Battleground PPV Review


Ambrose's victory means the WWE Championship will be exclusive to SmackDown Live!

Photo credit courtesy via WWE

On Sunday night, Battleground was a crucial PPV because it had some ramifications involving the newly draft selections to their respected shows, as I do usually I will provide my thoughts in three count as well as the results.

1) Main event

It was the main event that everybody has been waiting for a triple threat match for the WWE Championship between three former Shield members. However the only problem I have with this match is that it should have been saved for the big four pay per views within the WWE, more importantly, Royal Rumble or even WrestleMania to use this match at Battleground was a complete waste.

Now I have to give Seth Rollins credit for his fantastic ring attire and despite all the criticism that Roman Reigns receives I thought that he was excellent in the match. To my surprise, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins worked as a cohesive unit as a team. They connected with multiple double moves in addition to performing a triple Powerbomb through an announcers table.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins fought back into the ring and to the top rope, and then Rollins Superplexed the WWE Champion, then immediately connected with a Falcon Arrow, but only got a two-count. This spot is absolutely one of my favourite moves that Rollins has in his move sets. Reigns jumped right back into the battle and he took Ambrose out, but he turned around into a Pedigree from Rollins.

The finishing sequence was crazy Reigns kicked out of the Pedigree  Roman Reigns bounced back with the Superman Punch and Spear on Rollins. However, the Lunatic Fringe was able to capitalize and he hit Reigns with the Dirty Deeds for the three count to retain his title and bring it to SmackDown Live on Tuesday nights. I thought at the end of the show it was a unique moment when the entire SmackDown Live roster joined Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan and their champion, Ambrose, to celebrate SmackDown Live’s massive victory.

2) Stole the show

One of the most anticipated matches at Battleground was Kevin Owens against Sami Zayn for good reason. Now heading into this match I had high hopes because of their series of matches that have all over delivered. I don’t know what it is but these two have not lost their unbelievable chemistry over the years.  Their match was filled with unique spots Zayn he hit a Suplex on Owens on the ring apron.

The finishing sequence was insane Kevin Owens connected with a Pop-up Powerbomb on Zayn only for a near fall. Then respect to Sami Zayn because with his build up to the Helluva kick before he connected with it. It was very symbolic that Kevin Owens fell motionless into his arms of Zayn, he took no chances and Zayn connected with another Helluva Kick to Owens to pick up an emotional victory.

3) Surprise debut

It was arguably the worst-kept surprise in WWE Bayley ended up being Sasha Banks mystery tag team partner, even though it was very predictable it was still an incredible moment due to the loud pop that Bayley received from the fans. It was a genius move by the company to start off the PPV with that match because the crowd was so invested for Bayley, I was very surprised it was such a good match but at the same time, it was a very short match. All in all, it was a fantastic match with Banks and Bayley picked up the win. It will be interesting to see how the  WWE uses Bayley from now on and when she will move on to the main roster. Overall I really enjoyed the Battleground PPV I would give it an 8/10, it sets up a very intriguing battle between Raw vs. SmackDown only time will tell who will win this fight for dominance within the WWE.

Battleground results

Breezango defeated The Usos via a roll up pin
The Wyatt Family defeated The New Day Bray Wyatt defeated Xavier Woods via Sister Abigail
Rusev defeated Zack Ryder via The Accolade to retain his US Championship
Natalya defeated Becky Lynch via Sharpshooter  
The Miz defeated Darren Young via DQ to retain his Intercontinental Championship
John Cena, Enzo Amore, and Big Cassady defeated The Club via an AA off the second rope by John Cena to AJ Styles off the second rope
Randy gave an RKO to Chris Jericho on The Highlight Reel

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Battleground PPV Preview


Tomorrow night, WWE Battleground PPV will take place from Washington at the Verizon Center. Now usually in the past, this has been a filler PPV but that doesn’t seem to be the case as the card has shaped up as a fairly unpredictable much in thanks to the WWE Draft that took place on SmackDown Live on Tuesday night.

