The Hottest Tag Team In The WWE: The New Day

Often in wrestling when the WWE does an experiment with faction with three different wrestlers it usually takes them several months to gain momentum then depending on the fans reaction it will determine your overall success. Now I can’t lie when they originally debuted I was not a fan because I thought that the gimmick was stupid it didn’t make sense. Now we all know how long the New Day came up with idea and it has been incredibly long time approximately a whole year according to the Table of 3 episode that featured.

Now any wrestlers fan that would deny Kofi, Xavier Woods and Big E aren’t talented individually is a straight up fool that was never the question it was always how to maximize their talented as a collective unit. At the end of the day success falls on the talent itself. I have to give credit where it’s due regardless of the direction of the New Day and the WWE decided to switch it up, it looked likes after months of struggling it seems like that WWE unhand cuffed the New Day to give them complete control and it is working. Each member has brought something different to the faction it seems that everybody knows and has a role from there they know how to execute it.

Xavier Woods is the intelligent one because he is unbelievable on the mic, I don’t know how he does it between balancing between wrestling and staying busy with school in order to get his PhD which is incredible feat in my opinion. Kofi Kingston ever since he entered the WWE he was always notorious for his high-flying moves and his athleticism. Last but not least we have Big E he has always been known for its physique and power but at the same time he is very agile for a high near 300 pounds.

It is no secret and its common knowledge that all three are very good friends and you can tell because of their undeniable chemistry as a unit together. Xavier Woods is a self-proclaimed nerd because he enjoys comic books and video games and there is nothing wrong with that because I myself have a passion for video games. Speaking of video games Xavier Woods took his passion of video games, he took it upon himself to launch a very successful video game channel called Up Up Down Down because it’s a very entertaining and hilarious channel in my opinion you should go check it out.

It is very refreshing because the New Day are unique due to the fact that never in the WWE has a faction been heel but remain so positive however they possess the power of positivity, and they are so over with the fans it’s absolutely mind-blowing compared to where they started as a faction. Xavier Woods has to be given to serious credit for the addition of playing the trombone as part of their routine playing the trombone while The New Day performs their moves simultaneously. Every time that The New Day are involved in matches regardless of the tag team and whether or not the titles are on the line I am always invested in their matches because there is not one time that I was not entertained.

Another benefit in my opinion of this faction is that every member can truly be the WWE Heavyweight Champion at some point of her career and they can be main event level superstars if they are booked in the proper way. Only time tell how successful The New Day can truly be with the faction being this over with the crowd anything is possible because the sky is the limit for them. They have already became two-time WWE Tag Team Champions and both Kofi and Big E have tasted individual success, with multiple title reigns with the Intercontinental and the United States title reigns for Kofi Kingston and Big E being a former NXT World Champion and Intercontinental Champion. There is only one guarantee that I can leave you all with this NEW DAY ROCKS NEW DAY ROCKS NEW DAY ROCKS CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!.

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SmackDown Review 29/10/15

This past SmackDown was a Halloween edition and usually when themes are involved the episode tends to be very lackluster, but it wasn’t that bad for the most part as always I will give my thoughts on the show in my three count as well as the results.

1) The Wyatt Family Running Things

The Wyatt Family have had a lot of momentum moving forward this week for good reason and we all know why. They continued to be a vocal figure on SmackDown Bray Wyatt appeared on the JumboTron to start off the episode he stated what he did to Kane and he was laughing with Kane mask in his hand. Later on in the night they would be involved in a six man tag against Cesaro Dean Ambrose and The Big Guy Ryback. It was a fantastic match and The Wyatt Family were very dominate as a team as expected.

Each member of the Wyatt Family isolated their opponents in order to wear them down, but then Roman Reigns and Ryback decided to work as team on the outside on Braun Strowman. The plan was to trap him by flipping over the announcer’s table itself so that Braun Strowan couldn’t get back up. Therefore they used the numbers game to get an advantage on the Wyatt family. When it looked like Reigns team was going to get the win Strowman broke free. Cesaro got distracted by the Wyatt family which ended up being enough for Harper to deliver a vicious clothesline on Cesaro for the three count.

