Smash Wrestling Gold 2K16 Review

Photo credit courtesy Robb Vanderstoel

On Sunday night Smash Wrestling presented Gold 2K16 which is arguably one of the most important events of the year for the promotion because it helps to figure out the new one contender for the Smash Wrestling world championship. As I always do I will provide my three count in addition to my thoughts and the results.

1) Smash Wrestling invades the UK

Earlier in the night Eric Young took offense when Johnny Gargano called himself King of Canada which Young did not agree and took it personal, Gargano was going to hit D’Amore with the title but Eric Young made the save. Johnny Gargano took on “Showtime” Eric Young with Scott D’Amore in his corner it had a big fight feel to it. This wasn’t much of a match it was more a fight they fought everywhere inside and out of the ring. Gargano had to worry about D’Amore so he connected a Super kick to take him out for the mean time.

Then when Jimmy Korderas was distracted then Scott D’Amore came into the ring and laid out Gargano with his own Super kick. After a crazy finishing sequence Gargano rolled up Young for the three count and he retained his Smash Wrestling World Championship. After the match Gargano said he has done everything there is to do in Smash Wrestling. However James Kee the Managing Director of Smash Wrestling came down to the ring and he announced, that Johnny Gargano will be defending his championship at Progress Wrestling live from the UK on June 26 Chapter 32.

2) New number one contender

Continuing tradition all the first round winners would compete in a five person elimination match main event, to crown a new one contender for Smash Wrestling World Championship. It was Courtney Rush, Kevin Bennett, Tyson Dux, Tarik and Franky The Mobster. Courtney Rush was eliminated first because she spit mist in the face of Kevin Bennett. Then the second elimination was when Tyson Dux gave Kevin Bennett a DDT.

The last two men remaining were Tyson Dux and Tarik but Tarik had a brilliant strategy which was to rest on the outside while everybody was beating up each other in the ring. Dux and Tarik were beating the hell out of each other and scored numerous near falls on each other. Tarik connected with a high knee to the back of Dux’s head and Tarik was crowned the new one contender for the Smash Wrestling World Championship.

3) Stole the show

I knew that Mike Bailey and Tyson Dux would be an entertaining match no doubt about it but at the same time it was mind blowing. It’s exactly what I expected with the tempo and speed of the match fast and slow and Bailey took it to Dux all night long. Dux held his own against one of the best talents in Ontario Dux took multiple stiff kicks and Shooting Star Press with his knees in addition to to insane flips over the top rope. To my surprise Dux got the victory via Crossface submission in only two matches that I got wrong in predictions.

Gold 2K16 Results

Kevin Bennett defeated Facade via a low blow for the three count

Tarik defeated Candice LeRae via a jumping knee strike to the back of the LeRae head

Franky The Mobster defeated Sushi via two handed Choke Powerbomb

Courtney Rush defeated Pepper Parks via a roll up

Brent Banks and Scotty O’Shea defeated The Overdogs

Overall I thought it was another stellar show because Smash Wrestling never disappoints with their shows. James Kee the Managing Director of Smash Wrestling announced some talent that will be featured for Chikara vs. Smash on July 24th such as Matt Cross, Icarus, Space Monkey and Super Smash Bros. In addition it will be Progress vs. Smash for two nights back to back on Sept 17th and 18th all the tickets can be found for these shows at make sure you purchase them immediately.

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Smash Wrestling Gold 2K16 Preview

Tomorrow Smash Wrestling will present Gold which is a series of unique set of matches the winner of this tournament, will receive a title shot at the Smash Wrestling Championship at Super Showdown in August.

Tarik vs. Candice LeRae

This match just very well might steal the show for many reasons recently Candice LeRae has been on a quite a losing streak, however last year Candice won the gold tournament. Tarik has gone through a massive transformation ever since distancing himself away from Forth Gunn and he is more focused than ever. This is going to be a tossup and a difficult match to predict but I envision that Tarik will walk out victorious, he will be the last one standing and he will earn a shot at the Smash Wrestling.

Facade vs. Kevin Bennett

This will be an interesting match two extremely young talented wrestling in Smash Wrestling. Facade has always been a fan favourite due to his unique offense and flips spots. Both men will be looking to climb the ranks of Smash Wrestling and score a title shot at the Smash Wrestling Championship. Even though Kevin Bennett has received a lot of heat from the Smashholes, recently he has picked up massive wins, over two staples in Smash Wrestling in Brent Banks and Scotty O’Shea. Bennett will have his security guards with him Big Tank and his other body guard will lead him to victory.