Kickoff Pre-show

Breezedango vs. The Usos

There is a traditional match before WWE Battleground PPV which can be watched on the WWE Network, among other media platforms with a start time of 7pm. It will feature Jimmy and Jey Uso taking on Tyler Breeze and Fandango. Both these teams got recently drafted to SmackDown, therefore both teams will look to make an impact and impress Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan. Now I do expect a good match from these two talented tag teams but the Usos have to go over in this contest.

Main card

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

Now I have thoroughly enjoyed this feud and at WWE Battleground, Becky Lynch will meet her former friend Natalya. This feud started when The Irish Lass Kicker Becky Lynch and The Queen of Hearts Natalya were involved in a tag team match at Money In The Bank. They came up short against Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Which caused Natalya to snap and turn on Becky much to everyone’s surprise.

Following Natalya’s change of heart, she took the rivalry to the next level by ambushing Becky Lynch during an interview on RAW. Natalya’s actions caused Becky Lynch to unleash her fury the following week. This will be a close encounter and Becky Lynch will bring her very best against Natalya. I believe it makes logically sense here to have the Queen of Hearts Natalya to get a win in order to continue this feud moving forward.

The Highlight Reel

Chris Jericho will interview “The Viper” Randy Orton and it should be very interesting because Randy Orton has been out of action for almost a year due to a shoulder injury. I expect them to hype the impending encounter of Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam next month. 

US Championship

Zack Ryder vs. Rusev with Lana (c)

It has been a whirlwind year for Zack Ryder. First not being on the WrestleMania 32 card at all to winning the Intercontinental Championship in a 7 men ladder match at the event only to lose it to The Miz the next night on Raw. Now Ryder has his sights on US Championship held by the Bulgarian Brute Rusev. Rusev made sure to send a statement to Ryder after his match with Sheamus on RAW a few weeks back when he locked in The Accolade, screaming “I Accept Your Challenge”.

Zack Ryder historically thrives when it comes to proving his doubters wrong as he has been doing that his whole career. A prime example of this was when he defeated Dolph Ziggler for the US Championship at the WWE TLC PPV back in 2011. It will be an interesting match for sure. Zack Ryder will have his toughest test to date one on one with Rusev. However, ever since he separated from the League of Nations, Rusev looks to be on a mission like when he first debut in the WWE. I don’t envision Zack Ryder winning the US Championship but he will make it difficult for Rusev. I expect a Rusev victory via a submission or Ryder by DQ via interference from Lana.

Intercontinental Championship

Darren Young vs. The Miz (c)

This will be a compelling match for Intercontinental Championship featuring the rising star of Darren Young as he takes on The “A-Lister” Miz. I was skeptical at first with this Darren Young storyline but it’s all starting to make sense with the help of WWE HOF Bob Backlund to “Make Darren Young Great Again”. Now a couple weeks ago on RAW, Young earned an opportunity at the Intercontinental Championship when he won a number one contender’s Battle Royal.

It seems that ever since The Miz’s wife Maryse has returned to the WWE he has been on quite a roll and has done whatever it takes to hold onto his title. I have a feeling that Darren Young will pull off the massive upset and win the Intercontinental Championship because if WWE doesn’t pull the trigger on Young now they will never do it down the line.

Sasha Banks and mystery partner vs. Charlotte/Dana Brooke

The WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte has been a thorn in the side of Sasha Banks for a very long time.It all started when Banks got ambushed on SmackDown by Charlotte and her protégé, Dana Brooke. They laid out a challenge to Banks to have a match both Charlotte and Brooke believe they will have the upper hand in because Sasha Banks won’t find a partner.

Since returning to action last month, Sasha has been picking up a lot of momentum with her main focus to get revenge on Charlotte. Now leading up to this match, Sasha Banks has defeated Dana Brooke on RAW and SmackDown. Going into Battleground nobody knows who Banks will choose as her tag team partner. If I had to choose it would be between a returning Trish Stratus and debuting Bayley. Regardless of Banks selection of a tag team partner, they will pick up the win over Charlotte and Dana Brooke.

The Wyatt Family vs. The New Day

This has been a very intriguing storyline between The New Day and The Wyatt Family because there has been limited competition from The New Day. It is interesting that The Wyatt’s wanted to challenge the New Day because nobody has been able to stop the New Day’s run for over a year as WWE tag team champions.