2) The New Day Commentary

There was a four team tag team match which was very exciting however the bright spot of this match was The New Day were on commentary. They were hilarious on multiple levels because they had unicorn horns attached to their heads in order to celebrate Halloween. I must admit I’m very surprised that they are still this entertaining without their main mic piece in Xavier Woods. Both Big E and Kofi where talking in an old man voice such as a commentary team back in an 80’s.

3) Team B.A.D. New Enemy

Natalya made her way back to the ring after the brutal assault she faced a couple of weeks ago and arguably everybody was pointing the fingers to Paige. As the person who was responsible for attacking her but she stated numerous times that she was innocent and she didn’t do anything. Therefore you knew that the tensions would be high between these two fierce women in the ring, it was a great match but it didn’t last long because Team B.A.D. made their presence known.

Sasha Banks stated that she is sick and tired of hearing about who allegedly attacked Natalya; therefore she stated that Natalya has got Team B.A.D attention. Paige therefore capitalized on the distraction she laid out Natalya with Ram-Paige DDT for the win. After the match Team BAD literally gave Natalya a literal beat down followed by the Banks Statement and all three women were stood tall while Natalya was laid out. This is only the start of what could be an intriguing if this ends up being a Banks Natalya feud.

SmackDown Results

Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens via Countout
Tag Team Terror Four Corners Match Lucha Dragons defeated The Ascension, The Dudley Boyz, Sheamus and King Barrett via Salida del Sol on Viktor
Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz in a Trick or Treat Street Fight via a roll up
Paige defeated Natalya Ram-Paige DDT
Alberto Del Rio defeated R-Truth via Double Footstomp
The Wyatt Family defeated Cesaro Ryback Dean Ambrose via a vicious clothesline from Harper to Cesaro
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Hell In A Cell Review 25/10/15

 Photo credit courtesy of WWE

Last night WWE presented Hell In A Cell it was an intriguing PPV and as always I will give you my thoughts in my three count as well as the results. We started off the night with a six man tag match in the kickoff show. It was Neville, Ziggler and Cesaro against King Barrett, Sheamus and Rusev I must say that it has been a long time since the WWE have been doing kickoff shows that a match has been this meaningful and entertaining. It was a quality match Ziggler connected with a Super kick to King Barrett followed by a Red Arrow from Neville to pick up a victory.

1) Final Chapter

Going into this match I was skeptical because I didn’t know what to expect but I knew it would be slow and physical encounter between these two. I often find as a fan when you were your expectations going into the match it tends to over exceed your expectations in general. I thought that it was a booked with some weapons spots which both men used a steel chair to wear each other down. There was even a blood spot which Undertaker made Lesnar bled which was refreshing because as fans we don’t see blood anymore in matches.

Both men literally beat the living hell out of each other Brock gave three German Suplex and took the Undertaker is Suplex City, in addition to F-5 which was not enough to put the dead men away. Brock official snapped and threw in steel steps into the ring and Lesnar decided to rip the ring mat in order to expose the wood from beneath the ring.

Brock then took steel steps to the face because as he approached Taker he countered then Lesnar got caught himself into Hell’s Gate. As Lesnar got up The Phenom connected with a Chokeslam and a Tombstone, only for a near fall. The finishing sequence was epic on all levels Lesnar delivered a vicious low blow followed by a F5 and the conquer conquered the Undertaker once again Lesnar legitimized his first ballot WWE HOF career with another massive win.

2) The Wyatt Family Made An Impact

Bray Wyatt came up short earlier in the night against Roman Reigns in a fantastic steel cage match that blew me away. I set my expectations low due to the fact that I did not want to be disappointed because this feud has been a very lackluster in my opinion. However Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family shocked the world with their statement they made against The Undertaker at the end of the night.