Tyson Dux vs. Mike Bailey

Fans often say styles makes fights and it’s so true for this fight because you have Tyson Dux The Canadian Godfather taking on “SpeedBall” Mike Bailey. Regardless of how talented his opponents are Dux always takes them to the limit and he shows them that he can hang with them. It has been a while since Mike Bailey has been in a Smash Wrestling but he will seek to entertain the fans like he always does. Bailey will utilize his lighting quick speed and kicks to lead him to victory and advance further into the Gold tournament.

Courtney Rush vs. Mike Rollins

I don’t know where to begin with this inter gender match because I don’t know what to expect. Going into this match I don’t know where Rush’s head is going to be at after her heated rivalry and match at Any Given Sunday 4 with Cherry ended in a no DQ. Mike “The Body” Rollins will seek revenge after losing to Franky The Mobster at the same event.

Franky The Mobster vs. Sushi

Franky The Mobster has made me believe in him after three incredible against Dalton Castle, Candice LeRae and Mike The Body Rollins. On the other hand Sushi will be making his Smash debut all the way from Japan now I am not going to lie I don’t know much about Sushi but I am sure he will be exciting. I envision Franky The Mobster will continue his complete domination and he will spoil Sushi Smash debut.

Tag team match

Sebastian Suave and John Greed vs. Scotty O’Shea and Brent Banks

This will be a very unique tag team the longest reigning tag team in Smash Wrestling history in the Overdogs. They will take on the unlikely duo in Scotty O’Shea and Brent Banks because of their heated rivalry has dated back for years in Smash Wrestling. It will be interesting to see how this match pans out but I have a feeling that Banks and O’Shea their past will haunt them and the Overdogs will capitalize to pick up the victory.

Smash Wrestling Championship

Eric Young vs. Johnny Gargano   

This will be a compelling main event former TNA/Impact Wrestling superstar Eric Young will be taking on Johnny Wrestling Johnny Gargano for the Smash Wrestling Championship. Since his TNA/Impact release he has been getting booked everywhere HOG NXT House of Hardcore to name a few of the promotions. A couple of weeks ago Eric Young had an incredible match with Samoa Joe on NXT TV Tapings.

On the other hand Johnny Gargano is currently on top of the Wrestling world he has held onto the Smash Wrestling Championship for over a year. Gargano continues to kill it in every promotion is a part of which is really no surprise. The last couple of months the team of him and Ciampa have been making significant impact on NXT every week. Not to mention Gargano will be taking part of the Cruiserweight classic in July taking on the best Cruiserweights around the world. This match will be amazing on all levels and the crowd will be behind Young because he is Canadian I have a feeling that Gargano will come out in a Cavs LeBron James jersey to get additional heat on him.  I envision this will be a close encounter but Gargano will find a way to escape and retain his Smash Wrestling Championship.

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Extreme Rules PPV Review

Photo credit courtesy via WWE

Last night Extreme Rules took place in New Jersey it was a fantastic PPV and it really shifted a lot of momentum heading into this summer it will be a very intriguing period for the WWE. As I usually do I will provide thoughts on the PPV with my three count as well as the results.

1) Fatal 4 Way match

I knew that this match would be really good but it surpassed my expectations and it was the match of the night even the match of the year candidate in my opinion. This match really felt like a video game with all these unreal spots and everybody looked amazing.

The most importantly aspect of the match was the focus which was on Zayn and Owens instead of the Intercontinental Championship this will refuel their heated rivalry. Even though I wanted Cesaro to finally go over and win the match and become the Intercontinental Champion. This was the only match that I got wrong but it made perfect sense to have the Miz retain his Intercontinental Championship.

2) Main event

I thought this match really delivered and once again proved that Roman Reigns is a quality champion despite the negative reaction he receives from the fans. That being said during his title reign and he has being in the ring with quality talent in the ring which contributes to making Roman Reigns look strong as a champion.

That being said shout out to AJ Styles being a literally stuntman for Reigns takes insane flips and a Powerbomb through multiple announcers tables. I loved the booking of the match and interference the finish with Reigns connecting with a mid air Spear.

 3) Seth Rollins return

The man Seth Rollins finally made his long awaited return to at Extreme Rules being out since November with a serious injury, against Kane at a live event in Dublin Ireland he tore his ACL and MCL meniscus in his knee. It was heavy rumoured during the day that Seth Rollins was backstage at Extreme Rules so it wasn’t much of a no surprise.