Bray Wyatt has always been known as a master manipulator and his latest victim has been Xavier Woods. Usually, when the New Day and The Wyatt Family have had matches Xavier Woods would always be stunned and look to be under some sort of spell.  Now a couple of weeks ago The New Day confronted The Wyatt Family in a unique situation that took place at The Wyatt Family’s Compound.

It’s just hilarious that the WWE stole an idea from Impact Wrestling and The Final Deletion Hardy vs. Hardy, that despite all the negative feedback, I thought was a masterpiece. My verdict for this match is The New Day will get the three count because the Draft split up the Wyatt Family. I also expect Xavier Woods to tease turning on The New Day.

The Club (Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows) vs. Enzo Amore, Cassidy and John Cena

This will be a very exciting six man tag match  with The Club against Enzo Amore, Cassidy and the face of WWE John Cena. The Club made their presence known when they interfered in multiple matches leading up to the John Cena/AJ Styles match at the Money In The Bank PPV. The Club provided assistance in helping Styles to defeat John Cena, in a match that was fifteen years in the making, capping off the biggest win in AJ’s young WWE career.

Enzo and Big Cass entered this feud after saving Cena from an attack by The Club on a past episode of Raw. I cannot lie; Enzo Amore, Cassidy and John Cena have made quite a trio and have a natural chemistry together. Enzo Amore, Cassidy and John Cena need to get the win over The Club because much like The Wyatts, The Club will no longer be in their current form come Monday, due to being separated by the Draft.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

It doesn’t seem to matter whether or not Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn wanted nothing to do with each other. In addition, they wanted to be on different brands after the WWE Draft. Not shocking at all that both were drafted to RAW and this match could be the last one that fans get to see on a PPV for quite a while.

It has always killed Owens that Zayn made it to the WWE a year earlier than he did. These two have cost each other multiple opportunities to win championships such as the NXT Championship, WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and the Money In The Bank briefcase. The result will be a coin flip but I feel that Kevin Owens needs to be the last man standing in this feud and put an end to the rivalry, at least for now.

Main event

WWE Championship

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose

The highly anticipated main event between three former Shield members has not shied away from controversy. Roman Reigns was suspended for thirty days for violating the WWE Wellness Policy after testing for Adderall at a higher level than his prescription dictated. Seth Rollins as a true heel put Reigns on blast for getting suspended.  It will be very intriguing to hear Roman Reigns reaction when he makes his official return at the Battleground PPV. Despite the fact that Roman Reigns was suspended, this main event is still on as it has been destined to be since their break-up in 2014.

Leading up to this match Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have had multiple five-star matches. Now with the Draft, there is an extra incentive for both Rollins and Ambrose due to Rollins getting drafted first overall for RAW and Ambrose going second overall to SmackDown.

This outcome is very difficult with this match because there are so many different scenarios that could happen. The WWE Championship is currently on SmackDown but there is a possibility at the end of the night the WWE Championship could be on RAW with a Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns victory. This has the potential to be an instant classic and a Match of the Year candidate. I just have a vision that the WWE Championship will be on RAW and it will once again validate that RAW is the best show on the main roster. I can envision that Rollins finds a way to steal a win and bring WWE Championship to Monday Night RAW.

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WWE Draft Review

Yesterday was the WWE draft it changed the landscape forever for the WWE heading into the future. Now before I give you my overall thoughts I thought I would provide you with the overall rules. Now RAW was in control of the first draft pick and then they would get three draft picks, on the other hand SmackDown got two picks because it relates to the hours of each show. In addition RAW and SmackDown would have the opportunity to select six picks from NXT.

Now going into this I was skeptical how the draft would came off on TV but I was very entertained, I have give credit to the WWE credit for the WWE Network with the WWE Draft Live Central because they provided quality analysis. It was a four hour long show which I didn’t watch all of it, I only saw the highlights and the additional picks live and the post show that was exclusively on the WWE Network. However the aspect which I didn’t like was there was no camera to get the live reaction, from the wrestlers as they got selected on the main roster there was only a reaction on the WWE Network.