The Wyatt Family decided to brutally assault Undertaker and they carried him to the back like he was on the cross. This reminded me of back in the 90s in the Attitude Era with the Ministry of Darkness and in a sense it was like The Undertaker was passing the torch to Bray Wyatt. After his brutal match against “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar look I understand it but I thought at first it was extremely disrespectful and it wasn’t the perfect timing. At the end of the day it makes sense because WWE was teasing a video of The Undertaker for Survivor Series next month which incredibly will be the 25 year anniversary of the Undertaker character being born.

3) Alberto Del Rio Return

The surprise of surprises happened during the U.S. Open Challenge which I was quite shocked about that they started it off as the first match. There were numerous reports going into this match that Samoa Joe or Tyler Breeze was Cena mystery opponent. However WWE decided to fool the fans with the shocking return of Alberto Del Rio which nobody was expecting.

Alberto Del Rio looked like he was in the best shape of his career and there was no ring rust he took Cena at the limits. It was the unlikely pairing of Zeb Colter and Del Rio. It was interesting because in the past Colter was racist with Jack Swagger with his real American gimmick. Del Rio was in complete control of the entire match for the most part it was crazy finishing sequence as Cena attempted to hit the AA on Del Rio he countered into a vicious kick to the head that led to the win.

This is according to the WWE with the victory it officially adds a new name to the U.S. Title lineage in Del Rio, he can also boast of about being the 18th foreign-born U.S. Champion in WWE history. Cena on the other hand, concludes his fifth reign as U.S. Champion, ending a 34-day run that represents his second shortest ever.

Overall I was very satisfied with this pay-per-view and I would give it an 8/10 it was very predictable with a couple of surprises I only got one prediction wrong but that was my mistake because I forgot that John Cena asked for time off for a month and therefore I thought he was going to retain his US title. Regardless I cannot wait for next month Survivor Series because it’s one of the few PPV that still have significant meaning to it.

Hell In A Cell Results

Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens defeated Ryback via a Pop up Powerbomb

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins defeated Kane via a Pedigree

Divas Champion Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella via Figure Eight Leg Lock

The New Day defeated The Dudley Boyz via Trouble In Paradise to Bubba Ray Dudley to retain their WWE Tag Team Titles

Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt via a Spear (Hell in a Cell Match)

Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cena via a Super kick to Cena’s head to crown a NEW US Champion

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Hell In A Cell PPV Preview

This Sunday WWE presents Hell In A Cell PPV live from Los Angeles and I must say originally I was not invested in this overall PPV, but it has shaped up to be a pretty good PPV in my opinion. It’s been a very long time since the WWE has provided us with a quality kickoff match it will be Sheamus King Barrett Rusev and against Neville Cesaro and Ziggler. All six men involved in this match are unbelievable athletes and I expect nothing but the best from this match I anticipate Neville Ziggler and Cesaro to be victorious.

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

This will be the final installment in somewhat of a pointless feud between Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns. This feud started back at Money In The Bank PPV back in June when Wyatt surprisingly cost Reigns the MITB briefcase. Then the two went back and forth for the past couple of months in matches at PPV. The previous PPV at Night of Champions Reigns and Ambrose took on the Wyatt family with their mystery partner being Chris Jericho. They came up short and the Wyatt family was victorious overcoming all odds then last month on RAW Wyatt and Reigns were involved in an insane match. It had a crazy ending in a count out but Reigns speared Wyatt through an announcer’s table off the steel steps it looked absolutely amazing. This is a difficult match to predict what I am going to lean with is Roman Reigns to finally prevail in this feud but I don’t know where both men go from here in terms of different feuds.

WWE Tag Team Titles

The New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz

I am really looking forward to this Tag Team match between The Dudley Boyz and the hottest tag team in the WWE The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Titles. The Dudley Boyz will look for the revenge after they got screwed out of the titles with their rematch on Oct 3rd MSG special live on the WWE Network, because Xavier Woods interfered to retain the title for the New Day.

The New Day will continue going into the Hell In A Cell PPV with all the momentum. At the same time they will have their heads down because who knows if Xavier Woods will be at ringside because he was put through a table a last week on RAW. Once again this is a difficult match to predict but this match is a massive for the Dudley Boyz because they are looking to become 10 time WWE Tag Team Champions. That being said you know the numbers game will be involved it will play a vital role in the New Day for retaining their tag team titles. The New Day will pull off the victory and then down the line the Dudley Boyz will win the WWE Tag Team Titles in a tables match.

