ROH 14th Anniversary PPV Review

Photo credit courtesy via What a Maneuver on Twitter

Last night ROH presented their 14th anniversary show live on PPV it was an incredible night it lived up to the hype; however I had some mixed emotions revolving around the event. As I always I will provide my three count in addition to the results.

1) Main Event

It was the main event that everybody had been waiting for three men who hate each other fighting for the prestigious ROH World Title. Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole have no love lost and against each other and they went at it in the beginning of the match, and whenever Lethal tried to get involved they attacked him.

Then there were a couple of a cool spots where they took out Lethal with some old school Future Shock double teams, and then they went back at each other. Then Lethal were fighting on the outside, O’Reilly attempted a sling shot but was unsuccessfully. Then O’Reilly was back in the ring and he gave a German Suplex to Adam Cole as Cole was the process of giving a vertical Suplex to Lethal.

Adam Cole connected with a Figure Four leg lock to Lethal, O’Reilly stomped him in the face, Cole gave him the middle finger which I thought was amazing, and then O’Reilly grabbed his finger and put Adam Cole in the Cross Armbar. All three men eventually were on the outside and were fighting this set up for O’Reilly signature spot on the outside where he sat both Lethal and Cole in a steel chairs he came off the apron to deliver a running dropkick that took out Cole out, but Lethal was savvy enough to move out of the way.

As the common saying goes if first you don’t succeed try again, Kyle O’Reilly attempted another suicide dive onto Lethal, but Lethal gave him a Superkick for his troubles. Then finally O’Reilly took out Cole out with a trio of dives. Then a sight that I thought would never believe I would see Truth Martini performed a Spinarooi but it was Trutharooni, then Lethal and Cole came back into the ring Cole attempted a Canadian Destroyer, but Lethal countered it and connected with a Lethal Combination for a near fall.

Adam Cole gave bicycle kicks O’Reilly and he threw him in the way when Lethal went for the Lethal Injection, but he changed his mind and then connected with a Brainbuster on O’Reilly, on the knee of Lethal’s for near fall. Then the finishing sequence was absolutely insane. Out of nowhere O’Reilly connected with Brainbuster for a near fall on Lethal and put him in a triangle choke hold immediately.

Adam Cole came back into the ring to break the hold then O’Reilly decided to put Cole in an Ankle lock. The referee checked Lethal’s arm but Cole caught his arm before it fell for the third time which I thought was unique spot. All three men were spent and struggled to their feet and they went back and forth trading shots at each other. Kyle O’Reilly snapped and he hit both Cole and Lethal out with a double lariat. Finally Lethal hit a double Lethal Injection on both men, and he retained the ROH World Title.


2) 6 Men Tag Tag match

Never Openweight Championship

ACH Matt Sydal and Kushida vs. IWGP Never Openweight Champions The Elite The Young Bucks and The Cleaner Kenny Omega

Going into this match everybody knew that this could steal the show, while doing my research I found out that this was Omega’s first appearance in ROH in nearly six years, and the crowd clearly loved him.  Nick Jackson and Kushisa started off the match they both tried to pick up some momentum but neither man could find any. Then ACH comes in and he cleaned house on all three members of The Elite. This was when the spots started to happen Omega gave a German Suplex on Sydal onto the ramp, then the Bucks took out both ACH and Kushia with dives at the same time.

After Matt Sydal took significant damage he made the hot tag, and Kushida cleaned house. Kushida gave a backbreaker and took the Bucks out with a dive to the floor, then he took Kenny Omega out with a basement dropkick. Then there was a series of near falls and spots from Kushida and The Young Bucks. ACH hit a twisting Flatliner on Matt Jackson, then he goes to the top rope, but Matt countered the a double stomp. ACH took it old school and he brought out his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin and he hit the stunner, on Nick Jackson for a near fall. Then the end of the match was a spot fest for The Elite/Bullet Club on their opponents. Then The Elite took killed Matt Sydal and took his head off with a triple Super kick for a near. Matt Sydal tried to make a comeback but the Elite was too much too handle. Omega tombstones ACH on the floor, the Bucks gave a double Superkick to Sydal, followed up by a Meltzer Driver Omega hits the One Winged Angel, and Matt covers for the win and The Elite retained their Never Openweight titles.
3) Tag Team Wrestling

