NXT TakeOver Dallas Preview 1/4/16


Tomorrow night is NXT TakeOver Dallas and wrestling fans have been waiting for this event with anticipation for months. This card will give WrestleMania 32 a run for its money in my opinion I will provide my predictions and my thoughts on this star studded card.

American Alpha vs. The Revival NXT Tag team Championships

This match will be a tag team classic and a clinic when dealing with these two outstanding tag teams in America Alpha against The Revival. The Revival has been constantly overcoming the odds ever since winning the NXT Tag Team titles in a tournament. Then this last month at WWE Roadblock The Revival retained their NXT titles against Enzo and Cassady in an incredible match. Then the NXT Tag Team Champions defended their titles against The Vaudevillains a couple of weeks later, however they will be facing their toughest test to date in American Alpha.   

It seems that both Jason Jordan and Chad Gable was a perfect match for each other forming American Alpha. Chad Gable was a 2012 Olympian in Greco-Roman wrestling and he is general and a leader in the ring. On the other head Jason Jordan was a fantastic wrestler at Indiana University he is the powerhouse of the team, he had always been having incredible matches in the past but he has found himself now.

American Alpha has been on a mission to capture the NXT Tag Team Titles since teaming up but they have really made a statement the last couple of weeks. American Alpha has picked up wins over former NXT Tag Team Champions Blake & Murphy, The Vaudevillains and the longest-reigning champions in NXT history, The Ascension.

American Alpha became the number one contenders for the NXT Tag Team Champions against The Vaudevillains back in March to earn the right to challenge The Revival at NXT TakeOver for the NXT Tag Team Champions. The Revival have held onto the NXT Titles longer than I expected and it’s time for a change I envision American Alpha to become the NXT Tag Team Champions. However I mind blown how American Alpha has picked up so much momentum so quickly, they will hold the NXT Tag Team Championships before Enzo and Big Cassady.

Austin Aries vs. Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin hasn’t been a stranger to controversy it has followed him since his arrival in the WWE at NXT. That being I am going to be honesty I was never a fan of Corbin’s because I always thought that he was stale, but when once he had that match with Samoa Joe then my opinion has changed since. That promo Corbin cut this past week on NXT blew me away I thought it was his best work on the mic.

As far as Aries is concerned there is not much that is needed to said for “The Greatest man that ever lived” he has accomplished everything in wrestling expect for competing in a WWE ring. On Friday he will get the opportunity and who knows with the assistance from Aries a star could be born in Corbin because he has unlimited potential. Austin Aries will look like a million dollars in addition to Corbin as well but Aries will shine and he will be victorious in his NXT debut.

Asuka vs. Bayley NXT Women’s Championship

Ever since Bayley finished her feud with Sasha Banks she has been carrying the NXT Women’s Championship with pride defending her championship at every chance she gets. Bayley has been overcoming adversity her whole career however come this Friday she will have her hands full with Asuka.

Asuka has been a breath of fresh air with her psychical style and dominating everybody in her way path. This will incredible match no doubt but it’s a tossup I want Bayley to retain her title but I wouldn’t be surprised if Asuka pulled of the massive upset.

Then this would indict Bayley would be on the move to the main roster because it’s about damn time, she has really evolved in NXT and has done everything there is to do. In addition if she dropped the NXT Women’s Championship it would be in good hands with Asuka because she would elevate the title even more.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn

This is a dream match that I never thought it was possible the news broke back in January that Shinuke Nakamura is leaving NJPW and he headed to the WWE in NXT where they currently have some of the best talent in the world. It will be Nakamura against Sami Zayn which will no doubt be a fantastic match that will leave the crowd wanting more.

The General Manager of NXT William Regal made this match official; one week after Zayn was unsuccessful in the two out of three falls match with Samoa Joe. Regal stated that Zayn deserves to take on the best talent in the world and this is for because of Zayn’s hard work for NXT over the years.

Nakamura brings more than 14 years of ring experience to NXT, with unique style to the ring that nobody has ever seen before and that is what made him so loved in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Nakamura has earned the nickname The King of Strong Style because of his psychical style of strikes and vicious knees he also became the youngest man in history to ever hold the IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

It will be very interesting to hear the crowd because it is between two fan favourites. Now this will be Shinsuke Nakamura coming out party to the biggest Wrestling audience in the world and for fans that are not familiar with his NJPW work prepare to be blown away. Nakamura will definitely be victorious via his vicious knee aka Bomaye to Zayn’s head.

Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe NXT Championship

This feud and rematch has been months in the making ever since their epic encounter since last December at NXT TakeOver London, which was an instant classic and I cannot wait for their second match.

Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn Baron Corbin was fighting for close to a month to crown a number one contender for the NXT Title. This issue was finally resolved when Joe defeated Zayn in gruelling two out of three falls match back in March. This match will be evenly matched in my opinion and whoever makes less mistakes and capitalizes will walk out victorious.

I believe Finn Balor is approaching the longest reigning NXT Champion in NXT history. However Samoa Joe will not come up short this time, he will escaped Dallas as the NXT Champion. Due to the fact even though I want Balor to stay in NXT he needs to get called up to the main roster already and form the Balor Club.

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NXT Review 30/3/16

Photo credit courtesy via WWE

This NXT was a decent episode but it was more a tune up matches that for wrestlers involved at NXT Takeover Dallas, NXT TakeOver is really shaping up to be an unbelievable card and I cannot wait.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable Corey Hollis and John Skyler

The hottest tag team currently in NXT Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are on mission to walk out of Dallas the NXT Tag Team Championships this Friday in Dallas against The Revival. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable picked up a win against these two jobbers in impressive fashion before hitting Hollis with Grand Amplitude for the win.

Baron Corbin against a jobber

Boron Corbin was out to make quick work of a local jobber The Lone Wolf connected a clothesline, before he connected with the Deep Six and nobody gets up from that. After the match Corbin connected with End of Days to send a message to Aries about what will come his way come Friday night. Then middle way during the show he cut an excellent promo which is his best promo to date, who knows on Friday a star could be born for Corbin he has unlimited potential.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival against Steve Cutler and Tucker Knight

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have been very impressive ever since winning the NXT Tag Team Titles. They took on a new tag team and they tried Jordan and Gable to the limit and in my opinion Tucker Knight looked impressive for a big man. The Rival connected with Shatter Machine this just proved that they are ready for American Alpha.

Apollo Crews against Alex Riley

Apollo Crews took on Alex Riley in a unique contest but I don’t know when Riley chose to take on Apollo Crews. Crews connected with a huge dropkick and he hit his big toss Powerbomb to get the three-count. After the match Apollo Crews and Elias Samson went face to face Apollo then challenged The Drifter but he walked away.

Samoa Joe vs. Bull Dempsey

Continuing from Joe’s rampage from last week he put Bull Dempsey to sleep with his devastating submission Coquina Clutch, therefore Bull Dempsey wanted for revenge for Samoa Joe actions last week. Samoa Joe was not playing around Joe took all that Dempsey could give then he put Dempsey to sleep once again via the Coquina Clutch.

Joe officially snapped and the entire NXT roster came out to stop Joe but that didn’t do anything it only made Joe him even angrier. Joe still had Coquina Clutch locked in then the NXT General Manager William Regal tried to stop Joe in order to release the hold. The number one contender refused to let go, until Balor decided to make the save and the two began to fight pummeling his top challenger.

These two were fighting all over the area because both Balor and Joe have had bad blood for a couple of months. Then Joe tossed the NXT Champion over the announcers’ table it took out Corey Graves. Officials finally were able to pull these two apart from each other. I cannot wait for this match at NXT Dallas TakeOver but the real question will Balor what percent will the NXT Champion be at come NXT TakeOver Dallas.

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Lucha Underground Aztec Warfare II Review

Photo credit courtesy via Lucha Underground 

Now Fenix cashed in his Gift of the Gods title for a shot at Mil Muertes Lucha Underground title last week, it was unbelievable match and Fenix pulled off the massive upset and he became the Lucha Underground Champion. Then the sexy dark power behind Mil Muertes Catrina announced that Fenix will enter the Aztec Warfare II match, next week number one entry it’s the same as last year but it’s different this year because Fenix will have to defend his title.