Divas Championship

Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte

I envision this Divas match to be very entertaining and it will be way better from their first encounter Nikki Bella will be seeking for revenge because they’re impressive streak of being the longest Divas Champion in WWE history at 301 days was stopped by Charlotte at the Night of Champions PPV. Going into this match Charlotte will not be at 100% mentally because Paige who has created a rifted between team PCB with their actions and her jealousy over Charlotte winning the Divas title before Paige did and the lack of respect that Paige is getting for the Divas Revolution.

Even though I want Nikki to regain her Divas Champion back because I believe that Charlotte is a boring as a champion regardless of her excellent wrestling pedigree she has no charisma or personality in my opinion. When it’s all said and done Charlotte will find a way to retain her title once again back at the end of the match Paige will brutally assault Charlotte setting up a feud for a couple of matches.

Intercontinental Title

Ryback vs. Kevin Owens

Ryback will get his chance to revenge and retain and his Intercontinental title when he takes on his Kevin Owens at Hell In A Cell. Owens defeated in controversial fashion to some fans not me he ranking Ryback’s eyes behind the referee back to get the win. Owens was extremely careful in his rematch with Ryback on SmackDown on 2 October surprisingly Ryback took him to the limits but as a true heel pain avoided the ShellShook to take the loss via a count out.

Leading up to this match Owens was strategic he was scouting Ryback on the commentary and watching his matches on the TV in the back. Kevin Owens is flying high because he picked up an impressive victory over the world strongest man Mark Henry for victory of the match was second to the strength that Owens showcased when he delivered a pop-up power bomb to Mark Henry. This match is very easy to predict Owens will find a way to retain his Intercontinental Title by any means necessary.

US Title

John Cena vs. mystery opponent

John Cena has issued an open challenge for the US Title he has really created an incredible platform to give young or new talent the opportunity to go up against the face of the company according to many fans. This is why it adds significance to every match because you never know who Cena’s opponent will end up. I envision either Samoa Joe or Tyler Breeze will accept it. Regardless of the two that accepts this challenge I say that Cena will retain his US Title.

WWE Heavyweight Title

Seth Rollins vs. Kane

Seth Rollins has overcome all the obstacles that have been put in this way since he’s been the WWE Heavyweight Champion since WrestleMania 31. However this Sunday he faces the demon Kane he has been a living nightmare for Seth Rollins. Ever since Kane made his surprise return at Night of Champions PPV after Rollins long battle with Sting. Kane delivered a Chokeslam and a vicious Tombstone to Rollins that sent the message to the Champion. Heading into this match it’s a do or die situation for Kane because if he loses he will also be stripped of Directors of Operations role with the company.

Leading up to this match it’s seems that Kane is always around the corner when Seth Rollins has his matches regardless of the situation. I have to give credit to Kane because he has made the best of this story line with his split personality. This is a difficult match to predict because it can go either way but I envision Rollins will find a way to steal a victory and retain his title. Unfortunately I have a feeling Sheamus will successfully cash in his MITB briefcase and we will have a NEW WWE Heavyweight Champion.

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will face off for the last time in epic fashion it’s only appropriate that this feuds ends in a Hell In A Cell. Brock Lesnar made a lot of fans angry when he did the impossible feat of defeating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31. Therefore Undertaker’s record is not undefeated anymore at 21-1.Then The Undertaker made his return back at Battleground and sent a message to Brock Lesnar, with multiple vicious Chokeslams and a Tombstone Piledriver and at the same time screw Lesnar out of the WWE Heavyweight Title.

Their second encounter happened at SummerSlam back in August where Undertaker defeated Lesnar in controversial fashion. During the finishing sequence of the match Lesnar made the Undertaker tap out via the Kimura Lock and the bell rang Lesnar thought he won. The referee did not see The Undertaker tapping out therefore the match was restarted in order to have a clear winner.