Going into this PPV I was very intrigued in a couple of matches and this was one of them. I wanted to see how this newly formed tag team for a couple of months in Elgin and Tanahashi took on ROH veterans in the Briscoe’s. The crowd was 50/50 behind both teams but the Vegas crowd loved Tanahashi. The Briscoes used their tag team experience to keep Tanahashi on their side of the ring for a series of moves, with Mark hit a rolling Samoan drop before he tagged in Jay tags connected with the Death Valley Driver for a near fall.

Then the momentum shifted when Tanahashi finally hit a Crossbody out of the corner on Mark he tagged in Big Mike, who comes off the top rope with a shoulder block to Mark.  Mark fires back with redneck Kung Fu, but Elgin fights through, knocked Jay off the apron, and he went into beast mode he started unloading rolling German Suplexes on Mark.

Then all hell broke loose with all four men in the ring, the Briscoes got Elgin alone and work him over with Mark hitting a top rope splash for a near fall. There were a series of double tag moves by both teams and numerous near falls.  The Briscoes attempted Doomsday, but Elgin broke it up, and slammed Jay on top of Mark. Elgin once again showed off his strength he literally picked up Tanahashi up and he dropped him on Mark for a near fall.  Tanahashi hits Sling blade on Mark, Elgin delivered a Powerbomb Mark, and then Tanahashi went up to the top rope and connected with a High Fly Flow aka a Frog Splash for the massive win.

Overall I was very pleased with the matches and everything I love the venue Sam Town in Las Vegas. I don’t know why the crowd felt very dead on PPV and it affects the overall vibe of the card. There were a lot great matches but the crowd was not involved at all so it hurts the matches itself regardless I thought it was an incredible and I would give it a 9/10.

ROH 14th Anniversary results

Tomohiro Ishii defeated Roderick Strong vs Bobby Fish hit a Brainbuster on Strong to retain his ROH TV Title

BJ Whitmer defeated Adam Page via roll up

Hirooki Goto defeated Dalton Castle via Uranage

Alex Shelley defeated Christopher Daniels via the crucifix on Daniels

Kazuchika Okada defeated Moose via The Rainmaker

War Machine defeated All Night Express via Fall out on Rhett Titus retained their ROH Tag Team Titles

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SmackDown Review 25/2/16

Photo credit courtesy via the WWE

This week’s SmackDown episode was the aftermath of the FastLane PPV it had some interesting ramifications moving forward to the Road to WrestleMania, as I will always do I will provide my three count in addition to the results.

1) Triple H segment

Triple H started off the show with an unbelievable promo that he stated that Roman Reigns took him lightly but not anymore. Triple H made his presence known last Monday night RAW. Triple H also made an interesting point that when he was younger in his career he tried to fight authority, but you learn when you get older in your career you cannot fight the authority. I loved how Triple H carried Roman Reigns blood in his suit it just shows how personal this feud is.     

2) Opening contest

The opening match was a very entertaining a man 8 tag team contest it was The League of Nations against the team of the Lucha Dragons and Neville and the Show Off Dolph Ziggler. It was a compelling match every member on each team got their spots and they look unbelievable but the shining star of the match was Neville because he hit two Red Arrows on King Barrett and for one of them he jumped over Sheamus and connected on Wade Barrett. Dolph Ziggler and The Showoff cleared the ring and The Celtic Warrior and Neville were left in the ring and then Sheamus hit Brogue Kick on Neville for the win for the League Kick for the win.

3) Main event

The Phenomenal One AJ Styles and Y2J Chris Jericho have taking a interest to becoming a tag team ever since last week on RAW they took on The Social Outcasts. Then both of them need another partner against The New Day and they found Mark Henry which made it a six man tag match main event. This was a solid main event and to my surprise all three worked extremely well against the cohesive unit of The New Day. Chris Jericho decided to take a bullet for his tag team partner AJ Styles Jericho took the Trouble in Paradise. Then this lead to Xavier Woods and AJ Styles where the last two in the ring and AJ was able to lock in the Calf Crusher and AJ Styles picked up the win for his team.


