NXT Takeover Brooklyn II Review


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The night before SummerSlam the future of the WWE was showcased live in Brooklyn with NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2. To honest, I was more excited for NXT TakeOver than I was for Summerslam due to the matches and feuds.

1) New NXT Champion

The WWE did an incredible job building up this feud and both Joe and Nakamura have contrast in styles but a very similar as well. Shinsuke Nakamura entrance was insane there was a guy playing the violin for Nakamura’s theme song and on TV it looked unbelievable. Nakamura live entrance was easily the top 5 to 10 entrances that I saw on PPV or TV in wrestling that I was blown away. The beginning of the match started slow because both were trying to feel out each other. Nakamura was played mind games with Joe and he connected with many vicious knees

There was a great spot where Joe gave Nakamura a Powerbomb and he only got a two count then Joe right away goes for a Boston crab, that then transitioned into the STF submission. Enziguri from Nakamura gives him breathing room.  Nakamura was able to get some significant offense in with a corner knee and then he put Joe on the top buckle to perform a dangerous knee on Joe’s midsection.

Another unique spot Joe got caught in a cross ArmBreaker but he holds onto his grip to prevent it from fully being applied. It turns into a triangle choke but Joe powers out and works a Cloverleaf. Nakamura found himself in a dangerous situation in the Coquina Clutch but he managed to get out but he got a couple stiff knees his troubles. Once again Nakamura was in the Coquina Clutch but he used his legs to reach the ropes to break the hold. Nakamura had Joe on a life when he dropped Joe with German Suplex, It looked like it was over with the Kinshasa but Joe countered into a Powerslam that gets near fall.
Joe was working on Nakamura in the comer and he was setting up for the Muscle Buster but

Nakamura tried to escape but he was unsuccessful. Joe managed to connect with the Muscle Buster on Nakamura but he kicked out and nobody has kicked out of it before. Joe attempted to go for another one but Nakamura got free and he hit the Kinshasa only to get a near fall. The finishing sequence had Nakamura hit a second rope knee followed by a second Kinshasa to get the win. Nakamura made history in his second NXT PPV to be crowned the NXT Champion.

2) Glorious debut

I couldn’t be any happier for Booby Roode he made his NXT debut and it was glorious. I loved his entrance coming down from the sky on this tall device. The crowd was actually singing along to with his theme song. This was a good match and I wasn’t that high on Andrade “Cien” Almas at first but he is a good worker. Bobby Roode did his best to naturalize Almas high flying moves and keep the match on the ground.  The finishing sequence had Rood hit a massive Spinebuster, Then Roode connected with a Pumphandle Slam which is called The Glorious Bomb to win.

3) Tag Team match

I knew that going into this match it had the potential to steal the show the crowd was so over for both Gargano and Ciampa. Dash helped Dawson get free of a hold and when the referee tells him about it, Dawson pulls Gargano’s hair then he tags in Dash who has his arm worked by Gargano. Gargano nailed a running single leg dropkick for only a two count.

The Revival tried to do some double team moves but Gargano and Ciampa stop them and the four men standoff. They were trading blows Ciampa sent Dawson over the top and they go for the finish on Dash but Dawson pulled him out of harm’s way. Gargano took out Dash with a Suicide Dive and Ciampa took out Dawson with a knee off the apron, The Revival come back with a cheap shot and back Suplex by Dawson.

The NXT Champions had a smart strategy to neutralize Ciampa in the corner with double team moves. Ciampa thought he finally tagged Gargano, but Dash was distracting the referee so the referee doesn’t let Gargano in. The Revival hit a backbreaker/middle rope elbow double team for a close near fall.

Ciampa officially tagged in Johnny Gargano and he went to work he hit clotheslines and a snap belly to belly on Dawson. Gargano got sent to the apron where he kicked Dash and does a slingshot into a spear on Dawson for a close near fall which I love that spot. Gargano ducks clotheslines and rolls up Dawson for two as Ciampa pulls Dash outside. Tag to Ciampa who counters a DDT into his armbar. Dash pulls Gargano off and tries to get in but Johnny stops him. Dash gets free and saves the match. They try a double suplex but Gargano spears Dash.

There was a crazy series of double team moves from both Tag teams. The Revival attempt to connect with the Shatter Machine but Gargano countered and gave a Superkick Dawson. Ciampa rolled Dash up for near fall and he landed a big knee on Dash. Then he tagged in Gargano and they hit their kick/knee combo.

Gargano goes for the cover it was close but Dawson used his high IQ to put Dash’s foot on the bottom rope. Dash chopped block Gargano and he tagged in Dawson. Then Dawson locked in an Inverted Figure Four by Dawson and Gargano had no choice but to tap out. I was very surprised that Gargano and Ciampa didn’t win the NXT Tag Team Championships because they were so over with the crowd and quality as a tag team.

I thought that NXT TakeOver Brooklyn II it was the best PPV of the weekend in terms of the overall card I would give it a 9/10.

NXT TakeOver Brooklyn II Results

Austin Aries wins out with a sunset flip bomb and Last Chancery goes back on No Way Jose tapped out

Ember Moon defeated Billie Kay via a top rope stunner

Asuka defeated Bayley via a vicious kick to retain her NXT Women’s Championship

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