WWE Draft Preview

Photo credit courtesy via WWE

The WWE Draft is closely approaching taking place live on SmackDown on July 19th I thought I would provide my overall thoughts. Now I know that the WWE have tried the draft a couple of different times over the years, and it wasn’t successful but this year brand split will be completely different because it’s one of the deepest rosters that the WWE has had in years.

I believe this time around this WWE Draft will be a success it will help certain superstars that need to restart their career due to more TV time. At the same time it will benefit everybody in the company, and the fans to have all their programs all going live to eliminate spoilers and create suspense this will lead to a better overall product.  Here are my following choices for the respected brands of RAW and SmackDown.


Dean Ambrose

Chris Jericho

Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens


Becky Lynch



Baron Corbin

Balor but he still does NXT shows till Summer Slam

Enzo and Cass

The Vaudevillains



John Cena

AJ Styles

The Miz

Sasha Banks

Sami Zayn

The Wyatt Family



Zack Ryder

Dolph Ziggler

Tyler Breeze


Titus O’Neil

American Alpha

The Lucha Dragons

The Dudley Boyz

The Club


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