SmackDown Results

League of Nations defeated Dolph Ziggler and The Lucha Dragons Sheamus Brogue Kick to Ziggler

D-Von Dudley defeated Jimmy Uso via roll up

Kevin Owens defeated Big Show by Count-out

Natayla defeated Becky Lynch via DQ

R-Truth defeated Heath Slater

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RAW Review 22/02/16

Photo credit courtesy Sportingnews

Last night RAW’s made up for yet a terrible PPV on Sunday which was FastLane because on paper it was suppose to be a good PPV, but it was below average in my opinion. This was a very entertaining episode as I always do I will provide my three count as well as the results.

1) Ground breaking announcement

The whole night revolved around the Vincent J McMahon of Excellence Award there was a lot of speculation who would receive the award and it was Stephanie McMahon. Then Stephanie didn’t even get a chance to say her speech, fans saw a familiar face in Shane McMahon and the crowd exploded because he hasn’t been on TV in the WWE since 2010.

Shane stated even though he hasn’t been in the WWE for years, he still had a spot reserved for him since he was gone this made Stephanie irate. Then he demanded that he wanted control of Monday Night Raw which Vince agreed only for a special stipulation. He would have to compete in a one match and if he would win Shane would get complete control of RAW, but he would have to defeat The Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell match at WrestleMania 32.

2) A beast woke up

The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar wasn’t in a good mood as a result of losing at the FastLane PPV therefore on Monday he took matters into his own hands. Brock Lesnar decided to ambush attack Dean Ambrose in the Joe Louis Area parking lot before RAW. Then this attack led to Ambrose being carried off into a stretcher then into an ambulance. However you knew that Dean Ambrose wasn’t going to lie down because he is a tough SOB.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were heated because Lesnar didn’t have an opponent at WrestleMania 32. All of a sudden the Lunatic Fringe managed to drive the ambulance and he crawlled his way back to Raw to confront Lesnar and he decide to challenge Lesnar to a No Holds Barred Match Street Fight at WrestleMania 32. Brock Lesnar accepted his challenge and he connected with a devastating F5 to Dean Ambrose. This will be a very intriguing fight at WrestleMania between these two individuals love to fight.

3) The Champion sent a message

Roman Reigns head was clearly not at RAW because earlier in the day before RAW Dean Ambrose was brutally assaulted in the Joe Louis Area parking lot. However Stephanie McMahon told Roman Reigns he would be involved in a main event match against “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus. It was a decent match but then the WWE World Heavyweight Champion made a statement and beat up the number one contender Roman Reigns. “The Game” Triple sent a message “It’s Time To Play The Game” and he rammed Reigns face into the announcers table which made him bleed then he delivered a vicious Pedigree on the steel steps.


RAW Results

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated Neville & The Lucha Dragons via Kofi Kingston Trouble in Paradise to Sin Cara

The Usos defeated The Ascension via The Uso Splash

Chris Jericho and AJ Styles defeated Heath Slater and Curtis Axel via Walls of Jericho

The Wyatt Family defeated Big Show, Kane and Ryback via Sister with Sister Abigail

Sasha Banks defeated Naomi via Banks Statement

Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus via Disqualification

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FastLane PPV Review

Photo: WWE

Photo credit courtesy via the WWE

Last night was the final road block on road before WrestleMania 32 and I had mix feeling about the PPV and I will give you my three count as well as the results.

1) Set in stone

I thought the main event was booked absolutely perfect the winner of this triple threat would punch their ticket to WrestleMania 32. I thought the MVP of this match was Brock Lesnar because of Suplex he gave and he took both Reigns and Ambrose to Suplex City and the amount of punishment going through two announcers table.

I thought that Ambrose had an incredible performance once again no surprise he took quite a beating. This match all had nonstop action from the opening bell to the final one the turning point was when Roman Reigns hit the Spear and then Lesnar took that big blow and somehow got the energy to connect with Kimura Lock. Then Ambrose entered the ring with the steel chair and he went off on both men.