All in all out of the 59 draft picks very few shocked me, I believe the top 10 draft picks were excellent and it showcases WWE thoughts on their future and who they value the most. Picks one and two were no surprise but RAW, drafting Charlotte third overall caught me by surprise but it just indicates how valuable the Women’s Division means to the company.

I believe SmackDown selecting AJ Styles was a brilliant move along with Styles, John Cena and Randy Orton will help carry the brand. Finn Balor going fifth overall was well deserved he debuted in NXT in 2014, he did everything there was to accomplish in NXT in my opinion.  Finn Balor was a legendary figure in NXT for only two years he held the NXT Championship for 292 days which is the longest in NXT history.

I believe now with AJ and The Club being split from each other now that sets up Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows forming the Balor Club in the future. Brock Lesnar going eight overall could have been because of the fact that he failed multiple drug tests at UFC; it just seems that he wasn’t as valuable as he should be in my opinion. A couple of draft picks that blew my mind was that Kevin Owens and Cesaro, getting drafted so late that was so disrespect due to the fact that they’re both 10 draft picks in my opinion.

I was money with my NXT picks I went five out of seven, with the only two draft picks that I didn’t agree or shocked me was with Carmella and Mojo Rawley because they’re too raw. I believe that Nia Jax has unlimited potential but at the same time I also feel that she is too raw to move up on the main roster and I would have loved to have her win the NXT Women’s Division. I believe that American Alpha and Alexia Bliss will both succeed on SmackDown because they’re both underrated talents. I just wish that Bliss got an opportunity to win the NXT Women’s Championship during her time at NXT, however with the current situation I don’t believe she would have won it regardless.

Overall RAW has always been the flagship show of the WWE and it’s no surprise with all their draft picks. However SmackDown will feature a lot of great alternative wrestlers that can have fantastic matches. Even though RAW is obviously a better show but SmackDown will be entertaining because of intriguing scenarios such as Bray Wyatt, American Alpha, Randy Orton and AJ Styles. RAW will have all the main titles including WWE Championship, Women’s Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship and US Championship. On the other half SmackDown only has the Intercontinental Champion, I do expect them to create their own titles for SmackDown to have prestige and credibility.

WWE Draft 2016 Results

Round 1

1.Seth Rollins – Raw
2.WWE Champion Dean Ambrose – SmackDown Live
3.WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte – Raw
4.AJ Styles – SmackDown Live
5. Finn Bálor – Raw from NXT

Round  2

6. Roman Reigns – Raw
7. John Cena – SmackDown Live
8. Brock Lesnar – Raw
9. Randy Orton – SmackDown Live
10. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day – Raw

Round 3

11. Sami Zayn – Raw
12. Bray Wyatt – SmackDown Live
13. Sasha Banks – Raw
14. Becky Lynch – SmackDown Live
15. Chris Jericho – Raw

Round 4

16. United States Champion Rusev (with Lana) – Raw
17. Intercontinental Champion The Miz (with Maryse) – SmackDown Live
18. Kevin Owens – Raw
19. Baron Corbin – SmackDown Live
20. Enzo & Big Cass – Raw

Round 5
21. Gallows and Anderson – Raw
22. American Alpha – SmackDown Live from NXT
23. Big Show – Raw
24. Dolph Ziggler – SmackDown Live
25. Nia Jax – Raw from NXT

Round 6

26. Neville – Raw
27. Natalya – SmackDown Live
28. Cesaro – Raw
29. Alberto Del Rio – SmackDown Live
30. Sheamus – Raw

Round 7 (announced during WWE Draft Center Live on WWE Network)

31. Golden Truth – Raw
32. The Usos – SmackDown Live
33. Titus O’Neil – Raw
34. Demon Kane – SmackDown Live
35. Paige – Raw

Round 8 (announced during WWE Draft Center Live on WWE Network)

36. Darren Young (with Bob Backlund) – Raw
37. Kalisto – SmackDown Live
38. Sin Cara – Raw
39. Naomi – SmackDown Live
40. Jack Swagger – Raw
41. The Ascension – SmackDown Live

Round 9 (announced during WWE Draft Center Live on WWE Network)

42.The Dudley Boyz – Raw
43. Zack Ryder – SmackDown Live
44. Summer Rae – Raw
45. Apollo Crews – SmackDown Live
46. Mark Henry – Raw
47. Alexa Bliss – SmackDown Live from NXT


