mind games it reminds me of the attitude era when Kane used to play mind games. Once again he got the best of Seth Rollins by costing him match against Dean Ambrose. It will be very intriguing to see where this is heading in the future leading up to Hell In A Cell PPV.

SmackDown Results

Roman Reigns defeated Luke Harper via a Spear
The New Day defeated Neville and Lucha Dragons Shining Wizard Kick from Xavier Woods to Sin Cara
Cesaro defeated Bo Dallas via roll up
Ryback and Ziggler defeated Rusev and Kevin Owens via ShellShock on Rusev
The Dudley Boyz had a segment with the Prime Time Players
Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins via a roll up
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RAW Review 21/9/15

I thought that this past RAW was very entertaining in terms of being a fallout for Night Of Champions PPV, it set up a very compelling next month leading him to Hell in a cell PPV. As I always do I will provide my three count in addition of what took place on RAW.

1) Living nightmare

Carrying over from the Night of Champions PPV Kane made his presence known at the PPV. Kane continued to make Seth Rollins life a living hell when he demanded that Rollins get his US Title rematch clause, even though Rollins never wanted to have the rematch on RAW. Due to the fact that Rollins was heeling up from his two matches at the PPV the following night. Regardless of his situation and being banged up Rollins still delivered another quality match, but Cena got the last laugh once again when Cena hit an AA on Rollins to retain his United States title. Then after the match Kane music and pyro hits once again this time, Kane came from under the ring in order to drag Rollins down with him and then pyro once again goes off.

2) Paige Shoot

It was an emotional segment involving Team PCB and Ric Flair they were in the ring celebrating the fact, that Charlotte was victorious over Nikki Bella at Night of Champions PPV to become the NEW Diva Champion. The real star of this segment was Paige when she officially turned heel on Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Stating the only reason why Charlotte made it to the WWE and is Divas Champion is because of her father Ric Flair. In addition to that Paige dissed the entire Divas Division and she stated that Becky Lynch is the weakest link in this faction. She was the reason why the Divas Revolution has become so successfully. I think by far that this was Paige greatest shoot/promo and hopefully she will excel because she has been stuck for a couple of months now. To be quite honest with you I prefer Paige as a heel, because she is far more entertaining than when she is a face in my opinion.

3) Future World Champion

Even though things didn’t go according to Sheamus plan he followed that up with an impressive victory, over the World strongest man Mark Henry via the Brogue Kick. At the end of the match as he walked up the ramp Sheamus got on the mic, and stated that he will be a future World Champion it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when.

RAW Results
Neville and The Lucha Dragons defeat Stardust & The Ascension Kalisto via for a Salida del Sol to Viktor
Ryback defeated Bo Dallas via ShellShock
Divas Champion Charlotte defeated Brie Bella via Figure Eight Leglock
Sheamus defeated Mark Henry via a Brogue Kick
Naomi defeated Natalya Rear View
Big Show defeated Cesaro via KO Punch
U.S. Champion John Cena defeated Seth Rollins via AA
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WWE Night Of Champions PPV Review

Photo credit courtesy of the WWE

Last night WWE presented the Night of Champions PPV and I must say it was very entertaining, with a lot of plots and twists moving forward in the landscape of the WWE. As I always do I will provide my overall thoughts in my three count as well as the results. The kickoff match was a solid match with insane spots Stardust and The Ascension, defeated Neville and the Lucha Dragons with the Queens Crossbow from Stardust on Neville.

1) Seth Rollins is the man

Last night we saw the return of the white Power Ranger regardless of people thoughts I love that overall look for Seth Rollins with that attire. You know what I was very surprised that Rollins had back-to-back matches to defend his US and World Heavyweight titles. I thought for sure the WWE would space out the matches. However that being said having the back-to-back matches just shows you the rare breed of Seth Rollins, and how incredibly valuable he is to the company because all he does is put on phenomenal matches.

It’s no surprise by now Seth Rollins and John Cena have developed incredible chemistry over the past couple months with each other. Last night was no different in yet another classic match in the series between the two. The match itself lasted longer than I expected because I thought Rollins would lose quickly in order to reserve his energy for Sting. Cena hit the AA on Rollins to get the win and recapture his US title for a remarkable five times; already he’s chasing Ric Flair for the most US Title reigns of six.