The phenom capitalized on this opportunity when he delivered a low blow and then he applied the Hell’s Gate, causing Lesnar to pass out, this outcome caused the Wrestling community to officially snap and lose their minds. Heading into this Sunday this will be a very slow strategic but very physical encounter between the two and who knows we could even see some blood tomorrow night. There’s only one way I see this match working out and it’s in Lesnar favor and that way you can Undertaker disappear until WrestleMania season for what could be his final match of his legendary career.

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SmackDown Review 23/10/15

This week on SmackDown was the final episode before the Hell In A Cell PPV taking place this Sunday in Los Angeles. I expected better from SmackDown however it had some interesting elements that were unique to that made it feel special heading into a good overall PPV.

1) Face Lift

Going into this week SmackDown I was really looking forward to the debut of Tyler Breeze onto the main roster because I thought he should have been on RAW and SmackDown years ago. Tyler Breeze is one of the most underrated talents in the whole company I believe he doesn’t get the credit he deserves for always putting on phenomenal matches. Now I don’t like how the WWE spoiled Tyler Breeze debut on Twitter. However at the same time and now it’s impossible to keep a secret in the wrestling world because of all rumours and speculation from multiple wrestling sources.

My overall reaction to Tyler Breeze debuting on SmackDown I believe it was booked absolutely perfect having Summer Rae introducing the fans to her new man Tyler Breeze. This is an incredible way to make an impact in the WWE he had a confrontation with Dolph Ziggler I cannot wait for this feud because of the series of entertaining matches that the fans will get to witness. The lasting image of this segment was brilliant Tyler Breeze utilized his selfie stick to further inflect damage on Ziggler neck. Pairing Breeze with Summer Rae is the perfect match because both seem to have instant chemistry with each other. However my only dilemma is having Summer Rae as Tyler Brezze manager, the problem being everybody who’s she’s managed has become irrelevant and has fallen off Fandango, Rusev except for Ziggler.

2) Tag Team Match

I don’t know what it is but week in and week out I continue to get impressed with Sheamus and King Barrett as a tag team because they look like they have natural chemistry and they have only been teaming for a couple of weeks. I can envision them being WWE Tag Team Champions in the future of how good they are together it’s just refreshing to see new tag teams on the main roster and who knows they could even form a European faction together in the future.

3) Build up to HIAC PPV

The built-up to the Hell In A Cell PPV was good with some solid matches that took place on SmackDown as a tune-up match for his big encounter with the Demon Kane this Sunday Seth Rollins took on Cesaro in a non-title match. I don’t care what match Cesaro is in he always delivers the best and I think truly he is one of the most underrated talents in the company that does not get the credit he deserves. Cesaro took Rollins to the limit however the WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins got the last laugh and he used this intelligence and connected with the Pedigree to get the victory and come out on top.

An interesting match that took place out of nowhere was when Paige came in the ring to defend herself, which she did not brutally assault Natalya to Charlotte Becky Lynch to repair the damage that Paige has caused to Team PCB. The former WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella and Team Bella made their way to ring and they had a confrontation with Team PCB. Paige wanted to make it up to them by having a match against Nikki Bella. The match itself was very entertaining match but the former WWE Divas Champion defeated Paige with the Rack Attack and it seems that Nikki Bella has all the momentum in the world, heading into this Sunday against Charlotte where she gets her rematch for the WWE Divas title.

The main event was a tag team match Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose took on the hottest tag team in the company the New Day. The team with the power of positivity was feeling down because their hype man and the third member of the team Xavier Woods was missing. Due to the fact he was put through a table by the Dudleys Boyz via a 3D on RAW. Even without Xavier Woods they gave the former Shield numbers a run for their money and put them to quite a test.

This was a solid match as expected The New Day seemed to have enough of the match they started to head back but they had visitors waiting for them such as the Dudley Boyz they were forced to head back to the ring. Then all hell seemed to break loose both teams got in the double moves and Reigns and Ambrose were cleaning house poor Kofi Kingston was a victim of a midair Superman punch followed by a vicious Spear to get the three count for his team.