Round 10 Picks (announced during WWE Draft Center Live on WWE Network)

48. Braun Strowman – Raw
49. Breezango – SmackDown Live
50. Bo Dallas – Raw
51. Eva Marie – SmackDown Live
52. Shining Stars – Raw
53. The Vaudevillains – SmackDown Live

Round No. 11 (announced during WWE Draft Center Live on WWE Network)

54.Alicia Fox – Raw
55. Erick Rowan – SmackDown Live
56. Dana Brooke – Raw
57. Mojo Rawley – SmackDown Live from NXT
58. Curtis Axel – Raw
59. Carmella – SmackDown Live from NXT


Heath Slater

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Toronto SummerSlam Heatwave Tour Review

Saturday night WWE had its SummerSlam Heatwave Tour at the Ricoh Coliseum and I must say that it drew a very good crowd it was nearly sold out, as I always do I will provide my three count in addition to the results.

1) Main event

It was a main event for the ages between two former shield members now turned into enemies. Now fans have seen this match many times before but it doesn’t matter because they always deliver and give the fans their money’s worth. Seth Rollins always showcases when he is the ring, why he is the best wrestler on the roster currently and he looks unbelievable returning from his knee injury.

On the other hand I have never been a fan of Dean Ambrose but I have always respected his in ring work, I am not going to lie he has been quite an entertaining WWE World Heavyweight Champion. This was a match that the crowd had mixed reaction for both Rollins and Ambrose.  This was far from a match it was an all out war, and most of the match was spent on the outside beating the living hell out of each other. This finishing sequence was crazy Rollins gave a Powerbomb to Ambrose in the corner, and with that impact Dean Ambrose connected with the Dirty Deeds DDT. Dean Ambrose retained in his title in a very entertaining match and the crowd went insane and home happy.

2) Special match

It was a fantastic match between two world class athletes in AJ Styles and Cesaro. It was a unique opportunity to witness AJ Styles in a WWE ring live in Toronto for the first time live and he was phenomenal no pun intended. On the other Cesaro looked incredible in his return from his shoulder injury, they both played with the crowd’s emotions whether it was connecting with high flying and signature moves. It still blows my mind how over the Cesaro’s swing after so many years. AJ took all the damage that Cesaro had to offer via his unique offense and uppercuts. Once AJ Styles connected with the Styles Clash it was over and AJ Styles was the last one standing in a match of the night candidate.

3) Familiar faces

It was absolutely amazing match I can see these two fight forever and I will never get bored because they’re so good in the ring. The crowd was so invested in the entire match and they had a mix reaction toward these two but, Owens got a massive pop but that was no surprise in my opinion. Whenever they get in the ring after all these years their chemistry remains unchanged which is remarkable. The finishing sequence was crazy with multiple Superkicks by Owens and then Zayn regained brief control of the match. Sami Zayn had the perfect opportunity once Owens was stunned in the corner he hit the Helluva Kick to get the win.  Overall I was pleased with the overall card and I would give this event an 8/10, I cannot wait for Survivor Series November 20th live from ACC the last PPV was Unforgiven 2006.

SummerSlam Heatwave Tour Results

The New Day defeated Braun Strowman & Erick Rowan to retain their WWE Tag Team Champions via a Midnight Hour on Rowan

Apollo Crews defeated Sheamus via roll up

Sin Cara and Titus O’Neil defeated Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel via Clash of Titus on Axel

Darren Young defeated The Miz by DQ Maryse interfere (Miz Still Intercontinental Champion)

The Uso’s defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Usos Splash on Anderson  

Charlotte defeated Natalya via her legs were on the ropes to retain WWE Women’s Championship

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Toronto SummerSlam Heatwave Tour Preview


Tomorrow night at Ricoh Coliseum WWE presents another house show with the SummerSlam Heatwave tour, and then a couple weeks ago Roman Reigns was suspended for 30 days for violating the wellness policy I am not complaining. I will provide my thoughts for the card with the matches that I know and it looks like a great card.