For those that are new to Lucha Underground or to Aztec Warfare match it is a gauntlet style match with 20 men that enter the ring every ninety seconds, and the only way to be a eliminated is by pin or submission but it’s really different from the Royal Rumble because anything goes there is no rules. This week edition of Aztec Warfare was raised up to a new level because the Lucha Underground title was on the line in addition to the debut of the legendary Rey Mysterio.

Fenix was the number one entry due to the fact that Catrina tried to get revenge back for Mil Muertes because he lost the title last week. Then the crowd exploded for Rey Mysterio Jr, for good reason his intro was amazing and it felt like a big deal in my opinion. Fenix showed his respect to Rey Mysterio they were feeling each out at first but they had back and forth action and King Cuerno was the third entry.

Cuerno got some momentum when he had hit a suicide dive on the outside. Argenis is the fourth entry, he came in and made the match interesting from the matches that I saw from Argenis in Season one last year and I am a fan of his work. Rey eliminated Argenis with a 619 and Frog Splash combo paying tribute to Eddie Guerrero.

Johnny Mundo was the firth entry and it was a good mix of wrestlers in the ring Mundo and Fenix had a series of moves that resulted in a bunch of near falls. Then the sixth entry was Joey Ryan and he had a brilliant idea to handcuffed himself outside to the railing so he cannot got eliminated. Then a couple of high flyers entered the match at number seven and eight with Prince Puma and Jack Evans and at this point the action was everywhere. Shockingly Rey scored a elimination with an Armbar to King Cuerno.

Then everybody involved decided to focus on Evans and Mundo, Rey and Fenix developed a partnership and they worked on Evans but that was stopped short when Mundo made the save. Then at number nine Taya made her way down to the ring and then business really pick up when Cage entered the match at ten. Taya and Mundo worked on Cage because they have bad blood against each other and Mundo tossed Cage through the office window. Mascarita Sagrada was the next entry at number eleven, but back to Mundo and Cage nothing really affects Cage even though he was bloodied because he is a machine he connected with Weapon X on the outside to Mundo. Mundo didn’t even last long that long because Puma eliminated him via a Standing Shooting Star Press on him. Marty the moth was twelve Marty had some shine, taking out everybody out at one point. Drago was thirteen and shutout to Jack Evans he was amazing and he sold seeing Drago like a ghost. The Mack was the fourteen entry he hit a stunner on Marty, He and Cage went face-to-face and they had beef last year in Ultima Lucha  Chavo Guerrero was the fifteen entry.

Chavo scored an elimination by submitted Sagrada with a Camel Clutch. Mundo made an impact when he delivered a vicious stomp on Cage’s head via a cinder block then to add even more humiliation Taya pinned him. The Darewolf PJ Black was the sixteen entry Prince Puma hit a bridging German on Taya to eliminate her. Aero Star was the seventeen entry things got interesting when Aero Star and Black got pins on Evans and Drago, leaving them to go one on one Aero Star destroyed Black with a destroyer off the top.

Dragon Azteca Jr. was the eighteen entry he worked over Black with a series of kicks and then hit a Hurricanrana on the Mack on the floor. Aero Star performed over the corner dive onto the Mack which was very impressive. Texano was the nineteen entry he hit a big dive onto a pile of bodies out on the floor, He then eliminated PJ Black with a sit out Powerbomb

The final man was Mil Muertes in Aztec Warfare to nobody surprise. However as Muertes made his way out, Pentagon Jr. arrived and he attacked him with multiple chair shots and the crowd went crazy. Then Pentagon tossed him into the ring and Rey hit a Frog splash and Puma helped cover him and Muertes was eliminated Catrina was heated she yelled at Vampiro for this, and she demanded that he leave and slapped him.

El Jefe Dario Cuero returned to his temple and he had a special announcement there is now a special twenty one entrant it’s his brother Matanza, Then Matanza was eliminating everyone in very impressive fashion. Rey Mysterio and Mantanza were the last two left. Rey fought with all he could but it wasn’t enough even though he slowly started to get some momentum but the 619 was countered  regardless Rey hit it he went up top and went for the Hurricanrana, it was countered into a big Powerslam and that was that.

