The KO Show

Photo credit courtesy via WWE

There was an overwhelming feeling of disappointment when Finn Balor suffered a shoulder injury at this past SummerSlam this past Sunday night. It’s unfortunate because he won the first ever WWE Universal Champion, but the next day on RAW he had to give up the championship due to the injury.

The common saying in wrestling is that regardless, of what happens the show must go on. This gave four men an opportunity to change their fate and the landscape of the WWE and providing with an opportunity to be crowned the new WWE Champion. It was a fatal 4-way elimination match involving Big Cass, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens the last man still standing would be crowned the new Universal Champion. I thought that this match really saved RAW because it the rest of the show was very lackluster.

I was surprised that Big Cass was involved in this match because he is still very green in his overall young career. However, he put an impressive showing he looked like he belonged in the ring. Kevin Owens was able to score the first elimination of the match by connecting with a Frog Splash off the tope rope for the three count on Big Cass. We were down to three men Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. All three pulled out all the stops in order to eliminate each other. There were multiple near finishes, with each wrestler connecting with their signatures and finishers moves which enhanced the level of excitement.

Triple H made his presence through the crowd and ambush attacked on Roman Reigns with a Pedigree. Triple H finally got his revenge on Roman Reigns since he lost the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 32 back in April. Rollins picked up the pieces and he got the three count on Reigns to eliminate him from the match. Kevin Owens was out and he was able to rest for a significant part of the match. Triple H threw Owens back into the ring and it looked like Rollins had the championship in his sights.

However, Triple H had different plans and he decided to backstab The Authority guy in Rollins as Triple H delivered another Pedigree to Rollins. This literally shocked everybody in attendance and the millions watching at home. Kevin Owens was on his game and he acted quickly to get the win and he became the new WWE Universal Champion.

I predicted that Kevin Owens would win, so I wasn’t surprised at all with the outcome. For the first time in a very long time, the WWE listened to their fans because often when fans are behind a wrestler, the WWE doesn’t pull the trigger to give them a push or put the championship on that wrestler. I loved Kevin Owens facial expressions after he won the Universal Championship because it was in the heat of the moment.

Ever since his WWE debut back in 2014; Kevin Owens has bullied his way to the top in NXT he brutally assaulted, his former friend Sami Zayn and he won the NXT Championship within two months. When Kevin Owens made his debut on the main roster on RAW he made an instant impact when he defeated the face of the WWE John Cena on his very first night. Owens moved on to capture the Intercontinental Championship on two separate occasions.

Kevin Owens has quite a unique personality, he reminds me of a mix between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Due to the fact that Owens always stays authentic and everything that he says, the fans believe him. On the other hand, he relates to The Rock because Owens is very entertaining and hilarious on the mic.I am looking forward to seeing how Kevin Owens performs as WWE Universal Champion. It should come to nobody’s surprise that Owens has become very successful in the WWE and Triple H has always been very high on him from the beginning.


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