NXT TakeOver:The End Review


Photo credit courtesy WWE

Last night was the beginning of the end with NXT TakeOver The End it was very intriguing and from the actions of TakeOver, it could really make the future of the NXT very interesting with all the potential new feuds. As I usually do I will provide my thoughts and my three count in addition to the results.

1) Tag Team match

It’s very rare that I am content with seeing a certain tag team match over and over again but there is an exception, and it’s between American Alpha and The Revival. Both teams have amazing chemistry clearly in the ring and both teams got their spots in and they looked like a million dollars. There were so many spots that blew me away, but the one that my attention was that doomsday device spot into that belly to belly Suplex by Chad Gable in mid air.

I was shocked that American Alpha lost their lost NXT Tag Team Titles because I didn’t see that coming. This was the only match that I get wrong in my predictions; The Revival connected with Shatter Machine to Jason Jordan and got the three count. The Revival made NXT history they officially became the first two time NXT Tag Team Champions.

After the match the fans were introduced to a new tag team that debuted they are called The Authors of Pain with the legendary manager Paul Ellerin he managed the Legion of Doom back in the day. They took out American Alpha and made a very impressive debut in my opinion. It looks like American Alpha will be involved in the WWE drafted and they are guaranteed a main roster spot, because taking a loss and not being called up makes no sense.

2) Dream Match

I am starting to realize a trend that is happening with Shinsuke Nakamura in the WWE that every match he is involved is an instant classic. This was a fantastic match between the two and Austin Aries proved that he is one of the best wrestlers in the world. Nakamura is clearly over but the crowd reaction, because they sing along with his theme song and it provides a special moment with goose bumps.

Aries gave Nakamura a crazy DVD on the ring apron which looked unbelievable but very stiff. The finishing sequence of the match was crazy Nakamura put Aries on the ropes and connected with running knees to Aries stomach. Then Nakamura delivered Kinshasa to the back and front of Aries head for the win.          

 3) Main Event

I thought it was a brilliant idea to have this heated rivalry end in a steel cage. Due to the fact that I love little details I love the way that the steel cage came down from up top and the door went outwards it was so different. I also liked Finn Balor entrance he came out in his war paint and he pushed down a steel cage door.

The match was itself was booked smart because Samoa Joe looked very dominate over Balor. The two went back and forth and Joe connected with Muscle Buster for a near fall. Then Balor got his offense in with a pair of dropkicks followed by Coup de Grace once again for a near fall, Balor got greedy and went for the 1916 but Joe countered with the Coquina Clutch but Balor was able to escape.

At one point of the match both were at the top of the cage and Balor connected with a Sling Blade off the cage which looked incredible. Balor was about to escape from the top of the cage, but Joe was able stop him and he hit the Muscle Buster from the middle ropes to retain his NXT Championship.  Samoa Joe survived this all out war in their final encounter in the first steel cage match in NXT history.

Overall I did enjoy NXT it was great card but it didn’t feel like a special in my opinion I would give it a 7 out 10. However I am intrigued to see where NXT goes from here because Triple H declared it will be the beginning of the end, and NXT will continue to elevate itself as a new whole new brand.

NXT TakeOver The End results

Cideo Ames defeated Ty Dillinger running knees in the corner

Asuka defeated Nia Jax via a vicious kick

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