After Roman Reigns successfully defended his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against AJ Styles the fans exploded when Rollins made his return. Seth Rollins brutally assaulted Reigns from the back and he hit him with a Pedigree and sent a message to the current champion. Seth Rollins was never beat when he was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion before his injury happened.

Seth Rollins stated that while he was rehabbing from his vicious injury he will redesign rebuild and reclaim what he never lost and he will come back stronger than ever. I believe that Rollins will be rightly involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture for a couple of months deep into the summer.

Overall I thought that the PPV was above average and I would give it an 8/10 because all the matches delivered expect one match. That one match that was really disappointing, because Jericho against Ambrose in Ambrose Asylum because the crowd was dead and the match dragged on for way too long.


Extreme Rules Results

Baron Corbin defeated Dolph Ziggler via the End of Days

The Club defeated The Usos via Magic Killer on Jimmy Usos

The New Day defeated The Vaudevillians via Shining Wizard from Xavier Woods to Simon Gotch

Rusev defeated Kalisto via Accolade to become the new US Champion

Dean Ambrose defeated Chris Jericho in an Asylum Match via Dirty Deeds on Thumbtacks

Charlotte defeated Natalya via Figure Eight Lock

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Extreme Rules PPV Preview

This Sunday is a special occasion where once a year the WWE goes to the extreme where some matches have special stipulations, in certain matches there are weapons. As usual I will provide my thoughts and my predictions for the entire card.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

I might say that I have enjoyed this feud between these two and at Extreme Rules the stakes will be taking to another level in a No DQ match, The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin will seek for revenge after losing to Dolph Ziggler at WWE Payback.

They had a rematch on RAW back in May and then Baron Corbin got the last laugh when he hit the End of Days and got the victory. This match will be great way to start off in the preshow and I envision Corbin will be victorious.

US Championship

Rusev vs. Kalisto

It’s no surprise that the WWE dropped the ball with the League of Nations; it was a great idea as far as a faction was concerned but the members in the faction weren’t utilized effectively. Ever since Rusev broke away from the League of Nations, along with Lana he looks incredible once again as he did when he was undefeated at one point during his career.

Compare that to Kailsto he is an amazing athlete but currently he was stuck after his great series of matches with Alberto Del Rio. After he regained the US Championship he lacked opponents and he had no true direction. I have to give credit for Kalisto and his selling ability on the Accolade and the way he bent his back. It’s obviously where I am going with this match Rusev will win, he will bring back prestige to the US Championship since John Cena was the US Champion.

WWE Tag Team Champions

The Vaudevillians vs. The New Day

I was always a fan of the Vaudevillians back in their NXT but I am surprised how good they are heels. In addition even though Enzo Amore head injury aka a concussion was a freak accident, it has added credibility to the Vaudevillians as a team. On the other hand what can you say about the New Day that hasn’t been said they have been the hottest tag team in the WWE.

This match is a difficult match to predict because this is a tossup in my opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vaudevillians were victorious but it’s highly unlikely. I still see The New Day retaining and keeping the WWE Tag Team Championships for a couple of months.

The Usos vs. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows (Tag Team Tornado Match)

I have to give credit to the WWE in terms of how they have utilized both tag teams. I believe the WWE have booked them effectively in main event and the World Heavyweight Championship picture absolutely perfect. It’s incredible because both teams have been booked strong in my opinion along side of AJ Styles and Roman Reigns. It’s an obvious the outcome in this match because The Club have to go over in this match as being their PPV debut.

Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho

Asylum match

To be completely honest I am not invested at all in this match because their story lines for this feud has been very stupid. At the same time I will give this match a chance because it’s a new match that fans have never seen before. At the same time they didn’t explain to the fans how you win the match only that both Ambrose and Jericho will have the opportunity to use the weapons on top of The Hell In A Cell match.

However at the same time I have to give Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose credit for making lemonade out of lemons, they did the best that they could with horrible story lines. For instance canceling the Highlight Reel and replacing it with Ambrose Asylum, breaking a plant and last but not least Ambrose destroyed Jericho $15,000 jacket. Dean Ambrose should pick up the win in his own match and hopefully this feud will finally be over.

WWE Women’s Championship

(Submission match Ric Flair banned from ringside)

 Natalya vs. Charlotte

This is one of the matches that I am mostly looking forward to in my opinion these two women have quite a heated past. Whenever these two get in the ring together they have incredible matches together whether in NXT or on the main roster.