SmackDown Results

Seth Rollins defeated Cesaro via Pedigree
Nikki Bella defeated Paige via a Rack Attack
Sheamus and King Barrett defeated the Lucha Dragons via a Brogue Kick to Kalisto
Ryback defeated Bo Dallas via a ShellShock
Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose against The New Day via a Spear on Kofi Kingston
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Smash Wrestling Something Different Review

On Friday night Smash Wrestling delivered another entertaining show that did not disappoint there was a lot a world-class talent, showcased on Something Different as always I will provide you with my three count as well as a results.

1) Tag Team Emphasis

There was three tag team matches throughout the night all of them really got my attention but one really stole the show and I was speechless, because it really entertaining and blew me away from the opening bell. Now I have witnessed Drew Gulak for months now he has become a regular staple in Smash Wrestling and I don’t know how but he continues to amaze me every event. I have to give Gulak credit because without his partner Biff Busick, he can make anybody who he is in the ring with look like a million dollars Tarik and Gulak make a solid tag team in my opinion.

Now after a couple of months of being off of smash shows Checkmate made their return with a bang they took Gulak and Tarik to the limit as always have the crowd going absolutely nuts for them for a good reason. Now Christopher Bishop I have to give credit to him because he got absolutely abused by Gulak and his multiple submission holds he literally bent Bishop into a pretzel. Bishop has a high tolerance because those submissions looked very painful to say the least. Tarik continues to hold his own and impresses me regardless of what the haters say he has really made a name for himself ever since aligning himself with Forth Gunn.

2) New Personality

I have always been a fan of Courtney Rush ever since I’ve seen her wrestler in Smash Wrestling but I have always felt that she has lacked charisma and personality. I believe that ever since Cherry Bomb cut the hair of Rush fans have seen a new side of her and I like it because it’s different and she is killing her new demon assassin persona. I was very impressed with Penelope Ford because it was my first time seeing her in the ring and she looked very polished in my opinion. Ford tried to literally beat down Rush but she kept on getting back up over and over again.

3) Entertainment

I was very skeptical about this match going in to it because it was Dalton Castle against Brent Banks but due to the fact that Mike Bailey, couldn’t make it there was a switch involved. Therefore it was Dalton Castle against Frankie The Mobster going into this match I didn’t know what to expect because I have never seen Frankie Mobster before. I spoke to many fans before the event and they told me that he was a very big in the Montreal promotions. Now where do I begin with this match because there were a lot of hilarious moments that really made the crowd entertained and laughed throughout the match.

First off they were making fun of this new referee he had man tits and the crowd started to chant man tits in addition to the fact, that weirdly enough both Frankie and Dalton were playing with the referees tits. This had been dying moving on from the hilarious spots in the match at first I wasn’t really sold on Frankie The Mobster, at first but then throughout the match I was more invested in him. It’s obvious that Dalton Castle has the complete package being entertaining, hilarious and he can be serious in a matter of split-seconds. It is always crazy to see how over Castle is with the fans. To my surprise Frankie The Mobster was victorious with a Sit-out Choke bomb because I thought clearly that Castle would go over in this encounter.

Overall I thought that the show was another great one I would give it an 8/10. I don’t know if it was just me but something felt missing in general in terms of talent. That being said moving forward on to their next show which is November 7 3rd anniversary show this will blow the roof off of Franklin Horner Community Center, with the card they have lined up I cannot wait these are the following announcements for that show.

Pentagon JR. vs. Drago will headline the show as it main events This Is Smash
Davey Richards will be making his return to smash in addition to Michael Elgin
Demon Assassin Courtney Rush against KC Spinelli

Smash Wrestling Something Different Results

Team 3.0 defeated GOAT Brigade with a Codebreaker combo to Shane Sabre
Courtney Rush defeated Penelope Ford via a Sharpshooter
Franky the Mobster defeated Dalton Castle via a sit-out choke bomb
The Kingdom (Taven & Bennett w/ Maria) defeated The Overdogs via a Hail Mary assisted Piledriver to Suave Brent Banks defeated Sonjay Dutt via reversing Dutt’s splash attempt into a pin fall
Fourth Gunn (Tarik & Gulak) defeated Checkmate via Tarik hit the knee stomp and Gulak got the pin
“Hacker” Scotty O’Shea defeated Chuck Taylor via a CTL+ALT+Del