Then poor Seth Rollins he didn’t even have time to catch his breath because after his match he had to take on the legendary Sting. You know what I was blown away with Sting’s performance, because it was night and day much better than his performance at WrestleMania 31. I don’t know what Sting has been doing but he is in much better shape than his match at Wrestlemania, which is very impressive for the 56-year-old wrestling legend. In addition it goes to show you that Sting is a true professional to put Rollins over.

The most impressive part is that Rollins did not have to carry Sting because Sting held his own with one of the best wrestlers in the company right now. I hope that Sting is alright because he took a nasty spot on the announcer table with his head hitting a TV monitor. In addition to a couple more spots with Rollins double stomp on Sting in the corner. The most significant spot that really looked like Sting took significant damage when Rollins gave Sting a running Powerbomb, in the corner that really shook him up and damaged his neck.

2) Tag Team Rivalry

It is rare in wrestling currently where you can have a long feud to build a quality rivalry and the WWE has gold with this current feud, of the New Day and The Dudley Boyz. The New Day is the hottest acts in WWE currently and with the amount of experience the Dudley Boyz have, this can be a really special storyline in my opinion. The match itself was good but I expected better from both teams but they were entertaining nonetheless with Xavier Woods and his trombone playing. I was very shocked that the New Day controlled the majority of the match with a lot of double teaming moves. As it looked like the Dudley boys were getting momentum back on the side with the double team Neckbreaker on Kofi Kingston.

This would eventually lead to a 3D on Kofi they connected and attempted to go for the pin attempt. Xavier Woods came in to interfere and got the New Day disqualified. Yes the New Day lost via DQ but at the end of the day they are still your reigning defending WWE Tag Team Champions. I was extremely happy with the result because I predicted that this match could go either way. The Dudley’s Boyz could win but I envisioned the New Day retaining their WWE Tag Team titles. Therefore I cannot wait to see more of this compelling feud, moving forward because it has been absolutely money in my opinion so far.

3) Surprises

At the Night of Champions PPV There were three significant surprises that place that really surprised me. Even though this was just a promo it was significant enough to help the build up to next month’s Hell In A Cell PPV. Paul Heyman officially announced the Brock Lesnar Go to Hell Tour on the WWE Network in the month of October. The first stop will be the Brock Lesnar special event from Madison Square Garden on October 3rd against the Big Show. The second stop will be on October 19th in Dallas, Texas when Brock Lesnar will be a special guest on the Steve Austin Podcast. The final stop will be on October 25th when Brock Lesnar steps inside the Hell in a Cell against The Undertaker.

I was very shocked to see that Chris Jericho made his return back to the WWE, I knew he would come back eventually but it was just a matter of time and when. I was surprise that The Wyatt Family were so dominant once again and picked up the victory. However looking back on it I understand why they needed to win, because the WWE are rebranding the Wyatt Family as a very dominant faction once again.

After the match Reigns and Ambrose and Jericho seemed to be irate after they took the loss. In addition Reigns and Ambrose went to give Jericho a handshake but he refuses to shake their hand. Therefore a seed was planted when Jericho returns full-time, to the WWE to have him turn heel and feud with Ambrose in my opinion. I believe this feud would be very intriguing because the promo’s back and forth, would be absolutely entertaining and it’s something different because we have never seen them feud before.

Last but not least I knew that Rollins would be victorious over Sting but the real excitement took place after the match. As soon as Rollins picked up the victory we hear Sheamus music and fans including myself imagined that he would cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and that’s what he did. Sheamus connected with the Brogue Kick to a weakened Seth Rollins, just when it looked like he was going to cash in his Money In the bank briefcase.

It didn’t go according to Sheamus plan because we hear pyro goes off and it’s the return of the big red monster Kane. Never in a million years was I so happy to see the devil’s favourite demon Kane in a way because he was Seth Rollins saviour. Kane made a statement on his return by delivering a Chokeslam to Rollins then Sheamus said do it again to Kane instead of listening Kane delivered another Chokeslam to Sheamus. He was not done there Kanae delivered a vicious Tombstone Piledriver to Rollins to end the show. Overall I was very satisfied with this PPV it was above average in my opinion I would give it an 8/10 and this PPV is really setting up intriguing storylines moving forward in my opinion.

