ROH Best In The World PPV Review

Photo credit courtesy via ROH Wrestling

On Friday night ROH presented Best in the World and the outcomes of this event will alter the landscape of ROH forever, as I always do I will provide my three count and the results.

1) Fighting Champion   

The main event had a big fight feel it to it as this was a rematch that was one year in the making between Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal; both men adhere to the code of honor. These two were feeling each other out in the beginning of the match as expected. The match started to turn when the two were battling on the outside, when Lethal connected with his traditional suicide dive on   Briscoe to the outside on the barricade. Then after Briscoe hit Jay Lethal with a Somersault Plancha Taeler Hendrix attacked Briscoe, due to her actions ROH referee Todd Sinclair decided to eject Hendrix from ringside.

These two beat the living hell out of each other and got numerous near falls Briscoe goes for a Jay Driller but Lethal gets back on his feet. Briscoe connected   with a Powerbomb to Lethal for a two count, Lethal reversed the Super Jay Driller in mid-air then Lethal went up top with the Hail to the King, but Jay Briscoe was able to kick out. Lethal immediately applied the Figure Four Leg Lock to Jay Briscoe but he was able to escape the submission hold.

Then all of a sudden Jay Briscoe planted Lethal with the Lethal Injection and that was followed by a Jay Driller for a near fall. Briscoe tries to send Lethal through the announcers table with the Jay Driller, but when they came back in the ring Jay Lethal connected with the Lethal Injection to pick up the victory. After the match both men shake hands to show their respect for each other.  I believe that was an excellent match but I only wish that Lethal won using the Jay Driller, instead of the Lethal Injection because Jay tried to beat him using the Lethal Injection therefore it would make logical sense.

2) Fight without Honor

This was a personal matter because Corino and Whitmer have had a rivalry for years. Whitmer made Cornino’s son Colby join the Decade faction as a water boy and then he decided to stalk Cornino’s family. Cornino dyed his hair blonde as it was like back in the day in ECW as the king of old school. This was not a match it was an all out war Whitmer whipped Corino face first to the steel ring post, Whitmer launched Corino into a steel chair that’s place by a barricade at ringside. The two were beating each other on the outside and doing as much as they possible could to damage themselves.

Corino rolled Whitmer back into the ring Corino grabbed a steel chair. Corino threw a steel chair to the injured knee of Whitmer, he connected with multiple chairs shots to Whitmer injured right knee. Whitmer landed a vicious punch to Corino this caused Corino to be busted open. Whitmer connected with an exploder Suplex that sends Corino face first to the table in the corner, Whitmer does it again and this time Corino broke the table. Then the match went to a whole new level once Corino broke a beer bottle on top of Whitmer’s head. Corino stabbed Whitmer in the head with the broken beer bottle then Whitmer was busted open.

Corino spilled rubbing alcohol on Whitmer then Corino took off his wrestling boot. Corino filled a sock with a roll of quarters as Corino was going to hit Whitmer he dropped Corino with a vicious forearm for near. Corino and Whitmer went back and forth with a series of punches; Corino hit Whitmer with the Package Piledriver for a two count. Then the lights go out in the building, Kevin Sullivan appeared in the ring Sullivan and hit Corino with the Golden Spike. Whitmer capitalized with an Exploder Suplex to pick up the win, to my surprise this match was insane and it exceeded my expectations.

3) ROH TV Championship

This match was a massive opportunity for Dalton Castle it was his biggest match in his young career as he took on Bobby Fish for the ROH TV Championship. Both men adhere to the code of honor Fish tried to kick Castle, but Castle ducked out of the way and Castle applied an Armbar.

Fish backed Castle to the corner Fish tried to land a cheap shot, Castle applied a side headlock but Booby Fish countered to hit a side kick to the gut of Castle. Fish tried to target Castle’s knee with a submission lock but Castle was able to reach the bottom rope. Fish went for a single leg take down, but Castle held onto the ropes. Then both wrestlers tried to outdo themselves with submissions holds and a lot of stiff moves. I was surprised that Dalton Castle was so technical and serious with his skills set of moves for a change.

It was a crazy finishing sequence of the match, Castle hit Fish with a German Suplex but as Fish got up he gave a knee to the head of Castle. Then Castle attempted to go for the Bang-A-Rang, but Fish rolled him up to pick up the victory. Bobby Fish was able to retain his ROH TV Championship, at the same time Fish helped to make Dalton Castle look like a legit competitor for the TV Title picture.

ROH Best In The World PPV Review

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Kamaitachi via an ARMageddon Armbar submission  

ACH defeated Silas Young via a Midnight Star 450 Splash

Mark Briscoe defeated Roderick Strong via Fisherman’s Buster

The Bullet Club (The Young Bucks and Adam Cole) defeated The War Machine and Moose w/Stokely Hathaway The Young Bucks hit Moose with the Meltzer Driver to pick up the victory

The Addiction defeated The Motor City Machine Guns via Best Meltzer Ever to retain their Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship

Overall I very satisfied with the Best In The World PPV I would give it an 9/10 because there is a lot of intriguing story lines moving forward. Jay Lethal has run through everybody and who will be the next in line for ROH World Championship. Now with Roderick Strong leaving ROH how will they deal with this move and will Kyle O’Reilly be in line for a huge push this year only time will tell what happens.

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