I thought that this year Aztec Warfare was better than last year because of the surprise and the debut of Matanza. Last year, they made a top star in Puma, this year they made a new monster heel in Matanza as he rolled on the major players in his debut. This match set up some great feuds moving forward such as Muertes vs. Pentagon as well as other angles. Rey Mysterio looked amazing and he lasted until the end. Lucha Underground never disappoints when they put on specialty matches it always has a big time feel.

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RAW Review 28/3/16

Shane throws caution to the wind and soars through the air, sending Undertaker crashing through the announce table.

Photo credit courtesy via WWE

I thought that RAW was a good final episode going into WrestleMania even though that people didn’t agree with me on twitter but it’s all good. Shout out to Brooklyn because they are always very vocal as expected a New York crowd, would be as I always do I will provide my three count in addition to the results.    

1) Shane McMahon/Undertaker segment

RAW started off very hot with The Undertaker he made it clear it would not be his last at The Showcase of the Immortals at WrestleMania 32. The Undertaker that whatever happens to Shane McMahon the blood will be Vince’s hands in addition that Shane McMahon will rest in peace in “his yard.”Here comes the money Shane-O-Mac interrupted, he stated that he will do whatever it takes to beat The Undertaker to gain complete control of Monday Night RAW.

Tension was running high between them because both were going at each other. Shane made a valid point that Taker legacy died two years ago and Taker called Shane Vince’s bitch. Then Shane McMahon does what he always crazy spots he delivered a top rope diving elbow off the top rope onto The Undertaker through the announce table!

2) Intercontinental Title picture

Then an entertaining six man tag match happened between the participants in the Intercontinental championship at WrestleMania 32. All of the participants in the match got their shine on and had their moments. The Prizefighter attempted to walk away from the match The Awesome One and The Cosmic Superstar opted to take a page out of KO’s book, and they walked out on him. This left Owens and Zayn in the ring all alone Owens fell victim and he suffered Zayn’s Helluva Kick and a huge loss heading into WrestleMania.

3) Final showdown

After being attacked by Roman Reigns in the parking lot last week on Raw, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H returned, along with Stephanie McMahon. They demanded respect from Roman Reigns as the Authority has constantly felt that they have been disrespected.

I thought that Triple H cut a brilliant promo stating that nothing compares to his obsession of becoming the greatest wrestlers in WWE history. The Game said Reigns lit the fire of his obsession again when he Powerbombed him through the table. Then Roman Reigns as expected interrupted the Authority the two clashed as expected Triple H went running as a true heel.

Triple H finally got revenge after The Dudley Boyz delivered a brutal assault on the number one contender Roman Reigns backstage, The Game and Stephanie McMahon came out once again to finish what they started before they were rudely interrupted. There is a saying if at first you don’t succeed try again and that’s what Roman Reigns did.

There was a fight that broke out between these two heavyweights the whole locker room came out to pull these two a part. Roman Reigns did an insane spot where he jumped onto Triple H and took out every wrestler in the process. This definitely added more anticipation going into WrestleMania 32.

RAW Results

Zack Ryder defeated Chris Jericho via roll up

Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch via Natural Section

Big Show and Kane vs. The Social Outcasts ended in a no contest

Triple H and Roman Reign’s segment

Kofi Kingston defeated ADR via a roll up

Kalisto defeated Konnor via Salida del Sol

Ambrose Lesnar segment

Emma defeated Paige via a Superkick from Lana

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SmackDown Review 24/3/16

Photo credit courtesy via Youtube

After a very disappointing RAW this week WWE bounced back with an intriguing SmackDown, it had some compelling matches and great story-lines moving forward to WrestleMania 32 in addition to the results.

1) Homecoming

I believe it was a brilliant idea to have Divas Champion Charlotte kicked off SmackDown with “The Boss” Sasha Banks being in her hometown of Boston and she was over with the crowd which no surprise. Becky Lynch was on commentary and Jerry Lawler dissed her stating that she has no chance to win the Divas Championship at WrestleMania. The match itself was incredible but anytime these two get in they always have a chance to steal the show.

The match itself was action packed that left the fans on the edge of their seats the entire contest. Both women go back and forth with their momentum, The Boss was able to counter Charlotte’s Figure-Eight Leglock attempt, into a small package for the huge win over Charlotte. After the match Becky Lynch made a statement she gave both Sasha and Charlotte Bexplexes. However once Banks recovered and got back to her feet she connected with a Backstabber on Charlotte.