The Lunatic Fringe smashed his opponents with the steel chair with no mercy, however the number one rule in wrestling is always have eyes in the back of your head Ambrose took his eyes off Reigns for one second too long while beating Lesnar. This opportunity was all Reigns need to hit, the Spear on his brother and got the three count to earn a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title opportunity at WrestleMania.

As expected the celebration and pyro didn’t last too long because Triple H came down to have a face off with Roman Reigns. Therefore it’s set in stone that Triple H will defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns on April 3, 2016 at WrestleMania 32.

2) Lived up to the hype

Everybody knew that FastLane being in Dolph Ziggler hometown of Cleveland you knew that he would bring the very best to Kevin Owens for Intercontinental Championship. These two have had quite a beginning to 2016 in a series of matches. The bouts between The Showoff and Owens have presented a strong case for Rivalry of the Year. Owens went back on his throne when he won his Intercontinental Championship on Raw in a compelling Fatal 5-Way Match

Owens’ early strategy revolved around using his power to limit his opponent and neutralize Ziggler’s agility and high flying moves. As always the odds were against him mounted, The Showoff’s resilience kicked into overdrive and he managed to handle Owens offense and he finally gave his own offense in an attempt to even the odds. Although Ziggler unleashed a flurry of strikes as momentum shifted in his favor, the damage to his shoulder had been done and allowed Owens to overpower his opponent, once more resulting in a series of near-falls.

It was crazy because even though Ziggler was in significant pain he was not going to quit as the two exchanged Superkicks in and out of the ring this would make the Young Bucks proud. Then, each managed to counter each other moves sets. Owens hit a superplex then Ziggler hit a Hurricanrana into the steel steps.

As The Showoff went to deliver another Super kick, Owens moved out of the way and Ziggler had stopped himself before kicking the referee. That distraction was all The Prizefighter needed to capitalize and, next, perfectly execute his vicious Pop-up Powerbomb to capture the win. Owens ruined Dolph Ziggler homecoming in Ohio and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

3) Trilogy

Heading into the highly anticipated contest I was skeptical that that this match would be better than their first two previous encounters on RAW and SmackDown dating back to a month ago and it was tied up at 1 and it didn’t disappoint.

The epic showdown began with Jericho and Styles they were feeling each other off in the beginning because they didn’t look embarrassing. Both tried to get momentum on each other Jericho attempted to slow the pace of the match down while Styles attempted his own high flying offence later on and got multiple near falls on Jericho.

There was a moment where Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho and Styles showed incredible fight through the pain to reach the ropes and break the hold. This made Jericho pissed he sent his opponent crashing into the ringside barrier before once again locking in his famous submission hold outside of the ring. Being a savvy veteran Jericho then rolled back inside the squared circle, strategically leaving Styles to be counted out.

AJ Styles made it back into the ring in before the 10-count, once he did Jericho connected with the devastating Code Breaker. The Phenomenal One got the strength to hit Jericho with the Styles Clash incredibly it was on a near fall. Jericho managed to survive the damage, but he fell victim to the Calf Crusher and Y2J had no choice but to tap out.

Overall as an PPV I would give it this an 6 out 10 if it’s wasn’t for the intercontinental title match in addition to the trilogy between AJ Styles and Chris Jericho this PPV would have been an epic failure in my opinion.

FastLane PPV Results

Banks Lynch and Sasha Banks defeated Naomi and Tamina

Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler via Pop PowerBomb

Ryback Kane and Big defeated The Wyatt Family via Shell Shock on Harper

Charlotte defeated Brie Bella via Figure Eight Leg Lock

AJ Styles defeated Chris Jericho via Calf Crusher

The League confronted The New Day on The Cutting Edge

Curtis Axel defeated R-Truth via a roll up

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Smash Wrestling F8tfulEight Review

Photo credit courtesy of SteveTSN

On Saturday hit another home run with their latest show F8tfulEight show which was no surprise I will provide my three count in addition to the results.

1) Tag Team Wrestling reigns supreme

This F8tful event proved what I already know that tag team wrestling is unbelievable if it’s done effectively. Every tag match delivered on the card and I was entertained with every match not to mention there were so many spots to mention just to do me a favor and sign up for Smash On Demand for only $7.49 to revive all its glory. Shout out to my new favourite tag team in Smash Wrestling The Well Oiled Machines they became the 1st annual F8tful Eight tournament winners, I predicted them to go far in the tournament but I didn’t expect them to win the tournament.