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Paradigm Shift In Women Wrestling In The WWE

In the 90s women in wrestling were portrayed as scantily clad women that were infamous for having bra and panties the WWE viewed, their women as sex symbols because back in the day and this still holds true to this day sex sells. I thought that the WWE really underutilized women talent in the 90s and had them only used as sexy valets mangers however this changed close to the new decade when the company decided to bring in new talents such as Trish Stratus and Lita. Those moves seemed to have a momentum shift in the type of talent the WWE would bring in. All of the sudden WWE decided to sign many quality talents such as Molly Holly, Victoria, Jacqueline, Jazz and they would always deliver quality matches no matter who they were against.

It seems that once Trish Stratus retired back in 2006 at Unforgiven where she successfully became a seven-time WWE Women’s Champion by defeating Lita in her hometown of Toronto. The Women’s Division was never the same for years to come because they didn’t have the quality of talent that could put on quality matches it took years for the WWE to resurrect women’s wrestling. In late 2014 WWE decided to have a paradigm shift when it came to women’s wrestling and it took many people to make it happen.

It all started with AJ Lee when she went back and forth on Twitter for claiming to give divas a chance. The newcomer at the time Paige and Triple H took it a whole new level when Triple H gave Paige and Emma an opportunity to have a long 20 minute match on NXT Arrival Takeover special. This was unheard of because of women were not used to getting an opportunity like this in the past not to mention it was the first NXT special on the WWE Network. A couple of months ago on RAW Stephanie McMahon decided to drop a bombshell announcement that would change the landscape of the Divas Division. It was due to the fact that Nikki Bella had absolutely no competition in the Divas Division. Nikki Bella was dominating everybody in her way therefore new talent from NXT were brought up making their way on the main roster such as Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

This current change is a breath of fresh air for the Divas Division because it actually makes fans more invested in the matches. There are even more quality women on the NXT roster such as Bayley, Danna Brooke, Emma the new Japanese sensation Asuka and Nia Jax is on her way. Arguably in August the entire world witnessed the best women’s match in the company’s history at NXT Takeover Brooklyn special between Bayley and Sasha Banks for NXT Women’s Championship. Everybody including myself thought it stole the show and it was the best match on the card.

It was a good moment when Bailey finally won one the NXT Women Championship, because she deserves it and she has been through a lot Bayley is known for always putting on quality matches. However it seemed that Bayley has always been in the shadow of the other competitors on NXT for some reason. In addition I believe she never got the credit she deserves until now and with all the injuries it derailed the opportunity for her to make it up to the main roster. The match was so entertaining that Triple H and William Regal decided to make history at this past NXT Takeover Respect special Sasha Banks against Bayley in the first ever over 30 min Iron man match women main event.

Both women knew that they would have a handful trying to make this match even more significant than their first encounter they accomplished that objective. The match itself was a booked absolutely perfectly and it had a lot emotion and tension in my opinion. Both Bayley and Sasha Banks brought the best out of each other and if you had doubts about Bayley she put it to bed with her performance and retaining her NXT Women Championship gives her serious credibility and that was her biggest win of her career to date.

Both women knew that they would have a handful trying to make this match even more significant than their first encounter they accomplished that objective. The match itself was a booked absolutely perfectly and it had a lot emotion and tension in my opinion. Both Bayley and Sasha Banks brought the best out of each other and if you had doubts about Bayley she put it to bed with her performance and retaining her NXT Women Championship gives her serious credibility and that was her biggest win of her career to date.

I believe it was time for a change because if women’s wrestling is done right it can be extremely entertaining. The only thing that TNA was good for in the wrestling industry was creating the X Division and the creation of the Knockout division. The Knockout division was the first time that women’s wrestling was done on a massive scale on national TV. That being said the WWE and women’s wrestling has a bright future and this is only the start of the Divas revolution.

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