WWE Night of Champions Results

Kevin Owens defeated Ryback via roll up
Dolph Zigger defeated Rusev via Zig Zag
The Dudley Boyz defeated The New Day via DQ
Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella via Figure 8
The Wyatt Family defeated Chris Jericho Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose
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Night of Champions PPV Preview

Today WWE presents one of my favourite gimmick PPV Night of Champions PPV in the WWE currently because it’s the only PPV that you can witness all the championship titles being defended on one card expect for this card because three matches don’t involve titles. As always I will provide my thoughts and predictions for every match on the entire card.

The Night of Champions PPV will start with a kick off six man tag match Stardust and The Ascension the Cosmic Wasteland, against Neville and The Lucha Dragons. This feud started when Stardust snapped when he lost along side with Bad News Barrett at SummerSlam to Stephen Amell of Arrow and Neville. This led to several matches between Neville and Stardust and brutally attacks. Neville had enough they got involved in the Lucha Dragons business and Neville decided to challenge Stardust and The Ascension to a match this Sunday. This match is a tossup but I am leaning towards Neville and the Lucha Dragons.

Rusev vs Ziggler

This feud has been so boring on so many levels it was based out of a love triangle with Rusev former love Lana and his new love Summer Rae. Clearly Rusev is jealous of Ziggler and their match at SummerSlam ended in a no contest. I envision Ziggler walking out victorious and please I pray that this feud will end this Sunday night because Ziggler is at a point in his career where he is currently stuck.

Six man tag match

Dean Ambrose Roman Reigns and mystery partner vs The Wyatt Family Bray Wyatt Luke Harper and Braun Strowman 

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns and their mystery partner will face off against the Wyatt Family Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and their new Braun Strowman. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns defeated The Wyatt Family at SummerSlam. A couple of weeks ago on RAW, Braun Strowman had an impressive debut taking out Reigns and Ambrose. Then weeks leading up to this PPV Reigns and Ambrose and Reigns took on Harper, and the Wyatt Family played mind games with Reigns and Ambrose. The week after Strowman debut he took on Ambrose. This is going to be an interesting six man tag match; in addition there have been reports that the mystery partners are either Samoa Joe or Baron Corbin. I envision we could see the possibility of the return of Kane regardless Ambrose and Reigns must win this match to revenge back on their side.

Divas Championship

Charlotte vs Nikki Bella 

I am really looking forward to this match we saw this match take place this past RAW but it was ruined because of twin magic at the hands of Brie Bella. This allowed Nikki Bella to surpass AJ Lee current record of 295, as the longest reigning Divas champion in WWE history.Charlotte became the number one contender for the Divas Championship after she defeated Becky Lynch in a Beat the Clock Challenge on RAW back on Aug 31th. Sunday will be interesting to see if the former NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte can finally overcome Nikki Bella and be crowned the new Divas Champion we will have to wait and see. I want Nikki Bella to retain her title but I know its Charlotte time because a win here for Nikki Bella doesn’t do her any good because she already broke the Divas record.

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Dudley Boyz against The New Day

One of most intriguing matches that I am really looking forward to is this tag team encounter between The New Day and The Dudley Boyz. The New Day regained the championships when they survived three other teams at SummerSlam in an action-packed Fatal 4-Way Match. The next night on RAW they prevailed once again Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods their celebration was short-lived. Due to the fact that everybody was shocked when WWE most decorated tag team of all time The Dudley Boyz, returned they have an impressive nine tag team title reigns. The New Day did not believe what they have seen because that night on RAW the crowd exploded in Brooklyn for the Dudley Boyz.

There is a saying actions speak louder than words the Dudley Boyz sent a message to the entire Tag Team division including The New Day, when the Dudley Boyz delivered a vicious 3D through a table to Xavier Woods. Leading up to this PPV the Dudley Boyz has been involved in singles and tag team matches and they have not looked rusty at all in my opinion. The New Day has been hilarious with the #SaveTheTables campaign because they don’t want The Dudley Boyz to break anymore tables. This match is difficult to predict because it’s a tossup both teams could walk out as champions I won’t mind either result. I just feel that The New Day need to have the WWE Tag Team titles in my opinion just to continue their heat momentum. However someone from the New Day will go through a table via a 3D.