2) Exceeded my expectations

I didn’t know what to expect overall in this match because I knew that Candice LeRae will always bring her best, but I was unsure about what would Franky The Mobster bring to the table. However Franky The Mobster changed my perception about him in the ring and I entertained throughout the match. This match just proved that regardless of LeRae opponent she will make anybody look like a million dollars it’s just a testament of how incredible she is in the ring. The match started off extremely show because they were feeling each other out first but then the action picked up they were giving each other suicide dives on the outside. Then Franky The Mobster picked up a very impressive win via The Credibility Statement which is a sit down ChokeBomb.

3) Trust issues

Fourth Gunn has been riding shotgun through the entire Smash Wrestling roster there seems to be some trust issues that are developing with Fourth Gunn. Before the match happen there was video that appeared and Tarik and Gargano had an argument, Tarik stated that he was fed up with doing Gargano dirty work and it has to stop. That being said heading into this match I was invested between “Speed Ball” Mike Bailey and “Johnny Wrestling” Johnny Gargano because both are phenomenal athletes.

This match is exactly what I expected a high flying spot fest mixed with technical and ground base wrestling with submission holds. It was absolute pleasure to witness Mike Bailey back in Smash Wrestling, because he is one of the best talents in Ontario and he is slowly getting the respect he deserves around the world. I just love his moves sets his kicks, flips and Shooting Stars Press and knees are insane with his lighting quick speed.

Bailey took Gargano to the limit and he was on the verge of becoming the new Smash Wrestling Champion, however Tarik made his way to down to the ring to save Gargano and he pulled the referee out of the ring. The finishing sequence of the match Bailey attempted to hit a Standing Shooting Star Press but was unsuccessful and Gargano was able to capitalize on the opportunity and he locked in the Gargano Escape to retain the Smash Wrestling Championship.

Then after the match Tarik finally reached his boiling point after the match and tried that he is tired of Gargano shit. It finally stops tonight he also stated that he was the one who created Fourth Gunn. Come March 11 Tarik challenges Johnny Gargano for the Smash Wrestling Championship. Tarik got a super kick for his troubles and only time will tell what the future has in store for Fourth Gunn.

Smash Wrestling F8tfulEight Results

The Well Oiled Machines defeated The Fraternity via a Boston Crab and a Leg Drop to Channing Decker

TDT defeated TNT via a roll up

Super Smash Bros defeated Team Rockstar Pro via a double sharpshooter

The Dream Team (Hero & Edwards) defeated The Overdogs via a vicious elbow from Hero to Suave

The Kevin Bennett Experience was interrupted by Brent Banks

Kevin Bennett defeated Brent Banks via a roll up

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FastLane PPV Preview

Photo credit courtesy: Wrestling news source

Tonight is the FastLane PPV and it will make it history having two divas matches on the overall card in addition to other great matches that will make this an entertaining PPV. Not to mention this is the last PPV before the biggest PPV of the year WrestleMania 32. I will provide a rundown and my thoughts on every match on the card.

US Championship match

2 out of 3 falls

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto

Now in the preshow it will be Alberto Del Rio taking on Kalisto for US Title in all honest I know that it will be good match due to the two out of three falls speculation I would have preferred a different speculation instead. I would have loved to see a mask vs. hair match but that’s just my opinion. I am not invested in this match at all because we have witnessed so many matches between already before.

Kalisto has defeated Alberto Del Rio twice when it mattered when the US Championship was on the line. However Alberto Del Rio has gained momentum with beating Kalisto multiple times on RAW and SmackDown recently with The League of Nations. That being said tonight I envision that Kalisto will retain his US Championship because it will look stupid to have Kalisto drop the title again without giving him any momentum.

Cutting Edge Peep Show with special guests The New Day

Fans can this segment to be hilarious as expected between two of the very best tag teams from past and present. I could see a battle between trombone and Kazoos. Most importantly I believe this segment could lead to an introduction of a new Tag Team on the main roster such as Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady.