This feud started back in March at Roadblock when Charlotte barely escaped with help from her father Ric Flair but the referee didn’t see Charlotte tapping out to the Sharpshooter. Then at Payback the odds were made even when Bret Hart was in Natalya corner.

The match was called right down the middle until Charlotte put Natalya into the Sharpshooter then referee Charles Robinson called for the bell via The Montreal Screwjob. I expect this match to be another classic match and deliver no doubt.

I would love Natalya to become the new Women’s Champion, because she deserves it due to the fact that she has done so much for the Women’s Division. Charlotte will found a way to retain her WWE Women’s Championship by cheating somehow with the help of Charles Robinson.

Intercontinental Championship

Fatal 4 Way match

Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn vs. The Miz

This fatal 4 way match will be very interesting because this is a tossup in terms of outcomes. Shout out to The Miz regardless of what fans think of him he is an entertaining heel because he is so effective and he has beautiful model wife Maryse besides him which makes fans even hate him even more.

That being said he has elevated the Intercontinental Championship because he is a wanted man due to the fact that Zayn Owens and Cesaro are all chasing him for the Intercontinental title. Fans know the long history between Owens and Zayn and Cesaro has made quite an impact since he has returned from his shoulder injury.

This is very difficult match to predict but I just feel it’s the perfect opportunity to push Cesaro hard, since his shoulder injury and have him win the Intercontinental Championship. In the process Owens will focus on Zayn for the majority of the match and The Miz will look to steal a victory and retain his title as a heel.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Extreme Rules match

AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns

The WWE has done an incredible job at building up this main event but this time it’s an Extreme Rules match. Fans can hate on Roman Reigns all they want but he is constantly improving on the mic and is having great matches. AJ Styles has arguably been one of the best workers since he made his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble.

I was skeptical at first with their first match on PPV at Payback but it impressed me and their rematch will surely not disappoint. I envision this match will involve a lot of interference from both The Club and The Usos in addition and we could possibly see the return of Randy Orton. Regardless Roman Reigns will look strong and he will retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at any costs.

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ROH War Of The Worlds Toronto TV Tapings Review

Photo credit courtesy via Robb Vanderstoel

The World of the Wars TV Tapings at Ted Reeve Area was unbelievable Ring of Honor took on NJPW in a series matches to show off talent from two of the top promotions in the world, I will provide my three count in addition to the results.

Bullet Club

As I predicated this was going to be an insane and intriguing 6 six man tag match and anytime you can watch The Young Bucks multiple times in a night you know you’re in for an incredible night. Kenny Omega lived up to the hype after being away from Toronto and ROH for six years. I was so excited to see Kenny Omega before the show and he was just too sweet.

Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi put on a show as a tag team but I was shocked that Hiroshi Tanahashi was so over, compared to Elgin who barely got a reaction from the crowd. Yoshi Tatsu on the other hand was a complete waste in the match I expected better from him he was barely used. The Young Bucks got the win in an instant classic and it was one of two matches that they were involved.

Colt Cabana vs. Adam Page

Colt Cabana took on Adam Page and I was surprised at how good of a match it really was and by the way Colt Cabana is in great shape. It was a back and forth match with both men bring the best out of each other and Colt picked up a win over Page with an interesting pin attempt. After the match The Bullet Club assaulted Colt Cabana and Page used his rope to choke out Colt Cabana.

Mark and Jay Briscoe, Jay Lethal and Roderick Strong Vs. Guerrillas of Destiny Tama Tong and Tanga Roa and The Young Bucks

The final match that The Bullet Club was it was an insane match eight man tag match and everybody that was involved in the match got their shine on. This match was a spot fest and everybody performed their traditional spots, The Bullet Club was victorious that was not a surprise. I was more surprised that there were no new members that were added to the Bullet Club and no Adam Cole sighting.

2) Super Juniors rematch

As usually I was bang on with my predication and if it wasn’t for the Bullet Club they stole the show and had the match of the night in my opinion. These two have quite a history in the past and they are regarded as two of the best talents in the world with unlimited potential in the future.

I swear every time they get in the ring together their chemistry is off the charts for instant there was many times that they blew me away with their stiff and submission spots. There was one particular spot that left me speechless Kyle O’Reilly went to deliver his traditional dropkick off the apron onto while Kushida sat down on a steel chair.

In mid air Kushida countered O’Reilly drop kick into armbar with perfect timing. This match went back and forth but O’Reilly put the Kumara Lock on Kushida then he turned it into a roll up pin. Now the series is tied up at one so it will be interesting to see where this feud is headed.