Intercontinental Championship

Kevin Owens vs Ryback

Kevin Owens was without a match leading up into the Night of Champions PPV therefore Owens got in Ryback business. On SmackDown a couple of weeks ago it was Seth Rollins took on Ryback, in a Lumber Jack and just when Ryback was about to pick up the win against Rollins with the ShellShock Owens screwed him. Rollins got an assist from Owens and he delivered a Pedigree to Ryback for the three count. This is quite simple Owens needs to pick up the victory and bring back prestige to the Intercontinental title where it belongs.

United States Championship

John Cena vs Seth Rollins

Ever since losing his United States championship to Seth Rollins John Cena has not been granted a rematch so therefore he gets it at the Night of Champions PPV. Seth Rollins escaped SummerSlam with both the US and World titles with an assist from unlikely source in Jon Stewart. This rivalry has a bad blood ever since Rollins broke Cena’s noise with a vicious knee on RAW. Now I have multiple scenarios of what could happen in this match either Rollins gets himself DQ or counted out. In addition my other scenario would be to have John Cena to make Rollins tap out to the STFU quickly in order to reserve his energy, for the main event. I hate to say this but I have a feeling that John Cena will win back his United States championship.

This rivalry has a bad blood ever since Rollins broke Cena’s noise with a vicious knee on RAW. Now I have multiple scenarios of what could happen in this match either Rollins gets himself DQ or counted out. In addition my other scenario would be to have John Cena to make Rollins tap out to the STFU quickly in order to reserve his energy, for the main event. I hate to say this but I have a feeling that John Cena will win back his United States championship.

WWE Heavyweight Championship

Sting vs Seth Rollins

Now the main event that everybody has been talking about for weeks ever since it’s been announced the living legend and the vigilante, Sting takes on the man Seth Rollins the WWE Heavyweight Champion. Sting has not had a match ever since WrestleMania 31 his to Triple H where he came up on losing end. Sting has been a thorn in the side of Seth Rollins because he has made his life a living hell with all of his mind games and in addition what he did to Rollins legendary statue.

Sting has built quite an impressive resume with all the accolades he has accomplished everything in the wrestling industry but one thing that is missing is being the WWE Heavyweight Champion. That being said I envision Seth Rollins, doing whatever it takes to successfully defend his World title I don’t know how but he will find a way to still stand as champion. Then I believe we will see Triple H and The Authority will come down to the ring to congratulate Seth Rollins. I just pray that Sheamus doesn’t cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase because I will be irate if he does.

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ROH All Star Extravaganza 7 PPV Review

Photo credit courtesy of ROH

On Friday ROH presented All-Star Extravaganza 7 unfortunately I was not able to witness this PPV live but luckily I got an opportunity to watch the replay of this PPV and it was incredible for multiple reasons setting up a very exciting near future for Ring of Honor. As I usually do I will provide my three count of what I thought was the most significant highlights as well as my overall thoughts.

1) Jay Lethal Is The Man

Bobby Fish vs Jay Lethal ROH TV Champion

To my surprise Jay Lethal started off the night defending his ROH TV Title against very interesting opponent in Bobby Fish. This match is exactly what I expected between the two because you had Bobby Fish with his MMA experience so he knew that you would see a lot of MMA moves and submission holds. Early on in the match Fish tried to apply numerous submissions holds and Lethal took a lot of punishment. However with the help of Truth Martini that caused a distraction and Lethal hit the Lethal Injection but Fish was smart enough to roll outside of the ring.

Then it looked like Lethal snapped when Lethal went to the outside to do some damage to Bobby Fish and he did just that by slamming his body repeatedly in the barricade. Fish looked like he was in serious pain because he barely made it back to the ring with the twenty count. There was a crazy finish Lethal connected with the Lethal combination followed by The Hail to the King elbow for a near fall. Then Lethal attempted to hit the Lethal Injection but Bobby Fish countered with a big wheel kick and then the Fish got a super kick for his troubles. Bobby Fish had Lethal on the ropes when he applied the Fish Hook submission which looked absolutely painful. Then Lethal somehow countered the hold and he used Fish’s tights for leverage and Lethal got the three count.