Divas Championship

Brie Bella vs. Charlotte

I don’t know what to expect with this match because on RAW a couple of weeks ago Brie Bella pulled off a massive upset victory on Charlotte. Tensions and emotions will be running high. Charlotte claimed that she was the reason why Nikki Bella is injured in addition to the fact that recently Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan retired from the WWE. That being said I don’t envision this Cinderella story to end well for Brie Bella and Charlotte will retain her Divas title with the help of her father Ric Flair.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs. Naomi and Tamina

This match happened unexpected as soon as Sasha Banks wanted to break away from Team BAD stating that she was the Beyonce of the group and she wants her moment and a shot at the Divas title. Therefore that was an insult to Team B.A.D. then they assaulted her. Becky Lynch was unfortunately involved in this situation not by choice but she had a series of matches between both Naomi and Tamina in the last of couple of weeks.

Both Banks and Becky Lynch stated that they were never friends but they both hate to lose therefore they need to work they need to work as a team in order to get the win. This match is a true tossup and it can go either way but I believe despite the fact that Banks and Lynch don’t like each other they will put their differences aside in order to walk out victorious.

Intercontinental Championship

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens

I believe this match will steal the show because these two have great chemistry together. Now that a championship is involved the high stakes only have increased that much more. This match came about because these two were involved in a fatal five way match on RAW last week for the Intercontinental Champion.

It was one hell of a match to begin RAW last week all five participants were impressive and got all their spots in but when it was all said and done Kevin Owens became the two-time Intercontinental Champion. It just so happened that Dolph Ziggler was the first to congratulate him backstage Ziggler, stated that he deserves to be the first one in line for a title shot due to the fact that he has had Owens number in the past defeating him using questionable methods.

The Wyatt Family vs. Kane Big Show Ryback

I am not sure what to think that’s about this match because even though fans understand that the Wyatt Family want to become a dominant faction to be taken seriously. However that being said I could care less about this match and it doesn’t make any logical sense, regardless of the fact when the Wyatt’s mention that they want to take down the titans of the WWE in their promos.

Now the Wyatt family has previous history with all three men involved in the past so therefore they want to get revenge back on the Wyatt family for their actions. There is only one way to go as far as an outcome in this match and clearly it’s to have the white family go over in this one.

AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

I am very intrigued to see part three of this trilogy between two of the very best in professional wrestling in terms of technique and in ring performance. Their previous two encounters did not disappoint and neither will this one. AJ Styles has had an incredible debut month within the company defeating Chris Jericho on his debut on the main roster on RAW which helped him set a tone for him moving forward.

It seems that Chris Jericho has been very jealous of “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles week in and week out until he got his opportunity at AJ Styles a second time and he managed to even up the odds in a tightly contested contest via a Codebreaker. It will be extremely difficult to outdo themselves but it will happen tonight mark my words with AJ styles will win via the Calf Crusher. A better scenario is have this match end in a no contest to have their last match in this feud take place at WrestleMania 32 this year.

Main event

Triple threat match

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns

The main event that everybody has been waiting for these three men will fight for an opportunity to main event WrestleMania 32 and take on Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Fans believe that Brock Lesnar has a legit opportunity to walk out victorious however I don’t see it happening like that. I can see The Wyatt Family giving Lesnar an ambush attack backstage taking him out of the entire match. Therefore it will be Reigns and Ambrose against each other for the entire match and a referee bump will happen like always in a championship match.

Then Triple H will make his way down to the ring to give Ambrose a weapon to use against Reigns to give him the win. Dean Ambrose will have problems deciding what he will do this will ultimately cost him the match which will give Roman Reigns the opportunity to pick up the win via the Spear. Then both Reigns and Triple H will have a face off ladies and gentleman we have the main event set in stone for WrestleMania 32 Roman Reigns against Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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Smash Wrestling F8tful Eight Preview 20/2/16

Photo credit courtesy via Smash Wrestling

Tonight Smash Wresting will be showcasing a main staple that they have had for years which is a deep tag team division. Smash Wrestling presents F8tful Eight where eight of the best tag teams around the world will battle for tag team bragging rights. I will give you a rundown of all the matches on this star-studded card that will leave fans in awe and talking for months.