2) Entertaining match

Now before this match the New Day got the mic and they entertained the fans as they usual do and they stated in multiple ways, how the League of Nations are actually The League of Booty and are hot garbage. Now I don’t know what it is but whenever these two are in the ring they are natural together. Kofi Kingston never seems to disappoint me with his athleticism and his insane flips in this match including a crazy Summersault plunge on the outside to Sheamus. Even though Kofi Kingston thought he had Sheamus on the ropes and The League of Nations caused a distraction and assisted to victory Sheamus capitalized and connected with The Brogue Kick.

3) Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman is the best manger of all time and he is one of the best on the mic for good reason. Paul Heyman went on to hype up the no holds barred street fight between his client Brock Lesnar and the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose. Paul Heyman had the best line this week yes hardcore legends such as Mick Foley and Terry gave Ambrose weapons such as a barbwire baseball bat and chainsaw, but those weapons are no match for the ultimate weapon in Brock Lesnar himself.

In addition to the only reason why Terry Funk and Mick Foley are still alive is because God hasn’t answered his prayers. Then Paul Heyman called out The Lunatic Fringe to battle The Beast but The Wyatt Family answered the call instead to finish unfinished business with The Beast Incarnate. They surrounded the ring but Ambrose made the unlikely save with a Kendo stick in hand. Ambrose beat down Luke Harper and then Lesnar took care of business and took both Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan to Suplex City. Even though Ambrose had a weapon in his hand it was no match for the Beast Incarnate because Lesnar delivered a devastating F-5 Ambrose sent him a message.

SmackDown Results

The Usos defeated The Ascension via Super Kick

Dolph Ziggler and Sami Zayn defeated Kevin Owens and The Miz via Helluva kick on The Miz

Bubba Ray defeated Roman Reigns by Disqualification

AJ Styles defeated Tyler Breeze via The Phenomenal Forearm


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NXT Review 23/3/16


Photo credit courtesy via WWE

NXT TakeOver Dallas is just around the corner and this episode featured a couple tune up matches for certain wrestlers leading up to their NXT TakeOver Dallas matches. In addition to some matches that featured independent stars that had impressive showings.

 Johnny Gargano against Elias Samson

Smash Wrestling and Cleveland’s own Johnny Gargano took on the undefeated Elias Samson Johnny Gargano has became a fan favourite in NXT which is no surprise because he has built up quite a following on the Indy scene. It was a good quick opening match that went back and forth but the turning point was when Johnny Wrestling connected with a big boot to Samson’s head. This was followed up by a roll up pin for the win for Johnny Gargano. Then after the match Samson snapped and he attacked Gargano from behind but then Apollo Crews came out to Gargano aid and then Samson walked away.

Then there was a video package hyping up the journey of American Alpha as tag team, all the way to their biggest match of their career against the Revival at NXT TakeOver Dallas. I cannot wait for this match because it will be a fantastic match in my opinion.

NXT Champion Finn Bálor against Rich Swann (Non-Title Match)

Then another Smash Wrestling alum Rich Swann took on NXT Champion Finn Balor was he in a good mood dancing his way to the ring Swann is known for going all night long. However NXT Champion Finn Balor was very serious as expected as he is getting prepared to take on Samoa Joe in a rematch at NXT TakerOver. Balor was aggressive from the beginning of the match and didn’t give Swann even enough time to breathe.

Rich Swann took Finn Balor to the limit and he hit Balor with Hurricanrana finally on Balor’s, but Balor cut off Swann momentum immediately. The NXT Champion hit the Coup de Grace on him for the win, Balor was not finished he made an impact on Swann by dropping him on head with a vicious DDT. The NXT Champion named that move “1916” because of the Irish rising on Easter Sunday 100 years ago.

Alexa Bliss against Sarah Dobson

It was nice to see Alicia Bliss in a match after being off TV for a long time she took on Sarah Dobson and she had an impressive showing taking on a veteran such as Bliss. Alexa was in complete the entire match and the team of Blake and Murphy assisted Bliss to victory, by distracting the referee and then giving Alexa the opportunity to hit the Sparkle Splash for the win.