The Usos vs. The Club Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

These two tag teams have a brief history together because they were involved Roman Reign’s business, when he was the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The Uso were protecting their family, in Roman Reigns and The Club’s Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson did the same for their good brother AJ Styles. It will be exciting to see The Club in action live for the first time in a WWE ring. The two teams have incredible chemistry and come Saturday I don’t believe it will change, I envision the Club walking out victorious.

WWE Tag Team Championships

The Wyatt Family Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan vs. The New Day

It will be interesting to see the Wyatt Family members and seeing if Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan can work together as a team, it’s unfortunate that Luke Harper is not back from his injury. I expect their match against the New Day to be decent the only reason why the match will be good is because of the New Day is so entertaining. I see the New Day retaining their WWE Tag Team Champions, but it will be interesting to see how this feud with The New Day and Wyatt Family ends up.

WWE Women’s Championship

Natalya vs. Paige vs. Charlotte

The WWE Women’s Championship will be defended in a triple threat match against Natalya against Paige and the champion Charlotte. Now it’s just weird in my opinion to have two heels in a match but I understand why Natalya is involved because she is Canadian. However I would have loved to see Becky Lynch instead of Paige but she is probably involved in other house show the next day in London.  It will be interesting to see how long they give them for this match Charlotte will retain, her Women’s Championship making Paige tap out via a Figure Eight Leg Lock.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Whenever these former friends now turned bitter rivals Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have a match, it always has potential to steal the show and be an instant classic. It’s always a pleasure to see these two go at each other because they are always money and give the fans wanting more. This match is a tossup but Kevin Owens will get the win via a Pop up Powerbomb.

Main Event

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

It is the main event that everybody has been waiting for the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose against the returning Seth Rollins. I am excited that I get to witness the return of Rollins from injury live. The crowd will be invested for both men and every time they get the ring together they never disappoint.  I envision that this match will end in a DQ with Ambrose retaining his title.

The other talent that are scheduled to appear such as AJ Styles, Sheamus, Apollo Crews and many more.

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WWE Draft Preview

Photo credit courtesy via WWE

The WWE Draft is closely approaching taking place live on SmackDown on July 19th I thought I would provide my overall thoughts. Now I know that the WWE have tried the draft a couple of different times over the years, and it wasn’t successful but this year brand split will be completely different because it’s one of the deepest rosters that the WWE has had in years.

I believe this time around this WWE Draft will be a success it will help certain superstars that need to restart their career due to more TV time. At the same time it will benefit everybody in the company, and the fans to have all their programs all going live to eliminate spoilers and create suspense this will lead to a better overall product.  Here are my following choices for the respected brands of RAW and SmackDown.


Dean Ambrose

Chris Jericho

Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens


Becky Lynch



Baron Corbin

Balor but he still does NXT shows till Summer Slam

Enzo and Cass

The Vaudevillains



John Cena

AJ Styles

The Miz

Sasha Banks

Sami Zayn

The Wyatt Family



Zack Ryder

Dolph Ziggler

Tyler Breeze


Titus O’Neil

American Alpha

The Lucha Dragons

The Dudley Boyz

The Club


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ROH Best In The World PPV Review

Photo credit courtesy via ROH Wrestling

On Friday night ROH presented Best in the World and the outcomes of this event will alter the landscape of ROH forever, as I always do I will provide my three count and the results.

1) Fighting Champion   

The main event had a big fight feel it to it as this was a rematch that was one year in the making between Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal; both men adhere to the code of honor. These two were feeling each other out in the beginning of the match as expected. The match started to turn when the two were battling on the outside, when Lethal connected with his traditional suicide dive on   Briscoe to the outside on the barricade. Then after Briscoe hit Jay Lethal with a Somersault Plancha Taeler Hendrix attacked Briscoe, due to her actions ROH referee Todd Sinclair decided to eject Hendrix from ringside.

These two beat the living hell out of each other and got numerous near falls Briscoe goes for a Jay Driller but Lethal gets back on his feet. Briscoe connected   with a Powerbomb to Lethal for a two count, Lethal reversed the Super Jay Driller in mid-air then Lethal went up top with the Hail to the King, but Jay Briscoe was able to kick out. Lethal immediately applied the Figure Four Leg Lock to Jay Briscoe but he was able to escape the submission hold.