First round matches

Super Smash Bros vs. Team Rockstar Pro

It’s is always a pleasure to witness one of the very best tag teams in the world in super smash Bros as they take on Team Rockstar Pro. To be quite honest with you I’m not familiar with Team Rockstar Pro but it’s always great to see and get to exposed new talent. However that being said no offense but they have no shot at beating the Super Smash Bros in my opinion.

TDT vs. Tyson N Tornado

This match will be an interesting contest because TDT is an experienced old school tag team from Montreal, they are very talented and they will be taking on Tyson Dux and Tornado. It will be a weird site to see Tyson Dux in a tag team dynamic because he is usually in singles competition and once again it will be great to get exposed to another new talent in Tornado. I envision that TDT will advance further in this tournament because of their tag team experience.

The Overdogs vs. Chris Hero and Eddie Edwards

This match will be a tag team clinic between one of the very best tag teams in Ontario The Overdogs as they take on the unlikely duo of Chris Hero and Eddie Edwards. It was supposed to be against the Wolves but Davey Richards suffered an injury and he is out of action. Therefore Chris Hero is his replacement and this is absolutely amazing, because it’s about time that Chris Hero came back to Smash Wrestling because the last time he competed for them was months ago. Even though The Overdogs will have an advantage over Hero and Edwards when it comes to teaming with each other I believe Hero and Edwards will have what it takes to walk out victorious and advance in the tournament.

Well Oiled Machines vs. The Fraternity

Now a lot of people might not be talking about this match but I feel that it could potentially steal the show when it comes down to Tag Team Wrestling. The Well Oiled Machines are arguably my new favourite tag team in Smash Wrestling because they are very natural with each other, even only after tagging a couple of times and in addition they are very hilarious together.

Now on the other hand The Fraternity is no joke even though they have only been around for a couple years they have started to really get noticed in Canada and in numerous promotions in the states both Channing Decker and Trent Gibson have very bright futures in the business in opinion. I envision Cherry Bomb will be involved and lead the Well Oiled Machines to victory but I also can see in some capacity Courtney Rush making an appearance and making Cherry Bombs life a living hell.

I see Hero and Edwards winning their semi final and the Super Smash Bros winning theirs. The intriguing part of the finals is the match will be taking place in a 4 way elimination match. This will be an entertaining finish to a compelling Tag Team tournament I envision Chris Hero and Evil Uno representing their tag teams but when it’s all said and done Chris Hero will lay out Uno with a vicious elbows that will lead to Hero getting the three count and “The Knockout Artist” will be victorious in his long-awaited return to Smash Wrestling.

Candice LeRae vs. Franky The Mobster

This is a unique and intriguing intergenger singles match now I was only familiar with Franky The Mobster back in November for Smash Wrestling third anniversary show as he took on Dalton Castle.I wasn’t impressed with his overall ability at first but as the match ended he earned my respect. He will be taking on one of the best women wrestlers in the world and a Smash Wrestling favourite in Candice LeRae. I am not sure what to expect in the match however I do anticipate it to be very entertaining with a lot of comedy and high-flying spots during the match itself. Candice LeRae will be too much for Franky The Mobster to handle and she will get the win.

Smash Wrestling Championship

Mike Bailey vs. Johnny Gargano

This will be one hell of a match between two of the very best in Indy Wrestling right now and no doubt this will be a five-star match in my opinion. Mike Bailey has been making waves in PWG and Mexico in addition to beyond wrestling to name a few promotions. Bailey will be making his long awaited return back to Smash Wrestling with one goal in mind and that’s to become the new Smash Wrestling Champion.

Love him or hate him Johnny Gargano has been on quite a roll in Smash Wrestling defending his championship, against all comers even though his methods of retaining his championship have been questionable, all that matters is that he’s still the champion. Gargano has beaten the very best in the world in every promotion that he’s been involved over the years and tonight it will be no different. Even though this will be close and Mike Bailey will push Gargano to the limit we all know the members of Fourth Gunn will be involved when they will assist Gargano in another successful title defense.

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