Bull Dempsey was ready to battle and take on Danny Birch but it never happened because Samoa Joe ambushed attacked him on the ramp. Then the submission specialist put Dempsey to sleep with the Coquina Clutch. Joe managed to put on Coquina Clutch on Birch as well Samoa Joe is clearly ready for his battle with Balor at NXT TakeOver Dallas.

Asuka against Emma

Emma was out to get revenge on The Empress of Tomorrow Asuka now I believe that these two have incredible chemistry in the ring together. Emma kept Asuka from her vicious kicks but Asuka was able to get her unique offense off for multiple near falls. Emma looked to be control of the match; however Asuka changed her fate and she took control of the match applying various submissions. Emma did her very best throughout the match to stay out of difficult situations and Asuka deadly kicks.

Emma did whatever it took to get the upper hand on Asuka even having Danna Brooke distracting the referee but Asuka would not let that stop her and she gave Emma a series of strikes. This made Emma heated and she tried to steal the win by putting her feet on the ropes for leverage with a pin the referee saw that and he stopped counting. After that therefore Asuka put Emma in the Asuka Lock and nobody escapes from that move.


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RAW Review 21/3/16


Photo credit courtesy via WWE

Twelve more days and counting to the grandest stage of them WrestleMania 32 and it was another disappointing edition of RAW this week. Even though there was only one good match on the entire show there was a lot of good story-lines and matches that were booked for WrestleMania 32 as expected. As I always do I will provide you with my three count in addition to the results.

1) Raising the stakes

Vince McMahon just made this Hell In A Cell match at WrestleMania 32 a lot more interesting by adding a stipulation to this match up. The stipulation is that if the Undertaker is not victorious against Shane McMahon it would be his last match ever at WrestleMania. This makes a lot of fans wonder if this will be Taker’s last match, in addition to the fact why would the WWE bring back Shane McMahon to have him lose again for no reason. This just doesn’t make any sense only time will tell and the landscape of the WWE can really change forever as a result of this match up.

2) Unfinished business

Kevin Owens and AJ Styles continued what they started on SmackDown and they are out to prove that they are the best wrestlers on the entire roster right now. No surprise once again they outdid themselves and the pace of the match was incredible back-and-forth action from both men and the Philly crowd was on the edge of the seat for the entire match.

AJ Styles was on the verge of picking up a massive victory over Kevin Owens Chris Jericho once again made his presence known as soon as AJ was going to hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Owens. The Prize Fighter once again capitalized on the distraction from Jericho and Owens hit the Phenomenal One with the Pop up Powerbomb for the three count. That was an unbelievable match and it set the tone for the night and the others matches on the card struggled to follow up that match because it was so entertaining.

2) Seven men fight for gold

After his match Kevin Owens got on the mic and told the crowd that nobody deserves a title shot at his Intercontinental championship. However that didn’t help the situation because Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Sami Zayn all decided to came out to argue with the Champion. Therefore he suggested that he would ask permission from The Authority to have a triple threat match to crown a new number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

Therefore Stephanie McMahon approved his decision of booking a triple threat match; however it wasn’t with the expected challengers that everybody thought it was Stardust against Zack Ryder against Sin Cara. The outcome of the match was irrelevant because there was a huge brawl involving the challengers including Kevin Owens.

Then later Stephanie McMahon made it official it will be a ladder match for Intercontinental championship, Kevin Owens will be defending it against Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Sami Zayn, Stardust and Sin Cara. This makes the match more interesting however in my opinion it would have been much more effective just by having a one-on-one match with Sami Zayn instead. Due to the fact that having this ladder match takes away from Zayn’s first big match on pay-per-view on the main roster.

RAW Results

Roman Reigns segment with Stephanie McMahon

Intercontinental Championship Kevin Owens defeated AJ Styles

Big E defeated Rusev via Big Ending

Big Show stated that will compete in the Andre The Giant Memorial

Chris Jericho defeated Fandango via Walls of Jericho

Zack Ryder vs. Stardust vs. Sin Cara ended in a no contest

Roman Reigns attacked Triple H in the backstage statement

Charlotte defeated Natalya via Natural Selection

Bubba Ray Dudley defeated Goldust via a Big boot

Braun Strowman defeated Dean Ambrose via DQ

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