3) Naito

This was my first time getting to see Naito live and he is clearly NJPW biggest star currently in my opinion. Naito is the man and he plays the heel role amazing he knows how to draw heat but he gets cheered regardless what he does. I was impressed what Moose was able to bring to the table with this match. However every time that Moose seemed to get an advantage on Naito he would stop his momentum and he hit the Destino for the three count. Toronto showed a lot of Naito no surprise he is super over and he got one of the loudest pop of the night.

Overall I was very pleased with the show in my opinion I thought it was a better show than Global Wars in Chicago. My only issue I had there was no Adam Cole sighting or no new member of The Bullet Club.

War of Worlds TV Tapings Results

Nigel McGuiness announced that at Best In The World it will be Lethal against Jay Briscoe its one year in the making

ACH defeated Lio Rush via a 450 Splash

Motor City Machine defeated The Addiction and RPG Vice they got an ROH Tag Team Titles shot

Okada defeated Matt Sydal via Rainmaker

Jay Lethal defeated Donovan Dijak via Lethal Injection

Dalton Castle defeated via Gedo Bang-A-Rang   

All Night Express defeated Cheeseburger and Jushin Liger via One Night Stand on Cheeseburger 

Silas Young challenged ACH to match at Best In The World

Dalton Castle defeated Cedric Alexander, Caprice Coleman, Kamatachi via Bang-A-Rang on Alexander

Tomohiro Ishii defeated Will Ferrara via a vicious Brainbuster

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War of Worlds Toronto TV Tapings Preview

Photo credit courtesy via Ring of Honor

Tomorrow night at Ted Reeve Area Ring of Honor will present War of Worlds TV Tapings, and at first I was pissed off that Toronto didn’t get the Global Wars. However the card is shaping up to be a hell of a card and I am really looking forward to these TV Tapings. I will provide all my thoughts and predictions for the entire card.

All Night Express Vs. Jushin Liger and Cheeseburger

This match should be entertaining both in the ring and as far as comedy are concerned. I have always been a fan of All Night Express because they are a great tag team and then you have the unlikely team in Jushin Liger and Cheeseburger. I would like the All Night Express to go over in this match but I wouldn’t be surprised if Jushin Liger and Cheeseburger pulled another upset.

Tomohiro Ishii vs. Will Ferrara

This match to be me doesn’t make any sense to me and Ishii will completely destroy Will Ferrara. I will be interested to see what Will Ferrara has to offer Ishii because he is a great worker but Ishii will be too much handle.

Matt Sydal Vs. Kazuchika Okada 

This should be a fantastic match-up between incredible even though Matt Sydal is one of half of IWGP Tag Team Champions he holds his own with everybody he is in the ring. On the other half it is always a pleasure to see a living legend in Okada because he is arguably one of the best in the world and I love watching his entrance with his Okada dollars. I envision Okada being victorious in this contest.

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Tetsuya Naito Vs Moose with Stokely Hathaway

This should be a unique match between two of the most improved wrestlers over the past year in my opinion. Moose evolution has been unbelievable in the ring because where he started from over three years. On the other hand I knew that  Naito would be a star, but he needed to turn heel in order to see his true potential which everybody is getting to witness now. This match will either end in a win for Naito or I can see Moose win via DQ.

Kyle O’Reilly Vs. Kushida

These two have quite a history in the past and they are regarded as two of the best talents in the world with unlimited potential in the future.  Now it the past Kushida defeated O’Reilly back in June of 2015 in Japan, so this will be a perfect opportunity for Kyle O’Reilly to even up the odds tonight. These two will tear the house down and could potential steal the show in my opinion.

Six Man tag team match

Michael Elgin, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Yoshi Tatsu Vs. Kenny Omega and Young Bucks

This going to an insane and intriguing 6 six man tag match and anytime you can watch The Young Bucks multiple times in a night it is a special occasion. I am so excited to see Kenny Omega for the first time live because I wanted to see him live for years in Toronto. Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi have made quite an entertaining tag team match which I never that it would work between them. I addition I am interested to see the development of Yoshi Tatsu from the WWE to NJPW.

Mark and Jay Briscoe, Jay Lethal and Roderick Strong Vs. Guerrillas of Destiny Tama Tong and Tanga Roa and The Young Bucks

This should be an insane 8 man tag match because all eight competitors can all do and deliver in the ring and never disappoint. Whenever The Young Bucks are involved they always steal the show with ridiculous spots. It is hard to predict this match but I can guarantee a trend will continue with another run in with the Bullet Club and we might see another member added to The Bullet Club.      