Kyle O’Reilly vs Jay Lethal ROH World Champion

In the main event Jay Lethal was beaten up and he took on his toughest competition for the night the other half of reDRragon Kyle O’Reilly. Now I must say that Lethal did a phenomenal job at selling his leg injury from her previous match with Bobby Fish. This was a very unique and interesting way to start off the match because, Jay Lethal goes back and forth with monkey flips into a body scissors. Then Lethal applied a modified surfboard then Kyle O’Reilly countered but he got a dropkick for his troubles from Lethal. Then the two battled back and forth with Lethal connecting with the Enziguri and a belly to back Suplex. O’Reilly officially snaps with a series of kicks that were very effective to Lethal followed by under Suplex into an Underhook Facecrusher for a near fall.

All throughout the match O’Reilly seemed to damage Lethal with multiple submission holds targeting different parts of Lethal body where it was his arms from arm bars to the Koji clutch then to his legs with an ankle lock. O’Reilly had a massive Brainbuster for only a near fall and then he decided to hit numerous vicious stomps to Lethal head and chest like just how Eddie Edwards use to do in the past. Truth Martini tried to get involved but O’Reilly kicked Truth Martini off the apron. O’Reilly locked in the triangle submission but Truth Martini had the presence to pull the referee out.

Nigel McGuinness was on commentary and he decided to kick Martini out of the match therefore McGuinness took Martini to the back. Jay Lethal was in the corner and O’Reilly hit a running kick to the referee by accident Todd Sinclair took a vicious ref bump, and in the process Lethal connected with the Lethal injection on O’Reilly. Since the referee was knocked out Lethal picked up the ROH World Title he was about to hit O’Reilly but Bobby Fish made the save. Then we have multiple interference’s from Donovan Dijak as he came out and brutally assaulted Fish, Adam Cole comes out and takes out Dijak with a Superkick. Cole pushed Lethal to O’Reilly as he was about to hit a Brainbuster on Lethal all of a sudden Adam Cole turned on O’Reilly by delivering a vicious Superkick followed by a Lethal Injection for the three count.

2) Title Picture

Number #1 Contender for the ROH World Championship

Michael Elgin vs Roderick Strong vs Adam vs AJ Styles

I was extremely excited for this match because it could go either way for the all the participants. This match had a big fight feel and it delivered on all levels. All four men went at each other. There were multiple insane spots throughout the match. Cole connected with an Enziguri and a knee to Strong, but he just got a near fall. Styles and Elgin botched a flipped reverse DDT, but Styles made up for it was an impressive double foot stomp.

All four men end up down after Styles and Cole take each other out with big clotheslines. Then all four men got up on the same time and they gave each other strikes. Elgin bench press Cole on outside for his patented top rope Suplex but he turned that into a Falcon Arrow. Then all for participants hit their signature moves, Elgin was going for a Powerbomb but then Styles reversed with a beautiful Frankensteiner, then Cole connected with a Destroyer from the middle ropes onto Elgin. Styles decided to break it up there was a cool and unique moment when both Styles and Cole and Styles goes face to face with each off AJ Styles hits Adam Cole with strikes. AJ Styles finishes off Adam Cole with the Bloody Sunday and Styles Clash for the win.

3) Surprises

As I stated earlier in this review earlier Adam Cole turned on Kyle O’Reilly with Superkick which ultimately led to O’Reilly losing to Jay Lethal. A lot of fans might be surprised that The Kingdom are your NEW ROH Tag Team Champions but not me it makes perfect sense and for months this faction has looked very weak. I have to give respect to Adam Cole for making the best out of the situation, even though Cole was never in the spotlight was due to his unfortunate shoulder injury last year.

As I stated earlier in this review earlier Adam Cole turned on Kyle O’Reilly with Superkick which ultimately led to O’Reilly losing to Jay Lethal. A lot of fans might be surprised that The Kingdom are your NEW ROH Tag Team Champions but not me it makes perfect sense and for months this faction has looked very weak. I have to give respect to Adam Cole for making the best out of the situation, even though Cole was never in the spotlight was due to his unfortunate shoulder injury last year.

ROH All Star Extravaganza 7 Results

Silas Young defeated Dalton Castle via Misery
The Kingdom become the NEW ROH Tag Team Champions defeated The Young Bucks and The Addiction Taven rolled up Matt Jackson
ACH defeated Matt Sydal via the Midnight Star 450 Splash
Moose defeated Cedric Alexander via a Spear through the table
ANX defeated the Briscoes via One Night Stand

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