Then all of a sudden Jay Briscoe planted Lethal with the Lethal Injection and that was followed by a Jay Driller for a near fall. Briscoe tries to send Lethal through the announcers table with the Jay Driller, but when they came back in the ring Jay Lethal connected with the Lethal Injection to pick up the victory. After the match both men shake hands to show their respect for each other.  I believe that was an excellent match but I only wish that Lethal won using the Jay Driller, instead of the Lethal Injection because Jay tried to beat him using the Lethal Injection therefore it would make logical sense.

2) Fight without Honor

This was a personal matter because Corino and Whitmer have had a rivalry for years. Whitmer made Cornino’s son Colby join the Decade faction as a water boy and then he decided to stalk Cornino’s family. Cornino dyed his hair blonde as it was like back in the day in ECW as the king of old school. This was not a match it was an all out war Whitmer whipped Corino face first to the steel ring post, Whitmer launched Corino into a steel chair that’s place by a barricade at ringside. The two were beating each other on the outside and doing as much as they possible could to damage themselves.

Corino rolled Whitmer back into the ring Corino grabbed a steel chair. Corino threw a steel chair to the injured knee of Whitmer, he connected with multiple chairs shots to Whitmer injured right knee. Whitmer landed a vicious punch to Corino this caused Corino to be busted open. Whitmer connected with an exploder Suplex that sends Corino face first to the table in the corner, Whitmer does it again and this time Corino broke the table. Then the match went to a whole new level once Corino broke a beer bottle on top of Whitmer’s head. Corino stabbed Whitmer in the head with the broken beer bottle then Whitmer was busted open.

Corino spilled rubbing alcohol on Whitmer then Corino took off his wrestling boot. Corino filled a sock with a roll of quarters as Corino was going to hit Whitmer he dropped Corino with a vicious forearm for near. Corino and Whitmer went back and forth with a series of punches; Corino hit Whitmer with the Package Piledriver for a two count. Then the lights go out in the building, Kevin Sullivan appeared in the ring Sullivan and hit Corino with the Golden Spike. Whitmer capitalized with an Exploder Suplex to pick up the win, to my surprise this match was insane and it exceeded my expectations.

3) ROH TV Championship

This match was a massive opportunity for Dalton Castle it was his biggest match in his young career as he took on Bobby Fish for the ROH TV Championship. Both men adhere to the code of honor Fish tried to kick Castle, but Castle ducked out of the way and Castle applied an Armbar.

Fish backed Castle to the corner Fish tried to land a cheap shot, Castle applied a side headlock but Booby Fish countered to hit a side kick to the gut of Castle. Fish tried to target Castle’s knee with a submission lock but Castle was able to reach the bottom rope. Fish went for a single leg take down, but Castle held onto the ropes. Then both wrestlers tried to outdo themselves with submissions holds and a lot of stiff moves. I was surprised that Dalton Castle was so technical and serious with his skills set of moves for a change.

It was a crazy finishing sequence of the match, Castle hit Fish with a German Suplex but as Fish got up he gave a knee to the head of Castle. Then Castle attempted to go for the Bang-A-Rang, but Fish rolled him up to pick up the victory. Bobby Fish was able to retain his ROH TV Championship, at the same time Fish helped to make Dalton Castle look like a legit competitor for the TV Title picture.

ROH Best In The World PPV Review

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Kamaitachi via an ARMageddon Armbar submission  

ACH defeated Silas Young via a Midnight Star 450 Splash

Mark Briscoe defeated Roderick Strong via Fisherman’s Buster

The Bullet Club (The Young Bucks and Adam Cole) defeated The War Machine and Moose w/Stokely Hathaway The Young Bucks hit Moose with the Meltzer Driver to pick up the victory

The Addiction defeated The Motor City Machine Guns via Best Meltzer Ever to retain their Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship

Overall I very satisfied with the Best In The World PPV I would give it an 9/10 because there is a lot of intriguing story lines moving forward. Jay Lethal has run through everybody and who will be the next in line for ROH World Championship. Now with Roderick Strong leaving ROH how will they deal with this move and will Kyle O’Reilly be in line for a huge push this year only time will tell what happens.

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