Donovan Dijak with Prince Nana Vs. Jay Lethal with Taeler Hendrix

This match just proves that life comes full circle Donovan Dijak won the ROH Top Prospect winner a couple of years ago, he came into the House of Truth now Dijak will go one on one with the leader of House of Truth in Jay Lethal. Jay Lethal has held the ROH World Championship for a year now he is the longest reigning champion in ROH history. This should be a coming out party for Dijak and will really indicate how far he has truly come. I envision Dijak will pick up the win via DQ because there will be another run in by the Bullet Club they will attack Jay Lethal.

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ROH Global Wars PPV 2016 Review

Photo credit courtesy via DailyDDT

On Sunday night Global Wars was an historic night for several reasons and it would change the landscape of ROH forever. As I always do I will provide my three count and as well as the results.

1) Bullet Club

As expected the main event the crowd was invested because it was in Colt Cabana hometown of Chicago, not to mention it was his first match in over five years with the company. Taeler Hendrix was getting too involved early on and she got thrown out by Nigel, at the end of the match she came back out to save the match for Lethal.

The Young Bucks came out which shouldn’t shock anybody because they hinted about a new member of The Bullet Club before the show took place on Twitter. In addition they promised to hit the most Super Kicks ever it looked like they were going to even the odds, but The Young Bucks ended up connected with a Super Kick the referee instead.

Then The Bucks officially snapped and they gave Taeler Hendrix a Super Kick in addition to everyone at ringside before entering the ring with two Bullet Club shirts. Then both gave Bullet Club t-shirts to Lethal and Colt all of sudden the lights went out.

When they came back on Adam Cole was standing in the ring with a Bullet Club shirt on, and they all gave a Super Kick to both Lethal and Colt the crowd went insane. I was marking out so hard out of excitement because it was perfectly executed and Adam Cole was in desperate need of an invested story line.

There were several people that came out to try and stop this anarchy but the rest of The Bullet Club came out and completely cleaned house. The Bucks gave a Super Kick to Kevin Kelly and it was hilarious because Mr Wrestling 3 completely marked out for it, tried to “Too Sweet” them, but he got a Super Kick for his troubles.

Then The Young Bucks went on commentary and they mocked both Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler as The Bullet Club destroyed everyone. Nobody was off limits of a Super Kick even the Young Bucks father got a Super Kick The final Super Kick counter was at 51 which is quite impressive. The show went off the air with Adam Cole posing on the mat into a camera the camera man he had been Super Kicked with the rest of the Bullet Club around him.

2) New Champion

This was a great hard-hitting match between Bobby Fish and Tomohiro Ishii it had a David vs. Goliath feel to it in my opinion. This match was better than I expected Booby Fish took Ishii to the limits, and Ishii kept no-selling it and laying Fish out with big moves such as a stiff clothesline and stiff head butt to his chest. Fish kept on coming back for more, and after a very grueling match, Fish managed to choke out Ishii and he passed out to become the new ROH TV Champion. The outcome of this match sets up quite a nice rematch in my opinion due to the fact that Ishii didn’t tap out.

3) Passing of the Torch

I didn’t know what to expect for the tag team match for the ROH Tag Team Titles. I knew it would be good match it showcased both tag teams in a positive light, and in the process the Briscoes made War Machine look like a million dollars. This match was a very chaotic physical match as expected bodies were flying everywhere from start to finish. There were several near falls and War Machine managed to outlasted The Briscoes, when they hit Fallout on Mark Briscoe in order to retain their ROH Tag Team Championships.

ROH Global Wars Results

Dalton Castle defeated Roderick Strong ACH and Adam Page in a 4-way match to become #1 contender to the ROH TV Championship via a roll up pin on Strong

Cheeseburger and Jushin Liger defeated The Addiction via a roll up

Okada and Moose defeated Michael Elgin and Tanashahi via The Rainmaker on Elgin

The Bullet Club defeated Kushida, Matt Sydal, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin via The Meltzer Drive

Overall I thought this Global Wars PPV was nearly perfect with the only fact that the main event didn’t have a clear cut winner for the ROH World Championship. Another aspect that I noticed is that the Chicago crowd seemed very dead to me they were only invested in two matches the tag team match involving NJPW and ROH stars. In addition to the main event only because of the fact that it was in Colt Cabana hometown that is all.

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